tagSci-Fi & FantasyUnfettered Ch. 02

Unfettered Ch. 02


Sweat dripped from Germanica's naked body, droplets running over the ornate vine tattoos which wrapped around her right arm and breast. Her powerful thighs tightened as she moved her body atop the exhausted slave beneath her. He was a large, well-muscled man, selected for obedience and stamina, both of which he was coming up short in at this particular moment. He had been ordered not to stop until she was satisfied, which she was decidedly not, furiously rocking her hips against his engorged cock, which was tied at the base with hemp rope to prevent it from going as limp as the rest of his body. His eyes were rolled into the back of his head, and his breaths were short. His tanned, well-build chest was covered in long red streaks and cuts where Germanica had put the lash to him in an effort to motivate him to continue, but now she was growing frustrated. She pushed herself down harder onto his shaft, her engorged clitoris rubbing against the rope at the base, giving no thought to the weak moans of pain the collared servant gave out every time she put her weight against him.

"Pathetic... Just awful." she disdainfully shouted in at the slave as she whipped back her head, making her long blonde locks fall behind her shoulders. "I'd be better off seeking a well-endowed puppet."

Obviously, her taunts fell to deaf ears, the slave making only the same weak moans as she continued to bear down upon him. Only when she heard the echo of the large iron door to her chambers being unlocked did she slow down at all.

Livia walked barefoot along to cold marble floor through the gates. She was dressed in a silk blue veil which obscured her face, and nothing else. Caelum was but a step behind her, equally bare except for his iron collar, the entirety of his naked form exposed. Neither of them showed any shame or apprehension for being exposed as they made their way to the woman before them.

Germanica stood, slipping herself off of the slave's shaft. It quivered, veins protruding from the excess of trapped blood. She reached for the cord which pound it and hooked her fingers underneath it, ripping the binding around the man's genitals free. He let out a weak moan of agony and release as his seed shot into the air below her, scattering onto the man's tanned body and along the floor beneath him.

"So you were today?" Germanica said apathetically to the two entering her chambers and turned away from her servant to face them.

"We had sent the messengers over a week ago." Livia's gentle, confidant voice echoed through the room from behind her veil. Germanica made the two steps it took to get to the table at the center of the room. She leaned forward to pick up a great ebony wine bowl from it, and raised it to her lips. She shut her eyes and took a long drink from it, letting out a satisfied murmur as she enjoyed the flavor, without any care about the drops which spilled, pouring across her face and staining her breasts. She let the empty bowl drop to the floor and wiped the wine from her lips. "Yes, I received it. I've just long since stopped being aware of the passing of days here." She clapped her hands and a pair of collared servants rushed through the great iron doors from behind Caelum and Livia, one stooping to pick up the bowl and clean the semen from the floor, while the other tended to wiping the red wine which had spilled over Germanica's body. "You'll have to forgive me. I was so bored, I'd assumed it had just been an hour, because it felt like a month."

"Time is a valuable asset, my lady." Livia said respectfully. "Even the wealthy and powerful should be wary when they lose track of it."

"Mmm, I've already had far more than my fill of it." Germanica said with a bored slur. The two servants had now taken Germanica's unconscious victim by the legs and began to drag him from the room. "It's always the same. Blood, death, wine, women, men... food..." she sighed, "all we have is more of the same. After enough of it, it all just tastes like bitter grain and stagnant water." her head turned to directly look to Livia.

"But you'd know, wouldn't you? How dreary the world is, once you've even seen half of it? Lady of the House of Livy..."

Livia raised her arms to part her veil, revealing her fair face. "I know that with much resource and no purpose, we still end up with nothing." her green eyes darted to the floor. "Except perhaps the wrath of the envious. But you're beyond even that now aren't you, Barbarian Princess?"

Germanica let out a high cackle as she came nearer to her guests, a drunken swagger in her steps. "Barbarian Princess? Is that what they call me now? The little specks, they come up with such creative names, don't they? They play with words that have no meaning, and no application..." she came very close to Livia, glancing at Caelum for only a moment before bringing herself closer to his Mistress until she had a hand on her cheek. Livia didn't even move, unfazed by this woman's sudden encroachment upon her space. Germanica spoke, the sweet scent of wine and elysium flower on her breath "Do you know what they call you?"

"I should hope..." she replied, gazing directly into Germanica's dark blue eyes, "that they call me a dead woman."

"The regicide's widow!" Germanica dropped her hand from Livia's face and lightly stepped back. "Posthumously, of course... Except to those who know who see the truth. What an interesting name... So full of meaning! Tragic loss, for both the self and the state! And the hidden truth behind it." she rolled her eyes a bit as her body slowly slinked to Livia's left, towards Caelum. "Your life isn't boring, my lady... It never was. Dear Livy would never have allowed that, living or dead." She stepped towards Caelum and touched a finger to his chest, trailing it along the well-defined crease of his pectorals, "And you've brought a little piece of that zest from your life to mine." she spoke to Livia, though her gaze was fixed on Caelum. "You've finally brought me that resource I've so coveted, haven't you?" her fingers crawled along the taut muscles on his stomach, creeping down to his navel. "In exchange for something greater."

"Only for a few days." Livia reminded her, "A small loan, for a token service from your organization."

Germanica ran her tongue across her lips as she appraised Caelum, lightly brushing her fingertip down his flaccid shaft. "An azureal... When they falsely claimed that all of Livy's Harem was dead... I almost remembered how to cry." she ran her gaze from his thighs up to his face. "I would have paid anything to have the late imperial consort alive."

"And so you shall." Livia answered, "For a pittance. As per our agreement, intercept any messengers from the eastern road. Don't let any news of Lord Aurelius' death, or of our presence into the Province." "And you can have a perhaps a few moments to alleviate your boredom."

"Are you sure you won't sell him?" Germanica came closer to Caelum and ran her fingers through his steely grey hair. He stood motionless, declining to respond to her touch, either in acceptance or denial. "I would so like to have one on a permanent basis. I could make you very rich... Enough to easily ruin your enemies."

Livia shook her head slowly, her black hair falling across her shoulders with the movement. "You know that my enemies are beyond even your means... And I yet have use for Caelum." she smiled affectionately and looked to her servant. "The next few days is all I can spare."

"A pity..." Germanica lazily frowned and stepped away from Caelum. "Though he might not even make it so long. So rare and expensive, I'm sure that at least a handful of their rumored traits are nothing but fictions."

"He will last you for your purposes." Livia said assuredly, "I won't hold you responsible if he fails to. But I expect you to keep your end of the bargain."

"It is nothing to me." Germanica replied, "My scouts monitor all messages passing the road. It won't even cost us."

"Then we're both in luck, aren't we?" Livia turned a bit, and stood on her toes to place a light kiss upon Caelum's cheek, her red lips moving to his ear and whispering "Do whatever she wills."

"Yes, my lady." Caelum finally spoke, his clear, resonant voice filling the room.

"Mmm...!" Germanica excitedly cooed, "So that's what they sound like."

"I've business in the city." Livia said while she turned to the great iron doors. "I'll likely be in the hot springs, if you need to contact me with news." she walked towards the room's exit without any kind of farewell, disappearing through the iron doors.

"Shut it!" Germanica yelled. The doors creaked, and slammed shut. She resumed her advances on Caelum.

"You know..." she said mischievously, "Since the house of Livy has been dissolved, she really holds no sway over you. You could bargain your own time with me, if that's what you desire."

"I desire what my mistress does." Caelum replied. Germanica stepped even closer, her great, firm breasts pressing against him as she put an arm around him and raked her nails along his flesh. she put her lips to his neck and grazed it with her teeth.

"Well then," her breath tickled his neck as her other hand slid between his legs, her fingers dancing along the warm, swelling organ "We'd best make use of the time we have." as it hardened sufficiently, she clasped her hand around it. "Fast, aren't we?

Caelum slowly exhaled, allowing himself to relax enough that his blood could flow freely. "It is to your will, my lady."

Germanica squeezed the rigid shaft in her hand, the bluish sheen now fully apparent at its complete growth, rubbing it with slight movements of the wrist. "Adequate heat and flow... Firm enough to withstand labor..." she squeezed harder, "And yet flexible enough to survive it." Germanica slid to her knees, eye-level with the engorged head of his cock. She leaned forward and wrapped her lips around it, her tongue dexterously circling it. Caelum made no sound, but his stiffness twitched against her lips. She pushed her head down the shaft and reached around to grasp his buttocks and thighs, bracing herself as she filled her mouth with him. When the head was just hitting the back of her throat, she moved her neck back, dragging her lips up the length of it, her lips smacking as she let it free.

"Mmm... The flavor, it's so unique." She licked her lips, and then lowered her head and put her lips to his scrotum and brought her tongue up along its underside, then brought herself closer as she licked across the head. She brought her hands back to either side of her heavy breasts and pushed her bosom close to Caelum, wrapping them around his cock and rocking her body up and down. Small amounts of fluid trickled from his tip as Germanica's tongue traced around it while she rubbed him with her breasts rhythmically.

"How does that feel?" Germanica said breathily between licks, "You can hide it all you like, but I know you're enjoying this..."

"You are..." Caelum gasped at the feeling of her breasts and tongue working in unision. "You are quite skilled, my lady.

Germanica pushed her breasts harder together, the firm flesh squeezing him from all sides while moving. "You can enjoy it with me. It's not like you're planning to kill me like those moronic cuckold noblemen."

Germanica's breasts glided across Caelum's rigid flesh, now wet with the slick fluid which came from him with virtually every movement of her mouth and body. "You should never turn down an opportunity to pleasure. Sooner or later, you just stop feeling it."

Caelum found himself grinding his hips against Germanica's body, her words barely apparent to him as he felt himself drawn into this woman's sexual intensity. The heat exchanged between her breasts and his cock was making him sweat. His muscles tensed as he pushed himself forward and she brought her lips around his head, and let it slip out with her tongue when he drew back. For the first time in quite a while, Caelum was feeling overwhelmed, and needed his full concentration to keep himself from losing control.

"Let some out..." Germanica urged him as she shimmied with her body while rolling her hands along her breast, pushing them harder along his throbbing cock. "Not too much... Just a taste." Caelum's violet eyes rolled into the back of his head as he released the violent tension in his lower body, and a burst of hot semen shot forth, some hitting Germanica's lips and mouth, and some falling to scatter on her breasts. Caelum let out a sharp groan as another wave rushed forth and struck her cheek. At this point Caelum tensed his body, knowing he needed to cease in spite of the continuing stimulation from Germanica's body. He felt a powerful ache as his muscles held off the third gushing wave, and inhaled powerfully. Germanica wickedly grinned as she watched Caelum suffer in his attempt to comply with her demands.

"Oh, come on..." she said maliciously as she dragged her tongue along the slit, tasting the sweet, almost floral taste of the seed along it. "You want to let out so much more, don't you?" the pace with which she rocked her breasts up and down along his cock quickened greatly as she tried to coax him into a continued orgasm. Caelum let out a cry as his resolve weakened for a moment and a third wave spurted forth onto Germanica's chest. Immediately after, he felt his muscles relax, and suppressed his arousal in the way he was trained to do.

Germanica giggled cruelly, "Nicely done. She licked her from his lips and relaxed the grip of her breasts around him. His cock twitched against her. "Almost too much. Almost."

She slid up against him, almost as tall as him, and leaned in to bite his earlobe.

"Now..." She whispered, "Come to my bedchambers."

Hot, wispy vapors rose from the rocks and the water of the natural hot springs the Trader's city boasted, rising into the clear night skies above. Livia leaned against the warm stone, submerged to her breasts in the warm water. She let out a satisfied hum as she felt the warmth spread through her. Her robes were draped along the rocks next to the chiseled stone steps into the spring. Next to her there was a kettle of tea, along with two cups, as yet unfilled. Her eyes flitted shut for a few moments as she let the feeling sink in. A figure arrived along the path, his silhouette slowly turning into a distinguishable shape. It was a tall, rugged man, with dark blonde hair and tanned skin. He was broad shouldered and sharply muscled, dressed in decorated armor, with a short blade sheathed at his side. As he stepped closer, he began to unbuckle his armor, letting it fall to the ground beneath him, leaving him in his greaves and tunic. Livia watched as he carefully undressed himself, resting his weapon atop his clothing when he was finished. His muscles were large, forged in battle rather than through intent, and there were numerous scars in various places along his body. His member was large and thick, even in its lax state. He dipped his body into the spring as his dark hazel eyes cast upon Livia. She smiled, her lips long since washed of makeup.

"Commander Arminius." she respectfully nodded to him.

"Lady Livia." Arminius acknowledged her, "It is so good to see you, alive and well."

"You as well." Livia answered sweetly, "Of the two of us, I dare say I am the one who is faced with death considerably less." she turned around to faced the tea set, flipping the porcelain cups and then slowly filling each one.

"Even so, that is no life for a lady." Arminius swam up next to Livia and propped himself against the warm stones, facing in the same direction as her. She handed him a cup of tea with one hand as she lifted the remaining one with the other.

"What happened to me is nothing." she brought the cup of warm liquid to her lips and took in the sweet aroma. "What happened to my husband, and to the Empress... That is what I cannot forgive."

"If my troops had been in the capitol, my lady..." Arminius said, looking into her enchanting green eyes with intent, "I swear, I would have marched on the houses of the Regents and taken Castor's head myself."

Livia smiled, and pushed a wet lock of dark hair from her face. Her cheeks were flushed from the steam which filled the springs. "And doubtless, you would have been executed as a traitor like all those who showed loyalty to my husband." She swam a bit closer to him, her petite form totally cast under the shadow of his body. He looked down upon her naked body, at least what amount could be seen in the water, and smiled.

"There was a time when I would have been executed just for seeing you like this." He rested his cup and came closer to her. Livia's erect nipples brushed against his rough, bare skin in the warm water. She pushed herself further against him, their bodies slick with sweat and condensation.

Livia gently put down her own cup of tea and ran her fingertips along Arminius' muscled arms. She squeezed it, letting out a moan of admiration as its firmness which, contrived as it might have been, clearly heightened the man's desire for this woman. "A man as brave and strong as you, surely you would have risked it even then." she pressed her palm against his chest, wiping beads of sweat from the hair upon it.

Arminius groaned at her touch, but nonetheless managed a reply. "Livy was a man I respected above all others... As a statesman and tactician, he was flawless." The soldier brought one of his great, powerful arms around the woman's body to embrace her. "But above all his talents, was his ability to recognize beautiful things." he smiled a he looked down upon her, admiring her face, bare of any painting, flushed and sweaty in the misty veils of the hot springs. Her eyes gleamed expectantly up at him, and he lowered his head level to hers. Both of them dived into a passionate kiss, Arminius gripping her tightly in the water as he pressed his lips to hers. The contrast of textures was striking to both of them, his lips so rough and weathered, surrounded by the stubble of his face, and hers soft and graceful. When his tongue glided between them, they were silken and sweet, making him pause for a moment. Livia accepted him into her mouth, her skilled tongue dancing along his as she took him close. His body pressed against hers, she felt him swelling against her navel. She pushed against his chest ever so gently, and he broke the kiss, slowly pulling away, both their lips wet with steam and saliva.

"So even as a mercenary, I can count on your continued loyalty?" she trailed a finger along his chest, moving in a circle around the areola of his right nipple. Arminius shuddered, captivated by the woman's touch.

"Lady Livia..." he gasped, "To have come this close to you as I already have, I would forfeit my life one hundred times over."

Livia smiled sweetly as her fingers tickled along the side of the man's neck "Nothing so drastic. Not your life, anyway." her fingers ran into his hair, and she drew him forward again for another kiss. Her eyes fluttered shut just as her lips were upon his, and one of her slender, pale hands dipped deep into the hot spring to reach between his legs. Arminius let out a grunt as she touched him, his shaft having grown considerably in length and girth, the latter to the point that Livia's fingers could not totally close around it. She gripped him tight in her hand, the warmth on her fingers apparent even submerged in the springs. She moved her hand back and forth, ever so slightly, starting with just the wrist, and then broadening her strokes until she was moving her hand up and down the entire great length of his rod. Her tongue pushed against his, and he held her closer again. His hand pressed against the small of her back beneath the water and slid southwards. He sensually ran his palm down along the shapely curve of her buttock and along her thigh. Livia squirmed in his touch and let out a noise of feigned surprise as he lifted her out of the water. She released his fully engorged tool and climbed onto him, wrapping her legs around his waist tightly, her wet slit now pressed against his hard stomach.

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