Noon, Friday July 23rd 2004. Christina leaning back in a chair, her legs crossed at the ankles on top of her desk. She sat in her office going over files from the Lamure case. She was to testify on Monday about how Charliman Lamure was cheating on her husband Ronald. The evidence her firm had gathered seemed that it wouldn't be a problem. She brushed a few strands of crimson hair out off her brow as she looked down at the files. Her boyfriend Bill was leaving for the weekend. She thought that for a guy that complained that she worked too much, the first time she got a weekend that she could consider being off, he gets dragged out to one of these conventions with friends.

"Christina," a voice from her assistant came from her phone, "You have someone on line two requesting to speak with you about a possible case."

"Christina Carlton here," she said picking up the phone, "What can I do for you ma'am."

It was a story she had heard before. A woman that thinks her husband is cheating on her. She had a slight British accent to her voice. Her husband was claiming that he was always at work. I had asked her for information and a time when she'd be available for an interview.

"Yes, an interview. We need to go to a place that my husband would never think of looking for me. Do you think you can make it to the Raymond's Bistro at 7 pm?"

"Why do you think your husband wouldn't look for you there?" Christina queried. Raymond's was a very fancy place. She always had a hard time suggesting to Bill to have us go there because Bill didn't like to spend money on himself to update his formalwear...to actually having formalwear.

"Because I hate to get dressed up all fancy," she responded, whatever this woman was, she must not be a fancy Brit, "Who knows, we might actually wind up catching him in the act."

Christina didn't like the prospect of actually catching the guy in the act, but if it came down to that, it might make things a lot easier on this woman, "Okay, I'll be there at 7 pm. How will I know you?" she asked.

"I'll be wearing a yellow rose on the strap of my dress, I'll have a reservation set up so we can speak away from the bar." the woman said.

"What is your name so we can start a file," Christina asked, and heard a voice in the background that she couldn't make out, "Elizabeth Markem," she replied.

"I will see you then Mrs. Markem," Christina said before hanging up the phone. If she was going to have to dress up to get into Raymond's, she better go now. She had left the office to head home and though to of what she would wear. Since Bill was gone she might as well make a fun night of it, dress up nicely, get a couple of glasses of wine at the bar. Raymond's had a great in house band that had a good setlist of music so it would be something to do while Bill was away. That bastard.

She showered and changed into a black dress that Bill always seemed to like. The smile that came on his face everytime she put it on always made her feel warm and sexy. Normally she wouldn't wear this, but the place was pretty strict when it came down to the way people dressed and this would do perfectly. After applying makeup and setting her hair the way she wanted it, she took a silver chain with a silver heart shaped locket on it and placed it around her neck. The locket never got opened because all that was in it was a bit of a crumpled rose petal from roses that she had sent him along time ago. For all of his flaws, she thought he was extremely sweet and extremely sentimental.

Of course not being around on a time she had off lacked tact, that bastard.

She entered the restaurant, telling the host whom she was waiting for, and went to the bar. "Yes, Miss Markem," the man said with a big grin on his face, "I've been told to bring you to the table she had reserved."

Christina was lead through the restaurant to a table that was far enough away from the dance floor not to get distracted by people waltzing into your table, but close enough to the band that she could watch them play their mellow tunes.

She sat down and ordered a glass of water when she heard behind her.

"Why don't you just bring a bottle of red wine over," said a masculine voice, "I think she'd prefer that over silly water."

She turned to tell the guy where he could shove it, and got a surprise, and almost hit herself because she knew that she should have expected something like this. He stood there wearing a tuxedo, something he swore he would never wear again, and in his right hand was a bouquet of orchids.

"You bastard!" she said with a smile playing on the edge of her lips, a part of her didn't like the fact that he went about it all secretively, but at the same time, it was sweet. He placed the orchids on the table, and took her hand, pulling her up from her chair and pecked a kiss on the lips. A familiar piano melody started to play.
"One dance mi'lady," he said bringing her to the dancefloor.

Unforgettable That's what you are Unforgettable Though near or far

"You didn't!" she said as he wrapped arm around her waist and took her other hand.

"Oh I did!" Bill simply replied.

Like a song of love that clings to me How the thought of you does things to me Never before Has someone been more

She took her hand out from his and wrapped them around him, placing her head on his shoulder, he wrapped his arms around her waist as they slowly danced.

"How long have you planned this?" she asked.

"Ever since you mentioned that you would be having a free weekend, sorry to spring it on you like this, I know you hate surprises at times, but I couldn't resist. Vanessa helped me set it all up."

Unforgettable In everyway And forever more That's how you'll stay

"Let me guess, she was Mrs. Markem," Christi queried.

"Yeah, silly me forgot you would actually ask for a name," he said, "You look absolutely stunning." He said.

That's why darling it's incredible
That someone so unforgettable Thinks that I am unforgettable too

"Yeah and I forgot you actually attempt to pull stunts like this," Christina replied. He always complimented her, and it never ceased to bring a smile to her face.

"Well, after we have our dinner, I have rented a room, so we can drink till our hearts content and..."

She looked up, and put a hand behind his head, pulling him down to her level, and kiss him longingly on the lips, only to let it linger when she was done, "Less talk, more dancing..."

They danced, they ate, they drank, they were merry. Christina had a smile glued to her face the whole entire time. The people around them must have thought they were fools since they were laughing so loud at the most inane time of things. He finally led her out on that summer's night. It dipped into the 60's so for July it was unnaturally cold. He put his jacket around her shoulders and led her to the hotel. He brought her straight to the elevator and they patently waited, just simply holding hands while it went up to the proper floor and walked to the room.

"Stay here just a moment," he said taking the key card out and entered the room. A few moments later he opened the door back up and brought her in. She took the orchids that were in her other hand and inhaled. He had really gone out of his way.

He opened the door and ushered her in, he took the orchids from her and put them in a vase, and handed her a glass of wine, "To a wonderful night, and a Waffle House breakfast in the morning.

She laughed, how he loved her laugh, her wine glass clinked with his tumbler of orange juice and vodka and before he got to take a slip, she took his glass away from him and pushed him down on the bed, and pressed her lips against his. Their tongues fenced at each other, her hands pulling off is bow tie and unbuttoning his shirt before he flipped her over on her back...

"Hey!" she started in protest, but decided that if he had things planned, maybe she should let him go as planned. He grinned as he pulled her up to her feet and unzipped the back of her dress. He pushed the straps of the dress off of her shoulders and it slid down from her ample breasts, over her stomach, sliding down her hips and legs before it puddle at her black high heel shoes. She laid back down on the bed looking up at him, and beckoned him with her index finger. He got down on the bead over her, and the two continued to lock their lips together as she finished pulling his shirt out from his pants and unbuttoned it. Soon the shirt was tossed to the side as he slid his hands up her sides and cupped her large breasts in his hands.

He removed his lips from hers, only to take the tip of her chin his mouth and kiss it wetly. She leaned her head back as he massaged her tits in his hands, kissing the underside of her jaw up to nibbling at the nape of her neck, causing a slight gasp to come from her lips. He worked on kissing and sucking down her throat and then looked before the sight of her cleavage. He smiled as he looked at the locket that was resting between her breasts. He was glad he gave that to her. He pulled her breasts apart and licked right up the valley in one long lick, before starting to kiss and lick around one of her breasts. He covered every inch of the breast in kisses and little licks and nibbles as he spiraled up it , taking her nipple in his mouth and sucking and nibbling on it, listening to her groan as he moved to the other breast to give it the same treatment. His free hand traveled down between her legs and started to pull her panties down. She lifted her legs up so he could pull them all the way off, and once he did, he didn't waste any time.

He pulled her hips to the edge of the bed and placed his head between her legs, and gave a long lick up her red-hot meaning of life, causing her to moan lightly...

"Bill....comeon...fuck me..." she pleaded.

He spread her lower lips with his fingers and blew hot air over the whole thing, before circling his tongue around her entrance. She made more pleading sounds as he slid his tongue inside of her, and wiggled it deeply, tasting her flesh, causing her to moan in excitement. He slid his tongue in and out, almost like he was lapping up from a water dish as he pushed his tongue in and out deeply, his nose bumping against her clit with each thrust. She started to moan and shake more as he licked up to her clit, replacing his tongue with two fingers, thrusting them in and out. She started to grind herself into his hand as he took her clit into his mouth and started to suck and nibble on it. The next thing he knew he was getting pushed off her sex and she looked down at him.
"Damnit, do I have to do everything," she said. She pushed him down onto the floor and sat on his chest, undoing his pants and pulling them off, ripping his boxers off in the process. She got up and grabbed his cock, forcing him to get up off the floor and get back on the bed. She gave his cock a few long licks and jerked it for a moment to make sure it was perfect, before straddling him and impaling herself on his cock.

She placed her hands on his shoulders and looked down at him, "You were teasing me long enough, what I need," She paused a bit to close her eyes and take in the pleasure, "is a nice hard fuck until I cum, and I'll take it if I have to."

"Hey, dawlin, I'm not complaining," he said placing his hands on her hips.

The two of them started to thrust at each other, their bodies making noise as she became wetter. She looked down at him with an animalistic frenzy as she continued to ride his cock. Times like this when she was taking what she wanted was one of the times he thought she was her sexiest. She kept riding him hard as he pinched one of her nipples with one hand and started to rub her clit with the other.
"Oh god, oh yeah, oh Mr. Bill..." she said using one of the names he was called in a voice that normally turned him on even more, "Fuck me Mr. Bill...I want you to cum with me. Oh Bill, Oh Bill...."

The next sounds that came out of her mouth were of animalistic pleasure. Her nails dug into his shoulders as she went over the edge in orgasm....the sound, the pain, the sensation of his cock getting squeezed by her wet pussy pushed him over and he shot his seed deep inside of her. It was time for round too. She collapsed on top of him panting, and kissed him on the lips, enjoying the feeling of them still being interlocked.

"There, now that the fucking is out of the way, now we can get your plans set of making love..." she said. He reached over to the nightstand and fumbled with the drawer only to pull out a pack of Blacks and a lighter. He put two to his lips, lit them, and handed her one.

"Here, catch your breath," he said with a grin on his lips, "You are going to need it tonight dawlin," he said then inhaling on the clove cigarette

She took the clove cigarette and laughed. Maybe she should have lured him into a false sense of security. She then felt him kiss the tops of her breast in-between her cleavage and felt the heart shaped locket press into her skin. Maybe they would "make love" tonight after all, after they fucked a lot more.

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