tagAnalUnexpected in Every Way Ch. 04

Unexpected in Every Way Ch. 04


So like I said I had an idea that originated down south of my brain.

I had a nice day, hanging out and resting. I cleaned up the apartment for her—it was the least I could do considering what she'd been willing to do for me.

And then that evening, instead of leaving as she expected me to do, I waited by the door, and when I heard Shannon coming down the hallway, I hid in the bathroom. As I anticipated, when she opened the door, she wasn't alone—her boyfriend, Justin, was with her, and he obviously missed the fruits of their relationship. Who could blame him, considering what a sex goddess she had turned out to be—although who knows what she was like under normal sexual situations. I could hear them though the bathroom door, he was obviously feeling her up and kissing her heavily. She was responding in kind.

I sat there and waited.

They got ready for bed, pulling down the sheets and dimming the lights. He started to take off his clothes and she said the magic words—she had to go to the bathroom.

She came in, her form-fitting skirt cupping her tight round ass, nipples caressed to erection by her button-down shirt as her tits bounced along with her steps, the shirt pulled tight at the peak of her bust. She started to grab her toothbrush. I quickly came up from behind her and put my hand over her mouth, my other arm wrapping tightly around her arms, and using my body to push her hips up against the sink ledge so she couldn't thrash around. Of course, thrashing around is exactly what she wanted to do—for all she knew, she was getting robbed. After a second she saw me in the mirror, but wasn't necessarily any more pleased. I didn't give a shit. I knew how things worked now. I grabbed her shoulders, twisted her around, and pushed her down to her knees. I slipped out my rock-hard cock and slapped her face with it.

I whispered, "You're going to do this, so if I was you I'd do it quick and quiet. Otherwise he'll find out what's been going on this weekend."

Her face was a mask of fury—and horniness. I could tell she was already getting off on this, but could also afford to pretend to be pissed about it a little longer. But when I dropped my cockhead onto her faux-creased lips, she opened up without further persuasion, and let me slide my fleshy spear inside the cave of her mouth. I gave it a few short strokes in and out, letting her get her tongue on it a bit, wetting the shaft, then started increasing my stroke length. Based on last night, I knew she'd have no problem taking me all the way, and soon I was balls-deep in her throat. I sawed in and out about halfway the length of my tool, faster and faster, using her face like a pussy, her lips like labia, even flicking her nose like a clit.

Her body was in a jacked-up situation—her adrenaline was already up from the shock of seeing me, but now she also had to contend with a time limit. She couldn't be in here forever or he'd wonder what was going on. I was fine with that. I wanted to fuck with her, but I wasn't going to ruin this unique situation by going too far. So I didn't try to hold back, and soon my balls were bubbling up like Old Faithful. At the same time, her face was twitching uncontrollably from the nose-flicking, her cheeks were red, her breath was coming faster, and I could see her body responding—she was actually going to come from getting her face fucked! But I was going to beat her to it.

"I'm coming on your tits," I grunted in a low voice, trying to give her at least a little warning. She nodded to the extent she could, considering that her face was pretty much stuck in place, and started to unbutton her shirt. She had barely gotten it apart, and detached the generous cups of her front hook bra from each other, when I decoupled my cock from her throat and started to blast off, shooting a whole fireworks display of cum over her face, neck, and especially those obscenely fantastic tits. Damn, I still couldn't get enough of looking at them—they were so firm, so round, the nipples so freaking perky and large, it was like the tits I would create if I was God. I shot a whole fucking ball of string of cum on them, to the extent that they were almost all white, long strands of my seed drip-drip-dripping from the tips of the nipples, rivulets running around the curves of her breasts like a contour drawing, slipping like mercury down the tight passage of her cleavage.

Now that we were done, and she came down a bit from the high of her own almost-orgasm, I could see her get a little frantic, partly from worry about Justin, partly from the tension of having not-quite-come herself. She started scooping up the cum in big handfuls from her tits, sucking it off into her mouth, and then scooping up some more. She was like a human squeegee. The cum filled her mouth too quickly, and while she tried her best to gulp it all down, her throat flexing mightily, some squirted out of her sealed lips right back down her chin and back onto her tits. She cleaned off the rest of her tits, and particularly the nipples, by lifting them directly to her mouth, which finally took her to the brink, and she climaxed sucking her own tits. It was fantastic to watch. For the finale, she scraped the rest off her face and neck, after which I gave her a once-over—she looked fine, at least for the dim light of her room. If the light had been better, it probably would have been more obvious that her lips were raw and puffy, her cheeks a little rubbery, her lower jaw hanging down slack, with a little trail of white still connecting her lower lip and chin.

"I'll see you later," I said, and she hurried out the door, giving me a teasingly-dirty look as she closed it behind her. I liked how things were shaping up. Shannon was a great partner in prurience.

I watched through the keyhole (yes, there was an old-school keyhole) as she sashayed up to him, ass swaying, shirt unbuttoned.

"See anything you like?" she said in her deep sexy voice.

"Hell yeah," he murmured. They embraced, and she kissed him deeply—with a mouth that had been full to the brim with my cum less than thirty seconds earlier! He must have gotten more than a taste of it himself. He bent down, however, and started to suck on those magnificent breasts, vacuuming up the nipples, licking all over their gourd-sized curves—once again, cleaning up the remainder of my cum from her body! I was really starting to get off on this.

After standing there for a good ten minutes while he sucked her prized possessions, getting them nice and spick and span, occasionally coming up for air to kiss her some more, she lifted him off and pulled him down on the bed, dragging his shorts down, and letting his dick plop out. He wasn't bad, a normal six inches or so. She leaned over, surrounded his pecker with those wonderful mammaries, and started titty-fucking him. Damn, I was hard again already. This was going to be tougher than I thought.

He started moaning. I could sympathize, since my own experience between those tits was already one of my most treasured moments. Then she moved down and started to suck him off, fitting him in her throat like a scabbard swallowing a sword. He came compulsively in less than a minute, eyes rolling into the back of his head, and she gulped it down.

I noticed that she didn't put on a show of getting the cum all over the place, or swirling it around with her fingers, as she had with me; she just swallowed it. Not that most guys don't fantasize about that simple act by itself! He asked if he could return the favor, and she told him she had already come, but of course she was really talking about what happened with me in the bathroom. I could tell that she wanted to be excited about being with him, but he just wasn't pushing her far enough. She wanted to be used. She may not have always been that way, but now that she had had a taste, she couldn't shake it off.

In a few minutes, she suggested they shower together, and he agreed. She had manipulated him to come back in the bathroom already! My only problem was, what was I going to do now? I decided while the closet may be a cliché, it was also my best bet, and shut the door.

As they came in, she suggestively stripped off her remaining clothes. She turned the water on and stepped in. I could see from the louvers in the closet door that the water was dripping sexily over the curves of her tits before he joined her, and she closed the curtain by bringing the two sides together in the middle. Damn, now I couldn't see! After a while though, I started to be able to discern what was going on by matching the moving shadows behind the translucent curtains with the sounds of splashing and grunting.

They fooled around a bit, then he started to fuck her, first bending her over with her hands on the walls—I could see them through the crack of the curtain on the right side. How was I going to get involved here? I shouldn't have worried—Shannon had a plan, and was looking out for me the whole time.

After fucking that way for a while, she got up close facing him, her back to the curtain, and wrapped one leg up and around him.

"Hold me," she said, and he picked her up with some effort. One good thing was, he was stronger than me! I knew from last night that that position was damn tiring. Then, with one arm behind her back, she secretly parted the shower curtain (which happened to come together right behind her) just a bit, and suggestively stuck her middle finger up her asshole, which I could now see directly! Then, pulling her finger out, she curled it at me, as if in invitation. Alrighty, if she was up for it, so was I!

I quietly got out and moved closer. She now had both legs wrapped around him, and was holding up her upper body by holding on to the (remarkably solid) shower curtain rod above her head with both arms. This had the two desired effects of holding her up in the air, and also making sure she didn't move away from the slight breach between the shower curtains. Her ass was right there, water running down on all sides. They were fucking like crazy. She was really getting into it, because she knew what was about to happen...I moved as close as I could, and reached the tip of my cock carefully, ever so carefully, up to the edge of her asshole. I had to be sure not to touch him, obviously. This was a crazy idea. But if she was willing to risk it, who was I to say no? So I pressed in, and her asshole puckered, and I slowly slid my shaft up into her inner caverns, surrounding myself once again with her amazingly warm, compact bunghole.

I couldn't believe he didn't notice, because it was sure as fuck obvious to me that there was another cock rubbing against mine with just a thin membrane in between. But I guess if you have no reason to expect it, you don't even register it. So we started double-fucking her, with me getting my second experience of her wonderful asshole, this time even tighter due to the other cock pressing against me from the other direction. She started going buck-wild, thrashing about in an insane series of unending orgasms. It was pretty fucking hard to deal with, because I was using my hands to hold the curtain closed around my cock, so it was tough enough to balance, let alone actively fuck her. But I was certainly enjoying the shit out of this, and I can't even imagine how much she was loving it—this girl came from getting her tits sucked and from giving me a BJ, and now she had two cocks in her pelvis? She was screaming like a fucking monkey, and I'm sure he had no idea what was going on; she couldn't have been like this during their other, normal sexual situations.

But I couldn't stand there philosophizing—it was important that I finish first, so I picked up my speed, and after cramming my cock way deep in that brown asshole one last time, I shot a huge load straight up into her large intestines. I stood there for a minute, thighs shaking, balls flexing, making sure I gave her the full sperm injection, then I pulled out slowly, watching a trail of slime follow me. I staggered back into the closet, as she gradually slowed down her orgasmic quivering, and then Justin finally came himself.

"Wow," he said in a voice strained from exertion. "That was intense! We definitely need to remember to do that again sometime!"

"Mmm, yes, lover," she replied, "we definitely should!" As he pulled out, I could still see through the parted curtain, and I watched the cum from her cunt and asshole mix together in one braided stream of white running down the inside of her legs. She reached down and this time she couldn't resist—she stuck a finger in each hole (although he couldn't see that) and pulled them out, licking the combined pearly goo off both fingers. Then, although I wasn't sure why, her butt cheeks clenched together.

"Damn, Shannon, you're going crazy tonight. That's fucking sexy as hell!" he said in an exhausted voice, watching her cum-show. "But you've worn me way out...let's go to bed." They turned off the water off, and stepped out. Once again, I enjoyed just watching her walk around naked. Her large breasts bounced on her short, compact body in such an alluring fashion as she walked, the jutting curves of her ass running into the straight lines of her toned thighs, her stomach taut but not overly-muscled. They toweled off, and they went to bed naked.

But as they lay in bed, her devilish streak rose up again.

"Honey," she said, punctuating every word in a way to emphasize their sexual appeal, "I'm not...quite...worn out...myself." She crawled up on him, her breasts brushing his chest, nipples dragging a staccato beat against his skin. Right there, it was clear he had no chance to resist.

"Honey," she repeated. "I've been thinking. When you were away, I was thinking about all the things I missed getting to do with you—and we did a lot of that tonight! But I was also thinking about some of the things I haven't done with you—that I haven't done with ANYBODY."

She clearly had his attention.

"Um, what exactly were you thinking about?" he said quietly, not wanting to push his luck.

"Well," she said. "For instance...I know you've always wanted my teeny...tiny...asshole, haven't you. We talked about it before, and I know I said I didn't want to do that. But I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder, sweetie, because when you were gone, all I could think about was your big...hard...cock...in my tight...TIGHT...asshole." The whole time, she had been circling one finger around his chest, while using her other hand to play with her nipples. When she said the word "asshole," she ran that finger down her own body and around and behind her, and stabbed it halfway into her ass with a quick motion, just as she had earlier in the show. Hey, it worked on me! Her eyes locked on his like a vulture staring down its despairing prey in the desert.

The guy was obviously as entranced by the idea as I had been. He had already agreed with his eyes, which were fixated on what he could see (or not see) of her finger.

"But honey," she continued, "I'm a bit afraid of that big...hard...cock...I don't want it to hurt my teeny...delicate...asshole. So honey, there's something I want you to do first, something I've read about. I can understand if you don't want to do it, and that's ok, we don't have to do any of this. But if you want to stick your cock in my ass, I'm going to need you to do this one little thing for me, okay baby?"

"Uh, sure, uh, what is it?" The guy had practically come already just from talking about it. He'd obviously agree to anything. What was she going to ask him to do?

"I think it's called...'rimming,' baby. I want you to lick me down there, to get my butt ready for you. I want you to lick me out in my ass."

"Uhhhhhhhhhh..." There was a long silence. We could all read his mind—how was he going to get in there without having to do this?

"Look," he said, "I know there's all kinds of lubes..."

"I know baby, but I heard that this not only gets me lubed up, it loosens the muscles, so I'll be more ready to accept such a big...hard...cock—and then it will feel SO good for both of us—okay baby?"

He didn't say anything. The wheels in his head had slipped a gear. She was going to have to set things back in motion. She sat up and turned around, sticking her luscious ass in the air, right in front of him.

"Come on, baby, your choice. If you want this"—and she swayed her ass back and forth sexily—"you have to do a little digging in my pretty little coal mine."

He sat there for a second, but at this point, the die was cast. He was not going to pass up a chance to stick his dick up her ass. Who would? So he tentatively got on his knees, stuck his face down near her rump, and stuck out his tongue.

"Don't worry baby," she cooed, "I just took a shower, remember? It's all nice and squeaky clean for you."

He took this into consideration, hesitating one last second, then made up his mind and gave her rosebud a quick lick with the tip of his tongue. Her whole body shuddered. With that support, he dove in, and quickly started giving her a serious rimming. Now I remembered how she had clenched her ass right after coming out of the shower—she had been saving up my cum in her asshole so it all pooled together down at the bottom! He was not only sucking out her ass juice, but slurping up her whole reservoir of my cum as well.

"Oh god oh god, baby," she squealed. "This is so fucking hot. Oh baby I'm going to come just from this! Keep going, dig in there deep!" And she did come, her body started to wince and shake as his tongue ran like a snake up her hole. She took a second to recover, then she lay him down on his back and sat with her ass on his face, and he sucked some more. Any cum I had left in there was definitely going to drain out right into his mouth!

She kept him at it for a good ten minutes, then relented, and got up.

"Okay honey," she said. "Get ready to be the very first cock to core my sweet apple ass!" He didn't wait for an engraved invitation, that was for sure. He got up and dove right in, sticking his cock all the way in with one stroke, just as I had. He started banging away, and within thirty seconds—even faster than his titty-fuck—he had come. I could see it coming a mile away— his face was in a mask of rapture, like Elijah had come to bring him up to heaven in a fiery chariot. He collapsed on top of her, panting from his rapid-fire exertion.

"Sorry not to last any longer," he said, a little embarassed. "I've just been waiting for that for so long."

"No problem," she said sweetly. "I'm just glad that I was able to give you this little present."

And with that they fell asleep.

Unfortunately, I couldn't really follow suit, in case Justin stumbled into the bathroom at night, and had to stay awake and alert all night.

After several amazingly boring hours, the sun started to rise, and I peeked back in the room. There she was, as hot as ever, one magnificent tit peeking out of the sheets by itself. After a while, Shannon stirred. She gave him a glance, then glanced at the bathroom door, then back at him. She gingerly got up, and tiptoed to the door. She came in, naked as a jaybird, her body so amazing. Her big tits stood proudly on her chest, looking pretty much like the Platonic ideal of knockers. Her face looked so damn cute, and not just because I had such vivid memories of sticking my cock in it, or shooting my cum all over it. She just had this impish grin and glowing eyes that pulled all of my attention straight to her.

"Come on stud," she said. "I want a good fuck." I wasn't going to turn her down any more than he was. I leaned her over the sink, kicked her heels apart like a cop frisking a criminal, and slooooooowly slipped my cock inside her dripping wet pussy.

"Oh motherfucker," she said, as I got my third inch in, "Come on, give it all to me!" She pushed her hips back at me in an attempt to get more inside.

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