tagIncest/TabooUncle's Lust

Uncle's Lust


It was a typical Tuesday morning, but I decided I didn't want to go to college that day. Couldn't be bothered. Instead I waited for my Grandfather to leave the house for the day and then just simply didn't bother to go!

It was really exciting, the thought of the whole house to myself. I hadn't had a sexual release for a long time and I had an itch needing to be treated.

Rolling over in the bed I stretched my arms up high, the sheets slipping down to reveal my pert breasts. I stroked my brown hair behind my ear and let my fingers slip down to my nipples, giving them a slight tweak in the process. I was already wet by the time my hand parted my silky lips and began to flick over my pulsating clit.

I moaned as I started to rotate my fingers over my sex, spreading my legs as wide as I could. It was at that moment though that I heard a noise outside, a car pulling up on the drive. In a slight panic I withdrew my hands and crept over to my bedroom window. I was shocked to see my Uncle getting out of his car and heading for the front door. What was he doing here? I knew he had a spare key, but that was just for in emergencies. I couldn't risk getting caught bunking off college so I quickly made my way over to my walk in closet and pulled the doors shut. A slight gap remained where the doors weren't hung properly, so I crouched back to the wall, hidden by my dresses and other outfits.

Now I should explain a little about my Uncle. He is a horrible man really. Always making lewd comments about me and he is pretty disgusting. Overweight, sweaty and balding with his big belly sticks out over his dated khaki trousers. Whenever he visits my grandpa he is always eyeing me up and making me feel uncomfortable. However my grandpa loves him to bits, so I grin and bare it for his sake. I also really get on with my cousin, my uncle's daughter, so that makes things even trickier, and I keep my thoughts on his lecherous ways to myself. I mean this man creeps me out, and I hate myself for sometimes dreaming about the times he has accidentally brushed up against me on the stairs all in the hall.

So anyway I'm in the closet holding my breath and I am shocked, yet not that surprised to see my uncle make his way into my room. I was then horrified to watch as he opened up my laundry basket, remove the silky thong that I was wearing the previous day, and hold the gusset up to his nose letting out a perverted sigh in the process.

"You dirty little slut," he mumbled, rubbing the growing bulge in his beige slacks.

I was in a tough situation. Here I was witnessing my dirty old uncle molesting my underwear, but at the same time I could not say anything, as it would be revealed I'd bunked off. I couldn't take that risk, so I told myself to close my eyes and ignore his grunts. As anyone knows though, human beings all love looking at a car wreck, and I found myself watching with some kind of sick twisted anticipation as he sat down on my bed, slid the fly down on his trousers, and pulled out what turned out to be a filthy looking, yet extremely large and fat hard cock. It was the biggest I had ever seen, and it looked totally vile. He had big thick veins all over the shaft, a big dark purple mushroom head on the top. I could see white sticky pre cum residue all around the underside of the helmet. It was easily as wide as my wrist, and scarily it was extremely hard and slapped up against his big fat stomach. I had to admire the fact that at 60 years old his cock could get as hard as that, and I suddenly became aware that I was taking it as a compliment that it was over my panties, and whatever lewd thoughts he was having of me.

I quickly pulled myself together and admonished myself for having such thoughts, and told myself again that he was a horrible pervy man, with a disgusting looking big fat, extremely hard penis, with juicy tasty glistening pre cum all over the head. I was worried with myself now, and torn over the reaction to this sight that my body was having. My pussy was still wet from my earlier fiddle, but was now starting to get wetter as I watched this lecherous old fart wrap my undergarment around his meaty slab and stroke it up and down.

"Ohhhh Jennifer," he sighed as he now started to manically fist his cock up and down. I realised he was probably about to cum, and was therefore startled when he stood up, big cock bobbing in front of him, and headed towards me and the closet. I held my breath and pushed back against the wall as best I could. Had he spotted me? What was he doing? He looked a sad sight, trousers round his ankles, struggling to walk, and his beer belly wobbling around.

He pulled both doors open and stepped slightly inside the wardrobe. I could only now see his feet and his legs up to the mid thigh. He was only centimetres from my hidden feet, and it was then that I realised his fat penis was staring me right in the face, just inches away from my mouth, peaking out from within a mish mash of dress material. I was frozen with fear, yet I allowed myself to inhale, taking in the sordid smell of his sex. It occurred to me how much bigger it looked this close, and I watched in stunned silence as it bobbed up and down with excitement. I felt as though it was watching me, but clearly I was being foolish. But what was my uncle up to?

I suddenly realised. I keep a box of "secrets" on the top shelf of my closet. Magazine clippings of sexy men I look at, some sexier underwear, my vibrator, and some Polaroid's I took of myself. Oh shit! The meaty penis before me was suddenly withdrawn and my uncle made his way back to the bed, a stack of Polaroid's in his hands. He laid them out on the bed and hovered over them, wanking his cock as he studied my naked pictures. He had clearly done this before, many times. I wondered how long this old bastard had been whacking off whilst smelling my scent and looking at my nude body.

"You dirty old man," I thought to myself. "You'd love to pin me down and have me I bet! You are a sick sick fuck."

Well I was thinking this to myself, but another voice was fighting my morals.

"Just imagine if he found you naked in the closet right now. He'd probably stick that big old cock of his right inside your tight wet pussy and not stop pumping until he filled you up with hot sticky spunk!"

I gulped and held my hands to her mouth. What was I thinking? My pussy was soaking wet all of a sudden and it was lucky he was sniffing my panties otherwise he would surely smell my aroma. I was extremely horny, and my sex drive had taken over. What was the problem? Yes he is my uncle, but he will never know that I was in here watching him masturbate over my things. It's just him and me in this room, and no one else will ever find out. With that thought process completed my hand found its way back to my pussy and I started to slowly circle my fingers around my clit.

The scene was set. My pot bellied, 60-year-old uncle was straddling a picture of my baring my boobs whilst tugging on his huge throbbing slab of cock. I was crouched in the closet with my legs now slightly parted and my fingers darting in and out of my dripping wet snatch. His hand became more frantic, and knowing what was coming so did mine, my orgasm shooting through me like a lightning bolt. Warmth spread through my body and I gritted my teeth, failing to prevent myself letting out a small cry. But luckily for me my uncle also let out a cry, drowning my own noise, and he sprayed his filthy seed all over my undergarments. He thrust his hips and seemed to be cumming forever. God knows how much he had built up in that big saggy ball sack of his.

I remained silent and still, and watched. He was cursing. His guilt obviously flooding over him now that he had gotten his rocks off. I got the impression he had never cum on my panties before, and he looked confused as to what to do with them, looking at the stained material, then the basket. In the end he sighed, shrugged, and stuck the bundled up material back where it came from. He returned to the closet, engorged but now semi hard penis swaying from side to side as he tottered over. He slipped the photos back, pulled up his trousers and off he went.

I waited a while and heard the car pull away and then I went over to the wash basket. I peered inside, spying the cum splattered knickers he had just abused. What did he think would happen? That I wouldn't notice the mess he made? Perhaps he wasn't thinking straight. But perhaps he wanted me to find them. I couldn't resist unrolling them and was shocked at the amount of sperm he had sprayed. I rolled some around in my fingers, and I held the goo up to my nose and then to my lips.

"The dirty filthy fucker," I thought. "He'll never get away with that again. What a sick old man."

I felt terrible that I had gotten off on this event, and told myself it was a mistake. Still, I frigged my little pussy 4 more times that day, and each time I came like never before.

"Next time he does that I'll catch him red handed and I'll put a stop to it!" I decided as I squeezed my thighs together.

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