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Under the Mistle-Toe


Authors note: Welcome to my winter contest story! Before you read on, a couple of disclaimers. For those familiar with my work, this story is very different for me, no BDSM or family affairs, just some good clean foot play. Now on that note, don't let the fetish aspects put you off, there is some good old fashioned fucking going on here as well. My second disclaimer is that for those unfamiliar with me, I take my time and try to build things up, if you're looking for a good quick stroke story this may not be for you. And now if you'll indulge me I would like to dedicate this story to the woman who has the sexiest feet I have ever had the privilege of worshipping, my lovely wife Gina. Having said that, I hope you enjoy the story. Lovecraft68


I walked down the corridor to my bedroom wondering what Sandra had in store for me. I had been sitting on the couch watching the news when she'd popped into the living room and told me to meet her in the bedroom in fifteen minutes. Lately things had not been going so well for us, and our sex life had been suffering because of it, so I certainly was not going to argue. Just the thought of her lying in the bed, and knowing I was going to get some, had me hard before I even turned the doorknob.

When I entered the room I was not disappointed. There were candles lit and Sandra was lying on the bed, wearing just a pair of skimpy red panties. Her long black hair was fanned out around her, and her olive skin appeared to be glowing in the candle light. My eyes immediately focused on her large round tits with their gorgeous rose colored nipples.

"I have an early Christmas present for you Jake." She whispered, beckoning me with her finger.

"I can see that." I said, approaching the foot of the bed.

"No, you can't." She smiled. "Well you can't see the best part yet."

"There's more?" I asked, as I stripped my shirt off.

"Hmm-mmm" She purred as she stretched on the bed.

Her tits pushed out even further and I started to crawl up onto the bed eager to suck on them.

"Hey," Sandra said. "Hold on, don't you want your gift?"

"I'm trying to get it." I laughed.

"It's right there under the sheet, Jake." She pointing at the bottom of the bed. "Go ahead and unwrap it."

I looked down to see that her legs from the knees down were still covered with the sheet. What could be under... Yes! I thought and could feel my cock stiffen even more.

My excitement must have shown on my face, as Sandra smiled and nodded.

"That's right honey, I promised you I would let you, so go ahead, they're all yours."

Feeling like an excited kid, I yanked the sheet back.

"Oh goddamn," I whispered.

Sandra was wearing a pair of black stiletto heels that had a series of straps crisscrossing across the top of her feet. The straps wound around her ankle and all the way up to her knees. Sandra's toes were painted a bright pink and she was wearing silver rings on her toes. As I stood there all but drooling, she raised her leg and put the heel of her foot against my chest.

"Well?" She asked smiling. "What are you waiting for honey? Show me how much you like your gift."

Grabbing her ankle, I lifted her foot to my face, and eagerly slipped my tongue out between her toes.

"Ooooh" Sandra moaned. "Oh, Jake that does feel nice!"

I swirled my tongue around between her toes, then started sliding it between the others, before taking her big toe into my mouth and sucking on it. The entire time I was enjoying her toes Sandra was cooing and purring. My cock was hard as a rock and I was only just beginning! Oh, how I was going to take my time! Reaching up, I unwound the strap from her leg, and slipping the shoe off began to kiss and lick the side of her foot.

"Oh, honey!" She exclaimed. "You were right! This is so nice; I'm going to let you do this every night!"

As excited as that made me, it was nothing compared to her next words.

"Take your cock out and rub it on my foot Jake."

Placing her foot on my shoulder, I all but ripped my pants down. My cock sprang free and to my delight Sandra immediately took her foot and started rubbing the heel of the shoe along my cock. Grabbing her ankle I brought her foot to my lips and sucked her toes into my mouth while I watched her shoe slide along my cock. Pulling her foot away, Sandra bent her leg, and unlacing the shoe slipped that one off as well. She pulled her foot from my mouth, and lowering it to the bed placed it alongside the other one.

"Now go ahead and fuck my feet Jake." She said wiggling her toes at me. "Go ahead and blow a nice big load all over them!"

Reaching down I grabbed her ankles, lifted her legs and slid my cock between her...

The sound of the phone ringing near my head caused me to jerk awake so violently I felt myself falling backwards. I grabbed the edge of the desk to stop myself, then slumped back into it, my heart pounding. The phone rang again, and cursing I reached for it. When I brought it to my ear all I heard was a dial tone.

"Fuck," I muttered, slamming it down.

I put my elbows on the desk and resting my chin in my hands, tried to blink the sleep from my eyes. Between my legs, my cock was telling me that it had been rudely interrupted as well, and I shifted in my seat, taking some of the pressure off of aching flesh. I sighed and glancing at the caller ID on the phone saw that it had been Sandra that had called. Probably wanting to know when I was going to drop off my set of the keys to her car. I shook my head found myself grinning humorlessly. I'd always heard the expression that someone could fuck up a wet dream, and Sandra could even somehow manage to do that. She couldn't even let me have her feet in my dream. Oh well, at least I'd gotten a little nap in. I hadn't slept worth a damn in the last few days.

I stared at the computer on my desk and tried to focus on the spreadsheet in front of me, but it was a losing battle. Besides the fact I was exhausted, it was also two days before Christmas, and the company was going to be closed for the next week which meant I'd been scrambling to get all the yearend numbers done. Between that and my recent bad news, my mind was fried and I could barely see the numbers on the computer in front of me. Outside my office I could hear Sheila laughing and chatting away with several of the other employees. The entire day had been like that, people laughing; bullshitting and getting little, if any work done. Not that they would get in any trouble, with both the President and vice president away, I was in charge and wasn't about to ruin anyone's holiday cheer.

It was like this every year. Well this year was a bit different. Any other year I would be out there goofing off with them. I'd blast the Christmas Carols, clown around, and then head off with the others to Billy's Tavern for the company's annual 'unofficial' Christmas party. I usually took a cab to work, because I would inevitably get as shit faced as everyone else. Unlike the formal and ultimately stiff 'real' company party, we had a blast at Billy's. The bar had a dance floor and once everyone had a few we'd all get out there.

At some point a couple of the girls would bring out the mistletoe, and despite the fact that I was seeing someone I would still sneak a couple of harmless kisses from a few of the office cuties. Well mostly harmless kisses. Admittedly the one I shared with Charlotte last year seemed to have more behind it then it should have. Just like the one the year before did. The difference last year was that I was smart enough not to bring Sandra.

Sandra was jealous of Charlotte under normal circumstances, claiming we were a little 'too close'. So seeing her kiss me a couple of years ago had not gone over well. In fact even though I went alone last year, I still heard about it. Sandra knew I had gone and had asked me how many times I kissed my 'precious little Charlie' as she called her. Hindsight being twenty twenty, I would have been better off bringing her. At least that way she could have seen that I only kissed her once. Then again, if Sandra had been there, I would not have enjoyed several dances with Charlotte.

On the plus side I sure as hell wouldn't have to worry about Sandra this year. The down side was that was because three nights ago she had taken me out to dinner to tell me she was leaving me. This had come as a surprise. Granted things had seemed a bit stale between us for the last several months, especially in bed, but I hadn't thought things were that bad. In fact a couple of weeks ago we had talked about going away for the week of Christmas and spending some time rekindling the old flame.

Apparently Sandra had found someone else to light her fire. The day after she broke up with me, I'd found myself to upset to work and left early. Sandra had mentioned that she would be moving her stuff so I wasn't too surprised to see her in the parlor amongst a pile of boxes. What was surprising was the tall blond guy who just happened to be kissing her when I walked in. The guy had immediately stepped away from her and started stuttering something. Gathering what little dignity I had left, I told him, "Hey screw it, it takes two, and she's your problem now."

Sandra asked him to leave us alone for a minute. After nodding nervously he grabbed a large box from the floor and walked past me, cringing as if he expected to get hit. Sandra started trying to say that the guy was an old friend and was comforting her while helping her move. I rolled my eyes and told her that now I knew why she never seemed to be in the mood anymore. Not wanting to give her the benefit of seeing how hurt I was I told her I was going to go to the bar for awhile and leave her keys on the table. Self righteous to the end, Sarah shook her head at me and said,

"Yeah go ahead Jake, tell me you haven't been fucking Charlie."

I started to tell her to cut the shit, but smirking she added, "Bet she lets you play with her feet doesn't she?" Shaking her head she walked past me muttering, "At least George isn't a pervert."

The sound of Sheila's voice over the intercom startled me out of my thoughts.

"Mr. Williams?"

"Yes, Sheila?"

"Fed ex just dropped something off for you, would you like me to bring it in?"

That was odd, I wasn't expecting anything. In fact things had been slow around the office in general due to the holidays.

"Yeah sure, bring it on in." I told her. Maybe my brother Joe from Colorado had sent me something here instead of my condo.

The door opened and Sheila came in carrying a small box. As she walked over to my desk I took a moment to check her out. Sheila was young, around twenty five, with long blonde hair, that for the holiday had a red ribbon tied into it. She was a little on the curvy side, with a set of tits that always appeared to be ready to fall out of whatever low cut blouse she was wearing. My eyes skimmed over those breasts, lingering just long enough to get a glimpse of the red lace bra she was wearing.

As always however, my eyes worked their way south, going past the flare of her hips and making their way down her thick, but shapely legs. Still moving downwards, my gaze reached their final destination, and my favorite part of the female anatomy; her feet. For someone with as heavy of a foot fetish as I have, winter is a disappointing time of year. During the summer everywhere I looked there were exposed feet encased in sexy sandals and adorned with bright nail polish, anklets and my one of my personal favorites, toe rings.

Winter however, meant sensible shoes and boots. Although there was something to be said for a sexy pair of knee high boots, such as the ones Sheila was wearing right now, nothing topped the site of bare, or close to bare feet. That was the advantage of a foot fetish; I could quite casually stare at a woman's feet for as long as I wanted without attracting any undue attention. Most guys would get caught staring at a woman's tits or her ass, but I was able to get away with indulging my fantasies unobserved.

By the same token, that was what made a foot fetish so frustrating. You could see what you so desperately wanted. It was one thing to look at tits through a shirt because you could only see so much, same with checking out a nice ass. But feet, they were right out in the open, leaving me as much time as I wanted to envision sucking and licking those pretty little toes, or better yet, sliding my hard cock between a pair of soft pedicured feet. I couldn't count the times that after staring long enough I would have to cross my legs or change positions so the swelling of my cock wouldn't be so obvious.

I suppose it wouldn't be so frustrating if I could indulge my fetish, but since I had stumbled upon my desire for feet, I had yet to explore those fantasies. I hadn't discovered this desire until a couple of years ago and it had been by accident. I had been home one night watching some porn on the computer; it was a typical video of a hot young thing fucking some lucky guy. In the middle of it, he dropped to his knees and began sucking on her toes. I hadn't seen this before, but within seconds my cock was standing at full attention. I normally watched porn and then would masturbate later in bed, but after a couple of minutes of watching this, I unzipped and released my throbbing prick right at the computer.

The video got better. After sucking and licking her feet, the guy sat back and wrapping her feet around his huge dick, she started pumping them, jerking him off. I stared fixated at her bright pink toe nails and soft slick flesh as they slid along the length of his cock. The guy started gasping, grabbed her ankles and started thrusting his cock between her feet, fucking them. I was pounding my cock furiously and as he blew his huge load all over her perfect little feet, my own cum spurted out harder than I could ever remember.

After the video ended and I had cleaned up the mess I had made all over myself, I immediately typed foot jobs into the sites search box and spent the next several hours glued to the computer. I came twice more and still went to bed horny. I wasn't seeing anyone at the time and with my only release being self pleasure, I found I couldn't wait to get home and watch more of these amazing videos. Matter of fact, it got so bad a couple of times I didn't wait until I got home. Telling Sheila I was not to be disturbed and locking my door, I would watch a few minutes of a video and cum right at my desk.

Speaking of Shelia, I looked up to see her put the package on my desk. I went to reach for it, but stopped as she leaned over, giving me a good look down her dress.

"We really missed you out there today Mr. Williams" she said, looking down at me.

"Yeah, well I needed to get some things done and," I shrugged, knowing full well the entire office had heard that Sandra had dumped me mainly thanks to her dropping my keys off to Sheila. "Well you know..." I trailed off too disgusted to try to make anything up.

"Well I hope you're going to come with us to Billy's."

"We'll see."

"Oh come on!" Sheila exclaimed. "You have to come! It won't be the same without you."

I sighed. "I don't know Sheila, maybe I'll stop by."

"Trust me, a few drinks and a good time is exactly what you need." Sheila gave me a huge smile, and deliberately I'm sure, leaned further over the desk affording me an even better view of her ample chest. "And I bet you'll have a great time."

I bit back the question of whether or not she would be willing to be said good time. I wouldn't necessarily say that Sheila was the office slut, but she had been known to spread her share of cheer, and not just around the holidays. I admit that in the four years she had worked for me I had been tempted, after all she was ten years younger than me, pretty, and gave me the impression she would be more than happy to let me suck on her toes and anything else I wanted. Unlike some of my less discriminating co-workers however, I made it a point not to shit where I ate. Hell if I was going to screw around with someone at work then me and Charlotte would have...

I stopped that train of thought. It was a frustrating enough time for me I didn't need to add to it.

"So what do you say?" Sheila asked, reminding me that she was still there expecting an answer.

"I'm sure I would, but..."

"There's going to be some people from some of the other offices in the building there too." She pressed. "I'm sure a good looking guy like you could, you know," She winked. "Make a new friend."

I rolled my eyes at her, but did feel good about what she'd said. It made me feel better to think she wasn't so much hitting on me as much as she just wanted to see me have some fun. It didn't hurt to hear her refer to me as good-looking either, even though it was just ego stroke.

"Look Sheila, I appreciate you worrying about me, but I'll be okay."

She frowned, and with a resigned sigh, nodded.

"Okay, well we'll miss you."

As she spoke she came around to my side of the desk.

"Merry Christmas Mr. Williams"

Leaning over she gave me a brief hug and a kiss on the cheek. As I hugged her back I could feel the pressure of her large tits against my chest. They felt damn good and served to remind me that I hadn't gotten laid in over a month. Sheila pulled away, and after walking back around the desk said, "Hope you change your mind."

"Doubt it, but thank you anyway." I told her.

Watching her walk towards the door I noticed the knee high black boots she was wearing were laced up the back. I felt my cock twitch at the thought of unlacing them, then sliding them off to expose Sheila's slightly pudgy, but adorable little toes. Jake, you are sick. Most guys watching her walk away would be thinking about her big tits and well rounded ass, and here I was getting hard thinking about sliding my tongue between her toes.

As Sheila reached the door, I had the insane urge to call her back. The office was closing, I could ask her to stay with me, have a couple of drinks from the small bar in my office and then.... What? Ask her if I could suck on her feet? Odds are she'd say yes, and what would be so bad about it? I was willing to wager she would be more fun than Sandra, but then again my right hand been more fun than her the last couple of months. I watched Sheila close the door behind her, and nodded, agreeing with myself that not getting involved with someone at work was the right decision.

Besides Sheila and I had nothing in common. Those thoughts were based on my being upset and more than a little horny. Looking to get my mind off of sex, I reached out and picked up the package on my desk. It was from Amazon and I frowned, trying to remember what I had bought. Using a letter opener to cut it open I looked inside to find a red shoebox. The box contained one of Sandra's Christmas presents. When I had ordered the shoes a month ago, I had been very excited seeing they were as much a gift for me as they were for her. I stared at the box, telling myself to put it down; opening it would only make things worse. I sat there tapping it, then with a resigned sigh, lifted the lid and removed one of the shoes.

"Oh Goddamn." I whispered.

I was holding a red sandal with a four-inch heel. There were three straps on each side that attached to a series of silver loops that ran up the middle of the shoe. The straps consisted of red ribbon that was long enough to be able to wrap around the leg to just below the knee, where in the catalog it had been tied in a bow. I stared at the shoe and shook my head. This was salt in the wounds, no doubt about it.

Sandra had been the first woman I'd gotten serious with after I had discovered my fetish, but to my chagrin had no interest in letting me explore it. She thought it was childish and more than a little weird. It was quite frustrating that she felt that way because Sandra had absolutely perfect feet. She went for weekly pedicures, always had her toes painted, and in the summer usually wore silver rings on the middle toe of each foot.

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