tagErotic CouplingsUnconventional Awakening Ch. 01

Unconventional Awakening Ch. 01


These memories still send currents through my pussy. I hope you enjoy.


I am a woman in my middle fifties, born and raised in the Midwest, with a conservative upbringing. I remained a virgin by choice and cooperation from my husband, until our wedding night. I am five years older then he is. He was born and raised in New York, with a much less conservative upbringing, and at times the five year difference has seemed like a generation apart, most notably in our sexual relationship.

I am 5’10, currently in my blonde phase, blue eyed, soft 38-B boobs with large pink nipples, a soft ass that is neither full mooned or totally flat and that has enjoyed being stimulated on occasion, long legs and a well groomed pussy that is just recently betraying my upbringing.

I was raised very conservatively, and was sexually innocent until I met my husband, who introduced me to oral sex, something that felt extremely strange at first, and not quite right until after his affair with Pat, ten years after we were married. Don’t get me wrong, it was very pleasurable to be eaten, but I had some difficulty reciprocating.

And anal sex? Something not even considered for long until I met my husband and not until after Pat came into his life.

We both changed as a result of his meeting Pat.. I was able to enjoy the pleasures of his tongue thrusting into my pussy and flicking my clit, and I slowly overcame my negative thinking on sucking his cock. It wasn’t that I did not enjoy that before, just that I did not enjoy the throbbing that I knew was the pre cursor to his orgasm. After the affair I slowly grew to enjoy just 69’ing on occasion, and the occasions seemed to be happening more frequently over time.

It seemed that Pat and my husband had discussed a lot of their fantasies and desires, as well as acted on them, and I came top realize as we talked after the affair, that I should at least be willing to try some things. Who knows, I might like them. This was true of being more open to exploring oral sex. And it turned out to be true for anal sex.

And regarding my husband’s desire for me to make love to another man, well, that is what this story is all about.

The Convention –

I recently attended a three day small business workshop several hours from home. I booked a room for myself, as I was going to this alone. My husband was staying home to take care of his small business.

I drove to Chicago, and arrived mid afternoon, in time for pre-registration at the hotel and convention center. After parking my car in the hotel parking ramp, and registering at the front desk, I went up to my room. Since I was alone, I opted for a executive room with a king sized bed. The room was also appointed with the amenities associated with being in business, complete with computer internet access and small refrigerator stocked with goodies. The bathroom was suited for relaxing after a hard day! The bathtub was king sized too. I decided to take advantage of this luxury as I felt a bit un-refreshed after the traveling.

I let the tub fill with warm water and quickly unpacked and settled myself in before the tub was filled. As I said, it was a king sized bathtub. I decided to use the bath scents provide by the hotel and noted that this was a nice touch to let them know that I appreciated. I disrobed and looked in the mirror. The reflection wasn’t all that bad. My boobs are soft and full, with just a faint hint of a droop. For reasons unknown at the time, my nipples were hard, and as I caressed them I felt a jolt surge from them too my pussy. I gently tugged on them, seeing them stretch out a good inch. I had never looked at myself so critically at home, as the mirror in our small bathroom was not one conducive to the type of reflection I was seeing here. It felt weird to caress my boobs, something I had never done before. I ran my hands over them much as I would expect a lover too. And I realized that they were a very decent handful. Seeing my nipples draw taut and pull out a full inch sent shivers downward. I looked downward, and saw a soft belly, only slightly padded, and past that was my recently groomed pussy. What surprised me was the fact that my pussy was damp! I could see a thin coating of what appeared to be sweat on my inner thigh. And my pussy lips were swollen and puffy.

I slowly slid my fingers down my belly, caressing my soft satiny skin, and all the while feeling a tingle in my pussy and juices run down my thigh. It has just been recently, since the start of my HRT following my hysterectomy, that my pussy has been doing this.

My fingers now grazed my tingly pussy, and I shuddered as I slid a finger into my pussy and was surprised at the amount of juices flowing. I had never let my husband slide his finger in me as much as he would have liked to, as I felt uncomfortable, but now, I felt only shivers, as not one, but two fingers easily slid into me. Two fingers that came out and were oh so wet. Two fingers that quickly and easily were buried back inside, as I closed my eyes and moaned. My fingers seemed to have a mind of their own as they began to explore me inside. It felt weird to have my own fingers sliding in and out of my body, but it also felt extremely arousing, feeling the warm softness of my pussy wrapped around them, and feeling the juices of my building arousal coat them. My fingers continued to fuck me! And I could feel the friction as they slid in and out, and smell the heady aroma of my arousal. My pussy was flowing freely, and I was getting weak in the knees, but I did not want to stop. My other hand traveled back up to my now hard nipples and pulled on them. I opened up my eyes, and watched as the woman in the mirror made love to herself. Her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, her pussy lips wet and puffy. Her tits were being tugged on, her nipples sending jolts of sexual energy down to her now very hot pussy. She was oh so close to cumming, as evidenced by the tenseness reflecting back. And I knew that she was not alone. My fingers continued to slide in and out, fucking me, and I was savoring the feeling of being fucked, as my nipples were being teased and stretched out fully. I leaned against the washsink countertop for support as I began to shiver and feel the muscles of my midsection tense up. My pussy gripped my fingers and I felt a new flood of juices flow out, and I pulled on my left nipple until it was stretched out tight, a good inch in length.

My orgasm hit me full blast, and I felt as if I was going to fall. I let go of my engorged nipple and grasped the edge of the countertop with my hand to steady myself as the first wave of what would be one of my most intense orgasms to date crashed over me. My pussy continued to pulsate and spasm as my fingers fucked me. After what seemed like an eternity I was able to open my eyes, and was shocked at the reflection staring back at me. My one nipple was red and swollen and my pussy was just drenched, as was my hand. I was still feeling continual aftershocks course through me, and the scent of sex was overpowering. I reluctantly pulled my fingers from my greedy pussy and brought them to my lips. The scent was intoxicating, and my lips parted slightly as my wet fingertips brushed them. I felt like a sex crazed slut, and it was very erotic. With a soft moan, I slid my wet fingers into my mouth and sucked them clean. I shivered as I savored the taste and scent of my own womanhood, enjoying the feeling of naughtiness in the act of giving my fingers a blowjob. It felt so sexy.

After regaining my sense of balance I slid into the tub, and basked in an afterglow not experienced before. My swollen nipples enjoyed the warmth of the water and my pussy slowly stopped tingling, and after feeling I felt sufficiently recovered, I drained the tub and admired the sexy woman in the mirror stepping out of the tub, drops of water clinging to her like dew. She winked to me and looked like a woman who had just been satiated, and she whispered to me that I should enjoy this doing this more often. I couldn’t believe how relaxed yet energized I was.

And famished!

I dressed casually, but with a new eye for what I was wearing. I realized that a wardrobe change was in order. My VS underwear needed some updating. Thank you daughter and husband for encouraging me to buy at VS. But the future me was going to enjoy wearing more contemporary feminine attire, and maybe less of it. I realized for the first time that what you wear underneath can greatly add to how you feel about yourself outwardly, and at the moment I wanted to feel sexy and very feminine, and my garments just didn’t allow me to fully do that in a way that I thought possible.

And then the light went off. And I decided to be risqué. I shed my bra, and replaced my sweater, and the sensations my nipples were experiencing from the rubbing against the sweater was causing my pussy to tingle again! I couldn’t believe it, and I wasn’t intent on stopping it. Plus the slight jiggle I felt as my breasts enjoyed the freedom of movement as I walked just kept sending tremor after tremor down to my pussy. I guess I was hungry in more ways than one. It was time to find a place to satisfy my hunger.

I went down to the front desk, and waited in line behind two gentlemen inquiring as to a good place to eat. I was trying not to eavesdrop and mind my own business, when they suddenly turned around after getting directions, and bumped into me. We all blushed, as they hadn’t realized that anyone was behind them, and I didn’t think that I had been that close to them. Anyway we bumped into one another, and I was immediately aware of my bra-less state of attire, and wondered if they noticed. I did notice as one of them bumped into my boobs, which immediately sent a signal. Up until this moment, none of us paid particular attention to one another, and as we exchanged apologies, we also exchanged names and realized we were all here for the workshop, and at the moment, interested in finding a place to eat. So we agreed to try the place the clerk recommended, which was a short drive, or we could take a cab. We decided on a cab, since we were all unfamiliar with the area, as this was the first time in Chicago for all of us. After the clerk made arrangements for the cab, we walked outside to wait for it, and began talking. We also took greater stock of one another too.

I had a chance as we were making small talk to look at my two gentleman “friends”. They were from Indiana, and owned a photography studio, and were looking for guidance in developing a business plan and marketing strategy. They were good friends who both enjoy the photography end of the business, but felt a need to develop the business end if they were going to be successful. They were approximately the same age, in their early forties, and rather well fit for their age from what I could see. Paul had dark hair and cut close, and Peter had lighter colored hair, also closely groomed. They both had dark brown eyes, and were easy going and easy to talk to. Paul was taller by a couple of inches, at around 5’11, just a bit taller than me. While talking I did notice that they were sizing me up, and I wasn’t sure if this was their “professionalism” showing through, or a more personal sizing. Remembering the inadvertent bump, I blushed slightly but dismissed it.

The cab arrived before we had opportunity to discuss anything beyond where we were from and what we did. So the cab ride allowed us to continue. Paul allowed me to climb in first, and Peter went around to the other side and Paul sat on the other side of me. It all seemed natural enough, and was, for the ride to the restaurant. The ride home, well, that was a new chapter in my life as well.

To Be Continued-

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