tagIncest/TabooUncle's Black neice

Uncle's Black neice


Jerry knew it was wrong to bless the day his sister and her husband had died in a car crash, but he did anyways. And the magnificently busty reason for this was sleeping in the room next to his. When his sister and brother-in-law had died in that crash they had left him his 18 year old mulatto niece Kayla.

You see Jerry and his sister are white. And usually their whole family line was also. Until his sister Melissa married Jasen, a stereotypical black man. Jasen was muscularly built at 6ft tall. Jasen's family was blessed, their men built tall and muscular. Their women unbelievable busty and curvy.

Jerry knew because at the family reunion last year there hadn't been a moment his 8 inch cock wasn't hard. He'd love that day more than he love his mother. the females in Jasen's family weren't afraid to show their huge asses which were prone to bouncing when they walked. Nor were they afraid to show their busty tits in tight crop tops or swimsuits.

Jerry also knew they were all sex fiends. the orgy they had had together had been the most unforgettable moment of his life. He had even been fucked by the men in the very incestuous family, and loved every moment of his tight white ass being forced open by black cock.

Though he would miss Melissa and even more Jasen, they had left him a replacement fuck buddy. Though he hadn't yet fucked his niece he knew the slut that she was inside. She had boyfriends before and wasn't very careful about the security of her computer.

He had seen the images of the porn she'd made or downloaded and watched. He had especially loved watching her fucked by four black males and two black females. It seemed that she hadn't yet been initiated into the world of white cock or incest yet. However, it would be his pleasure to do so.

Kayla was a 38d cup size and her ass was huge. She had to have her clothes made especially for her. It was round, black, and full. Firm but she had a way of making it bounce to drive him crazy every time she walked. Don't get any illusions about Kayla, she's no size 2 with curvy tits and ass. Though she did maintain a flat belly she wasn't model figure. But she was more to his liking as best with an ebony porn star figure.

Though she was asleep now he could still have fun with her as he did many times when she was asleep and he was too horny. Maybe this time she would wake up and he could fuck the niece of his dreams.

He opened her door knocking at first. But, just as he thought there was no answer. So he opened the door. It was no surprise she was in her favorite red silk push up bra and thong. However, you couldn't see the tiny string of the thong as her ass had already swallowed it up. Her tits were busting out of the bra for freedom.

It would be a task taking off her bra, but he had done it before. This time he wouldn't stop until she was fully naked.

He walked over to her and kissed her. Then, he licked her all over. Chest, lips, neck, and shoulders. He loved licking her and found it very erotic. Another thing he enjoyed was when kissing he just suck on her tongue, as if too eat her alive.

Taking his both hands he separated her lips and teeth. Pulling her jaws until her mouth was open.

And then, he kissed her. On the mouth sloppily and erotically. He had found her tongue with his own. He was now sucking on to it. He then released her mouth, hungry for more.

Jerry slipped the bra straps of Kayla's shoulders. He began licking at her shoulders. Moving his way down to the valley between her luscious ebony tits. Taking his hands, Jerry pulled the cups covering her tits down. Her breast were now visible. He gasped when he saw her milk chocolate nipples. They were erect and inviting. Her nipples called to his mouth and tongue. Begging Jerry to ravish them. He was unable to resist. he took the left nipple into his mouth. The fact that it was an incestuous nipple arousing him more. And he began to devour it hungrily. Licking and sucking on to the hard bud, then he switched to the other nipple. Giving the nipple the same erotic attention.

His 8 inch cock was hard in his boxers. He hadn't worn anything. He was naked in his niece's room.

Lifting her upper body, he found the bra clasp. He unhooked it. Laying her back on the bed, slowly. Then, he drew the hindrance of a bra off her body. Tossing it to the side.

Cupping her tits, he sucked on. Pinching the beautifully hard buds that were her nipples. He began lapping at her breast, slowly. Promising himself that he would impregnate Kayla. Then after the birth of his daughter, he would drink the sweet ambrosia of her milk. Then he would later impregnate his daughter. Also promising himself to milk the delicious liquids out of her breast. And, he definitely would have the pleasure of fucking them at the same time. If he were truly blessed he would live to impregnate his granddaughters. Fucking them on their 18th birthdays. He almost came, thinking about his future pleasures with his family.

He got back to the niece in front of him. Licking his way down to her navel. Still pinching her nipples. "MMMMM ohhhhh Jamal mmmmmmmmm you make me so wet, it drives me crazy. You know I love how you fucking play with my nipples. Pinch at them, sexy Daddy, pinch my fucking hard nipples. Pinch them hard, just the way I like it, Big Daddy." Kayla moaned in her sleep. He loved to hear her moan. Kayla obviously believed this a wet dream. And most specifically a wet dream of her being fucked by her current boyfriend. Jerry couldn't wait for the day she opened her eyes. coming to a realization that it was Jerry, her horny white uncle. That, he was the one making her so horny and wet.

Letting go of her tits he reached her thong. Pulling it down. Lifting her legs was a difficult task. Her heavy ass made it so. However, he managed to do it. Lifting the thong off of her. Then, as he did when he found her dirty thongs in the hamper, he brought the thong to his nose. Sniffing the scent of Kayla's cunt.

He then licked it. Putting the thong in his mouth. He began sucking at the dirty thong. Until it was wet from his spit. A scrunched up ball in his mouth. Then Jerry spat it into his hand. Jerry took the thong and laid it under Kayla's nose.

Jerry then licked down from her navel to her erect clit. From there he smelled her arousal. encouraged, he began licking at her clit. His tongue tasting the sweet flavor of his niece's clit. Then, Jerry sucked on to the clitoris. After tasting her clit Jerry licked his way down, from her clit, to her asshole. He kept her lower body raised. Her legs resting on his shoulder. He licked from her clit to her puckered asshole, continuously. Then he stopped at her rosebud. Taking his sweet time in rimming it. Pushing his tongue into her asshole. Licking around, tasting what her asshole had to offer.

He heard Kayla moan. Her moan louder than usual, this time. However, he did not acknowledge it. "ahhh Jamal ohhh baby, lick my asshole.", She cried out. Then he felt her hips thrust. Her ass cheeks bouncing against his face. He was alarmed but then he looked. His alarm was sated when he saw that her eyes were still closed.

he licked faster rimming her rosebud. licking her wet pussy. " Jamal lick my cunt. rim my asshole. baby ahhhhhhhhh rim Mommy good. mmmmmmmmmm Daddy drive your baby crazy wild." Encouraged by her words he to his finger and teased her asshole. maybe he had underestimated his niece it seemed by her words she had already recognized the incestuous potential in her. He pushed the finger into her asshole already having lubed it with the juices overflowing from her cunt.

"Ohhh baby force that finger into my asshole. You know I love it when your rough with your Mommy, Baby. Daddy finger fuck my ass. Lick my cunt.", Kayla moaned. He pushed in another finger. Thrusting his finger into her asshole. And still continuing to eat her pussy. Then, he felt liquid squirt into his mouth. He instantly swallowed. The first thought that came to his mouth was that his niece had squirted into his mouth!!!

He felt his own cum coming. He pulled down his boxers and stroked his cock. Jerry was concentrated on his cock. He didn't feel when his niece lifted her legs off of him. Nor, heard her when she said, "Thanks Jamal". He didn't see her open her eyes either.

However, he could not have missed her scream of surprise. "ahhhhhhhhhh, Uncle Jerry, what are you doing?????????!!!" She backed away to the headboard of the bed. Shaking and shivering. her hands were covering her mouth. Her tits in full view. He looked up and the sight was enough, he came.

His cum coming in full spurts. More than he had ever came before. A big load blasted Kayla's hair, mouth, tits, belly, legs, thighs and feet. His cum coming out in full blasts, one after the other. He aimed his cock at her. "ahhhhhhhhhhh" he grunted, as his cum rained on his niece. Who was now wide awake.

"Oh My God, Uncle Jerry", she screamed. However, at that moment he didn't fully comprehend the shit load of trouble he was in. He had just rained his cum on his 18 year old niece. Her tits were covered with his cum. As if she had showered in Jerry's cum.

But a second later, the realization came down heavy on him. " Kayla, you're awake" he stuttered out...

to be continued...

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