tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnexpected Events Ch. 05

Unexpected Events Ch. 05


A few weeks had gone by since the whole Chris thing happened. I still couldn't believe that I had hooked up with one of Brandon's best friends, and now my best friend's boyfriend. I still thought about that night as I went to bed every night, I still hadn't told Brandon about that night and neither did Chris as he did keep his promise of not wanting to ruin their friendship.

Well, One day while I was at work I got a text message from Brianna, "Hey!"

I responded, "Hey whats up girl?"

Brianna said, "Nothing just at home."

I said, "Oh, Okay fun."

Brianna responded, "So I need to talk to you about something."

I responded, "Oh, Okay whats up?"

Brianna asked, "Did you hook up with Chris that day I went to the store?"

I had no clue what to say to her, So I responded, "It wasn't my idea for it to happen he kinda forced it on me."

Brianna responded, "Still doesn't change the fact that you did it."

I responded back, "I feel terrible about it you really think I would want to hurt Brandon like that?"

Brianna replied, "Well does he know about what you did?"

I replied, "No he doesn't and I would like it to stay that way."

Brianna replied, "Well maybe I should be the first one to tell him then."

I replied, "Please don't I love him to much and I feel horrible for all this."

Brianna replied, "Well I don't know what else to say."

I replied, "I will do anything you want just please don't tell Brandon about this."

Brianna replied, "What is there you could do you cheated on your boyfriend with my boyfriend."

I replied, "I have no clue but I feel so bad about it."

Brianna replied, "Well I don't know what you could do to ever make this up."

I didn't reply back but I was really afraid that Brianna was going to tell Brandon about what had happened. Everyday I was more and more nervous as time went along, I felt maybe I should just tell Brandon and just get it over with. I remembered how Chris said he didn't want to ruin his friendship between them so I felt it was best not to say anything.

As days passed I tried to think about what I could do to make this up to Brianna so she wouldn't want to say something to Brandon, I really couldn't come up with anything. I even tossed the idea of letting Brianna be with Brandon around in my head but that wouldn't make sense as she would then be cheating on Chris.

Well, days had passed and Brianna once again text me.

The text read, "Hello."

I replied, "Hi."

Brianna said, "I've been thinking about what you could do to make this up and I have a couple of options for you."

I replied, "What are the options?"

Brianna said, "Well the first one you tell Brandon what happened I'm not really sure there is a second option."

I replied, "What if I left you hook up with Brandon?"

Brianna replied, "Why would I do that?"

I replied, "To get even with me?"

Brianna said, "Yeah but then I would be cheating on Chris and that wouldn't make sense at all."

I was completely lost in what I should do. I told Brianna, "Fine I will have a talk with Brandon."

Brianna said, "Good, and as for us as friends idk if I can trust you anymore."

I replied, "Brianna i'm sorry I will never ever do this to you again you are my best friend and I feel terrible for this."

Brianna said, "We will see as time goes on."

I felt so terrible I had no clue what to do, I was literally freaking out at work. I couldn't believe that I would do this to Brandon and I was sure I was about to ruin one of his good friendships. I text Brandon right after and asked him, "Are you going to be home later?"

He replied, "Yes why whats up?"

I told him, "Oh nothing I just wanted to see you!"

So I went back to work for a couple hours until I was off. Once I was off I started my drive down to Brandon's house. This time the drive felt like it took forever and every mile I started to get more and more nervous. Once I pulled up to Brandon's house I went inside and he was in his room.

I walked up and gave him and kiss and he returned the favor. I was afraid this was going to be the last kiss I got from him. He was playing video games with his friends so I asked if he could pause the game so we could talk.

Brandon paused the game and asked, "What do you need to talk about?"

My Heart sank and I became super nervous at this point, I told him, "I have made a big mistake."

Brandon asked, "What do you mean by that?"

I then told him, "Well, When we had my graduation party here that night and you invited people over you fell asleep."

Brandon said, "Go on."

I said, "Well, After you went to sleep on the couch next to me, Chris came over and sat next to me."

Brandon asked, "Did something happen between you and Chris?"

I responded, "Yes, but he forced it upon me I didn't want it to happen."

I also started to cry at this point because I did love Brandon more than I could understand and I wasn't sure why this happened. Brandon was completely speechless as he just stared at me. It felt like a really long time passed before he said anything.

Brandon finally said, "I cant believe this happened."

I told him, "I cant either and that I was truly sorry for this happening."

Brandon said, "I kinda figured something was up when he asked for your number."

I replied, "I don't want to loose you Brandon you mean the world to me and whatever you want me to do I will do to make it up to you."

Brandon said, "I'm not really sure what you could do to make this up to me, because every time I hang out with Chris all i'm going to think about is what you guys did."

I replied, "I Understand, but please just know I do love and care about you and want to make this right."

Brandon said, "Thank you."

That was a big weight off my shoulders and after I was done telling Brandon we both decided it was best if I went home for the night so Brandon could think and have time to process all this. Once I got home I cried myself to sleep, I literally hated myself for betraying Brandon like that. I got caught up in the whole lust thing and forgot about what really mattered most to me. I was determined to fix this.

Brandon hadn't text me the next day like he always did and it made me even more scared of what could possibly happen. Since I had told Brandon I figured I would text Brianna and see if she would forgive me.

I text Brianna saying, "Hello."

She replied back, "Hi."

I told her, "I told Brandon about everything last night."

Brianna said, "Really?"

I said, "Yes and now he isn't talking to me."

Brianna said, "I'm sorry and that I didn't think you would do it."

I told her, "It was super hard for me to do it but I think it needed to be done."

Brianna said, "Yes he needed to know."

I asked Brianna, "Well can you please forgive me?"

Brianna said, "Yes I will forgive you but don't let this happen again."

I was completely excited that my best friend still forgave me. I then asked her, "How are you and Chris doing through all this?"

Brianna said, "We are doing just fine I told Chris that he's going to have to find some way to make this up to me."

I replied, "Has he done anything yet?"

Brianna said, "No he hasn't."

I told Brianna, "Im sorry for that."

Brianna stopped texting me and that was fine I had some cleaning up around the house to do. I cleaned my room then bathroom and everywhere else. By this time it was already in the late afternoon and I still hadn't heard from Brandon.

The day continued on and it slipped into the evening and still nothing from Brandon. Our whole 2 years of dating and Brandon never let me go to bed without saying good night. This was a very hard night for me to get some sleep. I ended up tossing and turning and didn't get much sleep. The next morning came and it seemed like it took forever, but around 9 in the morning I finally heard from Brandon.

Brandon had text me and said, "Hello, I'm sorry I didn't text you good night last night but I needed to collect my thoughts. I am still really upset about what happened and that it had to be with my best friend but I do love you kelsey and I want us to work through this. It may take me awhile to fully get over this but know I am willing to try."

This made me super excited and happy that Brandon was willing to forgive me and work on rebuilding our relationship.

I replied back, "I love you babe and I will never do anything to hurt you again and I'm truly sorry for what I have done."

The day went on and I started to rebuild our relationship just telling him how much I loved him and how much he meant to me. Brandon came up for dinner and we just sat and talked and everything was just getting to be normal again from what it felt like. When the night was over I walked Brandon out to his car and we kissed each other good night and this made the fireworks go off for me again because I was so excited for things to be going so well.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and everything was just going so well. Brianna and myself even got back to being best friends and Brandon and Chris worked things out as well.

A few months had passed and everything was going so great. Brandon text me one day and asked me a question that I felt was rather strange.

Brandon asked, "Would you ever do anything with Chris again?"

I replied back to Brandon, "Why would you even ask a question like that?"

I thought to myself, I couldn't lie that Chris was the best sex I had ever had. The sex with Brandon was amazing but the sex with Chris was just different and Chris really knew how to touch me in all the right places and really give me a good fucking.

Brandon replied back, "I'm just curious because I'm thinking of having another get together at my house and just want to know."

I replied back to Brandon, "I told you I would never do something like that to hurt you again so no I wouldn't do anything with Chris."

Brandon replied back, "Okay."

I replied back to Brandon, "I cant believe you would ask something like that after we have been working so hard to get past that and move on and rebuild our relationship."

Brandon replied, "I know I am just scared you know?"

I thought to myself, I wasn't sure if Brandon was actually scared or if he was still upset that his best friend pleased his girlfriend better than he can.

I replied back to Brandon, "I understand but you need to trust me."

Brandon said, "Yes I know."

After that we moved on from that topic and just started to ask each other about our days and stuff like that. A couple days had passed and it was getting closer to the weekend when Brandon was having his get together. I had talked to Brianna and she said that her and Chris were going to be there which put me at ease since one of my friends were going to be there.

Saturday came and Brandon's get together was tonight. I started to pack my bag so I could stay the night at his house. It was a supposed to be a mildly warm night about 78 degrees or so and very calm winds. I decided to wear one of my sun dresses, It was navy blue with white stripes going across it. I also decided to wear a tan strapless push up bra with a white bando, and then a thong that was orange in the crotch area and teal lace around the waist. I also decided that since my dress was kinda short it would be best if I wore some Spanx.

Once I was all dressed and I straightened my hair and did my make up and everything and bag was packed I headed down towards Brandon's. When I got there Chris and Brianna were already there. Brianna was wearing a White tank top with a white push up bra and a blue under shirt and a pair of Abercrombie and fitch shorts. It was just Brandon, Chris, and Brianna there and they were all hanging out by the fire.

They all greeted me with a, "Hello."

Chris asked Brandon, "Since everyone is here now should we play some beer pong?"

I had never played beer pong before and I didn't even know what it was.

Brandon responded, "Yeah lets do it."

Brandon had a table set up with cups and everything in the backyard. I asked Brandon, "How do you play this game?"

Brandon replied, "You try to make the ball in the cup and if you make it in the cup the other team has to drink that cup of beer and vis versa."

So we started playing, the teams were Brandon and I versus Chris and Brianna. I wasn't very good at making the ping pong ball in the cup. As the game went on we had more cups on their side of the table than they did on our side. Chris and Brianna had 3 cups left on our side and we had 6 left on their side. I could tell Brandon was starting to get a little drunk since he was starting to sway while he was standing. Chris threw the ball and it landed in another cup. This time it was my turn to drink the cup. The cups were not small in any way, they were red solo cups filled almost to the top with beer.

I picked up the cup threw the ball back to them and downed the drink. After I finished the drink I could feel my head starting to get dizzy. Brianna threw the ball this time and thankfully it missed. It was now Brandon's turn as we were starting to catch up it was 1 cup to our 2 Brandon sank the ball in the cup, Chris took the cup and drank it. I took the ball and lined up and threw the ball it missed the cup. Chris took the ball and threw it and I closed my eyes hoping it didn't land in the cup. I heard Brandon though yell out, "Darn it!"

I knew this meant we had lost, It was Brandon's turn to take the drink but he asked, "Would you do the honors since I am already feeling really drunk?"

I told him, "Sure I will."

I shouldn't have had that drink because once I finished it I was spinning in circles my head was going crazy. After we were all done playing we went back and sat down by the fire. Brandon was starting to say random things that were not making sense at all. I started to feel sick to my stomach so I told Brandon I was going to go lay down.

I walked towards Brandon's room and laid down on the bed. I started to fall asleep and just then Brianna came into the room. Brianna asked, "Are you okay, you've been in here for a little while now?"

I told her, "Yeah my stomach just isn't feeling all that great."

I then asked her, "Where is Brandon?"

Brianna said, "He is passed out pretty hard in the chair by the fire hahaha."

I looked at Brianna and laughed. She then let me lay my head on her shoulders, and she started to stroke her fingers through my hair. I was feeling super dizzy and just out of it, and Brianna was trying to comfort me. Brianna then started rubbing my arm from my should to my hand. I wasn't really understanding what was going on but I was just glad that my best friend was there for me.

Brianna then looked at me and said, "You looked really beautiful tonight."

I looked at her and said, "Thanks and fell back on the bed on my back."

Brianna then climbed over the top of me and kissed my neck. I then asked her, "What are you doing?"

Brianna said, "I just wanted to try kissing a girl and I couldn't think of anyone better than you to try it with and since we are both drunk I think it would be fun."

Since I was drunk I wasn't really fully aware of what was going on so I went ahead and let her kiss me. Brianna was a really great kisser I too have never kissed a girl and Brianna knew exactly what she was doing. Her kiss was soft and sensual both her hands were placed around my neck. Before to long a kiss turned into a full make out session exchanging tongues and everything. I couldn't believe what I was doing making out with my best friend.

Brianna released one of her hands from my neck and slowly started dragging it down to my boobs, Where she grabbed one of them and started to squeeze it.

I immediately stopped kissing her and said, "What are you doing?"

Brianna replied with, "Shh."

She then went back to kissing me, and I couldn't stop her as I was barely aware I was kissing her. Brianna took one of my hands and placed it on her boobs, She told me, "Squeeze my boobs like I'm doing yours."

I of course listened and started to play with her boob. I couldn't believe how good Brianna was at kissing and how much better a girl is than a guy. We just kept kissing each other and playing with each others boobs when I heard the door open to the bedroom. I stopped kissing Brianna and everything and looked to see who it was. I saw that it was Chris and Brianna said, "Oh don't worry about him."

I replied, "Why would I be worried?"

Brianna said, "Good because you shouldn't be."

I fell back on the bed on my back again with my eyes closed. I could hear Chris and Brianna start kissing each other. I was wondering to myself why they would do that with me semi conscious laying on the bed right next to them.

I peeked my eyes open a little bit and I could see Brianna was on top on Chris as he was sitting on the bed and Brianna's tank top and under shirt were taken off her. They continued to make out and for some reason I kept watching. Chris went ahead and took off Brianna's white push up bra and continued to make out with her. Brianna pushed Chris back on the bed and rubbed his face into her 34DD boobs.

Brianna then took Chris's shirt off and started to kiss his chest and then returned to making out with him. Every kiss Brianna would hump Chris more and more until finally Chris turned her over on the bed and Chris unbuttoned her shorts and slid them off leaving her just in her Pink laced thong. Chris returned to kissing her and then took his hand and started to rub her vagina.

Brianna started to arch her back and hump Chris's hand. The faster Chris went with his hand the more Brianna would move. I couldn't believe I was about to watch my best friend have sex right in front of me I barely could move as I was severally feeling the effects of the alcohol now.

Brianna started to moan, "Ugh, Yes!"

Brianna then said, "Faster, Ugh, Faster."

I could feel the bed start to shake, I must have passed out because now her panties were off and Chris was inside her.

Chris had gotten flipped back over and was now on the bottom. Brianna was on top of him and she was bouncing up and down on Chris's massive dick.

Brianna just kept saying, "Fuck, Yes, Ugh!"

I then heard Chris, "Brianna you're amazing ugh!"

Brianna then said, "Fuck me harder."

I then could feel the bed really start to shake back and forth as Chris was really giving it to Brianna.

Brianna started moaning louder and louder and more frequently.

Brianna said, "Ugh, Fuck, Ugh, Yes!"

That was followed by a, "Ugh you're so big baby ugh!"

Chris was really pounding her and didn't let up. Brianna then let out a huge, "Omg Baby, Ugh, Yes!"

Chris let out a, "Omg, Yes!"

She then collapsed on to Chris and I knew that probably meant they had both got there. They both sat still for a couple minutes until she got off Chris, and walked out of the room to get a towel and came back. Brianna wiped herself off and then tossed the towel to Chris and he did the same.

I heard Chris ask Brianna, "Do you think she saw the whole thing?"

Brianna replied, "Idk she is pretty drunk."

Chris said, "I cant believe we did that in front of your best friend."

Brianna then came back over to me, I had since closed my eyes so they wouldn't know I was partially awake.

She told Chris, "She's asleep I doubt she heard anything."

Chris said, "Okay if thats what you think."

Brianna then said to Chris, "We should have some fun with her."

Chris said, "You really want me to fuck your best friend again?"

Brianna said, "Well I'm going to help you."

With that Brianna walked back over to the bed still undressed and pulled my dress up where she could see my Spanx. Brianna then pulled them off me and I didn't move as I didn't want them to know I was partially awake. Brianna then saw what underwear I was wearing and moved them out of the way.

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