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Under The Tree


It had been a long week. The usual stuff, too much to do and not enough time to do it. I was waiting for word on a new job, and although I thought I had it, I hadn't received the offer yet. I was glad it was Friday and I couldn't wait to get home and relax. Besides, Monday was Christmas and I still had some wrapping to do before the big day arrived.

The ride home from Boston was long and it was well past dark by the time I arrived. I eagerly walked up the steps, put the key in the lock, unlocked the door and opened it. I walked in and knew at once that something was up. The house was dark, no lights shining except for a soft glow coming from the living room. I could see the twinkling of the lights on the Christmas tree, the electric candles in the windows. Looking around I walked towards the living room, towards the only lights shining in the house.

All in all it was a pleasant surprise. Walking over the threshold I looked over by the tree and there she was, a Christmas vision. She smiled a greeting, a smoldering look in her eyes as she walked towards me. My eyes quickly took in the long red hat, a white pompom draped over her shoulder, her long brown hair cascading over her shoulders. The white trimmed suite was held closed by a soft suede black belt, her full breasts threatening to spill out the top. The suite hugged her slim waist, flaring out at the curve of her hips, falling just short of the top of a pair of white stockings held in place by a red garter belt. My eyes slowly followed the luscious curves of her legs all the way down to the red heels completing the outfit.

"Santa left a special gift for you under the tree," she informed me as she wrapped her arms around my neck. Her lips pressed against mine in a passionate kiss as she pressed her body to me... her hips grinding against me, fueling a slow burning fire to a raging inferno.

With my hands around her waist, my lips parted slightly letting her tongue force it's way into my mouth, exploring and teasing. As my hands settled on the firm cheeks of her ass, squeezing and molding them through the soft satin of her suit, her lips left mine. Smiling, she added "And the hospital called... YOU GO THE JOB!!" Squirming against me in excitement she locks her lips on mine, out tongues dueling sexily as she pushes me back toward the couch and down into a sitting position. She quickly straddles me, kneeling on the couch as my hands slowly caress her silk clad thighs, my eyes watching hers as her hands quickly undo my tie, pulling it off my neck. Her fingers fumble briefly with my top button before she squeals in frustration and suddenly rip my shirt open, buttons flying in every direction. With another quick tug she finishes the job. "We can buy you a new one,” she says, her lips once again on mine... her mouth eagerly sucking my tongue as my hands grab her ass cheeks and spread them, running a finger slowly along the crack of her ass. I can feel her shiver with pleasure as my finger lightly caresses the crack.

With her hands behind my head, pressing our lips together... our tongues exploring each other's mouths... my hands move from the firmness of her ass, across her hips and up to her breasts. Cupping her covered breasts in my hands, my thumbs tease a moan from her throat as they roll her nipples… erect, rubbery buttons… through the soft fabric. Her hips grind down in my lap against my hardness, her lips leave mine as a soft moan escapes her as I firmly pinch her nipples between forefinger and thumb. I roll the nipples as I pull them, her head going back as a soft "Ye-e-s-ss" escapes her lips. Quickly moving my hands to her back, I bury my face in the valley of her breasts, my lips kissing... my tongue licking... my teeth gently nibbling her hot flesh, exploring the firm sensual curve of her breast.

Leaning back against my hands, her breath coming in gasps, her hands briefly leave the back of my head to open her outfit exposing her soft, firm breasts. My lips eagerly capture an erect nipple, sucking as her hands, once again behind my head, pull my face to her breast. Slowly, sensuously, my tongue alternately swirls around her nipple, caressing the hot skin, and firmly flicks, quickly and teasingly, over her erect nipple. My head moves from side to side, alternating to and from each breast, as soft moans and exclamations of "YES!" come from her lips.

Slowly, I begin to kiss my way down... down between the valley of her breasts, leaving a glistening trail. My lips lightly touching her skin like the soft, gentle touch of a feather. Up and under her breast, my tongue caressing the underside while my hands moved down her back to cup the cheeks of her ass. As my kisses slowly work their way done, over her belly towards the inward curve of her navel, my hands push up on her ass... moving her from a sitting position to a kneeling position. Her hips continued their slow, sometimes jerky, sensuous dance... grinding against my chest as my lips caress the softness of her belly and my hands move along the inside of each thigh, moving slowly across the top of her stockings along the hot skin of her thigh... then slowly down, caressing her inner thigh, the thin fabric of her stockings sending little jolts through my fingertips.

First one leg moves and she places her foot on the floor as my tongue slowly circles her navel, the other foot goes to the floor as my tongue suddenly plunges into her navel, exploring. My kisses continue as I slide off the couch and onto the floor, my hands on her ass... her thighs... pulling her body to me... my lips exploring the swell of her hips, the hollow at the top of her thigh... her hands on my head trying to pull me to her. My tongue darts out, caressing her inner thigh and I feel her hips jerk forward in response, her hands pulling my head. Slowly, resisting her urgings, my lips explore her thighs... my tongue darting out wetly, teasing... first one thigh, then the other. "Please," she begs, her hands trying to pull my lips to the wetness between her thighs, my tongue eagerly licking her juices dripping down her thighs.

Suddenly, I give in and let her pull me to her nether region. Without warning my tongue plunges into her wet tunnel, my lips sucking in the sweetness of her juices. A cry escapes her lips and her knees almost buckle under the intensity of my attack on the center of her sexuality. Her hips, seemingly of the own volition, bump and grind, my hands on her ass cheeks and her hands on my head keeping my face buried in the paradise between her thighs. As my tongue continues it's work, flicking across her erect clit and then plunging into her wet hole, I hear her soft cries of excitement and purring words of pleasure and lust urging me on. My head rocks up and down, side to side, against the spasming motion of her bucking and gyrating hips, my lips and tongue feeding her fire... the passion building as her orgasm draws near.

Sensing her impending orgasm my tongue and lips work faster, licking and sucking her clit... I hear her gasp "NO!", and her hips pull away from me as she steps back. Raising my head I looked at her in confusion as her ass slips from my hands. I watch her lower her arms, her red outfit finally sliding off and falling to the floor. My hands reach out, sliding up and down her legs as her eyes lock with mine, with a fire burning almost out of control. "I want you in me... I want to feel you filling me," she whispers in a throaty, lust filled voice as she slowly lower herself to the floor, her legs straddling me.

Leaning forward, her lips meeting mine, I can feel her wetness against my hard cock and my hands move once again to the cheeks of her ass, thrilling to the firmness and soft skin. Her kisses are gentle and loving on my lips as her hips rock slowly forward and back, rubbing her clit against my hardness. "Mmmm..." as her tongue darts out to lick her juices from my face and then plunges deeply into my mouth as her hips drop, her pussy quickly sliding down the length of me... A gasp escapes my mouth and my hands grip her ass firmly as I fight the urge to explode right then.

Her hips move quickly, rocking back and forth... sliding up and down... her moans of pleasure muffled by our deep, passionate kiss. My tongue darts out, into her mouth... exploring... licking... tasting... and her movements, quick and erratic, slow. Her hips rise up, almost completely off my throbbing cock... her lips slowly leave mine, her mouth gently sucking on my tongue as she slowly pushed herself up. Slowly she rises to a sitting position, her hands on my chest moving slowly and softly, she slowly lowers herself, again impaling herself on my shaft.

My hands slowly slide from her ass, over her hips and up her belly to cup her breasts. Her hips move in a slow sensuous rhythm, grinding against me as my hands firmly mold and squeeze her breasts... her head slowly tilting back, her back arching and pressing her tits into my hands, her eyes closed and her long brown hair tickling the small of her back. I can feel sounds escaping my throat as my body thrills to the pleasure of feeling her over me, my fingers pinching and rolling her nipples, my hips rising up to meet hers, her hips meeting mine and moving in a slow circle before slowly rising away from mine again.

Our passion building, our control on the edge I can feel her slow smooth movements become erratic and jerky. My own orgasm building in my loins, I begin pulling one of her nipples while my other hand slowly moves to where our bodies are joined. As her hips once again slam against mine, my cock filling her hot, wet hole my thumb finds the erect button of her clit. I hear her gasp as my thumb rubs back and forth on her clit, her hips moving out of control as I push my hips up against her. I can sense her orgasm... ready to break... as her movements became quick, sharp and erratic... my own orgasm swelling in my loins... quickly I flick my thumb over her clit, the other thumb moving quickly, rolling her erect nipple.

Her hands grab my mine as a sound begins deep in her throat. Her hips rocking back and forth grinding against me... my hips pushing up against hers... heads thrashing from side to side... our bodies out of control.... my hand in her crotch pressed tight against her by her own hand. Quickly she raises her hips and looking deep into my eyes she slams herself down on me one final time. The feeling of her warmth enveloping me triggers my orgasm and I explode deep within her. I hear a scream fill the air, and her body stiffens against mine... my body jerks and twitches as wave after wave of pleasure washes over us... my hips slamming against hers, the walls of her pussy twitching... grabbing... squeezing me. Her body is stiff with orgasm, only her hips moving erratically, pressing against me as if trying to make our bodies one.

One final thrust buries me deep within her, my hands move to her ass, pulling her down on me. The waves of pleasure slowly begin to recede... her breathing slowly deepens, becoming calm, her lips find mine and my hands move from ass to the small of her back, holding her close in a loving embrace. Our hearts slowly calm, the twitching in her hot, moist tunnel slowly recedes as her body relaxes on top of mine. Her thighs move, rubbing slowly against mine in a slow, easy caress. I can still feel the silkiness of her stockings as they caress me and our kiss becomes less heated, less passionate... more tender... loving.

"Merry Christmas," she whispers in my ear

"Merry Christmas Lover. I can't wait for News Years."

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