Unexpected Forgiveness


"All right, cut the crap Greg," Gale replied. "What's going on here, and what the hell do you want?"

"I just want to get to know you better; that's all" I replied.

"Let's cut to the chase. How well do you want to know me; my likes, and my hobbies, or are you just interested in getting into my panties?" she kind of yelled at me.

"Easy girl; I want it all. I know from your kiss last weekend, that there's something there also; I just want to take it to the next level and see where it goes from there."

"Toy with me and I'll rip your bleeding heart out and make you watch it stop beating. Do you understand?" she said.

"You sure know how to sweet talk a guy into bed don't you," I told her. That conversation is how we took it up a notch.

New Year's Eve was the start of it all. Dad complained about the prices of raw materials and Gail told him about the new wood/resin composites and how he could save a bundle with prefab floor joists, and so it went; all the way throughout dinner. I finally grabbed her on to the dance floor to end the shoptalk. By midnight, we had gone from second to third base and I was looking to hit a home run; either that, or steal home, whichever came first.

Up in our suite, we skipped the preliminaries and got right down to it. Gail had the rock hard body of a weight- lifter. Great abs, a solid ass, and legs that could crush anything caught in between them. Her breasts were firm and had the most sensitive nipples my tongue had ever come across.

Without going into too many juicy details, let's just say that my evening with Gail was better than I ever could have imagined. She wasn't bashful about taking my seven inches, and after I'd eaten her pussy to two climaxes, she stuck her tongue halfway down my throat. "I wanted to see what I taste like on you," she told me.

After that, it took me a few minutes to get my dick all the way into her; something about not being with any man in the last three years. We screwed for the next four hours in every position we could think of. The only time we came up for air was when one or the other of us needed to make a pit stop. At four am, we finally took a shower and crawled into bed for some needed sleep. I spooned her until we fell asleep which took all of two minutes.

"I'm never going to be able to walk again," Gail said as she eased out of bed. "I said you could break it in, not wear it out," she said laughing as she tried to straighten up.

"You better get used to it babes, because we're leaving tomorrow for five days of fun in the sun, and I expect you to put out," I said throwing a pillow at her. "How about some breakfast?" I called my dad and sister's room and we all met in the restaurant.

"Use this card for all your expenses," Tammy said as she passed me the company Visa card. "Go overboard, and I'll cut your nuts off when you get back," she told me.

"Thanks sis, and maybe I'll bring you back a little something, that is, if I can get Gail to let me out of the bedroom," I said with a laugh fully expecting a physical retribution from her; and it came.

We did it all in Jamaica. We surfed, climbed a waterfall, went on wave runners and even para-sailed. We were both in seventh heaven. It was the evenings that we liked best. I bought Gail a few tropical sundresses that showed off her body, especially in the moonlight. After dinner, we would walk the beaches; sip on wine, and talk; mostly about ourselves. Gale was in love, and she knew that for a fact, but she wasn't quite sure about Greg.

Gail was watching the ocean on the balcony of their room when I came up behind her. "Want to do something daring tonight?" I asked. Not waiting for her to answer, I turned off all the lights and went back to the balcony.

"I'm not sure about this," she told me as I took off her sundress and threw it on the bed. I took off my shorts and shirt and pulled her into my arms. We kissed, tenderly at first, before mashing lips and exchanging tongues. Gail hadn't worn a bra or panties since we arrived, which gave me, access to her at all times, including right at that moment.

With her back to the railing, I spread her legs wide and got on my knees and feasted on her shaved pussy. It was after the second day, and our third bottle of wine, that I had talked Gail into shaving her pussy for me. "Think about how naughty you'll feel," I told her. So, a half hour later, I had her on the bed feasting on her newly shaved cunt; and that's what I was doing again right now.

"Oh yes" Gail cooed as I licked her folds just stopping momentarily to give her clit a little extra attention. In her entire life, Gail had only had her pussy eaten three times before she first made love to me, and now I made sure it was a nightly occurrence. "Right there, Oh God, do it right there," she instructed me as I slipped a finger into her moist hole.

Gail squatted down to get every inch of my finger as I moved it in and out of her while I lapped up her juices. I felt her tremble, and then clamp down on my finger as she got off the first time, and almost fell down on top of me. Getting up, I turned her around, laid her over the railing, and started screwing her from behind.

"Oh yes, harder, harder," she screamed as I rammed my tool into her. Holding the rail for dear life, she felt hot, light- headed, and wonderful all at the same time. After only five minutes she felt the hot tingly rush come over her as she gripped the railing. "Oh God, yes," she screamed at the top of her lungs as she pushed her ass back against my cock.

We were both coming down when we heard the applause from down below. Two couples were looking up at us, clapping, and yelling "Bravo, Bravo," as we looked down. I bowed, waved, and pulled an embarrassed Gail into the room.

"Oh my God," she exploded; "I'm not going to be able to show my face anywhere after this," she explained. "I never even noticed them until just now."

"Well, it looks like they enjoyed the show," I said with a smile. "What do you plan on showing them in act two?" I asked before finding myself tackled onto the bed.

The following and last day of our vacation was sad. Gail turned beet red when the couple, that had watched us gave us a thumbs up when we saw them in the restaurant the next morning.

We were packed and at the airport by noon when Gail realized that her fairy tale was coming to an end. "Back to the real world tomorrow," she said to herself.

The next week was busy, to say the least. She and Greg didn't get together or even see one another until Saturday night for dinner, and then they were off to his apartment for desert of a certain kind. That's the way it went for the next three weeks.

"Damn," Gail said as she looked at the stick. "There's got to be some mistake," she said as she took out another and tested it again. "I needed this like a hole in the head," she thought as she sat down on the bed. "Now what am I going to do?"

"Where the hell is she?" I said after calling Gail for the umpteenth time on Friday. I'd left ten messages for her throughout the week, and she hadn't returned one. "I wonder what the hell I did this time?"

I was waiting for her when she came home from work on Friday night. Sitting there on her stoop with a smile and a beer in my hand, I looked like the cat that ate the canary. "If you won't return my calls, I'll just track you down one way or another," I said with a smile. However, Gail wasn't laughing. "It looks like someone had a bad day. Why don't we jump in the shower, have some fun and then go out to dinner? However, it doesn't necessarily have to be in that particular order."

"I'm really not in the mood tonight, Greg. Can I take a rain check?" she asked.

"All right, what the hell is going on Gail, and don't give me this crap about a rain check either," I said as I now started to get annoyed.

"Come on in," she said opening the door. "I guess I might as well tell you now, since you're going to find out sooner or later, anyway."

"This can't be good." "I've never seen her this serious before," I thought as we both sat at her kitchen table.

"I'm pregnant," she burst out without warning. "I tested myself and finally ended up going to the doctor yesterday to get it confirmed. His best guess, is that it happened sometime during our week in Jamaica," she told me. "I wasn't on the pill, but I know we used a condom every time, so I don't know how it happened Greg," she said starting to tear up. "I don't need this right now," she said as she slammed her fist on the table.

"Oh shit," I said to myself. She was right. We had used a condom all the time, except; not quite all the time. I remembered the night on the balcony. It was an impulsive romp, a spur of the moment type of thing, and I didn't quite have the time to put on a condom before we did it. Now she's beating herself up for my screw-up.

"Do you want to get rid of it?" I asked.

"No, I don't want to get rid of it," she snapped back. "It's an innocent baby for Christ's sake. It's not its fault that we screwed up," she yelled back at me. "Greg, just go; I'll take care of this in my own way, as I already know what you want," she said pushing me out the door and slamming it behind me. I pounded on the door but she just told me to; "go away, leave me the hell alone."

I must have called her twenty times over the next two days, but she never picked up or returned my calls. It was then that I had the family meeting that I was dreading more than a root canal.

"I messed up and got Gail pregnant," I told my dad and sister. "And I made the mistake of asking her if she wanted to get rid of it," I told them.

"I can't believe you asked her that. How stupid are you?" she yelled. "Her hormones are racing through her body, she's probably an emotional wreck, and the guy who knocks her up wants her to abort it before even asking her if she wants to keep it. You really are a cold hearted son of a bitch aren't you?"

"Easy, Tam, I didn't tell her to do that, I simply asked her what she wanted to do; that's all," I tried to explain.

"Relax, you two," their father said in his loud don't defy me voice. "My only question, son is, what the hell do you plan on doing?"

"I don't know dad. She won't talk to me."

"Don't give me that crap Greg. You know what the hell I'm asking. Are you going to marry her, or not? God damn it." he asked.

"I'm not sure dad. I care for her a lot, but I'm not sure I love her," I replied.

"Well, we both know that she's too damn good for your ass, but that's the first thing you have to decide. After that, we'll handle the rest together," dad told me. "Just so I have all the facts, it is your kid, isn't it?"

"No question about that," I told him. "Looks like it happened while we were on vacation."

"Well, take a couple of days off, get your head on straight, and decide what you want to do," he told me. "Whatever you decide, we'll back your decision. Now get the hell out of here; Tam and I have work to do."

I left, went to my apartment, and got totally hammered. After pulling my sorry ass out of bed the following morning, and looking in the mirror, I realized that I alone was responsible for this mess. "Mess up and you have to pay the piper." Were my dad's words that went through my head; and I knew what I had to do.

I walked into the Home Depot, with one purpose on my mind. It took me a few minutes to locate Gail; as she was talking to her store manager. I came up behind her, spun her around, and in the center of the lumber department, I dropped down on one knee and asked her to marry me. I had picked out a ring that morning, by myself, and didn't even tell dad or Tammy about what I was going to do.

To say that Gail was surprised was an understatement. When she told me that I didn't have to do this, I got pissed. "For Christ's sake Gail, will you marry me or not?" I said holding out the ring.

She teared up; "Yes, yes I will marry you Greg," as everyone around us applauded.

The next thing I heard over the store loud speaker; was, "marriage proposal accepted on isle two. Our Gail's getting married," as all the store employees started to cheer.

That night, we had dinner with dad and Tammy. She showed them the ring and Tammy pulled her away to start making arrangements for the wedding and showers. "You did the right thing, son," my dad told me. "She's a keeper, but just don't fuck up like I did. Keep your dick in your pants and you'll do all right," he said with a smile. "As a wedding gift, I'm giving you that house we took in on a trade last year. It's a 3/2 and needs a bit of work, but you'll need more room than your apartment when the baby comes," he told me.

It wasn't a large wedding, with about 100 people who were mostly friends and coworkers. Gail's parents flew in from San Jose California along with her only brother. It was a lovely ceremony and we passed on the honeymoon, because we both needed to be out of our apartments before the end of the month. So in less then two months, I was married, had a kid on the way, and we were in our first house; talk about fast.

The guys razzed me a lot for the first couple of weeks, that is, until I worked their ass into the ground. Then they eased up a bit. Everyone at Home Depot was happy for us. They gave us a 20% discount on items for our house, so we ended up spending almost $5,000.00 in the first three months.

Gail was starting to show, but was determined not to let it slow her down; and she didn't. She nearly screwed me to death over the last four months, because she said that after the baby was born, we'd have our hands full. It sure was nice waking up to a blowjob most mornings, or having a clean- shaved muff on my face as a pre-breakfast treat.

Her water broke at work, and her store manager drove her to the hospital. He called me and I met them in the emergency room. The next thirty-six hours were a bitch for both of us; but it was worth it. Little Randi was born at 10:17 in the morning and was beautiful. "I'm a dad," I shouted as I came out of the delivery room and greeted everyone. We were now a real family and life was great. That is until I screwed it all up.

I tried God damn it, I really tried. I kept my zipper up for almost four years before I fell miserably. A shingle company, who wanted our business, sent a hot little number with their contract proposal. She set up a meeting in the restaurant at the Holiday Inn and I fell big time.

"We really want your business, and as you can see, our prices are very competitive," she said with her tits hanging out all over the contract. "We want all your business, but will take whatever you can throw our way," she cooed. "I'll do anything, just anything to get your business," she said licking the side of her wine glass while opening one more button on her jacket.

All right, I'm a weak son of a bitch. I took her upstairs to her room and fucked her all afternoon and then signed a contract for 25% of our business. I screwed her once a month for the next seven months when she just happened to bring us the monthly statement.

After that, I went on a rampage that lasted nine months. I must have fucked or gotten a blowjob from eight different girls during that time. It wasn't until Friday night, just before bed, that I noticed the first crack in my marriage.

There was an envelope on my pillow with my name on it. "What's this?" I said as I opened it. In it was a "get- out- of- jail" card from a monopoly game, and a sealed condom. "Hon, what's this for?" I asked.

Walking out of the bathroom, she looked me straight in the eye. "That's your get- out- of jail- free- card," she told me. "It's good for anything you've done up until this moment, but after tonight, all bets are off."

I knew Gail must have suspected something, but I wasn't about to admit to fucking around on her. "I don't need this damn card," I said ripping it in half; "I haven't done anything I shouldn't," I told Gail, calling her bluff.

"Well, that's not the word on the street, so that's why the rubber. You're not going to touch me for the next thirty days without wearing one of those, and until you show me a clean bill of health from the doctor. After that, we'll play it by ear," she stated most dramatically.

"I'm not going to wear a rubber with my wife," I insisted. "I haven't done anything," I told her again; but she wasn't buying it.

"Well, then go get tested tomorrow," she yelled at me. "And if your clean, we'll talk," she said climbing into her side of the bed. "So Greg, if you want any nookie tonight, your dick's going to be covered. Understand?"

I'd got my dander up, grabbed a pillow, and headed for the spare room. "Your loss," I said as I slammed the door. "Fucking bitch, I'll show her who's boss," I said under my breath as I climbed into the bed by myself. "She'll be begging me to come back," I told myself, but I was full of shit and never realized it.

It was cool around the house for the next month, because neither one of us was giving in. Talk about being stubborn. At almost four weeks to the day, I brought home flowers, dinner, and a big mushy card. "I'm sorry hon, I can't live in the same house with you being mad at me; as I love you so much," I told her. I was still getting strange stuff on the side, but I did love her, or thought I did anyway.

We made love that night. It wasn't a quick roll in the sack like with all the others, but it was slow, sweet, and tender. "I've been such an ass, please forgive me honey," I pleaded. Like a fool she did. However, it wasn't 24 hours later, that I was banging some bimbo in the back of my van; "I'll never get caught," I told myself. I was of course wrong, everyone gets caught.

The eventful day was the day of my daughter's birthday with our house filled with excitement. Tammy was with her new bean counter husband decorating the back yard, and my dad, with his new live- in sex toy, was picking up the food. Me? I was fucking some 19-year-old slut in her apartment. She went from riding my face to riding my cock, before I finally shot my load down her throat.

"Hey girl, it's been fun, but I've got to get home before the wife comes looking for me," I told her. "Maybe we can do this again," I said as I ran out the door. "Shit, I'm late; Gail's going to have a fucking cow," I told myself as I headed home.

Everyone was already there when I pulled in. I got Randi's present out of the back seat, walked through the front door, and gave my wife a peck on the lips. That is when Mount Saint Gail erupted.

"You fucking bastard. You couldn't keep you dick in your pants even on the day of your daughter's birthday party could you? Get the fucking hell out of here before I kill you god damn it," Gail screamed as she threw a plate of food at me.

I started to say something like, "I don't know what you're talking about," but never got the chance.

"You could have at least had the courtesy of washing her cunt off your face before you kissed me, you asshole. Get the fuck out of here," she screamed as Tammy held her back.

With my tail between my legs and with everyone looking on, I left my house for the last time. My wife was crying, my daughter was crying and, asking me to stay, but the look my dad and Tammy gave me said it all; you really fucked up this time, and I had.

I didn't fight the divorce, because there was no reason to. Gail got the house, custody of Randi, and half of what we had in the bank. She could have gotten a share of the company, but she told Tammy, "I want nothing from that mother- fucker," so in four months it was all over. She stayed at Home Depot and I went back to screwing around like I had done before meeting Gail.

I had Randi every other weekend and sometimes one or two nights during the week, but pawned her off to baby- sitters most of the time. I had a one-bedroom apartment and let her have my bed when she stayed the night. I was totally messed up and going down fast.

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