tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUndercover Nurse Ch. 04

Undercover Nurse Ch. 04

bydeputy duffy©

Authors note. I met a female police detective at a local convention, and we had a few drinks at the bar. Well after a few more drinks, I really just wanted to get in her pants (big surprise,) but I had to settle for this story she told me instead.

When I woke up from my nap, I had to rush to get to the nursing home. I was still reeling from the morning's events. It wasn't until I stopped to talk to a 98-year-old woman, that I finally stopped thinking about it. She told me a little about her life, and about some of the things that she had endured in her long life, well it made my problems seem unimportant, if only for a little while.

Finally, back in my room, I looked at the clock, it was 9:59 P.M. I noticed myself in the mirror. I had just come back from my nightly run.

"Was I really gunna go to the Pit?" I asked myself, wiping my brow.

I really wanted to go dressed like I was, but for some reason I didn't. I took a shower. This time alone, and put on a tight black skirt and little blue sweater, both of which I borrowed from my roommate. I spent a few minutes and did up my face, before finally slipping on my highest heels, all while cursing myself for doing so.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I instantly remembered earlier today feeling like a five-dollar whore. Well now I certainly looked like one.

After a short cab ride, I stood outside the Pit night club, just before eleven. Looking inside the smoke covered window, I saw Suzy, Amanda, and Steven sitting at a table covered with a few beers. I'm not sure if I ever would have made it through the door, but I'll never know, as I was suddenly grabbed by the arm by a large man, that was working the door, and pulled into the bar.

"Get your pretty ass in here," he hissed. "Haven't seen you here before."

"Yah I'm here to meet my friends," I mumbled, pointing to their table.

"No problem honey, just have to search for weapons first," he said, as he grabbed my little purse, which didn't surprise me considering the type of place this was. After fishing around it, he handed it back to me.

"Now just have'ta check you," he said, which did surprise me.

He simply grabbed my hands and put them on top of my head. Now I have searched a suspect or two in my life, but I don't think I had been as thorough as he was in his searching of me. Standing right there in front of everyone, he made sure he ran his hands up and down the front of my body, even circling each breast several times. My body quivered when he found each nipple. Then he ran his hands down over my back. They found there way under my skirt and he ran his hands over my naked ass, several times. He finished by pulling up the back of my skirt and giving my bare ass a good smack, which sent me on my way. Finally I made my way over to their table, my face flushed, cursing myself for wearing thong underwear.

"Hey Fran, we thought you were a no-show," Steven said.

"Yah and what was that all about?" Suzy asked as she pointed at the large man that had just searched me.

"Oh the bouncer," I managed, before being interrupted by the groups' laughter.

"Bouncer, that's just Big Al. He's a regular that hangs out at the end of the bar!" Steven cried out. My face flushed in instant embarrassment. I looked over at Big Al and was met with a wink and a blown kiss. I felt sick. I probably should have gone home right there. Lately my life seemed like one embarrassing moment after another.

After they died down, I did my best to play it cool, or to at least act cool.

Enjoy your morning run?" Amanda teased, as the three of them enjoyed another good laugh.

"Yah you guys got me good this morning, but thanks for leaving my stuff by my door," I managed, although I was still pretty pissed.

"All in good fun," Steven said with that stupid grin on his face, which made me want to smack him. Instead I got some drinks from the bartender, who went by the name Tank, and he was built like one too. Basically I tried to have some fun, although Amanda was still doing her best to have her fun with me. Poking little jokes, while Steven and Suzy kind of acted like they were on a date.

I was on my third beer when a tall balding guy, with a huge beer belly came over to the table. He began talking to Steven about a football game. Amanda suddenly grabbed me by the shoulder and whispered in my ear. "That's Frank. He's the manager. You have to help us out. We're low on cash."

I looked at Amanda puzzled.

"He's a boob man. Ask him if he wants to see your tits. He's already seen mine."

"Fuck that!" I shot back.

"Hey Frank, this is our new friend Fran," Amanda suddenly snapped.

He reached over and shook my hand, as I felt Amanda's hand clamp down my thigh.

"She's a pretty one huh? She has something to ask yah," Amanda said applying more pressure.

"Ah...where's the women's room?" I spit out.

After Frank pointed to the bathroom, I still can't believe what I said next, as I felt Amanda's hand move in between my legs. "Thanks, Ah, Amanda told me you were like a breast man, would you like to see mine some time?"

As hard as it was to say, I still had to go through with it to answer Frank's shaking head.

"No time like the present," he even mumbled.

With shaking hands, I unbuttoned my sweater. I quickly opened it up and held it open for four or five painfully long seconds, as I gave Frank and half the guys at the bar a look at my bra-less breasts. If I live to a thousand I will never forget how cheep I felt at that moment. I guess I'll never get the whole flashing thing.

"Nice, Amanda you never disappoint. Hey Tank set up my friends with beers and shots," Frank said and as I thought about it, I felt like screaming at him. "They were my tits and you thanked her!"

"It never fails," Amanda suddenly whispered, as she kissed my cheek. "Man your cheeks are so warm and red."

And that's how it started. For the rest of the night we drank and drank. I don't even think we even paid anymore. Amanda plan of show some skin, get some booze was working. One time she even went behind the bar and took off her top and poured some drinks for the lucky drunks sitting at the bar. She came back to the table with beers and shots, and also with a fist full of cash. The rest of the night quickly vanished into a haze, as I'm not a drinker, so the booze hit me hard and fast.

My next memory was of waking up and running into the bathroom and puking my guts out. I had a feeling it wasn't the first time I had visited the bowl, as the strange bathroom was vaguely familiar.

I suddenly felt a hand running through my hair. When I looked up I saw Steven. I immediately checked out my body. Amazingly I was still dressed in the same clothes I wore last night and I was thankfully still wearing my panties.

Steven held my hair out of the way, as I puked up more clear fluid. "Man I'm never drinking again," I mumbled.

"Yah, we've all said that before," Steven whispered, before he got a warm face cloth and washed my face. He got some mouth wash and I rinsed out my mouth. He led me back to the bedroom and we climbed back into bed. My head was still pounding, but it helped a little when Steven held me in his arms. Soon we drifted off to sleep.

When I woke back up I was alone. I looked around trying to figure out where I was, before I walked down some stairs towards some voices.

"Hey look who's alive," Amanda cried when she saw me.

My head still hurt and my stomach felt like shit, and when I saw Steven already drinking a Budweiser, I almost lost it again.

They went on to fill me in, or poke some fun with me, about last night at the Pit. I was a mess. I guess I puked in the parking lot before Steven drove us back to Amanda's house, and I puked some more and then we drank and partied some more. For the first time I felt like a real life college student. Although I was concerned about what I might have said.

"Where's Suzy? Does she live here?" I mumbled.

"Suzy, yah she stays here. She brought that Samantha girl to the professor." Amanda said, as she poured me a much-needed glass of water.

Suddenly I was back on the job.

I spent the next spell trying to get Amanda or Steven to tell me more about the professor, until Amanda wanted to know why I was asking so many questions. Steven seemed clueless about the professor's actions and Amanda wasn't saying anything. I seemingly struck out. I went back to my dorm and tried to clear my head.

*** Back in class, I didn't take long to figure out things were going to be different. Samantha, not Trisha, sat next to me, and most of the girls were still a little cold towards me.

We watched a black and white film about preparing a patient for surgery. It included a sponge bath and the shaving of a male and a female patient. I imagined myself lying on the table in front of the class, as the professor shaved my pussy. I laughed it off at the time.

Little did I know.

Samantha wasn't saying anything about her visit to the professor either, as hard as I tried.

When I entered the room for the next class, I saw the exam bed had been moved to the front of the class. I remember my heart racing, my stomach turning, as I knew. I just knew.

When the professor came into the class, he was chatting with an older looking women, dressed in all white. Like a classic nurse's uniform.

"Class this is Nurse Bradley. She's been a nurse for 25 years, so I asked her to come in and share some of her knowledge with us," the professor said before the nurse started to tell her life story.

I was listening to her story when the professor, tapping me on the shoulder, startled me.

"Take off all your clothes and put this on," the professor whispered, as he handed me a small white gown, before simply walking away, leaving one stunned female in his wake. I don't know how long I just sat there, before I made my way to the bathroom.

I had to wash my face first with cold water, as it felt like it was on fire. I took off my clothes as fast as I could and slipped on the small gown, which did little to cover me up. The damn thing didn't even have ties for the back. I had to hold the back together with my hand.

"How did I get myself into this mess?" I asked myself, over and over.

There was a knock at the door, before Samantha came in to get me. When I came out of the bathroom the class was all gathered around the exam-bed. They parted like the Red Sea and let me through. I hopped on the bed and pulled my gown down. Doing my best to keep covered.

The class made a semi circle around the bed, as the nurse was standing by my side, describing a sponge bath. I noticed a bowl with stemming hot water and some sponges and a few small towels on a small table next to her. I honestly should have realized it sooner, but I gasped as it finally hit me hard. She was going to give me a sponge bath, right now, right in front of the class. Utter fear was now the only feeling running through my body.

I looked up at the professor standing over my head. He just glared at me as if he was still upset with me. I knew it was no accident, or some luck of the draw, that he picked me. Then I turned my attention back to the nurse. She looked at me with sympathetic eyes, before asking the professor if it was proper for the two male students to observe this part. I instinctively looked at Steven and John who were standing behind Amanda and Suzy, right in front of me, inches from my feet, as I held out hope.

The professor quickly said that they could stay because they would be getting their turn on the bed, hope dashed. He then snapped at the nurse, reminding the nurse that this was his classroom, which brought a smile to Steven's face. The nurse however reacted like a scolded schoolgirl, as she guided my shoulders down to the bed which was raised, so that I was half way between sitting up and laying down flat.

The nurse never even looked at me in the eyes again, instead she said she was going to start now and quickly folded my gown down to my waist. I let out a small gasp as my breasts were exposed to the cold air, my nipples responding naturally. If I didn't know better, I would have thought that the professor had turned up the air conditioning as it was freezing in the room. Although my skin color was bright red.

I tried to zone out the two guys, cause their sly smiles weren't helping. The nurse picked up a sponge and proceeded to wash my arms, my neck and then down in-between my breasts and washed my stomach. My feeling of relief was cut short when the nurse returned the sponge to my body. This time directly washing my breasts, leaving behind a trail of soap. The room was strangely quite as I looked into the crowd of females. Some wore panicked expressions, maybe thinking they were next. Some had satisfied looks as if they were happy it was me instead of them. Either way it was pretty embarrassing to have 24 sets of eyes watching me, ah watching me being bathed.

The nurse seemed satisfied as she patted me dry. She folded my gown back up, momentarily covering me, but then folded the bottom of the gown up, exposing my lower body.

"Ah nurse Bradley we're going to need that for the next student," the professor said as he lifted the gown off of me in one swift motion, totally exposing me to the class. I instinctively covered my privates with my hands, while watching as the professor handed it to a tall girl named Norma, who promptly turned white as a ghost and ran into the bathroom.

The nurse looked at me a giggled, before she grabbed my hands and folded them over my stomach. She then took her sponge and washed down one leg and then back up the other one. I kept my legs as tight together as I could, so tight they were even shaking.

The class was seemingly mesmerized by the nurse's every move. Their stares seemed to even burn my skin. After she patted me down with the towel, the nurse lowered the bed flat and had me roll over on my stomach. I buried me head on the bed as I knew my naked backside was now offered to all. Thankfully the nurse was quick with her actions as she washed and dried my back, which included my ass cheeks.

"Ok class," I heard the nurse mumble. "Now as far as the privates go, if it's an able-body, we hand the sponge over and let the patients clean themselves."

I was never so happy to hear her say that. I wanted to jump off that bed as fast as possible.

"Well for today, let's say she isn't," the professor snapped, while also interrupting my attempt at leaving. He snapped his fingers at me and had me lay back down, on my back. "Plus while you're here you can show the class how to prep her for surgery."

I guess I wasn't fast enough in my getaway, and I heard the nurse mumble. "Ah you mean shave her?"

Hearing her, I screamed in my head. "Yah what do you mean, shave me!"

"Yes, Steven get the shaving supplies," the professor said as Steven's face lit up like a Christmas tree, and I felt like I was just punched in the stomach.

I could hear the nurse mumbling under her breath. I pleaded with her with my eyes, but she never returned the look. My heart was pounding, it felt like it was going to rip out of my chest.

I covered my face with my hands, when the nurse lifted my left leg and placed it on the metal handrail. She then slowly raised my right knee up and placed my right foot on the bed, effectively spreading me out. As humiliating as this position was, I didn't want the class to see me crying as well.

The nurse returned to her sponge and I felt the warm water hit my pussy. I felt the sponge working me over and then when it left and returned the nurse focused on cleaning my anus. I could hear a couple of gasps as she did this. Mine must have been the loudest.

I heard her describing shaving techniques. Most of it when over my head, as I was just trying to figure out how to get out of this mess. I was thinking, "maybe I could fake a heart attack?"

I also thought about my boss and his buddy in the truck. They must have been laughing their asses off listening to this. I felt the nurse apply some shaving cream to me. I tried to wipe away the tears, and when I looked down I wasn't real surprised to see Steven now peering over the nurse's shoulder watching her every move as she started shaving me with a long shinny razor.

A feeling of shear terror came over me as I saw the blade glimmer. I felt it return to me, my skin feeling the razors edge. I just prayed that unlike mine, the old nurse had a steady hand today. I also knew that I was just seconds to being as exposed, as humanly possible, to my classmates. I mean my breasts was one thing but...

After a minute of two that seemed like a year, I felt the nurse's sponge return and I knew she was done shaving. I could also hear a few snickers in the room, when my freshly shaved pussy was presented to the room. She finished washing and was now rubbing me with a soft towel.

Just when I thought it was over, she announced that she was going to rub in some lotion to help cool the area. I just shook my head, until I jumped when the cool lotion quickly hit my red-hot skin. She even rubbed in the lotion. She had her fingers in a V and was running them back and forth, just missing my pussy lips.

I noticed the professor moved to my side. "Roll over and assume the position!"

He then moved to the nurse, "while I have you here I want you to show them how you do a rectal temp, as well."

The nurse flashed him a quizzical look, giving me hope for a second and then she chickened out and just shrugged her shoulders. Steven was again sent scurrying to retrieve the equipment.

"Let's go Miss Lewis," he barked, as I was still too stunned to move.

He and the rest of the class watched as I rolled over and brought my knees up to my chest. My heart sunk as the class now had a view of me in the most humiliating position imaginable, and now I didn't even have any pubic hair to protect my pussy from their view. I also couldn't believe, for the second class in a row I was going to have a rectal temp, only this time in front of the whole class.

The nurse suddenly spread my legs apart, before I felt her spread my ass checks. I almost laughed when she told me to relax, because I knew it was coming and knew it was impossible. It felt just like the other day, except this time in front of the whole class.

I squirmed about when the nurse's finger entered me, which was followed by the thermometer, as that strange feeling of having something sticking out of your anus, returned to me.

"Nurse Bradley can I have a quick word with you," the professor said, as they moved to the side of the room.

With the professor and nurse gone, this left me to the verbal assaults of my fellow students, some that obviously still harbored ill will against me. I even felt someone twist the thermometer even deeper into my anus. When I spun my head around, I was met with three or four evil smiles. Before I could protest, the professor was back.

The nurse withdrew the thermometer, which brought some moans from the crowd, as I guess it was covered in fecal mater. "Well looks like someone needs an Enema," the nurse said with a laugh.

"Good idea, Fran let's go, into the bathroom and we will fix you up."

"Dr. Dan I was only kidding," the nurse interrupted.

"Well I'm not. It will be good practice. You stay here with Norma, and I'll go in with Miss Lewis." The professor said, as he grabbed my hand and led me, or it felt like he dragged my naked self into the bathroom. He made me to lean over the sink, ignoring my naked protests. Once in place, I heard some students file in as well. The professor was barking out orders, like he was in a hurry. Soon everything was in place. Honestly, the sink was the only thing keeping me upright, as I was now more scared then embarrassed, as I had never had an enema before.

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