Under My Wing


She pressed her firm flesh into his hand. Her ample breasts were more than a handful for Lucas and he massaged them, squeezing them gently as much as he could get his hands around them. He brushed over her nipples with inexperienced fingers and the current coursed over her body. They sprang to life under her brother's touch, growing harder and more sensitive with every bit of contact.

"Pinch them, not too hard. Ahhh," she groaned lightly. "Ok, a little harder than that. Perfect! That feels really good. Do you want to suck them?"

"Can I?" he asked with boyish excitement.

Giggling, she nodded. He brought her breast to his mouth with a hand and ran his tongue around the nipple and areola. With the tip, he flicked the little bud over and over before sucking it between his lips. He opened his mouth wider and took even more of Dee's breast into it, sucking and licking the creamy flesh.

She moaned, feeling the sexual tingles run up and down her skin. She had a fleeting thought of how it felt nurturing to have her little brother nuzzling and sucking on her breasts. It was strange that the image of breastfeeding would come to her while her pussy was growing wetter and more needing with each suck and slurp of his mouth. She again pushed moral thoughts from her mind and allowed herself to just enjoy his attentions.

When he had given her other breast an equal amount of love, she pulled his head back up for another intoxicating kiss. Finally being allowed to touch and fondle her breasts had inflamed Lucas' passion even more. He was a bit more aggressive in his kiss and Dee found that she enjoyed it.

"Lucas, is there anything you've always wanted to do with a girl?"

"Only with you, DeeAnn. I've only ever wanted to do them with you." He kissed down her cheek and licked her tender earlobe. "Yeah, there's something. But I think it's sort of weird."

"I'm sure it's perfectly normal. Just tell me. It's ok."

"Well, for a long time, I have been, um," he punctuated his statement with kisses along her neck and ear. "going through your dirty clothes hamper."

"Whatever for, Lucas?"

"Your panties. I like them. I like to...Jeez. Never mind. It's too embarrassing." He stopped kissing her and just hung his head.

"Do you like to...uh...wear them?" she asked nervously.

"No! God, Dee. Of course not. Well, not really. I like to put them...on my face. Just shoot me now!" He looked up at the ceiling and took a deep breath. "I like to smell them. And sometimes taste them. There, I've confessed. I'm a total pervert. I love the smell of my sister's - pussy!"

"Well, thank you!" It was the first thing that came to mind to say. She found the thought of her brother rooting through her hamper to smell her panties strangely exciting.

He looked surprised. "You aren't mad? You don't think I'm weird?"

"I've always thought you were weird," she teased. "But I think that is a pretty common interest for a guy to have. We're kind of designed to feel and smell and taste good! It's the way we're built, ya know." She smiled in the lamplight and Lucas relaxed and returned her smile. "So, do you want the ones I have on now?"

"Oh my God," he repeated. "Yeah, I really really do. But can I please take them off of you? I always pictured myself sliding them over your butt, and down your legs."

"Sure, Lucas. Go ahead."

He positioned himself between her calves and hooked his fingers in the lacey waist band of her lavender boy shorts. "I like this kind," he whispered, mostly to himself.

He eased them down and she lifted her rear to make the removal easier. He peeled them down her legs slowly, revealing her shaven pussy like a treasure or a prize meant to be savored. His eyes followed the underwear as he pulled them down her thighs. She picked her legs up and he caressed her as he took her panties off, pausing to kiss the back of each knee. Dee put her legs back down when he had them off and watched Lucas with great interest.

He rubbed her boy shorts over his cheeks, closing his eyes. Next, he found the crotch area and gave it a long lick. She knew they were damp with desire from his kisses and touches and her excitement. He moaned at the delicate musky taste of his sister and then tipped his head back, laying the panties over his nose and mouth. Instinctively, his hand reached down and rubbed his cock through his tented boxers and he moaned aloud again. Dee could easily picture him sneaking in here with a pair of her stolen panties and lying on his bed with them draped over his face, jacking off and inhaling deeply. She found the imagined scene very erotic.

"Would you like to sample from the source?" she said, her voice husky with desire.

Slowly, he pulled the panties away and let them fall to the bed beside him. He looked deeply into her eyes, but didn't answer. The look on his face was a very new one for Dee. It almost scared her. She was seeing the depth of her brother's lust for her. He leaned forward on his knees and placed a hand on either of her thighs. He pushed them apart gently and just looked between them for a few moments. Dee began to get worried that he was unsure about the process when he dove forward and buried his face in her pussy.

She gasped at the sensation. His lips were everywhere; his tongue was tracing patterns on her silken lips. He moaned against her and the vibrations caused her to moan in reply. After tasting every inch of the flesh of her outer lips, he used his fingers to part them. He followed the edge of her inner labia and then dipped into her opening. He happily explored every fold of soft, scented flesh, lapping at her juices, fucking her with his meaty tongue. A few times, he drifted down further than her opening and flicked across her tightly puckered asshole causing her pleasure she didn't know was possible.

Her body was responding and she felt an orgasm building. In Dee's experience with boys, she'd always thought oral sex was fun, but had never actually cum from it. She'd always felt a bit embarrassed, worrying that her boyfriend didn't really like her smell or her taste. But her brother already knew he did and had told her. There was no wondering if he was enjoying himself, as he clearly was. His moans of pleasure, his eager movements proved that he was right where he had so often dreamed of being. His enthusiasm was contagious and she felt the first surge of orgasm rushing up from her depths.

"Lucas! Please don't stop. Oh, God, you're gonna make me..." she called out, gripping the bed sheets in tightly clenched fingers.

The feel of her pussy against Lucas' face and mouth was so much better than the panties. Her juices were in no short supply and he made it his mission to lick up every drop. Her clit continued to swell and he felt her body shudder each time he nuzzled or sucked it. The shudders grew stronger when he sucked the tasty little knob between his lips. When she begged him not to stop, he smiled against her sopping cunt and continued to play with and enjoy her, concentrating on sucking her clit. Her legs clamped around his head and he felt a gush of juices from his beautiful sister.

As she came to his dancing tongue, she cried out, "Lucas! Yes, yes!" Shaking and shuddering, her body pulsed, overcome with her first non-solo orgasm. As the final wave crashed, she lay twitching but relaxed, in her little brother's bed.

His grin spread across his face in a very satisfied manner. He'd made his sister cum! His pride swelled, as did his manhood. His cock ached for access to her thoroughly kissed cunt. He looked up at her closed eyes and small smile and decided the time was right. He couldn't wait any longer.

He grasped his cock and pressed it to her entrance. Her eyes flew open as he eased the head in.

Her little brother was inside her. His cock was in her pussy and she was startled by the confused feelings washing over her. He had just ended his virginity inside her silken walls and it felt right. Like that was exactly what was supposed to have happened. She loved Lucas, she always had. And she felt his love as he merged their excited bodies together. Dee lifted her hips and took him deeper, until he was buried to the hilt.

"Oh, Dee!" he cried. "I don't think I'm gonna last long."

"Sssh, it's ok, Lucas. Just breathe. Try to relax. Hold still and give your body a chance to calm down."

He buried his face into her shoulder and held himself still inside her, though every fiber of his body told him to thrust hard. He shook against her and Dee put her arms around her struggling sibling.

"It's ok," she cooed at him.

He pushed hard against her and ground against her swollen clit. Involuntarily, she moaned and surged upward for more contact. Her pussy contracted around Lucas' cock and he couldn't stay still any longer.

He pulled his hips back too far and it allowed his cock to come out of her tempting tunnel. Quickly, he maneuvered it back in and started thrusting more shallowly. Lucas picked up his pace and the force with which he was slamming into his sisters welcoming cunt. Swept away, Dee wrapped each of her limbs around her brother's body and held on tight. Her ankles crossed over his firm ass and she gripped him tightly, urging him back into her body each time he pulled back.

"Oh, fuck! Dee, I'm going to cum. I'm cumming!" He thrust deep and held himself there. In no time, he loosed his load inside of her, groaning as each spurt of semen left his cock.

He collapsed down onto her body and she continued to hold him. As his spasming and shaking began to subside, she rubbed his back soothingly and gently kissed him. It seemed like a very long time before his cock softened enough to work its way out of her pussy. He finally rolled off of her and lay on his back, a dazed expression on his sweaty face.

"Dee, you're everything I dreamed you would be," he whispered. "I wanted you forever. I wanted to be with you. I never thought I'd get the chance. And it was amazing." He looked over at her. "I love you. I'm in love with you, Dan."

His childhood name for her lurched her back into reality. Her brother. She had just fucked her brother. And now he was telling her he was in love with her. She swallowed hard and resisted the urge to leap from the bed to go find a hiding place where the world could never find her.

"Lucas, I love you too. You know that. What we just did, what we shared, was special. But you're my brother. You can't be 'in love' with me. You're just emotional because you've just had sex for the first time." She sounded unconvincing, even to herself.

"Yeah, and you're an idiot if you believe that, Dee. I've been 'in love' with you for as long as I can remember." The set of Lucas' jaw was determined.

She shook her head. "It can't be. It can't. There's just no way."

"Then, get out. Go back to your room and pretend you didn't want me, too. Go back to college and keep thinking of me as nothing more than your kid brother." He rose and stalked to his bathroom completely nude, slamming the door behind him.

Tears began to roll down her cheeks as she picked up her nightgown. Dee reached for the panties that still lay on the bed, but left them there next to the considerable wet spot she and Lucas' had made. She slowly went back to her bedroom.


For two days, he avoided her. They ate dinner in silence each night. Lucas found excuses to be outside, but didn't leave the yard. With no work until the weekend, he busied himself with yard work, washing his truck, and reorganizing the garage.

"Gimme your keys," he said. It was the only words he'd spoken to his sister since she'd taken his virginity.

"What? Why?"

"Do you want me to wash it or what?" he growled.

She quietly handed him the keys to her Land Rover. He turned and went back outside without saying anything further.

She woke the next day when she heard him rustling around nosily in his bedroom. He stomped down the hallway and then back to his bedroom. He repeated the process twice more and she got up to investigate.

He met her in the hallway with a duffle bag over his shoulder and an angry scowl on his face.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Moving." He brushed past her. Dee followed him quickly.

"Moving? You're moving? You're leaving? But - you can't." Her toes felt chilled on the bare deck in the cold of the early overcast morning.

"I can. And I am. I can still take the tours and stuff til Dad gets back, but then, I'm gone." He loaded his duffel bag into the truck bed next to the other two soft sided suitcases.

"No!" she cried. "You'll kill Mom and Dad!"

"Kids leave home all the time. You left, and they survived."

"They had you! And I left for college. Not permanently!"

"Well, they'll have you!" he turned to face her. "What the hell do you want from me? I poured my heart out to you and you told me I didn't feel what I felt. You acted like you always do, like I'm some retarded kid who couldn't possibly know anything about real life."

"I do not think of you that way, Lucas! What was I supposed to say?" She grew angry. He had no idea what kind of position he'd put her in.

"How about that you loved me too?"

"I do!"

"But not like I love you?" he challenged.

She opened her mouth to tell him that he was right, but found she couldn't. She glared at him. He was pushing her past her breaking point. They never argued! And after two days of him ignoring her, he was packing up and running off. He was leaving. He - was - leaving. The thought settled into her mind and she considered it from all angles. He was leaving home and going who-knows-where. Her little brother wouldn't be there, even though she was officially back home for good. His bedroom would stand empty at the end of the hallway, a constant reminder of the times they'd played in there. Now, it would be a reminder of the tender affections they'd shared in his bed. A reminder of the most amazing sexual experience of her life, and of course, his.

"No," she answered finally.

He scoffed and started toward the driver's door. She put her hand on his arm and he whirled back around.

"No," Dee said again. "I do love you the same way. And it scares me to death. I'm in love with my little brother. I'm in love with you. I love you." She repeated it over and over, testing the feel of it as she spoke.

It took a full three seconds for the shock to wear off of Lucas and he crushed her pajama clad body against his. He was so strong and she relaxed against the strength of his chest and arms, winding her arms around his waist. Lucas' mouth fell hard against hers and she parted her lips instantly. The kiss renewed their passions that had been simmering since they'd been together.

Her hands roamed over his body and she felt the soft material of his t-shirt under the jacket he wore and yanked to pull it out of his jeans. He jumped at bit as her cold hands found his warm back.

"You're hands are like ice, DeeAnn. Let's go inside." Without hesitation, he swooped her up in his arms and carried her inside. She giggled and continued kissing him, snuggled against his wide chest.

"When did you get so big, little brother?" she asked.

"About the same time you got so beautiful." He set her gently onto the floor of their living room and let his hands began removing her white pajamas, which were anything but sexy. But on her, Lucas thought a trash bag would have been hot.

Holding nothing back, she let her own hands wander over his body, under no illusions that he was the only one doing the wanting. She pawed at him to remove his clothes and they fell away piece by piece. Naked in the living room together, she got a wicked little idea and pushed him to the couch. He sat down with a thud and a laugh.

"You're still a BJ virgin, Lukey. Gotta fix that!"

His cock was in her mouth before he could reply or protest. Not that he would have done either. Dee went after his dick with the same enthusiasm he'd used when eating her pussy. She kissed the tip and ran her tongue around the girth of the head. It twitched in her hand and she trailed small, sucking kisses up and down his shaft. Her tongue swirled around and around his thick pole. Dee had been impressed with how large he felt inside her the other night, but now that she could examine her brother's cock up close, she was even more so. Lucas was impressive, thick and heavy. His precum was sweet on her tongue and she sucked hard to create more of it. He moaned and bucked his hips against her talented mouth.

"Dee! Oh my God. That's amazing. I can't believe you're doing this. Oh fuck! My big sister has my cock in her mouth. I've always wanted this. Oh my God." Lucas watched his sister's blonde head bob up and down on his quivering flesh. Her hands found his balls, massaging them gently.

She wrapped her fist around Lucas' shaft and pumped him slowly as her mouth descended to lave his heavy balls with her tongue. He was not very hairy anywhere but on his head, so her tongue had unfettered access to his delicate flesh. She loved the salty sweet taste of his skin. Dee's tongue squirmed against his sack and then further back, licking the sensitive spot behind.

Her hand cupped his balls as she put him back between her lips. Licking her way down his member, she swirled her tongue to catch every delectable inch. As the head pressed against the back of her throat, she fought the urge to gag and took him just a bit deeper, until her nose was pressed against his sparse pubic hair. She sucked hard and slid her mouth back up, slurping all the way.

He squirmed in his seat and gasped. His balls tingled and he knew that the brand new sensation was going to send him over the edge even quicker than it had the night he'd made love to his sister. He moaned her name and told her he was close.

She took her mouth off and pumped him slowly, looking into his eyes. "I know you're going to cum soon. And it's ok. I want you to cum in my mouth. Then you'll take longer to cum the next time. Practice makes perfect, Lucas. And you're going to get a lot of practice!" She smiled warmly, and then went back to the task of driving him to the brink.

She used her hand and mouth together, jacking his hard prick. Her tongue was a mass of movement and her lips kneaded and caressed him. Her breasts bounced as she moved, turning her head to reach every bit of him. He reached down and cupped one of her tits and she sucked him harder and faster, excited by the sensation.

His hips shot upward and drove his cock deep into her mouth. She fought the gag once again and was rewarded with the taste of sweet, salty cum from her brother's spasming dick. The taste was incredible and she loved it. The thought of it being a brew made just for her flashed through her mind. Spurt after spurt, he emptied his balls into his beautiful sister's throat. Dee savored every drop. She held a couple on her mouth as he finished cumming and took it up to him for a kiss.

He stiffened as he tasted his cum on her tongue and started to pull away. Then, he realized that sharing his fluids with Dee was just as natural as the love he felt for her, and all the things he wanted to do with her. He relaxed and experienced the flavor and decided it wasn't bad at all. Not as good as Dee's pussy juice, but not awful either. He returned her kiss with aplomb and felt his heart swell with just a bit more love for her.

Her hand continued to pump his softened cock slowly as they traded his semen back and forth on their tongues. She was thrilled that he liked it because it really turned her on. Dee's pussy was a mess of wetness and need and her brother's seeking fingers soon found it. He slipped a finger inside and massaged her clit with his thumb, still kissing her. She moaned into his mouth and humped against his hand.

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