tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUncle Fucks Drunk Niece Ch. 02

Uncle Fucks Drunk Niece Ch. 02


I woke up and looked over and my niece who was sleeping naked on her stomach spread eagled. A couple of hours earlier I had taken her virginity against her will. I did this by getting her drunk and then taking advantage of her. Now I could see her cum crusted pussy and asshole winking at me and immediately was hard again. The Viagra I had taken a couple of hours ago had kicked in. I got between her legs and pushed my cock forward between her ass cheeks and felt the heat of her pussy and pressed in. She was still lubricated from our previous fuck so I easily pushed in all the way.


I kept on fucking her while she tried to get me off her but I was in a great position to force her. I tried to calm her down "Allison, just one more time; we already fucked once and you came on my cock so I know you enjoyed it. I'll make you a deal; cum on my cock one more time and I'll pull it out."

She stopped struggling and said "Uncle Jim, I'm not sure about letting you fuck me again, I don't think I could cum on your cock now that I'm sober; it feels real good but you're my uncle."

I kept on sliding my cock in and out over and over again and she started to moan. I knew that her pussy would respond even if she didn't want it. I whispered into her ear "Allison, I love your hot, tight pussy and I can tell that you're enjoying it. Just cum on my cock, squeeze that pussy on my cock, you can do it, cum on it honey."

Allison was grunting now as I slammed into her "I'm sore but your cock feels great in my pussy. I love your cock but you're my fucking uncle for god sakes." Her hips were moving to help with the fucking and she was very wet. I was not going to pull out until she took another load of my sperm deep in her cunt. I needed to have her cum at the same time that I did and then blame her for me losing it and cumming in her. It was a weak excuse but it just might work because she was so naive. I was getting close so I needed to push her over the edge.

"Allison, get on your elbows and knees and stick your ass up in the air." She immediately did this while we stayed coupled and I reached around and underneath a found her clit and started to rub it. She immediately responded by groaning and grinding her clit hard against my finger. It was swollen and I knew she would be cumming any second now. My cock was swelling and my balls were tingling and I pushed my cock in as deep as possible and was ready to cum. Allison's pussy started to get tighter and them she came; her pussy contracting on my cock and I spurted out what felt like the biggest shot of cum I ever had. We both kept cumming for a minute and we finally were quiet. The only thing we could hear was her pussy making slurping noises as my cum was forced out around my cock from her still contracting pussy. I looked down and saw my cum bubbling out of her pussy that had my cock lodged in all the way in it. It was the hottest thing I ever saw; my niece's well fucked pussy with my cum bubbling out around my cock which was still buried in her.

My niece finally says "Uncle Jim; did you cum in me again?"

I said "Yes honey, when you came, I couldn't hold back and I couldn't pull out in time. Don't worry, I'm fixed and I already came in your pussy before so a little more won't hurt. You're so hot and I couldn't control myself. Did you like it?"

She started crying again "Yes I loved it but what we did was wrong especially when you came in me. I'm not a slut; I can't believe you came in my pussy twice. What's wrong with me?"

I said "you're not a slut. Sometimes a man and a woman hook up like this. It's part of growing up and you're definitely all grown up. Sometimes it also happens with family but nobody talks about it. It doesn't make you a slut; you're just becoming a woman with needs like everybody else. Every woman loves cock, they just don't broadcast it."

My shriveled up cock slipped out of her cum filled pussy and I thought to myself, my niece is a slut to allow her uncle to cum in her cunt twice. Little did she know that all that cum now moving toward her egg was laden with fertile sperm. It was only 10pm and maybe I could dump a few more loads of my potent sperm in her snatch before we had to leave tomorrow afternoon. I asked her if she was hungry and she was so we ordered room service. We ate and drank the bottle of wine and my niece was again showing her immaturity by drinking way too much which was exactly why I ordered the wine. We talked and had fun and then got back in bed to watch TV. I asked her if she ever saw an X rated movie and she said no so I ordered one that was about an older man with a younger woman, perfect! We started watching the movie and the girl was blowing the older man and swallowed his cum. We were both getting horny and looking at each other ever so often so I made the move on her by putting my arm around her and pulling her close and rubbing her arm and then I moved to her breast.

She said "Uncle Jim, I can't let you fuck me again. I was supposed to wait until I'm married and letting my uncle fuck me makes me a slut."

I said "Allison, every woman loves cock, it doesn't make you a slut and I just want to make you feel good. I love your beautiful tits, let me see them for a minute, take your top off so I can see them."

Allison said "If I show you, will you stop after that?"

I said "Yes."

She sat up and pulled her top off and lay back down and her perfect 38D tits were on full display for me. I moved my hands to her tits and squeezed them and tweaked her nipples and then moved my mouth to her nipple and sucked it and she said "Uncle Jim, I didn't say you could suck them."

I replied "come on honey, I told you I wanted to see and touch you tits and that's all I'm doing."

I went right back to sucking her nipples and she said "I thought you said you only wanted to see them, I never agreed to you sucking them." I ignored her and kept on sucking them. Her defenses were lowered again, she was drunk again and since I already had taken her two times the third would be the charm.

I then grabbed Allison's hand and moved it to my cock. "Allison, stroke my cock for a minute. That's it baby, just like that, perfect. Stroke it up and down, that's it."

"Uncle Jim, it's so hard, I love holding it and stroking it. Am I doing it right?"

"Oh yeah honey, just like that."

"Your cock is beautiful. Does Aunt Lisa do this?"

"Aunt Lisa likes to fuck but she doesn't do much else. She always just wanted me to put my cock in her pussy and fuck her as hard as possible but I like to do other things once in a while."

"Like what Uncle Jim?"

"Allison, let me teach you. Suck me cock honey."

"I don't know about that Uncle Jim. I've never done it before and you piss out of there, it's gross."

"All women do it sooner or later and you're a woman now that I fucked you. Give it a try; you'll love it, just for a minute."

I pulled her head towards my cock until the head was pressing against her lips. She reluctantly opened her mouth and I pushed my cock and pulled her head down until I felt it lodged against her throat. She started to gag to I moved it back an inch. She started to move up and down on my cock but wouldn't deep throat me.

After about 5 minutes of this I asked her "do you want me to cum in your mouth or pussy?"

She pulled my cock out and answered "NEITHER! No more cumming in me. I'll suck you and you can cum on my tits."

I said "if it's neither then it will cum in your ass."

She said "NO! Not my ass, never."

"Mouth or pussy? If you don't answer I'm going to take your ass. TELL ME NOW, MOUTH, PUSSY OR ASS?"

She whimpered "pussy."

"Allison, get on top and ride me."

We quickly ripped our clothes off while looking at each other with lust. My niece was now a slut for my cock. I lay down on the bed and held my cock up as she got on top of me and moved her pussy over my cock and lowered herself until I penetrated her. We moaned together as she lowered herself until our groins were joined. She stayed there for a minute and then started to move up and down on my cock. She was really getting into fucking my cock and kept up this pace for a while. She started to move even quicker and her pussy tightened up on my cock and she came. She screamed in joy as her pussy continually contracted on my cock. She finally settled down and I moved her off of me and got on top of her and fucked her hard. I was ready to cum and pulled out and moved my cock up to her mouth and pushed it in. She was shocked that I did this but couldn't stop me because I did it so quick. I jammed my cock in all the way, into her throat and came in her. I held her head and kept my cock jammed in all the way as I let loose. I finally stopped cumming and pulled out and we both collapsed on the bed.

Allison said "Uncle Jim, that didn't taste that bad, my girlfriends said cum tastes yucky but I didn't mind."

"That's good honey, you're going to be a great cocksucker and guys love that."

"I think I like it better when you cum in my pussy, it feels better in there but if you want to cum in my mouth again I don't mind."

Wow, my niece was telling me I could fuck her pussy or mouth anytime. She was mine and I was going to take her as much as possible. I had taken her pussy and mouth, only one virgin hole was left.

We lay totally naked in each other arms with her hand cupping my package while watching TV and we dozed off again.

To be continued...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/28/18

calm down before you fall down...

first off to all those who feel the need to bash the story and its writer, YOU read the story right? YOU clicked on the "Non-consent/rape" link.

No one really cares if you think its disgusting, its someonesmore...

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by Synnerman10/26/18

What's in a name?

IT must be nice to start out raping Beth and end up with Allison. Personally I would get them both together. What a night that would be, brings back some fond memories.
Not withstanding the name changemore...

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by Anonymous09/06/18

Name change?

Why did her name change?

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by Anonymous08/15/18


I liked it!

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by Anonymous07/04/18

I knocked up my niece 4 yrs ago we have a beautiful daughter ,were working on our second

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