tagErotic HorrorUnder Her Spell

Under Her Spell


Living in a small town of Boston, Massachusetts during the early 19th century, is a young Latina woman by the name of Rosalina. Her mother migrated from Brazil to Boston when she was just 4 years old. She is just one of many witches who must hide their secret identity from witch hunters who will hang her beautiful yet lifeless body for the townsfolk to gaze upon as a lesson if you practice such a dark yet seductive art of coventry. When Rosalina was 7 years old, the witch hunters unfortunately made a lesson of her mother. Rosalina hid in the downstairs basement of her house and had to listen to them take her mother away to be hanged and burned. She had to live in an orphanage until she turned 10 years old by another witch friend of her mother's. The old woman taught Rosalina everything she knows about making potions, drawing protection symbols to combat curses from other witches, and seducing men of the town to give her things without second thought. She was still young and wasn't developed yet until...

-10 years later-

Rosalina is now 20 years old and quite the curvy witch. She now stands at 5'9",balloon-sized caramel complexioned breasts, and small cylinder shaped waistline. Her eyes were the color of the early fall morning sunrise. She would walk through the food market every morning to go shopping for the elderly woman who has taken care of her since she was 10 years old. She would stroll very slowly, switching her sexy hips from side to side looking to see what fruits, meat, and bread she would take home for the old, ailing woman. The women of the town would scowl at her jealously.

"There is something not right about that woman." the townswomen would whisper.

"She is not like the rest of us. She gives me an eerie feeling." they would also whisper.

Rosalina pays them no mind. She finds it funny they would take her money when she buys from their booth but have so much to say under their breath. She doesn't need her love potions to seduce their husbands and she knew as well as they knew which is why they were so threatened by her. She walked into the usual store to buy the usual fruits, meats, and bread.

"Good day to you Ms. Rosalina." greeted the storekeeper. He was a middle-aged Caucasian man with a wife 3 years younger than him and a son a few years older than Rosalina.

"Good day to you Mr. Tom. Your shop smells of wonderful goods as usual. How is your wife and son?" asked Rosalina.

"Martha is in the back making dough for breads and cakes. John was back there helping but he might be taking out the garbage." replied Tom.

Rosalina had a naughty thought in her head. She figured she would have a little "fun" with John.

"Good day to you Mr. Tom. The night approaches and I must make haste home." Rosalina said.

"Good day to you Ms. Rosalina. I will see you on morrow's morning." Replied Tom.

Rosalina walked outside the store and peered around the backway of the store to see if John was still taking out the garbage. Luckily, he was not only taking out the garbage, he was also sweeping the leaves from the doorway.

"Good day to you John." Rosalina seductively whispered.

John quickly turned around to find Rosalina face to face with him. He was a 6'2" Caucasian strapping young man with sea blue eyes that widened at Rosalina's appearance so close to his face.

"Rosalina! You surprised me. What brings you to me?" John asked.

Rosalina inched closer to his lips as if to sneak in a kiss. She seductively loosened her corset and slowly ran her pointer finger along the curve of her full breasts. Her nipples began to harden underneath her cotton blouse that hung off her thin shoulders. She reached for John's face and gave him small and gentle kisses. She slowly reached below his bloomers and gently massaged his hardened shaft. Even thought John is a devout Christian, he found it hard (figuratively and literally) to say no to such an exotic beauty. He closed his blue eyes and allowed her hands to continue to arouse him.

"Ahem." A long haired, blonde woman standing at 5'7" and a thin frame interrupted their semi-sexual romp. John and Rosalina quickly broke apart and faced the young woman in embarassment.

"Am I interrupting anything? Is your store still available to customers?" she asked.

"Yes madam. I can help you with what you need." John quickly replied. He ran inside the store and left the two women to confront each other.

"Pardon my rudeness but I must return home." Rosalina said.

"You were not being rude. I found it quite arousing to see two young people showing affection towards each other." The woman replied.

"You were watching us?" Rosalina inquired.

"For a little while. You are quite the sexual being. May I ask your name?" the young woman asked.

"I don't mean to be rude but perhaps I can know who you are." Rosalina replied.

"My name is Selena. Pleased to make your acquaintance." Selena answered.

"My name is Rosalina. Pleased to make your acquaintance as well. I must hurry home now. It is becoming dark." Rosalina said.

"Perhaps we can see each other again on morrow's morning?" asked Selena.

"Yes we shall." Rosalina replied and hurried off to the old woman. When she arrived back, her elder caretaker was still laying in bed sick and aging. She was afraid the old woman didn't have long to live to take further care of her or show her any other spells. Rosalina began to prepare dinner until the old woman called her into the room to talk to her.

"I have a book of spells and potions that I'm afraid you must continue on your own for as you can see I do not have long to last on this earth." The old woman said. Rosalina shed a tear within her left eye for she knew the woman was right.

"I will not fail you." Rosalina promised.

Early next morning, Rosalina awakened to find the old woman has not awakened as well. She went to old Mr. Tom's shop for him and John to assist her in burying the old woman's body. It seems they were the only ones who were not afraid to help her as well as not to judge the old woman as a strange possible witch. Little do they know, they were correct but Rosalina would never tell them her secret. Rosalina had a secret herself to keep.

"I am sorry for your loss. You have my condolences." Said Selena.

"Oh! I did not expect you to be here." Rosalina exclaimed.

"Why shouldn't I be. It seems as if you need a friend right now." Replied Selena.

Selena reached out and gave Rosalina a hug. She turned her head to Rosalina's ear and sang a little song to her.

"There's no need to fear/For I am here/To take all the pain away/You are not alone/I'll come to your home/ I'll bring the sun back to your day" Selena sang to her.

"What a beautiful song." Rosalina whispered and leaned in to kiss Selena when Selena gasped. Rosalina quickly turned around and they both gazed at an eerie figure of a man standing behind a tall tree. He walked away and disappeared.

"Who was that strange man?" Selena inquired.

"I do not know but I must return home." Rosalina said.

"You should not be alone right now. That man gives me such a bad feeling." Selena said.

"I suppose I can tolerate company. You can sing more songs to me and we can cook dinner." Rosalina said.

"Oh yes, I love to sing. I also would love to sing to you." Replied Selena. They headed back towards now Rosalina's home with Selena walking beside her. Little do they know, the strange eerie man was still observing their every step. Rain clouds began to roll in and eventually thunder. Selena and Rosalina was preparing dinner for themselves and Selena was singing songs with her beautiful golden voice which at times would distract Rosalina from continuing to prepare dinner. Selena would have to remind Rosalina that the stove was still burning or water was boiling a little too long.

"What is it about your voice that is so hypnotizing?" Rosalina asked.

"You're not the only one with a secret." Selena replied.

"Do you care to share with me over our dinner?" inquired Rosalina. She prepared their plates and sat them on the table for them to share their story.

"Ever since I was a child, my voice has gotten me my way quite a bit. I did not know my mother and father but fortunately my voice has kept me alive for so long. Some has said I could be a creature called a siren. When I researched what a siren was, I eventually came to terms perhaps I could be such a creature. Their voice hypnotizes anyone to do anything they sing about as well as I." Selena explained.

"My story is almost the same as yours except my mother was discovered to be a witch. She was burned and hanged as I hid underneath my house. The old woman that used to live here took care of me and taught me things." Rosalina explained.

"Taught you things such as what?" Selena inquired. As soon as she asked the question, there was a strange feeling coming over Selena. She began to feel very aroused and felt the need to pounce on Rosalina and make passionate love to her.

"I feel strange." Selena said.

Rosalina sat closer to Selena so their lips touched. She ran her fingers through Selena's long blonde hair and along her face. Her pointer finger ran along the side of her neck, and down to the outlines of Selena's perky breasts.

"Strange how?" Rosalina seductively whispered. Selena leaned in to kiss Rosalina. Their tongues playfully squirmed in each other's mouth and their fingers happily aroused their nipples. They slowly began to peel each other's clothes off walking towards Rosalina's room. A single candle was lit to set a romantic mood just for them. They each suckled each other's breast nipple and fingered each other's wet slit. Their moans and groans seductively filled the room with Rosalina on top of Selena kissing and licking each other's love button.

*knock knock* A firm but subtle knock was on the front door. They both jumped up and gathered some of their clothes to see who could be knocking on their door during such a horrible storm. When Rosalina asked who could it be, no one answered. She peered out the window and no one was there.

"Is someone at the door?" Selena asked.

"No. I see no one." Rosalina replied. Just as she walked away from the door, the knocking returned.

"Maybe I should answer." Selena said. She opened the door and still no one was there. She turned back to Rosalina to see her scared expression on her face. Selena turned back around to see a figure of a man standing before her. They both screamed. The man took his hat off and revealed his identity.

"John!" Selena and Rosalina exclaimed.

"May I come in?" he asked.

They invited him in and took his wet clothes off and gave him tea and food.

"Why are you out during this time of night?" Rosalina asked.

"It is also raining harshly. You were very wet. You could have been sick." Selena replied.

"I cannot help it. Seeing the both of you together was very intriguing. Rosalina, you have touched my heart with your sexual energy. Selena, your beauty and your voice draws me in as well." John said.

"Well it wasn't intentional." Selena said.

"We cannot help it." Rosalina included.

"There is something else I cannot help as well." John said.

"Whatever could it be John?" Selena inquired.

John smiled revealing long fangs along each side of his mouth.

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