tagNovels and NovellasUnconventional Awakening Ch. 16

Unconventional Awakening Ch. 16


The afternoon session was a blur as my mind kept going back to my last moments before rushing here. I hungered for my husband. I was looking forward to the end of the afternoon session, and then.

It was over. Time to get out of here.

I rushed back to my room, our room now.

And where was my husband?

Laying on the bed.


His cock harder and bigger than I ever remember seeing it.

And he was softly stroking it.

His fingers softly rubbing just below the purple head with a glistening drop of pre-cum.

Umm, I was transfixed watching my husband arouse himself. His eyes were on me as he slowly stroked his cock. His fingers softly wrapped around his cock sliding slowly up and down. It was arousing to see part of his cock hide behind his fingers, seeing the head disappear, then seeing his fingers slide down, below the ridge, until his pinky was tight against his groin, with his steel like hardness standing proud above his thumb. He knew he was teasing me into a deeper sate of arousal.

He then told me to come over to him. But slowly. And to remove my sweater and jeans as I make my journey to the bed.

It is a little difficult to walk and remove one's clothing at the same time. But somehow I manage to remove my sweater, feeling the material drag across my naked breasts and throbbing nipples and toss it asunder.

My jeans were a different story. I stood still as I slowly unbuttoned it, and the sound of my zipper sliding down was like that of crackling wood in the fireplace. And when the zipper was down fully, my hands slipped between my jeans on either side of my hip and as my hips swayed back and forth, as my fingers slowly inched my jeans downward The sudden sensation of my pussy being bare sent shivers through me and a small moan escaped me as I sensed my knees going to rubber. And then my jeans were a puddle at my feet, and I kicked them towards my husband and the bed.

I stood there naked and began to slowly tease him back. I let my fingers slide slowly to my now heaving boobs, and filled my hands with their fullness. I gently pulled them apart, and kneaded them, feeling the fullness myself. I could also feel tremors in my pussy and a release of more of my essence.

My hands let my captive breasts free and began their journey downward. Over my quivering belly. Down. My fingers reached the first trimmed hairs and I twitched.

And then they ventured lower. Touching the tip of my lips. I ran the forefinger from each hand between the puffy swollen tissue, feeling the growing wetness and rising heat. My fingers rubbed across my hardened nub and my eyes closed as my body stiffened and trembled.

Then lower.

Until they reached the entrance to my grotto.

I thrust two fingers deep into me.

Feeling them slide deep inside.

I felt my knuckles pressed tightly against my pubic bone, and knew that my fingers were in me much like a lovers' cock would be. I would have continued to explore these new found sensations but I had something else on my mind. I wanted to give back to my husband what he had given me. I wanted to give him back some of my own medicine.

With that now my mindset, I pulled my fingers from their sopping wet confines and slowly slid them up to my breasts. I teased my nipples leaving them covered with my juices, watching my husband, holding his gaze with my own. I shivered slightly as my sticky fingers rolled my stiff nipples, leaving them shiny and sticky.

I then turned around, and brought my hands above my head and stretched. My breasts pulled up and my buns were drawn high as my fingers met high above my head. I then slowly bent forward, letting my breasts hang down in their fullness, and brought my hands down and placed one on each full cheek of my ass.

My fingers kneaded my supple cheeks and pulled them aside, revealing my puckered rosebud. I softly gyrated my hips as my fingers played with my buns. I wondered if my husband could see the wet glistening jewel between my legs. I know my pussy was pouty and feeling a need to be pleasured.

I knelt down on the soft carpet and my left cheek touched carpet. My ass was high in the air, and I wiggled it back and forth. My breasts were mashed against the carpet and the friction from the carpet rubbing my breasts sent a continuous current to my pussy, and I thought I felt my rosebud quiver. And then I realized that I was rocking back and forth, and I suddenly thought "Who is this woman being so wanton and sluttish in this room?"

My husband's command broke through my reverie.

"Come here" was the growl that pierced my ears.

I stood up and sat down on the bed.

His cock looked so hard, and bigger than ever that I can recall. The look of hunger in his eyes sent tremors coursing through me. His fingers unfurled, and his cock was now free.

His hand curled behind my neck, and he pulled me closer to him.

His cock became larger and larger, as my face was drawing closer and closer to his midsection.

The pressure of his hand was steady, a he continued to pull my face ever closer to his maleness.

And just as my lips grazed the wet tip of his cock, the growl in his voice pushed me further.

My lips parted to let his steel hard cock have its way with my, and I heard his deep husky voice tell me to "Suck me. Suck me bitch. Suck my cock you cock hungry bitch". His cock slipped deeper into my mouth. It was both steel hard yet I could feel a softer spongy texture and a pulsating within.

I felt wicked and naughty as I submitted to his cock. I felt it plunder me orally. His hand held my head as his cock fucked my mouth. His hips thrusting back and forth filling my mouth with him. And I wanted him to use me. To seek release as the passion dictated. I didn't feel dirty or used, but felt a part of his need. I was seeing making love in a new light. There wasn't anything wrong with exploring the possibly intense physical side of sex. I sensed that he was being free for the first time. I was a part of his release. His release and fulfillment were in us.

I continued to devour him. To enjoy feeling his cock sliding in and out of my wet warm tight mouth. I enjoyed feeling the ridges and veins and the pulsating within his cock as he filled my mouth. I enjoyed feeling his balls slapping at my chin as he fucked me. I enjoyed feeing his midsection slap at my forehead as his cock slid in deeply into my hungry mouth.

I was enjoying pleasuring my man in a way so different from the past, and knew that the future was now a blank canvas for us to draw on. I felt the head of his cock at the back of my throat as I tried to relax and swallow his cock fully into my mouth. I wanted to feel his fullness completely within me. To know that I had him completely. Buried. Up to the hilt. His sac grazing my lower lip. Knowing that I had given myself to him completely. A sign that we were one fully.

I felt myself relax, and the tip of his cock in my throat. A momentary sense that I was going to gag gave way to a feeling of completeness. I had his cock fully within my willing mouth. It was a special moment. Knowing that we were one in this way. His hand on the back of my head eased up and I slowly slid my head backward, feeling his cock slip back.

When he was no longer pressing against my face, I stopped and bit down gently on his cock. I continued to bite down until I heard him moan, and felt just a hint of a jerk reflex. I relaxed my mouth and then bit down again, and then let his cock slide out of my mouth. I kept my lips wrapped around his cock and lathered him with my tongue. I wanted to make sure that his cock was all shiny and saliva coated.

"Pop", and his cock head slipped out of my mouth.

I slid up and kissed him fully, snaking my wet tongue into his mouth. Could he taste him? I hoped so, because that thought had me awfully tingly.

My boobs rubbed against his chest as I continued to suck on his tongue.

And my pussy quickly found its mark. The tip of his cock slipped between my slippery puffy lips, and I plunged his cock to the hilt in me. I rode is cock with a vengeance. I wanted to feel his cock impale me, to fill me. To feel it rub against my glistening twitching channel. I wanted to feel the sense of being one. Joined at the groin. His cock balls deep in me. His pubic bone mashed against mine. My nubbin ground against him.

I continued to ride him. Feeling his cock slip out, then plunge back deeply within. I was fucking him. I was on top. Being the man. Fucking my lover! Enjoying the feeling of impaling my lover's cock inside me. I was enjoying the heat of his hard meat filling me. And the look of lust returned in my husbands eye told me that he was enjoying the woman who was taking charge of her pleasure. Seeing that look took me over the edge.

My pussy spasmed. My muscles clutched at his impaled cock. And I felt his balls squished between his thighs and my butt as I sat down hard on his cock. I arched backwards at the onslaught of my orgasm, and then leaned forward, mashing my breasts into his face. I could feel his teeth grazing my breasts and biting my nipples. I continued to ground into him, as the fury of my orgasm peaked.

The spasms began to ebb. I continued to rub my breasts all over his face, feeling my nipples rub against his stubble like a rugburn.

I eased up on his cornered balls as I sat upright. The look in his eyes told n\me that he enjoyed being a plaything for my pleasure. Why is it that when a woman is the aggressor, she is a slut, or a whore, who needs to find her place, but when a guy needs some relief, it is his right. During our lovemaking just now, the role of aggressor reversed. For the better. If being the aggressor means that I am a slut or a whore, than I will enjoy being that in the confines of our lovemaking. I don't see that being a label that I will wear elsewhere.

I realized my husband was still rock hard, and hadn't cum. I had an idea. I wanted to feel his cock throb as he fucked me. I wanted to feel his cock erupt. I wanted to feel his cock spew, and know that my pussy was going to be ohhh sooo gooey and cream filled.

I whispered in his ear what I had in mind. That I wanted to fuck him until his cock throbbed inside me. I slowly began to rock back and forth feeling his cock slip in and out.

I whispered how I wanted to feel his cock throb inside me, as I continued to ride him.

I made my pussy muscles contract around his deeply buried cock, and rubbed my tits against his chest while nibbling on his ear. I could feel his cock twitch, as his breathing became more irregular.

I whispered how I wanted to feel his cock spurt.

I whispered how I wanted to feel spurt after spurt of his cum erupting from his throbbing cock, knowing that he is filling my pussy with his thick creamy essence, as my pussy continued to suck in his cock.

I began to whisper "I want..." and felt him twitch and shutter. His cock throb. And jet after jet of cum shooting deep inside me. It felt so warm. I continued to massage his erupting cock with my hungry pussy, greedily accepting all he had to offer me.

Gradually his tremors subsided and I whispered what I would like to do next.

I felt him jerk as I whispered how I wanted to slid off his sticky gooey cum coated cock, and bury it in my mouth. I felt him jerk as his cock slipped from my dripping sticky pussy. I rubbed the tip of his cock against me as I moved down, leaving a sticky trail of his essence on me. I shivered as I felt his cum coated cock slide between my heavy boobs, leaving his shiny mark on them.

My lips grazed his cock. My eyes enjoyed the vision of his not so rock hard cock, all shiny and slick. Covered in our juices. His and mine. The scent was heady, musky.

His cock slipped easily into my warm mouth and my tongue lapped and licked at this inviting morsel. I sucked on his cock softly, savoring the taste of our combined essences. I enjoyed the spongy texture and warmth of his manhood. And the wetness greeting my chin gave me a new thought.

"Pop" went his cock as it left my mouth. My lips grazing the underside of his cock, as I lowered my head.

I slowly licked and kissed my way down to his wet balls.

I gripped his ankles and raised them up, pushing them backward up to his chest.

I looked at his sticky coated balls and began licking them. It felt strange to be kissing him here. But it also felt very tingly. His balls felt soft and very warm, and tasted like pussy and cum. I kissed and licked first one ball, and then the other. And then the urge to try and suck one into my mouth hit me.

My husband jumped as he felt my mouth engulf his ball. I softly sucked on it. His moan told me that he was enjoying this new sensation. I had to admit it that I was too. I felt a sense of power as I continued to surround his one ball with my lips and mouth, while softly cradling his other one.

I released his one now clean nut and set my sight on his other one. He shivered as I slowly engulfed his nut into my now willing mouth. I licked and kissed his nut until it too was clean.

And then....

I slowly let my lips lick down lower.

The scent was much more musky.

It also teased me.

How far was I willing to go? Would I? Or would I stop?

My husband was holding his breath. This was totally new territory. He had fantasized about this, but now, he was sooooo close. He didn't want to move, to do anything that might destroy the moment.

His cock was once again rock hard. And there were tremors.

My lips were now in no mans land. Below his balls.

Slowly they inched forward.

My chin grazed it.

I stopped.

Letting my brain ingest the input.

Sensory overload.

Desire in drive.

He had kissed, licked, and pleasured me here. I know what it feels like on the receiving end. Not only from him now, but from two recent lovers.

But why did he enjoy it. Or more to the point, enjoy doing it. Was it solely for my pleasure as he had told me. Or was there more. Was it something he enjoyed in thought before it ever came close to action?

My brain told me to take this further.

My lips kissed.

My tongue licked.

My husband gasped.

I reached his weak spot.

My tongue lapped at his puckered rosebud.

My lips sucked on it.

I pressed my face deeper between his parted cheeks, and blew hot breath onto his rosebud.

I flicked my tongue back and forth across it, and tasted the mixture of sweat and muskiness. I knew that I would do this again, as I wondered what it would be like squeaky clean.

With one last slow flick of my tongue across the puckered surface, I began my journey back.

My mouth found his re-energized cock and swallowed it.

And then "Pop".

I looked up and told him I had an idea.

I moved up his body until we were face to face. I wondered if my face had a musky scent to it, and had my answer when he brushed his lips against mine and kissed me deeply. His cock nestled between my legs.

For a moment, I had other ideas

At last I refocused, and whispered how I wanted him to eat me. I wanted him to suck and lick my pussy. I wanted to feel his tongue lapping inside me.

I wondered if he would be so inclined.

Would he be willing to eat me. My pussy all sticky and gooey, his cum still oozing out of me. The thought of feeling his face buried between my legs, his tongue lapping between my lips was making me horny again.

And then I whispered that I want him to be on top, and to straddle my face with his cock.

So we could sixty nine. I wanted to suck his cock while he ate me. I wanted to feel his cock fucking my mouth as he got excited. I wanted to feel his growing passion physically. And hopefully his growing passion would show itself in his intensity of eating me.

He gently turned my so I was laying face up.

His knees straddled my face.

And his cock swayed as I felt him lower himself. His face was buried between my thighs, and his tongue lapping in me before I had a chance to take is cock into my now hungry mouth.

He lowered himself, slowly easing his cock into my mouth. And then he stopped, and I enjoyed just having him fill my mouth. No moving.

I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him deeply into me. I enjoyed having his cock buried in me. Feeling his thighs and stomach against me.

And he was working wonders on my pussy. His tongue licking and lapping.

We continued to explore one another orally.

Letting our senses roam.

My fingers began caressing his butt, and I suddenly wanted to play with his ass. I let my fingers caress his buns, the circles growing smaller, until my fingers were sliding between them. They slowly teased there way down. Until my forefinger found his rosebud.

I brought my forefinger to my lips and sucked it, before coating it with a generous dollop of saliva.

My wet forefinger found its way back to his rosebud, and with a little pressure, his rosebud opened and the tip of my finger slid in.

He bucked and filled my mouth with his cock to the hilt.

I pressed forward and watched my finger slip into his ass. It felt so warm and tight.

I began to slide my finger in and out.

I began to finger fuck my husband in his ass.

He for his part began to fuck my mouth with his cock, which was growing harder.

I pulled out my finger from his ass.


Looked clean.

I brought my finger underneath his stomach to my nose. A musky earthy scent filled my nostrils. My finger grazed my lips and joined my husbands cock in my mouth before I realized it.

I didn't taste anything out of the ordinary. I sucked on my finger to get it good and moist, so that I could push it up my husbands ass again.

My finger pressed against his rosebud and easily slipped into his warm tight ass, and I began to fingerfuck him in tempo with sucking his now rock hard cock.

My husband took the cue, and grabbed my ankles and brought them upward until my knees were on either side of my chest. My ass was now his to enjoy.

He slipped two fingers into my pussy and fucked me for a few seconds, before I felt them grazing my skin as they slid lower.

While his tongue continued to assault my pussy, he teased my moistening rosebud.

And then I felt him press the two fingers together and press them against my rosebud.

After a momentary resistance to the intrusion, His fingers prevailed, and my rosebud blossomed. His two fingers slid into me, until they were buried to their knuckles. He began to move them around in my ass, sliding them in and out, stretching them apart, or twisting and turning them. My ass quivered and clutched at his fingers, and I enjoyed feeling them teasing me and fucking me. I began to move backward and forward, encouraging him to fuck my ass with his fingers.

We continued to please on another's asses as we sixty nined. Our passions building.

My husband's cock was rock hard, and I wanted his cock filling me elsewhere.

I let his cock slip out of my mouth with a "pop" and told him I wanted him.

He got off me and I immediately got on all fours, my ass in the air. I told him I wanted him to ravage my ass. I wanted him to plow me deep.

I felt his warm breath on my ass just before I felt his tongue getting my ass good and wet. He kissed and licked my ass thrusting his tongue in and out, trying to tongue fuck me.

I was ready.

I wanted to feel his cock press against my rosebud. To feel it pushing there. Slowly forcing my rosebud to blossom. To feel his cock "Pop". Feeling the head of his cock slip past my now open portal. The momentary sting and sense of fullness.

The tip of his cock pressed against my saliva lubricated star. Resistance gave way slowly and then suddenly, his cockhead was mine. My ass felt violated. Plundered. But I wanted more. I wanted to feel his cock fill me. To feel my ass filled with his meat. I began to push backward, forcing more of his cock into my tight opening. I wanted to feel his shaft sliding past my now wide eyed bud, plunging into my tight hot ass.

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