tagErotic HorrorUnder My Skin Ch. 05

Under My Skin Ch. 05


Aksana lay there on her side watching as her pet slept soundlessly beside her on the bed. She could sense the rising of the sun as morning came slowly. She would need to rest soon but for now she would take this time to watch over him.

Her eyes fixated on the rise and fall of his bare chest. She let out a slow breath feeling a shiver run through her core and through her body. Every part of him visible to her sight even in the complete darkness of the room. Her eyes scanned over every inch of his nakedness, up from his feet and not stopping until her gaze settled on his neck.

Her eyes focused on the two parallel holes on the side of his neck. She had fed from him several hours ago when midnight first approached but now the marks had begun healing.She licked her lips at the memory of the night past. How fresh and vivid it still was in her mind. Her pussy grew moist as the scene replayed in her mind as if it were just happening.

She had bid him to remain naked that night and told him there would be a surprise for him if he would come look for her in her room in a few moments.

He of course had done so and surprising to her, had come to her room quickly. She of course was already hidden in the shadows of her room waiting.

His back was to her as he came into the dark room searching for her. She smiled as she listened to him call her name once then twice. She waited a moment more before she came up behind him silently and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs up around his waist.

Caught off guard, the boy struggled at first but a soft whisper from her calmed him immediately.

With a soft whisper and the gentle rub of her foot against his manhood, Aksana bid her pet to carry her on his back through the halls that wound around to her room.

She leaned in to his body as he began to carry her piggyback down the hall. Her breasts rubbed against his shoulder blades as he went. Each one of his steps caused her body to bob slightly up and down.

Her foot kept rubbing and teasing his cock as they went in circles through the halls. She could feel his pulse quickening as they went around once then twice then a third time.

She wrapped her arms and legs tighter around him so as to not slip off from the sweat that was covering his skin from exertion.

Moans mixed in with heavy panting filled the dark empty hallways. Her feet alternated rubbing his hardening member every five steps. Her body quivered as she could feel his heartbeat as she held on.

When he had turned a left corner and gone around a fourth time his movements slowed considerably. His breath came out in ragged gasps.

Even though she was lighter than he was, Aksana could tell Dustin was getting tired. She kissed his ear with her soft lips and told him to head back to her room to receive his reward for doing so well.

His feet slapped against the stone floor as Dustin went back down the hall to her room.

She continued to stimulate him the whole way into her room by catching his stiff, erect length between her big toe and the second. and began sliding up and down his length slowly.

She could feel his body twitch and quiver with each ministration of her toes down his cock. By the time he made it to the side of the bed his legs were threatening to give out from arousal.

Aksana slid off his back and gently pushed him forward onto the bed. She heard Dustin groan softly as he fell forward on his hands and knees. She climbed up behind him spider like and wrapped her arms and legs around his body again.

With one quick movement she rolled both their bodies into the middle of the bed with him laying on his back on top of her.

She heard him whimper softly as she grabbed a handful of his hair tilted his head to the side and bit down on his neck. Dustin shuddered and cried out in pain which was soon silenced to a moan as her foot began rubbing along his erection once more. Her eyes bled over into orange-red as she began to feed.

Soft moans escaped her mouth from between her lips and his flesh as she took in his blood. Red flooded down her throat quenching the fires of empty hunger that raged within her.

She could feel herself regaining her full strength as she held her pet within her embrace. She only stopped when she felt the tell tell sign of his heart beat slowing and his body slumping weakly in her arms.

Gently, she removed her fangs from his neck and licked the two fresh holes until the bleeding stopped. She turned him on his side and cradled his head to her breast.

Her hand stroked through his hair lovingly and hushed him softly until his eyes closed in deep slumber. She held him there in her arms quietly for a while before carefully laying him onto his side and resting his head on a pillow. Hours passed and she just laid there watching him sleep.

Aksana smiled to herself as she reached out to touch his face. He looked so precious asleep like that. His body exposed. Vulnerable. Hers to take however she wanted.

Even though he had been asleep for a long while, she resisted the urge to wake him. She trembled as she was once again reminded of the previous night.

Her hand gently caressed down his face. So gentle so as to not wake him. Her sweet pet deserved all the rest he could get. Her fingernails trailed down his cheek to his chin.

Oh how she loved the feel of his warm flesh against her body. In her hands. Especially the taste of it each time she fed. She clenched her thighs feeling a hint of wetness between them.

Her body began to tingle, telling her her that daytime was approaching. Even in the darkness of the windowless room, she could sense the time of day.

She could feel that it was morning even if she could not actually see that it was. All vampires could. It was sort of their early warning to get underground before the sun came up.

Fortunately, she was already inside and away from any harm of sunlight. She felt a sudden movement beside her that drew her attention out of her thoughts.

She glanced over to her pet and saw his eyes start to flutter open. She smiled and gently ran a hand through his hair.

"Morning pet," Aksana watched him as he came to.

"Morning," Dustin replied confused, "How are you still awake? Don't you have to sleep sometime?"

Aksana was about answer when she heard a whisper inside her mind.

"I have found you." said a voice.

Aksana trembled. She felt her body tense up as the words pieced her mind like jagged spikes of ice. A burning cold pain spread through her like wildfire.

She felt a presence beyond the grave touch her mind and her consciousness shuddered in revulsion at the recognition. She felt suddenly very afraid. Her throat grew tight and she felt as if she was being drowned.

"No.." she spoke in a hoarse whisper. Her voice trembled. She saw her breath come out as she spoke.

" I am coming for you... I will have you again." the voice spoke again in her head. "NO!" she repeated.

Aksana shook with both dread and anger. Her fangs showed fully in defiance ready to confront the influence assailing her then the presence she felt evaporated as suddenly as it appeared.

Her body shuddered as she lay there hugging herself, her eyes wide with fear, She stayed like that several moments until she suddenly became aware someone was calling her name.

"Aksana...Aksana? "Dustin looked to her concerned.

"I'm..fine."she answered slowly as if unsure.

She uncoiled her self and sat up on her side of the bed. Wearily, her hands rubbed at her temples as she tried to regain her senses. She sat there for several minutes but she could not shake the dread that had come over her.

She was not sure how but she knew who it was that just tried to influence power over her. Someone she had not seen for over a hundred years.

Dustin placed a hand on her shoulder. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes pet" She patted his hand then rose to her feet.

Dustin nodded but wasn't entirely sure she was being honest with him. What was that just then? Had he done something wrong? He had never seen her react like that.

It was scary.He didn't know what to think of that. He wanted to ask more but was not sure if pressing her was a good idea. He might make her angry and angering a vampire was never a smart thing to do.

His confusion and doubt must have been showing on his face because the next thing he realized she was standing next to him. He was about to say something when he felt her hands cup his face.

Her eyes began to glow that familiar bright orange red and suddenly he couldn't think of anything but to look into her eyes. Nothing else mattered but her eyes.

"Don;t worry about me, pet. Just sleep," she whispered. "Sleep. I'll take care of everything else."

His eyes closed as his mind listened to her instructions.


Metal screeched and whined as it pulled itself through the gaping hole and out of the trunk where it had been hiding. It had been patiently waiting for its prey the previous night just as its master had told it to. Once it had been let inside the vehicle, it had waited in the back seat patiently.

It's instructions were to abduct the owner of the vehicle in order to facilitate its master's will. It had waited, never moving until the door opened and a pale skinned woman sat in the seat in front of it. That's when it had struck.

Wrapping it's decayed hand around the woman's throat, the ghoul had attempted to choke out its intended victim. The fear coming form the woman as it tightened its grip was so tantalizing and sweet.

It felt her pulse weakening, her breath becoming slower as it squeezed tighter. The scent of urine reached its nostrils as fear overwhelmed its victims senses. So close!

It would only be a matter of minutes before the girl would pass out and it could take its unconscious target from the car and deliver it to its master.

It was salivating from the sheer anticipation of pleasing its maker and the reward that would follow. So close!

Bit then someone interfered. It heard a knock at the window then a man's voice. It panicked not knowing what to do. It had been instructed not to kill only to capture.

Its mind reeled trying to come up with an answer within its brain. Its hands searching for a way out from where it sat in the back.

Its fingers found a small latch behind the seat. Desperate it pulled the latch and found the seat give and fall forward, revealing access to the very back of the car.

It wasted no time and slid silently behind the seat, pulling the seat back behind it closed as to not arouse any suspicion.

With its keen senses, It could hear the muffled sound of voices as the girl and the one who interrupted it spoke. For moments, it held its rancid breath and listened until there was only silence.

Suddenly, it heard the rumble of an engine come to life and felt the car was moving. Having no alternative the ghoul waited inside the trunk as the vehicle moved along to its destination.

Once the car had stopped finally, the ghoul frantically began clawing at the backseat passage it had crawled through. It was determined to succeed even if its initial attempt had failed. Its claws dug into the back of the seat.

A wide grin spread along its one cracked remaining lip at the thought of reward. Perhaps the master would allow it to devour the girl after she had outlived her usefulness. It hoped so. Her flesh felt and smelled so sweet.

But then it heard the driver's side door open. It stopped clawing and went deathly still. The door closing reached its ears but still it waited.

Footsteps faded as its victim moved away from the vehicle. Only after several long moments of silence did it begin to claw at its confines, this time at the metal above it.

Its claws were more suited to ripping and tearing flesh. Against the harder metal, its bony claws chipped and broke with each tiny furrow it dug. This not only infuriated the ghoul but caused it severe pain as well.

Shrieks of pain accompanied the sound of shredded metal as it continued to dig a way out. In the time it took to puncture through and make a hole big enough to fit it's head through, it was well past midnight.

It howled in pain as its putrid flesh tore against he jagged metal as it used its hands to widen the hole big enough to fit through. The darkness of the night was slowly becoming lighter as morning approached.

Time was running out. It needed to get back to its master before sunrise.Its coagulated blood curdled at the sudden realization that returning now would mean it had failed.

Failure meant punishment but even that dire consequence was much more preferable than being caught in the wretched sun. The sun's rays paralyzed it and slowly seared its flesh, incinerating all the way to its very dark being until it was little more than inanimate ash.

The process brought such agony and suffering to the creature that even thinking about it ache all over. Granted its master's wrath would be no less severe for its failure but at least it would be quick.

At least it hoped that was the case

These thoughts refueled its purpose. It tore into and pried the metal of the trunk apart with renewed frenzy. Its fingers were little more that bloody nubs when it had finally created a big enough hole to fit its body through.

Its burning red red eyes looked to the sky noticing that it was no longer a dark black but now a deep gray blue of morning.

Decayed pieces of its flesh and bits of old rags and dried black blood clung to the jagged metal edges as it pulled itself out and landed feet first onto pavement.

It was standing in the driveway of the home the woman had brought it to. It fell forward onto all fours and clambered down the driveway.

It stopped for only a moment to commit the address to its memory then turned and scrambled back down the drive way. Needing to find cover from the oncoming sunlight, it fled around the side of the house and disappeared through the back yard into the fading gloom of morning. ***********************************

Megeara sat down at her kitchen table nursing a cup of hot coffee while she thought things over. The police were still looking over the damages to her car.

When she had found it earlier that morning, she had thought an animal had caused the damage But the police officers at the scene had said they had taken samples of blood, rotted flesh and clothing from the ruined trunk.

She sighed. Her insurance definitely was not gonna be happy about this. But they were the least of her worries right now.

She still had to find Dustin. He was still out there missing. But how would she go and look for him when her car was thrashed. She doubted the police would let her drive it as it was.

She lifted the mug to her lips and took a long sip of the hot coffee. She guessed she could call a rental. That might do, at least for a few days until her car was fixed.

She looked to the table where her cell lay and was about to pick it up when she heard a knock at her front door. Probably the police saying they were finished taking evidence, she thought.

Megeara got up and walked through the kitchen and to the front door. Leaning in close to it , she looked through the eye hole.

"Who is it?" she called through the door.

"Detective Blake Ma'am. Just here to ask you some questions. Mind if i come in?" came an answer.

Megeara had already told the two officers who were on the scene everything she knew already. She didn't have anything new to say. At least not to them.

She had not told them about the night before when she was attacked. She had kept that tidbit to herself. She definitely did not need to be part of an investigation. there would be no way she could look for her friend then.

"Ma'am May I come in and ask a few questions?"Blake's gruff voice came through the door.

Megeara figured she had no real alternative."Sure one moment."

She undid the chain and opened the door, standing partially behind it. Blake smiled and tipped his hat in greeting as he stepped inside.

"Thank you Ma'am. I promise to just be a minute of your time. Just a few questions." he said.

Megeara shut the door behind the detective as he walked past her. She was amazed at how big he really was. He had to be at least six and a half feet tall.

He was built sold and had broad shoulders like a linebacker or better yet a Mack truck. How the hell did a man so big fit behind that tiny desk?

Blake gave an easy smile."IS there some place we could sit and talk?"

"How about the kitchen? I just made coffee. Would you like some?" She offered as she led him toward the kitchen.

Blake's grin widened and followed. "I certainly would."

Megeara walked over to the kitchen counter and searched through the cabinet for a mug for the detective. "So what did you want to ask?"

"Well just to confirm what you told the other officers." he replied and got out a pad and pencil from inside his duster.

"Sure go ahead."she found a mug and poured coffee into it. She handed it to him with a smile.

He took the mug with his right hand."Thank you."

Megeara sat down at the table and watched him. She quietly readied herself for any question he would have. She was not afraid of him but she still had not told anyone of the attack on her the night before. She was not sure she wanted to tell anyone.

"You only saw the car when you went out this morning?" He asked, setting down the mug on the table and taking up his pencil.

"That's right. I was going to do some errands and when i came out to the drive way, my trunk was torn apart." she lifted her own mug from the table and took a sip.

"I see,"he wrote down her response, "And you did not hear or see anything last night?"

"No I did not," she shook her head, "I was so tired last night i just went out like a light last night. Slept through the whole thing."

Detective Blake nodded and wrote that down too. "You don't know anyone who would have done this or have any enemies that would wish you harm?"

"No I don't know anyone who would do such a thing." Her hand went to her neck, covering the marks that were there. She gave him a fake smile so as to not alarm him to them.

She was not sure that who had attacked her the first time had done this so really it was the truth and she had fallen asleep in the tub that night.

She had woken up still in the tub around midnight and when she had reached her bed she fell right to sleep.

Derrick Blake nodded again and wrote down her words. "Okay. Is there anything else I should know or that you think might be important?"

"No not that I can think of"

Their eyes met for a long moment then he looked back down to his notes. He was convinced she was telling the truth.He could sense something was off but maybe it was just her stress he was picking up on.

He hid his thoughts behind a practiced smile and picked up his cup from the table and took a longer sip.

"This coffee is pretty good Ma'am," he remarked, "Very strong.

"Yeah i got to have something to wake me up when I get up in the morning."she smiled.

"I can tell." Blake nodded."Off the record Ma'am but what is it that you do?"

Megeara sipped her coffee." Oh I work at the mall. I stand around and try to get people to buy cell phones all day."

Her other hand brushed her long silver hair over her neck to cover up the marks.

"Ah. " He replied. "No formal training?"

"Not really." she giggled softly, "Went to art school. I paint but that does not really pay bills ya know."

"Yes that's understandable," Blake finished off his coffee then set the mug down on the table, "Sorry your car. Was very nice. I hope you can arrange some alternate transportation."

She nodded "Yes I will be fine. I will just call a rental. Was that all you needed Detective Blake?"

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