tagMind ControlUnexpected Therapy

Unexpected Therapy


The office was on the first floor. The sign on the door; Doctor Rosenberg. The patient glanced at it before walking in and noticed the receptionist was a different woman to last week.

"Good morning. I'm here for my 10-o-clock appointment."

"Ah yes. Take a seat and I'll let the doctor know you are here."

Doctor Rosenberg knew this patient was the one; this was clear from the very first visit, but the experiment could not be rushed. It had to be done properly, over a decent period, to increase the chances of a successful outcome. The time for a major step forward was near; today in fact. The groundwork had been completed last week with the patient placed under hypnosis. Early signs were promising judging by the susceptibility to suggestion shown, even when not deeply under. A trigger phrase had also been planted to remove the need for repeated hypnosis.

"Would you like coffee?"

"Yes please, doctor."

That was a small problem out of the way. The drug, to help lower inhibitions, had to be administered and the coffee was a convenient method. It was only a mild dose; a complement to prior hypnosis and the beverage would mask any odd taste the patient may otherwise discern. But...

"Now, what did I tell you before about using first names?"

"Sorry, doctor...sorry...it's...I'm not used to such informality."

"Yes, I know. But remember...if we are to succeed with this, you must learn to relax more and be less formal with people."

While the drug was taking effect, the progress thus far was reviewed.

"...and finally, I need you to read and sign this."

"Another one? Didn't I sign one last week?"

"You must remember, this treatment is...experimental. My methods are somewhat unorthodox. It helps if there is a record of your agreement every step of the way."

"Well...okay. Here you are..."

"No...no...it is important that you actually read it. It is necessary for the treatment."

The document, read and signed...and containing the all important 'trigger' phrase...was filed in the case notes. The session could begin.

"Now then, Lucy. Come around to the side of the desk and let me look at you."

She stood and smoothed her skirt down; taking her place as directed. He looked her up and down, detecting a little apprehension as she felt his gaze upon her. She wore two inch heels and grey panty-hose or stockings; he couldn't tell. He'd find out soon enough, he knew. Her skirt was plain and matched her jacket, without quite being a business suit. Her hair was long and blonde; contrasting with the darkness of her jacket as the tresses nestled on her shoulders. He took in her appearance; quite business-like and yet, strangely sexy. He noticed her breasts heaving as she breathed nervously. Soon he would see them when he had her remove her clothing for him.

He reached out and touched her thigh. She pulled back a little, in surprise. "Lucy..." he began in admonishing tones. She stepped forward almost instantly, allowing his hand on her thigh again. It moved up, then down to the hem of her skirt, sliding underneath. Slowly, it inched upward and he became aware of her trembling slightly as his fingers found bare skin. Stockings! He felt his cock stirring.

His other hand moved under her skirt to her stocking-top and he spread his fingers out wide over her thighs, making circling movements over her skin. Not just stockings, he realised, but hold-ups too! His cock twitched in anticipation. She would look so good bending over the desk. Before he fucked her. It was good to be so in control of someone like this. But it was time for her to undress for him. "Take off your jacket, Lucy." He said it so flatly. There was no room for discussion and she found herself complying as she began unbuttoning for him.

She removed her jacket and he told her to put it over the back of her chair. Moving his chair around to the side of the desk, he told her to slip out of her skirt. He gasped when she did so. Her panties were minuscule; just a small patch at the front and a thin strip at the back. The top that looked so conventional when her jacket was done up was a flimsy garment with spaghetti straps and the material scarcely waist length. It rose up, revealing her midriff, as she shook her skirt before placing it alongside her jacket. He was stunned. How could this woman appear so prim and proper on the outside and look so gorgeous underneath? He had to see more; much more.

"Very good, Lucy. Now take off your top."

Again, the slight hesitancy. He gave her a steely look and she took hold of the material. "No...wait," he began. "I have a better idea. I shall remove it." He stood up and walked towards her. "Lift your arms up." She did so as he placed his hands on her sides. The top rode up once more, this time barely concealing her bra-covered breasts. He wondered what sort of bra she wore. Would it match her panties? It didn't really matter as it would be off soon. His hands moved up until his fingers found her bra and his thumbs ran over the cups. He could just about feel the presence of her nipples through the material and he rubbed. Lucy breathed in sharply and he could feel her nipples hardening.

Taking hold of the hem of her top, he slid it up, over and off. And there she stood, before him; in nothing but bra, panties, stockings and shoes. The bra didn't match. How could it? Her panties were practically non existent, but her bra had a job to do. Her breasts were quite large and needed the support her push-up bra gave. But he had her remove it and her breasts pushed out delightfully as her hands reached for the clasp.

- - -

The doctor was pleased with the way things were going; even if there were one or two surprises. The case notes would need to be written up with great care.

- - -

Lucy was very aware of her stiffened nipples as she stood by the desk, hands instinctively covering her breasts. But she knew what she had to do and she lowered her hands as he was about to speak. It wasn't what she expected to hear. "Walk over to that table!" he almost barked the instruction. She walked. "Pour some water from that jug and bring it to me." He was thirsty; maybe the excitement of the situation was dehydrating him. Whatever, he was seriously turned on now as he watched her unfettered tits bouncing as she walked back to the desk.

He gulped from the glass as Lucy stood; appearing to wait for his next directive. He gave it. "Sit on the desk."

She remembered what was said about using first names and responded appropriately. "Like this, John?"

She did as he instructed and immediately felt his hands on her. He stroked her breasts, gently squeezing them. She sucked her breath in sharply as he grasped her nipples and pinched them. She nearly backed away just as he released them and fastened his lips around the nubs. "Aaahh..." she exhaled. Her breasts were so sensitive as he nibbled gently with his teeth. She gasped and sighed as he sucked, nibbled and even bit her; nearly bringing an objection from her. But before she could complain he moved his hands to her shoulders, guiding her to her knees beside the desk. "Unzip me." It didn't surprise her.

What would her husband say if he knew? But she was unable to stop herself as trembling hands reached for him. She felt his hard penis under one hand as the fingers of the other slid his zipper down. As she wondered if he'd tell her to take it out for him, he took a small step back. Her hands dropped to her thighs as she rested on her haunches and looked up at him questioningly.

He reached into his fly and pulled out a large, stiff cock. "Touch it," he told her. But she couldn't reach it with him having stepped back so she moved forward. As she reached again, he retreated. Again she moved forward; again he stepped back. Damn, she thought, he has me on my knees chasing his cock!

And then he was backed up against the desk as her fingers made contact. She held him, fingers encircling his cock. Maybe it was because she was really close and on her knees before him, but it looked enormous. She noted the pre-cum on its tip and found herself wanting to lick it. But it was for him to dictate proceedings, not her. He did so by telling her to masturbate him.

It felt wonderful to him. His cock was already stiff and throbbing when this near naked woman was on her knees. He hadn't trusted himself not to cum if she'd been the one to get it out and not him. And now the feeling was exquisite as her hand slid back and forth along his shaft. He knew he wouldn't last much longer and there was a little more to do. "Stand up" he said, taking her hand in his and helping her to her feet. "Remove your panties."

The hesitancy was there again. Was this right? Why was she responding to him this way? She thought about her panties. They were her last line of protection; her final barrier. Once removed, there could be no going back. But did she really have a choice with him, now that things had come so far?

No. She had to go on. And so she slid her panties down her thighs, exposing her pussy to his lustful gaze.

He practically jumped on her, pushing her back against the desk. The move surprised her; so much that it nearly jolted her back to reality. But his head was between her thighs and his mouth was already against her pussy. What little willpower she may have regained disappeared as he lapped and licked her cunt and she thrust her hips up to meet his oral onslaught. She clutched his head against her as she writhed in pleasure. Just as she felt she at least had some control in holding his head where she wanted it, he pulled away.

Slumped back on the desk, flailing legs, she stared as he pulled himself to his full height. Her eyes were drawn to his upwardly curving cock, swaying stiffly, as it moved ever closer to her cunt. She felt it against her inner thigh, almost prodding her as his hands found her opening. She felt it slide along her flesh until its head was easing its way into her. He pushed, forcing his cock part-way inside her before pulling out. She gasped as he thrust back, impaling her with the full length of his hard cock. He fucked her with long strokes. Slow strokes. Fast strokes. Hard strokes. She loved the hard ones and was experiencing her orgasm even before she wrapped her legs around him; trying to pull him in deeper.

Somehow, he had gained some control. Minutes earlier, he was near ejaculation and now he was between her thighs, still pumping his cock inside her. She was cumming again as she felt his thrusts. "Fuck me! Yes...John...Fuck me..."

He felt it begin. There was no way he could stop it now. It was like an electric charge building from his groin and quickly shooting through his cock as spurt after spurt of his semen coated the inner walls of her cunt and he slumped against her, drained.

- - -

The doctor was double checking the case notes to make sure nothing had been omitted:

There was the history of a major lack of confidence and the record of sessions with the patient under hypnosis.

For obvious reasons there was not too much information about the sessions that followed the hypnosis; just numerous references to how confidence had grown with each subsequent session.

The report had also been completed. There was more detail in that document. There had to be, to better the chances of further funding for the research project. It was controversial, certainly. Many of the well funded projects often were. It just needed the doctor's signature. So she signed it...in rounded letters. Lucy Rosenberg.

There were other possibilities of raising money should she fail. The drug she administered to the patient...well she knew about the thirst-making side effect but each time she had manipulated him into the situation where he believed he was in control, she had been surprised by how dominant he became. Maybe there was a market for a drug to boost self esteem.

She also recognised that several times John appeared to be on the verge of cumming but was then able to delay his ejaculation and she knew there was definitely a market for that!

As ever...don't forget to vote...feedback is also much appreciated.

Thanks, too, to my editor...LadyCibelle.

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