tagGroup SexUnexpected Pleasure

Unexpected Pleasure

byRonnie 1946©

I awoke to see her standing in the doorway to my bedroom. She was naked, her lovely curves forming a perfect silhouette framed with the early morning light behind her.

"I want some more of what I had last night," she whispered.

I pushed the covers back, I was also naked, she could see my erection, "Come hear," I said, and she slid her naked body into the bed alongside me.

I had better start at the beginning!

I hadn't been separated long, not that I was pining. Hell, the separation was my doing.

My friends were going on holidays to their time-share unit in Surfers Paradise, on the Queensland Gold Coast.

"Why don't you join us. It's a 2-bedroom unit, right on the beach, plus the complex has 2 spas and 2 swimming pools. You could do with some cheering up."

So there I was, arriving at Coolangatta airport, being met by Ron and Christine.

Ron's a big guy, about 290 pounds and about 6' tall, but obviously overweight.

Chris is mid forties, very attractive 5'5", size 12 with beautiful firm 36c breasts and a gorgeous tight butt. Looks fantastic in tight jeans or shorts and it was tight shorts she was wearing to greet me,

"Glad you made it mate," Ron said.

"Oh shit! He looks like he needs a drink," Chris exclaimed, "You look miserable."

"Do I really look that bad?'

"Come on. Let's get him to the flat and loosen him up."

With that, Chris took my arm in hers, Ron grabbed my bag and off we went to their car.

We arrived at their top floor unit. It was great! Overlooking one of the pool areas and beyond you could see the ocean.

"Hey guys. This is terrific. I didn't realise it was such a great block or such a great spot. We're just across the walkway from the beach and that pool looks fantastic."

"Is he looking at the pool or perving on the bikinis?" Chris asked.

"Both I think," Ron smirked.

I just grinned. Chris had prepared a wonderful seafood and salad lunch. Ron cracked a couple of beers and a glass of chardonnay for Chris and we sat and bantered over lunch.

Later in the afternoon, after a few more drinks we headed down to the pool. I had seen Chris in a swimming costume before, but when she took her robe of at the pool I nearly cracked an instant erection. The top barely contained her 36c breasts, the edge of her aureole showing and the bikini knickers showed she obviously shaved, plus they barely covered the cheeks of her gorgeous butt.

"You don't let her out in public like that do you mate?" I asked Ron.

"He doesn't have anything to do with it," Chris answered. "I'm getting older by the minute and while I've got a body to flaunt I'm going to do it!"

"Wow! You're not going to get any bloody argument out of me," I said. "I'll just perv!"

"There's plenty of other good looking younger chicks to perv on Rob. You don't need to perv on me," Chris laughed.

"I'll be the judge of that Chris. You look good enough to eat!"

But she was right. There were plenty of good looking young chicks to perv on, but they just didn't have what Chris had.

I could feel myself with the beginnings of an erection.

Stop boy, I said to myself. These are your friends. Stop lusting over your mate's wife.

Easy to say but I found my hard on increasing with every second.

"I think I'll go for a swim," and quickly dived into the water. "This'll help," I thought to myself. Help me get this bloody erection down.

I swam about aimlessly, chatting to other holiday makers in the pool, when I felt something touch my upper thigh. Startled, I looked around.

"Got it under control now, big boy?" Chris grinned. "And I wasn't referring to your height when I said big boy," she smirked.

"Don't know what you mean," I stammered, thinking, is she coming on to me, or what? These people are my very good friends. Sure we've had sexual banter before, as a lot of adults do, but it's only ever been joking, or so I thought.

Chris just gave me a lazy smile and swam back to the pool edge.

"Time to think about dinner, methinks," she said out loud. "Come on you pair. Let's go eat and drink more wine."

Ron lifted his large frame out of the sun lounge and I hauled myself out of the pool, my cock now back to normal, thanks to the cold water.

I was on the balcony, after showering and changing into a pair of shorts, firing up the barbecue, when Chris re-appeared. She was wearing a little sun dress, the sort with thin straps over the shoulder and is fitted under the boobs, so obviously no bra. The dress material was very light and semi transparent. I was pretty sure she only had on a G-string underneath. She'd obviously taken time with her make-up and was wearing a very sensual perfume.

"Wow. You smell great. That's a very sexy perfume you're wearing!" I exclaimed.

"So I should. It's the one you bought for me for my birthday and I love it. You're right, it just smells so sexy and it makes me feel horny."

I grinned at her, a little nervously, and started the cooking on the barby. (That's Aussie slang for barbecue)

After we'd finished dinner Ron suggested a little board game, warning me it was one of the more risque type of games.

"I'm game if you are," I grinned, "No pun intended."

Chris glanced at me sideways with a slight smirk on her face and said nothing.

Ron was right. The game was very risque! It involved performing some acts when you answered a question incorrectly or having someone else perform acts when you answered correctly. You started by getting people to remove articles of clothing and as Ron and I were only wearing shorts it wasn't long before he and I were both naked and Chris was only wearing a G-string.

The sight of Chris' beautiful 36C tits, with their hardened nipples, sitting opposite me at the table was difficult enough. But when she got up to get us all a drink, it was her turn, and I saw her sheer lace G-string covering her shaved mound, I gave up and let my cock stiffen to it's full hardness.

"Wow! Are you pleased to see me big boy?" she asked as she put down my drink.

"What do you think?" I growled. "I'm only bloody human. If you think I can get this to go down when you're undressed like that, you'd better think again."

"Oh, I don't want it to go down baby," she cooed and wrapped her hand around my shaved member, "In fact, the harder the better." She then bent her face down to mine, placed her lips on mine and slipped her tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately.

After what seemed a very long time Chris pulled her lips away from mine. I glanced across at Ron not knowing what expect. He just grinned at me, "Go for it mate. It's what she wants."

Chris plonked herself down on my lap, entwined her arms around my neck, lowered her face down to mine and whispered "Take me to bed and make love to me. Please."

She stood up, took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

I stopped her as she went to lie on the bed, turned her to face me. I looked her up and down, drinking in her beauty. Her proud attractive face, now looking quizzically at me. Her slender neck, her beautiful full breasts, nipples hardened with desire. Her slim waist fanning out to her very flat stomach. The flimsy bit of lacy material covering her shaved pussy, the V of her crutch parting to the start of her long shapely legs. The mother of two grown up children, this is one hell of an attractive women.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" I asked.

"I've never been surer," she smiled.

I reached my arms out and drew her to me, kissed her deeply and passionately. She responded and kissed me back, her hand dropping down to grasp my throbbing cock.

"Will you please put that beautiful thing inside me?"

"Don't be impatient young lady. I want you to remember this for the rest of your life."

I lowered Chris to the bed and lay down beside. I kissed her forehead, her eyelids, her eyes, her nose, her lips. We kissed passionately, our tongues intertwining, our mouths glued to each other. I kissed her shapely neck as my hand travelled over her body. I marvelled at the smoothness of her breasts, the fullness of them, the hardness of her erect nipples as I gently squeezed each one in turn.

Her soft moans directed me to keep my hands caressing her body. I trailed my fingers down across her flat stomach, over her lace-covered mound, my fingers brushing over her vagina lips as they trailed down her shapely legs.

I moved down the bed so my face was at her feet. I lifted one foot and gently sucked on her toes, each one in turn. I trailed my mouth up the inside of her thigh until I reached the lace. I then lapped at her slit through the fabric of her G-string. She was very wet and I sucked the moisture from her through the lace. I moved my face back slightly and slipped my hand under the edge of her G-string, gently caressing the lips to her opening with my fingers. Her moans and the wetness of her slit convinced me this was definitely what she wanted.

My cock was aching to be inside her.

I gently tugged at the sides of her G-string. She lifted her buttocks up to allow me to slide the fabric down and off. As soon as her panties were off she parted her legs to allow me to enter her. But I quickly lowered my mouth to her slit and started lapping at her wetness. I ploughed my tongue as deeply as I could into her cunt. Her hips were moving up and down against my mouth, her moaning getting louder and louder.

I flicked her clit with my tongue and gently nibbled at it with my teeth. She cried out and orgasmed.

When her trembling subsided and her breathing got back to normal I gently started lapping at her dripping pussy again.

"Oh no more please. Just put your cock inside me. Pleeeasse!"

Not wanting to be one to disappoint a lady I obliged. I pushed her knees apart and knelt between her open thighs. Her cunt was glistening from her own juices. I pushed the head of my cock against her wet pussy lips and slid slowly into her waiting opening.

I watched her face as I slid all the way in, the base of my shaved prick rubbing against her exposed clit as I reached the depths of her cunt. Her look of pleasure as I entered her gave way to one of bewilderment, then shock as her pussy tightened around my shaft and she orgasmed, crying out in almost disbelief as her body shook and her juices washed over my shaft deep inside her.

She looked at me, slightly bewildered. "I never come like that, or so quickly. In fact, most times I don't come at all."

"Well sweetheart, we've only just begun and you are going to come again and again and again."

And she did!

Later, as we were lying there in the after-glow and after I had emptied my sperm into her receptive pussy, Ron appeared beside the bed.

"Satisfied honey?" As he spoke he dropped his hand onto her sopping wet cunt. "Hmm, very, I would think." He said. Then he slipped his fingers into her cunt.

Chris moaned and my cock started to stiffen again.

"Why don't you suck Rob's cock while I finger you sweetheart."

Chris immediately turned around on the bed, got up onto her knees and bent down and took my hardened cock, still wet with our juices, into her mouth. She went right to the base then slowly sucked up to the head, her tongue sliding around under the rim of my circumcised dick. She probed at the eye with her tongue, the slipped her lips of the head and down the outside of my shaft to my balls. She took each one in her mouth in turn, sucking them gently, her hand gripping my shaft as she sucked.

Chris kept repeating this action 'til I cried out.

"Chris. No more babe or I'll cum in your mouth."

"She'd like that, wouldn't you honey?" Ron asked.

Chris just nodded and kept sucking.

"But I think she needs a good arse fuck. She hasn't one as big as yours in her arse and I want to see if she can take it."

Now I'm not exactly huge. Just an average 6" but my cock is very thick. My ex used to love anal sex but I'd really have to open her up with fingers and vibrators before I could enter her.

Chris didn't say a word. She just turned around, got onto all fours, faced the edge of the bed and took her husbands cock in her mouth.

I looked around for some lubricant and there on the bedside table was a bottle of "Wet Stuff" a very effective water based lube.

I smeared some on and around Chris' gorgeous arsehole, my finger probing her sphincter. She moaned as she sucked on Ron's cock.

I placed my hands on her sexy hips, pushed my knob against her anus and gently pressed forward. My cock head pushed harder at her resistance.

"No! Stop! I can't take you. You're too big!" Chris cried.

"Yes you can honey. Just relax your muscles and Rob will slide in easily." Ron said.

I started to pull away but Ron said "Give it to her mate. She can handle it."

I saw the look of lust in his eyes and realised this was turning him on. Probably as much as me.

I eased forward again, my knob again at her anal opening. This time there was less resistance and I felt the head of my cock start to enter her anus. Chris started to clench her arse muscles and again my entry was stopped. But this time I had the head of my cock just inside her.

Lightly stroking her lovely back and caressing her buttocks, I said "Relax baby. Just relax. I won't penetrate any further 'til you're ready. I'll just leave my cock where it's at. You can decide when you want more."

Chris nodded, her mouth back on Ron's cock and just kept sucking him. A few moments later I felt her anal canal relax a little, but still I stayed where I was. Chris very gently began to push back onto me, my cock penetrating very slowly further into her depths. Her breathing becoming ragged she pushed back harder and I pushed forward 'til very quickly my balls were resting against her pussy lips.

I started to pump in and out of her slowly at first but I could tell by her responsiveness that she was trying to quicken the pace. She was moaning incoherently now, her mouth sucking furiously on Ron's cock.

She took her mouth off Ron's cock and screamed "Fuck me hard! Give me all of that cock of yours up my arse! Fuck me! Fuck my arse hard! Just fuck me!!!!!"

I didn't need any further encouragement believe me. I ploughed my cock in and out of her, slamming the full length of it into her arsehole, my balls slapping against her cunt with every thrust. She was totally incoherent now. Her moans, screams and obscenities partially muffled by Ron's cock in her mouth. Her body was responding as if she had absolutely no control over it.

I felt her stiffen and she let go of Ron's cock and just screamed.

"Oh fuck! I'm coming!"

Ron started pulling on his cock. I could see he was about to spurt his sperm. Chris' body was shaking all over, racked with spasm after spasm of her orgasm.

Ron's cock began to spurt, the first jet landing on Chris' back, then in her hair and on her face.

This was enough to send me over the edge. I felt a powerful orgasm sweep over me as I erupted and sent what felt like torrents of hot cum deep into Chris' bowels. She stiffened, screamed and orgasmed again, even more violently this time. Her body totally out of control with spasms and violent shaking.

I was still pumping the remainder of my cum into her when she collapsed face down onto the bed. With my cock still impaled in her and her arse muscles still clenching it, I fell on top of her.

We lay still joined together, her body still twitching, as Ron coaxed the last of his sperm out of his cock with his hand.

After a few minutes, I still couldn't remove my cock from Chris' arse, her muscles still were clamped very tightly around my member, she spoke softly.

"That was the most intense, orgasmic feeling I've had in all of my 46 years. I've had some wonderful fucking with my hubby, but nothing could ever match what I have just experienced. Thank you, Rob."

"Honey, don't you thank me. To share you with Ron was beyond my wildest dreams. I have always admired you and thought what a lucky bloke Ron was. Now I know just how lucky he is."

"Correction mate," Ron Said "We are! 'Cause if I know my wife, this won't be the last time. Will it honey?"

Chris turned to look at me and smiled.

So there she was, naked alongside me, in my bed in the early morning.

We held each other in a tight embrace and I whispered, "I don't want to come between you and Ron honey. You two are my dearest friends. You've been there for me, throughout this mess with Catherine, and I wouldn't do anything to destroy that friendship."

"You won't," she said softly, "What happened last night is something I've fantasised about ever since Ron raised the idea of having a threesome, with another male, years ago. I said then, I would only be a part of it, with someone I really cared about. You know I've always cared about you. What I didn't realise was just how wongerful it would be. You've taken me to heights I've never been sexually and I want to keep experiencing that pleasure. Ron knows I'm here now. It was he who suggested we seduce you and it was he who said to me, this morning, to come to you. Not that I needed any encouragement!"

I had been gently stroking her lovely body as she spoke. Her hand dropped to my erection.

"Now are you going to put that lovely thing inside me or am I going to have to help myself?" she smiled.

"Where do you want it babe? Pussy or?"

"I'll have it in my pussy thank you. I don't think my butt would be able to handle that treatment again. Well not for a couple of days anyway!"

As I lowered myself between her beautiful spread thighs, I slid my cock into her wet and waiting pussy, I said, "Sweetheart, this has been the most wonderful, unexpected pleasure!"

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