tagRomanceUnexpected Guest Ch. 03

Unexpected Guest Ch. 03

byAda Stuart©

Later that same evening, Ann was still shaking her head at Jared's strange behaviour. He had left her gaping at his final statement and gone about as if nothing had happened. They hadn't talked at all, but all she had been able to do was rummaging around while carefully watching Jared's every step as he sat down to clean his shotguns and laying out his fishing rods.

The man was a complete enigma the way he seemed to be ignoring her all the rest of the evening. She had thought he would corner her and try to persuade her of his lust in a more substantial way – by touching and kissing her all over until she succumbed to the inevitable.

Instead she had felt ignored and she found herself watching his every move carefully as if she anticipated him turning on her at every moment. But, instead he had kept to the other side of the cabin, acting as if he was the most non-threatening creature in the universe. She felt annoyed just thinking about it. And especially since she hadn't been able to do the same and simply ignore him while enjoying her holiday. Instead she felt like a nervous wreck just waiting for his next move.

Finally he turned off the kitchen light and stood up from his chair. Collecting his equipment, he obviously prepared for another day out hunting or perhaps fishing and she watched him move casually around the cabin before venturing into the bathroom.

She listened to the familiar sounds of water running as he brushed his teeth. Minutes later the toilet flushed and soon afterwards he came outside again. Immediately he walked up to his own bed and started to undress himself. This time he kept his back to her, but still she was spellbound by the look of his broad shoulders and the strong legs that he revealed from beneath his clothes. As the night before, he kept his trunks on as he climbed into the bed and covered his large frame with the quilt.

"Goodnight, Ann," he suddenly murmured as he turned over and met her eyes. She almost jumped in surprise as he hadn't revealed his knowledge of her watching him before. But the knowing look in his eyes told her that he had understood more than she had wanted.

"Goodnight, Jared," she responded quickly before turning to get her nightgown and her toilet bag.

"My offer still stands you know," she heard him say behind her as she walked toward the bathroom. She stilled immediately.

"What offer?"

"The offer to share my bed," he said heatedly as he roamed his eyes over her body from top to toe.

She felt herself flush all over at the fact of what she had been thinking about for the last few hours. Was he a mind-reader, as well?

"No, thanks," she blurted out as she slammed the bathroom door behind her. Inside she washed her face in cold water as she tried to get a hold on herself. This wasn't like her. She was acting like a frightened virgin when she was nothing of the sort. Why did she let this man get the better of her all the time? She was an independent modern woman who took her pleasure where she wanted to and with the men she wanted.

Or so she wanted to think of herself. All right, so she hadn't had that many relationships yet – but she was picky when it came to men. But that didn't mean that she was inexperienced. Not at all. Thanks to the books and some adventurous boyfriends she had learned to appreciate her own body and enjoy her sexuality.

But never before had it felt like this. Never before had she felt as if she was the prey that was spell-bounded by every word coming from her captor. There was no use in denying that Jared had the upper hand due to his experience. So where did that leave her? Should she allow him to run all over her just because he knew more about invoking her lust than she did herself? She knew he wanted her and deep down she had to admit that he tempted her like no other man she had met before.

Still, he frightened her as well. Why, she couldn't be sure. But probably because she was worried that she would become more attached to him than he would be to her. And then he would leave her stranded. Was it really worth taking that risk? Or maybe that was the mistake she had made all her life: that she was too afraid of getting hurt so she evaded the men that could move her heart as well as her body?

Maybe it was time to take a chance and risk her heart in the process? She thought as she looked at her face in the mirror. Why didn't she turn the tables on him and give him some of his own medicine? He deserved it after toying with her for the entire day. But what if he got so turned on he couldn't keep his hands away from her?

As if he would, she laughed ironically at herself. He was probably just joking about lusting for her in order to get her to flee the cabin and leave him to enjoy his holiday in peace and quietude. Ha, it would be just typical of him to believe something like that would work on her. She had been the butt of enough jokes that Cade and Jared had concocted through the years to know that the masculine mind was sometimes incredible far-fetched.

But now she had seen through his tricks and it was time to repay him in kind. She quickly finished and grabbed the lotion as she went into the main room again.

"Oh, Jared?" she purred softly.

"What?" she heard him groan. He hadn't fallen asleep yet, she smiled.

"Would you mind giving me another rub in with the lotion before you go to sleep? I can't reach the sunburns on my backside."

"Yes, sure," he mumbled as he slowly moved from his bed.

She turned her back to him and quickly started undressing until only her bra and panties remained. Looking behind her she almost smiled as she caught Jared staring at her, his hot gaze following her every move as she loosened her hair grip and let her hair flow freely over her shoulders. At the same time she heard a gasp coming from behind her and she smiled at his response as she flipped away the quilt and lay facedown on her bed. Then she waited. And waited.

Looking up she noticed Jared was still staring at her.

"Aren't you going to help me, Jared?" she asked casually.

He seemed to shake himself awake and grabbed the lotion. "Yes, of course," he said hoarsely as he came toward her. She noticed that the bulge in his trunks had increased since the night before when she had seen him undress and she laid her head down as she tried to hide the grin that was developing on her mouth. So he wasn't only playacting his desires after all. Good.

She collected her hair with her fingers and presented her naked shoulders to him.

"The upper back is the worst burned," she explained. He responded by splashing a large amount of lotion on her shoulders before slowly massaging it into her warm skin. Continuing down the rest of her backside she felt his touch softly roaming over her skin, as if he wanted to savour the sensation.

"Can you do my legs as well?" she asked him.

"Certainly," he croaked before he coughed slightly as if to clear his throat.

She moaned as he roamed the lotion and his hands down the backside of her thighs, enjoying the feeling of a lover's soothing touch to her warm skin.

"Oh that feels so good," she murmured. "Please continue for a few more hours." His only response was a small grunting sound indicating he was not enjoying himself at all.

"That should do it," he finally croaked while slamming the lid on the lotion and placing it beside her bed.

She snuggled closer to her pillow and said drowsily. "Thanks Jared. That was so soothing. Now I can finally get some sleep." She looked up and met his heated eyes. "Goodnight, Jared," before she laid her head down on the pillow again. He just stood beside her bed. Not moving an inch, while she heard him taking a few deep breaths.

"Goodnight," he finally mumbled as he practically stomped over to his own bed. He was clearly not very pleased with the situation, Ann smiled as he switched off the lights. God, it felt good to have the upper hand for a change and she planned to enjoy it for a few more hours. Moving slightly, she removed her bra and panties and covered her naked body with the quilt before falling into sleep. The smile was still evident on her face.


Jared cursed silently as he tried to force his erection to disappear. So far he had little luck. That damn woman was trying to make his life a living hell. The way she moaned as he touched her naked skin had made his blood heat instantly and the way she welcomed his every touch had made him want to lay down on top of her and give her something better to moan about.

Pressing his hard cock inside of her welcoming heat would be a good place to start, before he turned her over and licked her body from head to toe and making her as hot as he felt. He removed the quilt from his strung up body and lay still listening to her breath. Suddenly he heard her moving and to his surprise he heard her remove some fabrics from her skin and laying them on the floor. How was that possible? She hadn't been wearing anything.

Suddenly it dawned on him and he stopped breathing completely. She had removed her bra and panties and was now sleeping totally naked only a few meters away from him. Immediately, his brain fogged over and he saw visions of her naked body in front of him, making his erection become even harder than it had been. Making it unbearable to keep his trunks on. He breathed deeply. Trying to regain the smallest bit of control unless he would move over to her bed and attack her.

So much for the skilled seducer, he smiled ironically. Instead he had the biggest hard on he had ever experienced and there was no possibility for release – yet. She would pay for this, he vowed. That smile she had sent him when she bid him goodnight had contained far too much knowledge about the situation she had put him in.

She had known exactly what she was doing and tried to torment him into bowing to her every wish. Well, they were two to play that game, and finally knowing that Cade had given his consent, he could do exactly what he wanted to her. Even if that meant seducing her into submission. He couldn't wait to give her an example of just how skilful he could be. But in all fairness, she deserved to suffer for a while before he gave in and gave her what she wanted. He would make her beg before fucking her – she would see. He couldn't wait to get on with it.


The next morning Ann awoke late in the day after twisting and turning much more than she should have during the night. It was probably the thought of having an almost naked and very sexy man sleeping so close to her, she thought. Several times during the night she had considered giving in and just join him in his bed. Tiring herself by riding his large cock until she fell into an exhausted but happy sleep.

But that would have been to admit defeat before the war had started. Not to mention that she would fall for the cheapest trick in the world where the master seducer could entice her into his bed just by waving her to him. He had practically thrown down the gauntlet the night before when he had invited her to join him, as if he was used to women falling for him all the time. He had it too easy if that was his usual seduction trick. It annoyed the hell out of her.

If she slept with him she wanted him to beg for it – to show her he really wanted her and couldn't live without her. Oh heck, just scratch the last one, she thought. She had probably read too many sappy books lately. She didn't want him to declare his undying love to her. Not at all. But, confessing to wanting her so badly he could hardly function and looking so desperate that she felt sorry for him? Now that was a nice image, she thought.

Especially coming from a man that had ignored her for years and that had always acted as if she was a spoilt little girl that had nothing to do with the business of grown men. She would show him that she was not a little girl anymore, and that she hadn't been for many years. Now she had the experience and the know-how about how to get such a man to his knees. She almost laughed at the welcome image as she put on her underwear and flung a robe over her. But first she needed some breakfast.

She started whistling as she located some bread and jam. Jared would probably need some sugar to sweeten his temper, she laughed suddenly.

"For god's sake, stop making so much noise! I'm still sleeping," she heard Jared's angry voice in a response to her thoughts.

"And a good morning to you too, sunshine," Ann smiled at Jared's large form the way he lay on his side with his backside to her. His quilt was barely covering his midsection and was so creased it was obvious he had not slept well during the night. "Did you sleep well?" Ann couldn't prevent herself from asking.

Jared's only response was something that sounded very similar to cursing, but she couldn't make out the words. Still, the meaning was only too clear. She put on the coffee and vowed to make it even stronger than usual. It seemed that they both needed it this morning.

As the smell from the coffee filled the room, she heard a few muffled sounds coming from Jared's bed and when she looked over she saw him sitting up and rub the sleep from his eyes. Sitting back he ran his fingers through his hair and looked absolutely adorable the way he tried to collect himself.

He looked as if he had just spent an entire night pleasantly occupied with making love to a lucky woman and Ann froze at the thought of how many other women who had seen him like this in the past? She realised that she wanted to kill them all for the privilege they had known. Slowly putting on a pair of pants, Jared seemed to be completely occupied with what he was doing, allowing Ann the opportunity to study him as she pleased.

The man was pure muscles, she realised as she skimmed her eyes over his well trained chest. His flat stomach and strong thighs attested to him keeping himself in excellent shape and she longed to run her fingers all over his tanned skin – before venturing down to touch his hard member that was barely outlined by his wide pants. She breathed deeply as she felt her body grow warmer by the thought of being close to this attractive man.

At the same time she became aware of the moistness that had gathered between her legs just by her watching him. She blushed as she tried to collect herself in time before he realised what she had been doing. She couldn't give him the upper hand this easily - by setting herself into check mate. She turned away from him and tried to concentrate on collecting plates and cutting the bread.

At the same time she felt Jared move behind her and grabbing a cup of coffee before pouring it down quickly. Then he turned to fill it up again.

"You want some food as well or are you sticking to a liquid diet this morning?" she asked him casually.

"Just give me a couple of loafs," he answered. "Today I need all the sustenance that I can get." She handed him a few pieces of bread and noticed that he still hadn't covered his chest. The sight was even nicer from close up, she decided.

"Aren't you cold?" she asked as she pointed to his chest.

"Nope," was all the response that she gained.

"You seem a little grumpy this morning, Jared. Is there something wrong?" she couldn't help but grin.

"Don't tell me you don't know exactly what's bothering me, princess," he suddenly growled out.

"No, I don't. Maybe you should enlighten me?" Ann suggested.

"Damn it. You can't be that innocent, woman," he snarled.

"Hm, maybe you should go out and kill something today, Jared. Maybe that would improve your temper a little."

"Don't tempt me."

"Preferably something that you have a hunting licence for."

"Hm, sounds like good idea," Jared smiled suddenly. Ann wasn't particularly reassured by the sudden change in his demeanour and she started to back away from the table and busying herself with cutting up more bread. "Come here, darling," she suddenly heard before Jared grabbed her arm and pulled her into his lap.

"What...?" she breathed out before he covered her lips with his own and gave her a hard kiss.

"Don't tell me you haven't though about it just as much as I have," he groaned as he ended the kiss and bent down for another.

Ann opened her mouth to utter another protest when she felt his lips surround her own as he enveloped her in his warm embrace. She struggled slightly, but he moved one arm behind her back and another was wrapped around her nape, holding her tightly against him as he plundered her mouth with deep kisses.

She felt like she was losing her touch of reality as she tasted him. Every cell in her body felt as if it had ignited with the tension he provided and she felt herself relaxing into his embrace. She could feel his move his tongue over lips and she suckled him slowly, listening to the groan that he gave in response.

Suddenly he moved his hand over her breasts and immediately she felt the heat pour thorough her as her nipples tightened every time his fingers passed over her hungry skin. She longed to rip off her clothes and feel his warm hand against her naked skin and she wiggled a little in order to give him more room.

"Careful," Jared murmured before lifting her up and placing her so she straddled him. At once she felt his hard cock against her stomach and she rubbed herself slowly against him, stroking her clit in the process. She moved her hands up to his shoulders and started to investigate every part of his skin from his shoulders and further downwards. All the time he was watching her every move as she heard him breath hard. He felt so hard to her touch that she was in awe.

"How do you manage to get so muscular?" she asked slowly. A question more directed to herself than to him and she was surprised to realise she had said it out loud.

"My work," Jared answered. "I spend my days outside on the building sites instead of being stuck behind a desk all the time."

She smiled as she roamed her fingers over his male nipples and noticed them tightening just the same way that hers had done. Maybe men and women weren't that different after all, she decided, until she felt a small tug against her clit as his cock gave a start. Or maybe they were, she smiled as she roamed her right hand over the fabric that covered his cock, following the outline of his swollen member and trying to decide how large he was.

"Stop that," Jared blurted out in a whoosh of breath.

"Why?" Ann wondered smugly as she continued fondling him, squeezing slightly around the upper half of his cock, trying to give him some pleasure. His breath hitched as she squeezed his cock head between her fingers and she welcomed the sound as she looked up and met the hungry look in his eyes.

"Please stop," he groaned out.

"Why should I? You seem to be enjoying this," Ann wondered as she opened the zipper to his trousers and pulling the fabric aside. Still, the thin fabric of his trunks covered most of the treasure that she longed to explore but she roamed her fingers slowly along the ridge of his cock, before squeezing him slightly.

"Oh my god," Jared groaned out as he bent his body back against the back of the chair, providing her with more room to pleasure him. Ann didn't need another proof of him enjoying her ministrations and she moved her hand behind his trunks and touched the soft skin of his cock. Immediately he was hardening even more and as she pushed his trunks further down, he breathed in relief as his swollen member sprang almost free of his clothes.

She tried to wrap her hand around his cock, but his size was bigger than the men she had been with before. She roamed her hands up to the bulbous head that seemed to grow bigger by the minute and she teased the ridge underneath his cock head. Immediately she heard him take a deep breath as he obviously tried to contain himself.

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