tagAnalUnfolding Ch. 05

Unfolding Ch. 05


"We're not going to leave this room at all, are we?" I murmured, feeling Jack's hand moving up from the back of my knee to my thigh under the covers. I couldn't remember the last time we had taken a nap together in the middle of the afternoon, and the late-afternoon sun peeking through the heavy curtains felt decadent, a rich, sweet indulgence.

"That was my plan," he agreed, bridging the distance between us on the huge, king size bed. I smiled when his body met mine and he pulled me close, tucking my hips and bottom against him, snug and warm.

"What else do you have planned?" I bit my lip, moving my behind against his crotch. I couldn't remember the last time we had indulged in this much pleasure, either, come to think of it.

"You're going to find out," he assured me, sliding his hand over the swell of my ass, his finger slipping between the crack. I gasped and wiggled when he found the sensitive flesh of my asshole, just rubbing there, around and around.

I felt as if my body had been keeping secrets, and now it was revealing just how much pleasure it was really capable of.

"But I will tell you," he went on, his breath tickling my ear, his finger probing the tiniest bit. "At the moment, my plans involve using that Jacuzzi tub over there."

"Easy," I whispered, liking his finger where it was and turning a little so he had more access. "I'm a little sore."

"Oh, poor thing..." He kissed my neck, licking at the spot that always made me shiver with pleasure. "A hot bath will do you a world of good, then..."

I stretched and gave a lazy yawn, blinking over at the vast, white tub in the corner of the room. It was very over-the-top, with huge white pillars on three corners from ceiling to its tile edge, which was covered with plants and greenery. At least it's not heart-shaped, I thought, and smiled, scooting off the bed with a look over my shoulder at Jack.

"You look positively wolfish," I said, glancing back to him as I bent and turned on the water. "What are you looking at?"

He was leaning up, watching me. "Your ass."

"One track mind," I said, shaking my head as if in protest, turning back to adjust the water.

"Maybe... but you don't seem to mind," he replied, pushing the sheet aside to reveal his hardening cock.

I pretended my flush was from the steam rising from the water. "So?"

"Show me." His hand was squeezing, releasing, and I watched over my shoulder, feeling my breath catch as he slid the skin up over the tip and back down again.

I arched my back just slightly, my thighs a little more open, teasing. "What do you want to see?"

"Spread it open for me," he instructed, his eyes dark and focused.

Swallowing, I parted my thighs, tilting my bottom, giving him a view of my shaved lips. His hand moved a little faster when I reached my hand between my legs and parted my flesh, showing him.

"Your ass, baby," he murmured, his eyes never leaving that spot. "Show me that little asshole."

Really flushing now, I reached back with one hand, balancing with the other on the edge of the tile, and showed him what he wanted to see.

"God," he groaned, his hand moving even faster. "That's so sweet. Use both hands."

I had to bend completely over to do it, resting my forehead against the edge of the tub, one hand on each cheek, pulling them apart to he could see it all. Standing there, completely exposed and vulnerable, my heart racing, I had never been so aroused. I could almost feel his eyes on me, sweeping up from my smooth lips to the dimpled hole of my ass.

"Sore, huh?" he asked, his voice right behind me, his finger trailing down the crack of my ass, making me jump.

"Only a little," I protested, feeling his cock, hard and insistent, pressed between my lips.

"Maybe we should give it a rest." He slid his cock slowly into my pussy, opening me, making me moan with the length and width of it spreading me wide. "What do you think?"

"Oh, Jack," I gasped when he grabbed my hips, pressing himself snugly inside, the head of his cock nuzzling itself against my womb. I squeezed myself around him and heard his sharp intake of breath, loving the way his hands gripped me harder.

"Maybe I should just fuck your tight little cunt?" he growled, beginning to move, and I grabbed the edge of the tub to keep my balance, groaning at his words. "Fuck you until you can't decide which is more sore..."

"Ohhhh, please," I moaned, lifting my hips, wanting him deeper still. His fingers gripped my ass tight, and then I felt his thumb strumming over the delicate opening of my asshole, sending little shivers through me.

"But I think you still want your ass fucked," he said, his thumb pressing, making me gasp and squirm. "Don't you?"

I groaned again, flushing at the humiliation of it, the admission still too much. I knew he was going to make me say it, and just the anticipation made my pussy clench.

"Tell me," he said, moving his hands off my behind, his thumb gone from the tender hole of my ass. "Show me."

I knew what he wanted. Trembling, with his cock still moving slick, slow, in and out, I rested my forehead against the edge of the tub again, reaching back to open my cheeks, spreading them wide. He let out a long breath and his cock twitched inside of me, just the head of it pressing between my wet lips.

"You love it, don't you?" he asked, sliding the wet heat of his cock up to touch that puckered hole.

I squirmed and whimpered, "Yes..."

Just how much I loved it, I couldn't admit, even to myself. My ass tightened at the thought of being filled, teasing the tip of his cock with its clench.

"You'd better shut off the water," he said, moving around me to step into the tub.

Dizzy, I let out a pent-up breath, reaching for the nozzles and turning them both as Jack sank down and turned on the jets. The water bubbled and foamed and my eyes met his as I slid my legs over the side into the heat.

I groaned when I sank in beside him, the water enveloping and buoying me at once. His hands met my waist, slipping down my hips and pulling me toward him as we kissed, the steam beginning to rise between us. I found his cock with my hand, pulling and tugging it against my belly as we rocked, his tongue doing things to my mouth that my body had forgotten, sending electric pulses straight to my core.

Rubbing him up and down my smooth slit, I couldn't stand it anymore and I sank down onto his hardness, wiggling my bottom and wrapping my legs around him. He held me close, using his weight to press me up, the water making waves around us as we fucked. When his thumb found my clit, I whimpered, opening my eyes for only a moment before sinking again, lost in the sweet sensation.

"So close," I whispered into his ear, biting the lobe, gnawing at his neck. My nails were digging hard into the wet flesh of his back, but he didn't notice, his breath coming faster. My words spurred him on, and his other hand slid around behind me as I grabbed onto the edge of the tub, fucking him back now, grinding my hips down into his.

When his finger eased into my asshole, I gasped, feeling my orgasm only moments away, that gentle probing pushing me closer to the edge. I worked toward it, wanting it, aching for it, my pussy throbbing for release.

"Deeper," I growled, arching my back so he had more of my ass, reaching one hand back to spread it for him. "Shove it in, baby!"

He groaned, pressing his finger further, the water making resistance moot, and I sank my teeth into his shoulder when a second and third finger worked their way in, twisting their way through my flesh.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" I could hear myself, almost screaming with it, my whole body taut as our flesh worked together toward that delicious, inevitable end. "Now, baby, ohhhhh yesss!"

Sound receded and the wave hit me like a pulse of heat, taking my body over completely, my belly undulating with it, my pussy clenching around his thrusting cock, the tight ring of my asshole working around his fingers until I thought I couldn't stand another moment of it.

"Please," I begged him, pressing against his chest, the sensation so incredible I was trembling with it still as I moved away from him, collapsing against the side of the tub and hanging on.

"I think the tub was a good idea," Jack said and I could hear his grin as I pressed my flushed cheek to the cool surface. I couldn't even open my eyes, but I felt his hands on me, running over my shoulders, my back, and I could smell something sweet, like lilacs or lavender.

"What—?" I murmured as his big hands turned me, pulling me to my knees in the tub. His hands were soapy as they ran down my arms and back up, suds spreading over my neck, and down my chest.

"Isn't that the point of a bath?" he smiled, his hands cupping the fullness of my breasts, making me shiver when he thumbed my nipples. "Getting clean?"

"Ohhh yes," I sighed, arching as his soapy hands cupped and kneaded my flesh.

"Stand up," he instructed, and he steadied me as I did, my orgasm and the heat from the tub making me weak. His eyes met mine and I saw something in them I hadn't in years. "My god, you're so beautiful..."

His praise sent more heat through my body, and then he was washing me again, his palms moving over my belly and thighs, between my legs, the gentle sawing motion of his hand there making me tremble.

"Turn around."

I did as he asked, his hands making their way over my lower back, down the soft curve of my ass and hips, spreading my thighs as they made their way toward my knees.

"Bend over," he said, pressing me forward, and I clung to the edge of the tub, his palms working the smooth cheeks of my behind. "Time to get you really clean..."

"Oh!" I cried as his finger worked its way into my asshole. "Oh, god... honey..."

He didn't stop, pressing another in, working the flesh open with his sudsy fingers. I couldn't resist him or the sensation and my thighs seem to spread wider on their own, my back arching as I moaned and took a third finger into my ass. He kept them there for a while, encouraged by the soft noises I was making in my throat, and I groaned when he slowly slid them out again, aching to feel that fullness.

A cascade of water fell over my back and down my bottom, shocking me with its heat, and I looked back to see him pouring it from a cup, rinsing the soap away. His eyes were bright as he watched the water beading over my skin, and I saw his hand moving between his legs and knew he was still so hard. I wanted to reach around and grab him, suck him, devour his cock, but he had other things in mind.

"Jack!" I cried when his tongue found its way between that cleft, working over that wet, puckered hole.

The heat that filled my face didn't have anything to do with the steam rising from the tub, but I couldn't deny how incredible it felt to have his mouth there. I groaned when he made his tongue hard and probed.

"Spread your ass," he said, and I did, ashamed of my own eagerness as I rested my flushed cheek against the cool edge of the tub, using both hands to open myself up for him.

He had complete access now and he took advantage of it, his tongue lapping over the furrowed crease of my asshole and his thumb slipping into my pussy as he rubbed my mound with his fingers. I was trembling with the pleasure of it, going up on my tiptoes in an attempt to seek even more sensation.

"Ohhhhh god!" I cried when he started fucking my ass with his tongue, his thumb moving in and out of my pussy with the same easy rhythm. I spread myself even wider, wanting more and getting it, the probing between my cheeks going deeper. I could feel the tip of his tongue moving around that tight band of muscle, making me shiver.

"Noooooo," I moaned when he slid his tongue out, but the next sensation jolted me so much I nearly fell over. I probably would have if he hadn't steadied me with his other hand as he pressed something hard and round against the fissured crack of my ass.

"What the hell?" I turned to look and my eyes widened when I saw what he had in his hands. "That wasn't in the toy box!"

"Surprise!" he said with a wink, pressing the first bead on the string further into my ass. They were small beads, probably less than an inch in diameter, but they felt huge as he worked them against the taut opening of my ass.

"Where did those come from?" I gasped, groaning as the pressure began to build as he pressed hard, harder. "What are you—a magician? Did you pull those out of your ass?"

"No," he chuckled. "But they're going into yours..."

"God!" I cried, biting my lip as the first one slipped in. The sensation was strange, different. I felt full there, but not quite completely, so different from his cock or a dildo.

"Ready for another one?" he asked and I shook my head, screwing my eyes shut, and he pressed on anyway, working another bead past that tight ring of muscle. "There..."

I could imagine it nestled against the first one inside of me, and then there was another, pushing the rest deeper still as it went, making room, tunneling through. I really felt full now, and something in me wanted them out. I bit my lip, fighting against it and he pressed in yet another.

"Two more," he reassured me as my hands trembled, holding my ass open. I found that if I spread myself wider, he could ease them in better, so I struggled to stay still and relaxed, opening myself up for him.

"Please," I begged, feeling that gentle "pop" as another slid past that taut resistance.

"Almost there, baby," he murmured, kissing my behind as he worked the last one in. I could feel his finger go in with it, pressing them deep, and I groaned, squirming.

Panting, I looked back at him, my eyes wide. "Now what?"

"Now... I fuck you senseless," he said, standing up and grabbing my hips. His cock was like steel as he slid into my wetness, my pussy dripping with my juices and his saliva.

The stretch of his cock inside of my pussy made the sensation of the beads buried inside my ass even more pronounced. With every thrust, that feeling of fullness seemed to grow, until I couldn't tell anymore where or how I was being filled, just that I was brimming to capacity, like something swelling and ready to burst.

One of his hands slid under my belly, holding me steady as we rocked. I gripped the edge of the tub, searching for some sort of handhold on the slippery surface. Below us the water churned and sloshed, Jack's weight thrusting into me making even more waves as he fucked me, his low grunting a tell-tale sign that he was getting close.

"Ohhhh god baby!" I moaned when his fingers delved between my pussy lips, searching for and finding my swollen clit. "Yes, fuck me hard!"

I didn't have to ask—he was working my pussy with his cock and his hand now, shoving in deep while he rubbed his finger over and over my aching clit. I had almost forgotten the beads buried inside of my ass when he gave a slight tug on the string, making me squeal and jerk beneath him.

"Hold your ass open for me," he growled, pulling his cock almost all the way out, so the head of him sat pulsing just inside of my pussy.

Whimpering, I wiggled and positioned myself so that both hands were free and I was resting my cheek against the tub again. The tension on the string was incredible—it felt as if he were going to turn me inside out. I used both hands to spread my ass, feeling the tension ease just a little.

"Ohhhhhh fuck," I cried when he slid his cock between my pussy lips, using the head of it to rub at my clit. He knew how much I loved that, the spongy, wet tip making a hot, fleshy trail over that sensitive bud.

He slapped at my cunt with his cock, jerking it roughly a few times against my lips, making me moan, and then found my clit again, rubbing fast and steady. My legs trembled, sensing my impending orgasm, and I panted and writhed and worked toward it, arching my back and rolling my hips. Everything between my legs felt thick and swollen, ready to pop, and then something did—Jack pulled one of the beads out of my ass!

"Ohhhhh GOD!" I moaned, shivering when the thick, round orb slid out of that tight, contracting orifice.

"You like that?" Jack murmured, and then he was kneeling behind me, his face buried up between my legs, his tongue doing the work his cock had been doing just a moment ago, with a much more deft and precise aim.

"Oh baby, you're gonna make me cum," I warned him, as if he needed a warning.

He knew just what he was doing, his whole face buried up against my pussy, the tension growing as he tugged on the string that led into my ass. The tug grew insistent, a pull and release, I could feel the beads inside of me shifting somehow, as if they were waiting, too.

"Now, oh, now!" I cried, grinding my pussy against his tongue, the sweet pulse of my release beginning to overtake me. He made a deep sound in his throat, still sucking and licking at my flesh, and the tension in my ass became incredible as he pulled—hard—and tugged all of the beads out of my ass in a row.

My orgasm became something else with that motion. What began as a sweet lapping tide coming in became a sudden tidal wave, and I screamed as it hit with the aching sensation of my ass being emptied, each bead popping through that taut ring in quick succession, slipping out of the secret cavern of my ass.

But Jack wasn't done with me. My ass still gaping, my body still shivering with my climax, he stood and slid his cock into the space where the beads had just been. I gasped at the soft insistence of his flesh, so different from the unforgiving demand of the beads, as he tunneled his way past that still pulsing band of muscle, forcing his way deeper into my ass.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah," he groaned, grabbing my hips and sinking deeper still before beginning to move. His hand gripped my wrists and pulled them up behind my back and he held them there while he thrust into me, his cock like a piston driving into my flesh.

"Come inside me," I pleaded, wanting to feel the heat of his cock exploding, filling that hot, aching passage. "Do it, baby, fill my ass with your cum!"

"Oh god," he moaned, his grip tightening as he thrust again, rocking me hard against the edge of the tub, and I felt it, a thick pulse on the underside of his cock as his climax began.

"Yes, yes, yes," I encouraged, squeezing his cock, making him jerk and buck and groan as he emptied himself deep into my belly. He pulled back just a little then, and I could feel still more of his cum hitting my ass in hot spurts, leaving a slick trail of heat as it slid down my pussy lips.

With another groan, Jack released me, collapsing down into the tub, and I went with him, crawling into his lap. We rocked in the waves, kissing, still panting, both of us spent.

"We need another bath," I murmured against his ear.

"Hand me the soap," he chuckled, sliding his hands over the rounded swell of my ass.

"I can't," I groaned. "You're going to kill me..."

"But we'll die happy," he smiled, his finger finding and probing me there. I smiled, too, murmuring an agreement and opening for him once again. I just couldn't seem to help myself.


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