tagGay MaleUnder The Full Moon

Under The Full Moon


Stopping to adjust his bulky backpack, Ryder took a deep breath. The air was crisp and fresh, the day sunny and a pleasant temperature. He smiled as he took in the view around him. The forest was losing its leaves as autumn headed inexorably to winter. Over to his left, obscured temporarily, were the mountain ranges. As beautiful as they were, they were not the objective on this trip. On his right was the river they were following.

Once through this part of the forest, which was likely to be another day yet, there was a rise that overlooked a magnificent lake. That was the intended destination. If the weather stayed as good as it was supposed to, there would be a perfect vista of lake, forest and sky.

A minimum of photographic equipment was in his backpack, but more than enough to get him some good shots; sunrise, sunset and, best of all if the night sky was cloudless, a reflection of the imminent full moon. He grinned widely. He had a couple of journals lined up to pay him for the shots if they were sufficiently good.

In addition, he would take any shots he thought might be good sellers. He had an eye for a good shot and an aesthetically appealing view.

And talking of aesthetic views...

Oh. Yeah.

Ryder ran his eyes appreciatively over the rear view of his guide. Lyall was a half blood Native American. His bone structure was sharp and defined, his skin smooth and almost burnished bronze and his long, dark hair plaited and tucked up inside the black, woollen beanie he currently wore. But at the moment, Ryder's attention was drawn to the toned, jean-clad ass that swayed slightly as Lyall led the way.

Now that was a gorgeous sight. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to compose himself. He had to stop his thoughts going in that direction. They had a lot of ground to cover, and he was on the look-out for good photo opportunities. Lyall had them on quite a strict schedule for reaching the lake, which they needed to achieve to take best advantage of the full moon when it came.

As he opened his eyes, it was to see Lyall leaning against a tree, looking back at him with amusement in his deep, mocha-brown eyes.

"You need to keep up, my friend," Lyall said.

"Not a problem," Ryder assured.

The eyes that ran over his skinnier frame seemed to possess a heat Ryder could feel even at the distance between Lyall and him. He put a great deal of effort into remaining nonchalant and casual, despite the very enthusiastic reaction from his cock. He casually tucked a few errant strands of straw-blond hair back into his own beanie.

"Okay, then don't lag behind. This isn't the city now," Lyall warned.

"I may be a city boy, but I can deal with the great outdoors, too," Ryder insisted as Lyall eased himself from the tree and sashayed towards him.

"So, a city boy like you isn't scared at being out in the woods?" Lyall asked, his tone lightly mocking.

"Now why should I be afraid when I have a big, strong guide like you to look after me?" Ryder teased back, earning a lazy, sexy grin.

"You know why," Lyall said, sauntering towards him, hips swaying provocatively. "With all the mountain lions, wolves and bears." He stopped walking to stand just inches from Ryder already highly-aroused body.

"Lions, wolves and bears?" Ryder asked.

"Oh, my!" they said in unison and laughed.

"Not even when Halloween is so close?" Lyall added with a smirk. "From midnight tomorrow. Maybe it would be ghosts, ghouls and banshees."

"Banshees are from Ireland," Ryder said, folding his arms. "Hardly likely to be out here." Despite his confident rebuttal, Ryder couldn't help but glance around quickly. Something instantly noticed by his companion.

"Don't worry, Ryder," Lyall said. "We're not going to any houses, motels or castles with a haunted or killer-lived-here history, we're not going to pick up hitchhikers, there are no reports of strange lights in the sky, no unscrupulous companies dumping toxic waste into the water or any stories about government experiments gone wrong. We'll be just fine. Come on," Lyall urged, reaching to tug Ryder into moving again.

Glowering, Ryder followed. He just didn't like slasher movies or the seemingly endless array of movies that equated horror with copious amounts of blood, torture and people being killed in many and varied ways. Then Lyall stopped and smiled at him.

"I wouldn't take you anywhere I thought you would be endangered," he said before walking on.

The smile, as much as the words, instantly evaporated Ryder's annoyance. He walked a little faster and caught up with the other man.

"Thanks," he said and returned the smile.

"We have a good hour or so of walking before we reach where I want to stop. Then I'll catch us a fish dinner while you set up camp. Deal?"

"Deal," Ryder agreed.

As much of a chore setting up camp alone would be, when it came to fishing, Lyall had him beaten hands down. Ryder had tried with a rod, and with a spear, he had even tried with a net. That had resulted in a catch. However, when Ryder had tried to land it, the... slippery article... managed to escape, much Ryder's disbelief and gales of laughter, and many subsequent jokes, from Lyall.

Now the silence as they walked was companionable and Ryder was looking forward to making camp.


The meal of grilled fish and instant potato was followed by black coffee and a shared bar of rich, dark chocolate. Ryder smiled as Lyall checked the fire was safe to leave before they crawled into the tent. Ryder stripped out of his clothes, both men had thermal underwear to use if they felt particularly cold, but the sleeping bag had been picked for its warmth rating, so Ryder had few doubts he would be warm.

As the last of his clothing was removed, he turned and was enveloped in Lyall's warm embrace.

"I've looked forward to this all day," Lyall whispered, "I've wanted you so much."

"Me, too," Ryder instantly admitted.

As he was lowered onto the bedding, Ryder grinned as he realised Lyall had covered it with a towel. There were a couple of blankets handy if they felt particularly chilled and a packet of baby-wipes was also close by.

He doubted they would feel the cold for a while.

Ryder reached for his lover, their arms winding around each other as they kissed, each man's lips seeking the warmth of the other. They moaned softly as the kisses deepened, becoming more demanding, more passionate. Their tongues teased and stroked, reacquainting each man with the familiar taste of his lover. One of Lyall's hands tangled into Ryder's hair, while his other travelled over Ryder's chest.

As his lover's fingers found one of Ryder's bare nipples, a thumb teased it, and he moaned encouragingly. He gave a throaty groan as Lyall's mouth began to meander down his highly aroused body. Starting at his neck, Lyall suckled and nipped downwards and then to the junction of Ryder's shoulder and neck where he nipped hard enough to leave a small red mark.

Ryder's hands weren't still, exploring the smooth, contoured strength of Lyall's musculature, caressing his lover's back and trying to pull the bigger man more solidly against him. Lyall's lips and hands moved over Ryder's chest, lavishing each of his nipples with sucking kisses. Ryder felt them pebble as Lyall's teeth pulled each into his mouth to suckle. Ryder gasped encouragingly and arched upwards, his hands running through Lyall's long, dark hair.

Writhing as Lyall continued his descent downwards Ryder felt a warm tongue dip into the hollow of his navel. As he kissed and nipped, Lyall's hand began to stroke Ryder's leg, slowly moving up to his thigh. Ryder unconsciously moved his legs open wider, allowing Lyall further access to intimate flesh. He watched rapt at the look of raw desire that glinted in his lover's eyes, the look alone threatened to consume him.

Ryder reached to pull Lyall against him, feeling another hot rush of arousal at the sensation of skin meeting skin. Their groins were in full contact and the two men ground shamelessly against each other. The friction grew hotter as their breath came in short, warm pants against one another's skin.

"You feel wonderful, babe" Lyall said, his voice low and husky. "I wanted this for so long."

Lyall was unable to reply due to the hungry tongue that possessed his mouth as he was kissed hard. Ryder's hands were on Lyall's tight, toned buttocks and he heard a soft sound from his lover as his fingers trailed down the crevice between the muscular mounds.

He gave a whine of disappointment as Lyall moved, that became a low moan as his lover's strong, capable hands spread his legs further apart and Lyall kissed the creases of Ryder's thighs. As he nibbled at the vulnerable flesh, Lyall's fingers brushed against Ryder's sac and Ryder arched again as his balls were expertly rolled and squeezed.

Tossing his head back and forth, Ryder muttered incoherent half-words as he ached with pleasure from Lyall's teasing. He could feel the beads of sweat gather along his brow and over his chest. As he glanced down his body to watch Lyall licking at his inner thighs, the droplets glistened from the light of the lamp. It seemed as if his whole body was ready, just waiting for Lyall's final touch to release him.

Slowly, the dark head lowered to Ryder's eagerly waiting shaft and he whimpered as his lover's tongue darted out to lick at it. His hips thrust upwards, needing more. In response Lyall licked at the red, engorged head, lapping the pre ejaculate. The sounds of pleasure that reached his ears told Ryder that his lover was savouring the taste.

As the process was repeated from inner thigh, up the solid flesh and to the head once more, Ryder moaned helplessly. He had one had clutching the towel underneath him while the other ran through Lyall's dark hair, trying to hold him lightly instead of grabbing and thrusting as his body ached to do. He gave a cry of his lover's name as Lyall took him in one swift, sure movement into the warm haven of his mate's mouth.

Slowly, using his tongue and cheeks in a way that always drove Ryder to the brink of sweet insanity, Lyall brought him to the edge over and over. Ryder bucked and groaned, his head rolling from side to side, as Lyall continued the erotic torture. When Ryder was finally teetering helplessly on the brink of the abyss, Lyall sent him spiralling over by pressing the tip of his finger into Ryder's defenceless opening.

As his climax hit, Ryder shook and quivered, sending his hot, salty semen deep into his lover's mouth. He was dimly aware of Lyall sucking insistently, swallowing greedily, and holding him in place. His lover worked his flesh until Ryder had nothing left, and he slowly came back to his senses.

"Oh, Lyall, that was incredible," Ryder murmured as his lover nuzzled against his damp skin.

As Lyall leaned over him to kiss softly, Ryder he could see pleasure and satisfaction reflected in Lyall's eyes.

"Look at what I found," Ryder whispered and gave a teasing smile as his hand closed around his lover's hard column of flesh, eliciting a groan from Lyall. "I want your body inside mine," he whispered huskily.

"Oh, yeah," Lyall said, his voice low and husky.

Ryder relinquished his prize and waited as Lyall pulled out a small tube of lube. Ryder took it, squeezing a suitable amount into his palms. He rubbed his hands together to warm it slightly and took hold of Lyall's erection. He gently coated the throbbing member, eliciting another soft groan from his mate.

Lyall signalled his readiness by taking back the tube and beginning to stretch Ryder. With a soft sound of encouragement, Ryder spread himself wide as one digit worked its way into his tight channel. Lyall spent a moment stretching and manipulating before a second and third finger joined in the task. It seemed to Ryder that despite his lover's leaking, rigid erection, Lyall was in no hurry, working Ryder with a slow and steady rhythm. Ryder caught the knowing smile from his lover as his previously spent member started to refill.

"I want to look into your eyes," Ryder said as Lyall's fingers eased from his body.

For a few seconds, Ryder's desire-darkened cerulean eyes gazed into Lyall's mocha depths, before their mouth met and mated once more. Then Lyall moved between Ryder's spread legs and aligned himself with the prepared opening, Ryder wrapped his legs around his lover's waist. He could feel the tip of Lyall's sex resting against his entrance and they smiled at one another as Lyall moved forward, penetrating Ryder.

A shared sound of pleasure rose into the cool air, heating it with the love the men shared. Each of them feeling both possessor and possessed. They remained motionless for a few seconds as Lyall became fully immersed in Ryder's body. Then they began to move, slowly, in unison. Gradually, everything else seemed to melt away as they became lost in the scent, sound, sight and sensation of one another. Their world narrowing to the fragile point where two became one.

Lyall's hips began to inexorably speed up, and Ryder kept pace, raising his hips in perfect counterpoint, never missing a beat. Although his lover's hands could do nothing except brace Lyall's body as he thrust, Ryder's hands caressed and stroked every piece of skin he could reach. He heard Lyall groan through the sound of blood pounding in his ears as his nails dug into his lover's back.

"Close, close, close."

Ryder couldn't be sure if he heard, or was chanting, the mantra. His head arched as Lyall reached between them and grasped Ryder's fully resurgent shaft, pumping to a rhythm that mimicked his hips' thrusting. Lyall was merciless, single-mindedly thrusting and ramming against Ryder's sweet spot. It was a tactic guaranteed to send Ryder spiralling out of control.

Ryder felt his body tense, his breath coming in short, wet, open-mouthed pants. A strike to his prostrate coincided with Lyall's thumb flicking over the sensitised head of his cock. Ryder shouted his lover's name as he was sent over the edge, hurtling to a crowning peak of pleasure. His body was racked with wave after wave of pleasure as he heard his own name shouted and his body was filled with his lover's seed.

As Ryder's legs fell bonelessly from around Lyall's waist, Ryder welcomed the weight of his lover as the older man settled on top of him. Each man petted the other as they came down from their shared high. Ryder smiled as a drop of sweat that had meandered from his temple to his cheek was licked away before Lyall buried his face in the junction of Ryder's neck and shoulder.

They lay together for a few moments, simply basking in their sated afterglow. Ryder heard Lyall's murmur of loss as he felt his lover's shrunken shaft slide from his body. He carded his hand through Lyall's long hair, enjoying the silky feel.

"I love you," he whispered, his voice suddenly loud in the silence that had descended following their love making.

"I love you, babe," Lyall replied. "Let's get you cleaned up."

Ryder smiled as Lyall eased up onto his knees and retrieved the baby-wipes. He gave a soft sigh as Lyall cleaned him, a towel following the wipe over his body. Tossing them into a bag, Lyall sealed it before turning off the lamp.

They were quickly comfortable in Ryder's favourite position; Lyall's left arm was underneath him, like a pillow, his lover's right arm was tight around his waist and the bigger man was spooned tightly up against Ryder's back.

At some point in the night Ryder was vaguely aware Lyall was awake.

"'What is it?" he muttered drowsily, not fully waking.

"Nothing, babe, just something snuffling round the camp. Go back to sleep."

Lyall's words were accompanied by his lover pressing his nose against Ryder's neck and licking him softly. Ryder was deeply asleep in seconds.


The day dawned as bright and warm as the last and Ryder was delighted. Everything was on track to reach the lake and get some fantastic photography. They broke camp quickly after breakfast and headed off as soon as everything was packed.

It was getting into the afternoon when Ryder stopped and looked around.

"I'd like to get some shots around here," he said enthusiastically as his lover raised his eyes heavenwards. Ryder grinned. He could get completely involved in his photography and Lyall knew it, too. He watched as the brunet looked around as if gauging how safe Ryder would be on his own.

"Okay, fine," Lyall finally said. "I know the drill. You won't want me around as I'll just distract you. Keep your cellphone handy. I'll either be upriver about 15 minutes walk away, to give you your space, or in the forest, but I'll come straight back if you need me. I might be lucky and get rabbit as well as fish for dinner."

"Can I have you for dessert?" Ryder asked, letting his voice take on the breathy sound he knew drove Lyall crazy.

"I'll have you," Lyall said emphatically. "And I'll want seconds," he added as he pulled Ryder into his arms.

With a sigh Ryder pressed as close to Lyall's body as he could. He regretted that he couldn't keep his lover close when taking photographs, but they'd tried it and he hardly took any shots at all. The sexually-charged presence of the older man was always too much for him to be able to put his whole focus on his shots. However, the love-making that ensued afterwards more than made up for any absences his photography enforced upon them.

As they parted, they both checked their watches. Ryder absent-mindedly screwed up his nose as he estimated how much time he would have to take full advantage of the light.

"The light will be best over the next two hours," Ryder said.

"I'll be back before then," Lyall promised. "Love you, babe," he added, kissing Ryder.

"Love you, too," Ryder vowed.


The time was flying, already a good chunk of the two hours Ryder had estimated for his light had gone and so the conditions were becoming more difficult for his shots. However, he was determined to finish. There was one last shot he wanted to get. On his knees, leaning over a rock, he balanced his camera carefully. He zoomed in for his close-up, a perfect shot of a droplet of water hanging from a bare twig.

Just as the shutter clicked, Ryder gave a shout of shock and dropped the camera as he felt two hands around his waist and a body press up close behind him, an unmistakeable erection grinding against his buttocks. His reaction was enough for him to dislodge his assailant and for them both to tumble to the ground. Ryder instantly scrabbled to get onto his hands and knees.

It wasn't Lyall as he had first thought. Instead, he faced a complete stranger. An older man, with a weather-beaten face and a mass of washed-out brown and gray hair was slowly standing, his green eyes staring hungrily at Ryder. He wore faded and dirty jeans and a red plaid shirt topped a jerkin made from some kind of fur pelt. Ryder felt the hair at the back of his neck rise instantly.

"What the hell do you think you're playing at?" he demanded angrily. It didn't matter that as he stood, too, he could see the other man was taller and bulkier. Adrenaline was shooting through his veins and he was furious to have been caught so easily.

"Pretty little things like you shouldn't be out on their own," the stranger said in a laconic drawl. "Never know who or what might be out there. Watching, and waiting."

"Good job he isn't on his own then, isn't it?"

A wave of relief swept through Ryder at Lyall's appearance. He looked between the two men. If they had been bucks, he was sure they'd already be butting each other. Instead he could see the two men sizing one another up. Lyall was a little less tall and broad, but Ryder had no doubts his lover could handle the stranger.

"If he was mine, I wouldn't be leaving him alone, vulnerable," the stranger said.

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