tagNovels and NovellasUndercover Ch. 14

Undercover Ch. 14

byAda Stuart©

If Warren only knew what he was planning he would not have given him the address, Cade chuckled to himself as he rang the doorbell of Erin's apartment.

"Who is it?" he heard her ask from the other side.

"Someone who wants to apologize," he replied sweetly and held up the bouquet of red roses he had just bought. He heard the door chain being removed and the door unlocked and revealed a mildly surprised Erin staring at him.

"What is this?"

"Flowers for the beautiful," Cade answered sweetly as he gave her the flowers. "I sincerely hope you can forgive me the brutish behaviour and maybe join me for dinner?" He held up the Indian take-away he had brought along.

"What on earth? Have you hit your head or something, Cade? You don't seem to be quite yourself."

"Ah well, I had a chat with Warren and he gave a few words of advice about how to court a woman properly," he replied sheepishly.

"Always the gentleman, Warren is. And what else did he tell you about proper behaviour?" Erin asked humorously as she studied the sheepish expression in Cade's face.

"A lot of things, and very useful too, I hope." He reached for her hand and held it to his mouth as he kissed her skin lightly. "He told me a woman liked to be worshipped and invited to fine dinners with good wines." He pointed at the bag right next to him. "That's why I brought white wine to go with the Tandoori, of course."

"Oh?" Erin replied while staring at Cade as still in shock by his complete turnaround.

"May I come in?"

"Sure, why not. As long as you behave, I might take the chance."

"Of course I'll behave. Warren taught me that dinner only included good food and intellectual conversation. And no sex before date number 15. Or was it 25? He's old school after all."

"Poor Warren. I must have cost him a fortune to court Emma, then," Erin laughed as she went to put the flowers in water.

Cade opened the wine bottle and poured them both a glass. "Here you go," he said and gave her a glass.

"Mm, smells good," she said and took a sip. "Very nice. What is it?"

"French. Borgogne district. The best there is. If you would join me we could spend the honeymoon there."

"Didn't Warren say anything about being too forward, Cade?" Erin said laughingly.

"Nope, he must have forgotten. All right, you can pick the destination then. Only make sure the beds are soft and the food is good."

"Stuff some food into that mouth, will you?"

"Okay. I found out you liked Indian so I brought some Tandoori."

"My favourite. Who told you?"

"A little bird called Stella."

"That traitor. What else did she tell you?"

"Nothing important," he replied while laying out the food.

"Tell me!"

"She only described what she would do to a certain part of me if I hurt you. Nothing worth mentioning," Cade shuddered visibly.

"Ah, so that's why you've located some manners, is that it? Afraid that poor little Stella will castrate you?"

"She was quite persuasive, let me tell you. Now, dig in."

She did and they both enjoyed the meal as the conversation floated easily back and forth and covered their favourite movies and books as well as tales about their travels.


Erin laughed heartily as Cade talked about Warrens troubles at their latest hunting trip and how he had managed to fall into the ice-cold river and how it taken three men to pull him ashore again.

"Poor Warren. He's not much of an outdoors man, is he?"

"Nope, too comfortable with Emma's home-cooking, would be my guess. He's gotten soft."

"Well, I'm sure you use every opportunity to take him down a peg or two."

"That's the least I can do when he does the same for me. Warren is the only one that can make me feel like an ill-mannered school-boy in about 30 seconds time."

"I think I know what you mean," Erin smiled at him. Then she cleared her throat as in taking a break before charging into more difficult territory. "So, you have quite gotten over that prank I pulled on you earlier?"

"Which one?" Cade smiled knowingly as he noticed her face getting red.

"Uhm, well...you know which one I'm talking about."

"Yes, that one. The cockteaser prank. Actually, it's one of your best so far, but I would say the nude photos were a close second." Erin just coloured even more and seemed quite ashamed for a while.

"You didn't like the coffee-prank then?" she suddenly asked.

"Nope, you ruined the taste completely. I still haven't gotten over it. I'm still drinking instant cappuccinos ever since you started sabotaging my coffee."

"Uhm well, I did have some help in that department, you know."

"I know. Otherwise you would never have gotten anything done." He paused for a while before sitting back in his chair. "This reminds me that the score is totally in your side, by the way."

"What do you mean?"

"If I count every prank you pulled on me, compared to the one's I pulled on you, I would say you're still leading with about 20 points."


"So perhaps it's about time for me to even the score," he said and slowly bent closer to her, looking into her eyes and keeping her spellbound.

"I...," she started then gave a yelp as she heard the sound of a lock closing and the cold feeling of metal against her skin. She glanced down and noticed a pair of handcuffs dangling from her right arm. Immediately, Cade took the other end of the handcuffs and closed it over his left arm, effectively tying them together. "What are you doing?"

"Evening the score, as I said."

"But, but...?"

"Finished eating, darling?"

"Look, Cade, the Dating-for-dummies-guide doesn't say anything about chaining your dinner partner to you during dinner."

"It doesn't? I might have misunderstood something, then. I always thought it would be the dessert," Cade said sweetly.

"Well, I suggest you unlock this thing at once," she snarled at him, raising the chained right hand of hers.

"What? Can't you manage with only your left hand? I'm sure you're still able to lift your fork."

"That's not the point. Besides I've finished eating."

"Good, then we can get on to more fun stuff," Cade smiled.

"Fun? It will be absolutely thrilling to watch the cops take you away if you don't remove these handcuffs, right now."

"Now, now, darling. You won't call anyone. The only thing you'll do is stay right here with me and continue this nice evening. Besides, I don't have the keys with me."

"What? What lunatic uses handcuffs and doesn't bring the keys?"

"A lunatic that knows what he wants. The keys are at my hotel. I put them in the safe until I needed them - in a few days time."

"And what do you suggest we fill those days with if we're going to be stuck together like this?"

"Ah, I have a lot of good ideas but I'll be generous and even let you suggest a few positions if you like."

"I have an idea right now, to be exact," she snarled at him and got up. Dragging him after her, she headed toward the phone. Realising her intent, Cade stopped completely and she could not move an inch.

"Get moving!" she said icily.

"Naw. I don't like that particular idea. I'm sure a nice shower would be a far better idea."

"A shower?"

"Yes, a warm one. Or perhaps a cold one and then we can add the heat ourselves," he winked at her.

She ignored him and pretended to move back to the table, before suddenly turning and raising her knee in a quick motion and directing it at his middle, trying to kick him where it would hurt the most.

"Whoa, there," Cade shouted and instinctively blocked her kick with his leg. Before she managed to blink he advanced on her and bent down and placed his right arm behind her knees and lifted her up to his chest. She screeched as he bounced her up and let her land on her chained arm.

"Ouch," she screeched at him while sending daggers his direction.

"That was not very nice. And here I had your best in mind all along."

"Let me down this instant!" Erin said coldly. "I don't care about your dating activities right now."

"Don't worry. You will soon enjoy them very much. Where's your bedroom?"

"Bedroom?" She turned pale. Before collecting her wits and using her free arm to punch every part of him she could reach.

"So impatient," Cade laughed and moved quickly to the nearest room and dumped her on the bed. Following her down, he lay partly on top of her and raised her arms over her head.

"The only bad thing about this plan is that it limits the positions we can try."

"Use your imagination then and simply call Warren," Erin glared at him before trying to wrench herself free of him again and kicking him somewhere that was sure to hurt.

"You are a bloodthirsty wench today," Cade concluded while he struggled to restrain her.

In the end he placed his legs between hers and still held on to her arms. He smiled at her as the struggle had painted her cheeks red and she was breathing harder. She stopped struggling and at the same time, Cade lowered his swollen member directly at her pelvis and rubbed it slowly over her clit.

She froze at the same time as sexual awareness streamed through her body and her cunt starting preparing for the body that had given her countless pleasurable moments. Still, it would not do if Cade found out how easily he could arouse her. She had wanted him out of her life as quickly and as painless as possible. Especially since realising her feelings for him was far stronger than his were for her.

"Get off!" she commanded him.

"Aroused, are you? You are supposed to enjoy the heat -- not try to evade it at all costs," he smiled at her before placing his hand on top of the thin fabric that covered her warm cunt. He rubbed her slowly and the idea that he could easily feel her wetness through the clothes was making her blush profusely. He noticed both, as he smiled even broader and bent his head down to kiss her lips.

Her breath hitched just as his warm lips met hers and she opened to him immediately as pleasure merged through her entire body. She had missed this. Missed the feeling of complete abandonment and the intense pleasure of simply feeling his skin next to hers. To feel his warmth seep into her cold body and make her starve for more of his touch, more of his body. Catching herself, she remembered her resolution and stopped responding to him. He moved his lips slightly away from hers and looked at her, noticing her heavy breathing and red cheeks.

"It's okay," he said as if understanding her fight against her own body and against her own reactions to him.

"Go away," she gasped. And then the most hated word, passed through her lips before she could prevent it. "Please."

"No. Not this time. This time I'm giving us both what we want," he said and ripped open her shirt and bent down to kiss the skin he had revealed.

"What do you mean?" Erin gasped as she felt her nipples tightening in an aching need to be kissed by him. She arched her back as his tongue darted out and sneaked along the breast line of her bra. He moved a hand toward her bra, and lifted her breasts out of the bra and enveloped a nipple with his warm lips and gave it a small kiss that only made her body demand more.

"This time I'm staying until you tell me the truth. I'm going to fuck you until you start telling me exactly how you feel and stop these round plays."


"I know you want me. And I want you as well. And if you don't admit that I'm going to hang around until you do."

"Never," Erin said calmly. "You might as well give up right now. It might save us both a lot of time."

"Is that so? Well, we have plenty of time," Cade smiled as he undid her pants and started taking them off her. Erin almost panicked and tried to stop him but the only thing she managed to do was to wiggle herself out of her pants.

"Very nice," Cade smiled at her red panties. "I really like your underwear. It's so different from the grey façade you call work clothes. Still, it could always be more lacy and transparent. Uhm, yes, transparent would be very sexy," he said dreamily, and bent down and kissed her panties right at the front, before blowing his warm breath through the thin fabric and hitting her clit. She buckled and almost jumped off the bed. Instead her legs spread even more and she felt her eyes close in anticipation as her cunt moistened even more. He kissed her several times more and every time her breath hitched and the moistness increased.

"Cade?" she gasped.

"Uhm?" he answered while starting to kiss his way up her stomach toward her breasts and sucking a nipple into his mouth as he looked into her eyes.


He stopped the sucking and raised his head looking at her.

"Stop this right now. Just leave it."

"But you want it," he said while fondling her nipples between his fingers.

"No, I don't want it," Erin struggled to sound calmly, but still the sounds came out in a strangled voice.

He moved his right hand across her stomach and down beneath her panties and fondled her clit instead. She moaned as he rubbed the tiny fold in just the right manner, making her squirm while she tried not to beg him for more. He smiled as he noticed her fight and rubbed her several times more until her panties was soaked with her cunt-juice and her body was aching to be filled.

She arched her back but still she kept quiet. He bent down and suckled her left nipple again, before enveloping his lips around the tip and sucking slightly repeatedly. This time she let out a loud groan and a whimper as he continued the assault of her senses.

"What are you frightened of?" Cade asked as moved his right hand over her breasts. He still held the handcuffed hand over her head and lowered himself closer to her mouth as he looked into her eyes in order to detect even the smallest lie.

"I'm not frightened of anything," Erin finally managed to answer. Her body was warm and her moist pussy was screaming for attention. Screaming for her to give up the fight and beg him to fill her body to the rim. Even the slightest touch of her clit could probably bring her over the edge as easy as the smallest caress.

"Then why not take what is offered and enjoy the sex?" he purred.

"I can't."

"Why not?" Now he moved his head lower, slipping over her stomach and aiming straight for her warmest place and she arched her back in anticipation for his touch. His touch was so light it barely touched her skin, and she felt herself wanting to be touched completely. Not just coping with this butterfly teasing.

He skimmed his fingers over her sex lips and continued to stroke his hand down her thighs and moving his skilled hand over her warm skin, making it heat even higher. She grunted in disappointment as he easily diverted touching her clit and roamed his hand all over her hips and lower stomach.

"Just do it," Erin finally groaned in a feeling of defeat to his skill in arousing her so easily.

"Do what?"

"Just fuck me and be done with it."

"Just like that? Naw, I don't think so."

"Why not? How difficult can it be?" She moved her unchained hand down toward her clit and started to fondle herself. "You can watch if you like," she said as she noticed his stunned expression as he followed every movement she did. In a moment he had collected his wits again and he immediately went to action.

"No more of that," he groaned and collected both her hands with his cuffed one and held them above her head. "You're making me crazy," he accused. "I suggest you save that trick until the next time." He was breathing harder now, as if her taking control of her own pleasure had triggered his own arousal. She looked at his waist. He was definitely aroused, yes. She could see his pants had been stretched so wide they seemed to be close to being ripped apart.

"Looks painful," she smiled at him when she realised he had noticed her staring. He held his weight on his chained arm and lowered the other and ripped open his pants. His hard cock emerged from beneath his boxers and he gave a relieved sigh as he removed the fabric slightly to the side.

"Aren't you going to undress more than that?" Erin asked suspiciously.

"You're complaining? This is all it takes."

"If you removed the handcuffs it would be much easier to undress."

"And what would be the fun in that? Besides, we have some serious business to discuss," he said and bent down to kiss her stomach before moving slightly closer to her clit, kissing every part of her skin. She yelped by the sudden moistness gathering in her pussy again and closed her eyes to the intense pleasure. Before Cade decided to finish this she would be drained of all her bodily water and she would perspire from thirst.

Cade lifted his head slightly and the pause made her open her eyes and look at him. He had eased the grip on her arms and as he dragged the cuffed arm down to her clit, her own hand had to follow. He used his cuffed arm to slowly stroke across her clit, and she felt the heat emerge in her face and every part of her body was warming to his touch.

"It's time to tell me the truth."

"What truth?" Erin closed her eyes to the pleasure again. Immediately he stopped fondling her.

"Look at me." She opened her eyes again and he started stroking her clit again. "Why did you do all those things?"

"What things?"

"Seducing me. Tormenting me. When all you needed to do was nose around for a while, before heading home again."

"Oh that. You were too busy keeping track of all my movements, Cade. I had to come up with something to divert your attention."

"And how would fucking me make me divert my attention?"

"All right. Maybe it was not such a good plan after all, but it was the only plan I could come up with at the time."

"A plan? Are you sure that's all there was to it?" He fondled her clit slowly as he looked into her eyes.

"Yes," she blinked as her body filled with a new wave of heat and want, and she surrendered to the inevitable and arched closer to his hand as she closed her eyes again.

"Then why do you respond to my touch?" Cade asked suspiciously.

"You arouse me," she answered truthfully.

"That's not all."

Immediately he rose from the bed and quickly stripped off his clothes. Due to the handcuffs he could not remove his shirt and he ripped the sleeve and removed his shirt as well. Admiring his nude body Erin glanced all over his skin so as to familiarise herself with his body one final time. He looked just as strong and irresistible as he had the last time. She wondered if she would remember his body for the rest of her life, and she stared at him as to save every detail of his image.

He lay down on top of her again and aimed his cock directly at her pussy, slightly coating his hard cock with the juices her body so willingly bestowed on him. He pushed slowly toward her opening and she spread her legs wider to accommodate his entry and collected her ankles behind his thighs.

"Not so fast," he groaned as she tried to drag him closer to her. Her right arm lay beside her breasts as he held himself up from her. Her left arm curled around his back, stroking his warm skin and inviting him to her. She rolled her hips, trying to give him a silent invitation into her body. He just shook his head and held himself still. His cock was still slightly touching her opening and she wanted him with every part of her body. But, begging was out of the question.

"Now, tell me the truth and I will give you what you crave," Cade said temptingly.

"The truth? Okay. I want you. Take me."

"More," Cade replied. "Tell me more and I'll give you more." He pushed his cock slowly into her body, before stopping again.

"Just come inside of me," Erin pleaded.

"That's not enough. Tell me more."

"I wanted you the first time I saw you," Erin continued and moaned as she was rewarded with another inch of his cock. She spread her legs further to accommodate his entry and her body surged with the pleasure of his hard cock inside of her.

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