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I love my new uncle. Not just because he's a nice guy, he's also been the best male lover I've had. My Denise aunt met him back during a summer vacation a few years ago. Loud, funny, and likable, he was always a hit. Especially with women. He was very toned and clean shaven with short black hair and a great smile. Not to mention his personality did the rest of the work for him. Three years before he met my aunt he retired prematurely from fire department after pulling his back and has worked from home successfully.

I didn't officially meet him until my aunt married him, and I really liked him. I just heard about him in letters and saw him in pictures for a good while. Even then I thought he was a pretty decent looking guy, aside from my aunt who I've always considered hot as hell. Finally Steve and when I was twenty, I met during their rehearsal dinner when I stayed over for the week to help with preparations. It was at that time that my aunt Denise told Steve I was bisexual. It was a secret I confided in her that only she knew, and in trust she confided in him.

That day after we all had dinner, I conked out on the couch. My aunt Denise walked off into the driveway to show my grandparents her new car which inadvertently gave me time to talk to Steve. Sitting with me, at first there was an awkward silence for about twenty minutes. Then the small talk started. First we talked about Movies, then music. Then we oddly enough trailed off into sex. He started saying how great a sexual relationship is and if I ever fucked a woman before. At first I was reluctant, but then eventually let slip I was in to men, and he admitted Denise informed him. I couldn't be mad at her, so I laughed it off. After all, I was an adult, so I didn't feel so ashamed to admit it to him. We made very little of it when the conversation ended, and the night finally drew to a close as we said good-bye.

I hugged my aunt and kissed her on the cheek good-bye always making sure to savor her touch, and then him. Unusually Steve gave everyone a big hug, but with me, he opted for a long hug and then slightly pat on my butt. This confused me. I didn't make anything of it at the time but I spent the night thinking about it. Was that a sexual pat or a casual friendly pat on the butt like in football? It lingered with me the entire night and I eventually slipped it in the back of my mind.

The next day my grandparents went off to work so I visited my aunt and Steve. Oddly enough it never dawned on me that she was off to work and making preparations. Steve was still home working at his home office. When I arrived, he opened the door and excitedly greeted me in a blue t-shirt exposing his great body and tight white shorts exposing a surprising big bulge. He clearly wasn't expecting visitors, but from what I remember he didn't make a case of hiding his body upon my arrival. He invited me in for drinks and soon enough we talked for a while.

After the heat became intolerable, he invited me for a quick dip in their pool, and I was happy to oblige since I was anxious to break the tension between us. I made a point of undressing in the bathroom and came out with my tight swimming trunks and no shirt. Little did I know this would turn him on. He walked out of his bedroom without a shirt as well and even tighter shorts exposing his taut chest to me and surely enough we were in the water splashing around casually.

It started off friendly with swimming around, but soon turned into playful splashing between me and him escalating in to a splash fight. We soon started grappling with laughs. He gripped me in a half nelson pinning me against the wall of the pool and pinned me against it with his waist. Quickly, he dropped my arms and put them behind my back. I tried to break free but noticed how he started kissing at my neck.

"What are you doing?" I asked. "Something we both really need."

He started rapidly tonguing my ear, I struggled hard to get out but he was too strong for me. He dropped my trunks and began jerking my dick under water. I struggled and struggled but as the minutes passed his stroking became harder and I submitted more and more. It felt amazing and he definitely was experienced in this practice. After ten minutes I stopped struggling and got lost in his jerking. His body warmth plus the coolness of the water made me lost in lust between us. He loosened his grip and wrapped his arm around my waist meanwhile jerking me off with his other hand and licking my ear. I gave in to my lust. I started rubbing his cock with my butt slowly.

"Damnit," I said while moaning in lust. He turned my head and started passionately kissing me. We reciprocated while we madly tongue kissed in the water, the scene between us going silent. He turned me around face to face with him. We kissed for fifteen minutes in the warm pool water in the middle of my aunts backyard. I could've been caught by someone but I didn't care, I was in too much lust. I pulled down his trunks and started jerking his large erect rod slowly. He leaned his head back and started moaning and breathing hard.

After some more fondling, he grabbed my hand and led me to his room. Typically this is a zone for he and my aunt, but we didn't think about what we were doing. The kissing was amazing, and we seemed to click more than we thought. We stood beside the bed making out and fondling each other. Wet and horny. We eventually got under the covers naked and started making out passionately.

Our body caressed each others. He kissed my ears, then my neck, then my bare chest, he bit my nipples, then my belly button, then my pubic region, then onto my cock. It was probably the best blowjob I've ever had. He sucked my cock with skill and seemed so know his way around the cock with a suction power that made me moan louder than I intended to. During his oral servicing I'd have to check myself and lower my moans, eventually rising to loud moans that riled him up.

Now it was my turn. I went straight down to his dick, not wasting any time. I looked at his monstrous dick and now knew why my aunt liked him so much. I licked it like a lollipop, then swallowed what I could whole. I sucked him off for twenty minutes until he finally came in my mouth, while in between moans of euphoria he praised me as a better sucker then my aunt.

We rolled around the bed making out until he turned me over to my side and spread my legs on his waist. I knew what was coming up. I spread my legs wider and he took the hint quickly and easily inserting his cock in my hole. He started pumping his rod slowly then quickly. I began grunting loud and quick as he hit my prostate with his cock pumps sending an electricity through me that was unbelievable.

He fucked me slowly wanting to treasure this moment between us. With every pump I was put more and more into ecstasy. We laid there against the headboard. Me to my side getting a great fuck and my new uncle enjoying it. Finally after an hour of slow and loving fucking he stopped, bucked his hips up and came in me moaning in amazement as we kissed passionately. We laid there exhausted, hot, and wet side by side. I kissed him softly and took the softening cock out of my hole. I pulled the covers over me and relaxed.

He went under the covers with me and cuddled me.

"What if my aunt catches us?" I asked.

"She's at work for another four hours. We have a lot of time to get to know each other," he assured me with a wink.

We kissed and fell asleep. We slept for about an hour. But for the three remaining hours we fucked liked wildcats in every spot of the house. When my aunt came home I was already back at my grand parents house worn but incredibly satisfied. No one ever found out about my great time at my aunts house. But that was between me and my uncle. During our day long fuck fest, he revealed to me that he too was bisexual, and often spent his days alternating between my aunt and random lovers he'd met.

He often went to "football parties" which he revealed were often down low parties he and a few of his colleagues partook in for a long time. He even bragged about sleeping with a few men at his station in his early years as a fire fighter, which he usually told about changing his "friends'" lives forever.

Once he began working at home, he'd have the occasional visitor and my aunt was never the wiser. Of course Steve knew what he was doing, he had many years experience.

Though I was twenty and he was forty, we agreed to become lovers, often meeting up many times during the year to fuck one another, and kept in close touch. I always look forward to visiting my family in the country and bonding with my gorgeous aunt Denise and my uncle Steve.

Since I lost my dad a long time ago, the family pegged him as the father I never had and he took advantage of that title, taking his favorite nephew Jake to different trips that always ended in a heated session of love making and passionate meetings. In spite of being with different women over the years, he always seems to discourage who ever I was with, and we always found our way to one another.

It's funny how some fathers like to take their sons and mold them in their image, and my uncle Steve is no different. Ever since I came out and told him I was actually bisexual, he kept it a secret, and much to my surprise we've been lovers for many years.

And like every dad, he's spent time influencing my attraction to men, trying to show me how great being with a man can be, and what's sick is he knows he's a hard man to resist. But that's uncle Steve for you. There's no one else like him.

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