tagFirst TimeUnintentionally Wet Vacation Pt. 04

Unintentionally Wet Vacation Pt. 04


Chapter 11


Zoe squinted against brilliant rays of sunlight as the forest-covered path came to an abrupt end at the edge of the field. A huge mansion sat on a hilltop far across the rolling fields, and those that had taken alternate routes to the plantation sat waiting on its sprawling lawn.

"We made it alive!" Amber exclaimed with mock-glee, skipping down the dirt road through the field and kicking up thick dust that wafted over the others.

As they approached the mansion, Zoe ran a hand discretely up the inside of her capris. Her fingers felt little moisture, and she sighed silently with relief, satisfied they were sufficiently dry to avoid attracting attention.

They arrived just as the lunch coolers were being unloaded from the bus, and everyone settled down to enjoy a large meal of sandwiches, potato salad, chips and raw vegetables. Zoe, Alexa, and Eric ate together on a blanket under one of the large imported trees in the yard. The harrowing events of the morning's hike had left Zoe exhausted, and before finishing even half her sandwich she had nodded off the sleep.

When Zoe eventually awoke, she sat up and ran her tongue along her parched lips. Looking over at her lunch, she noticed ants had long since claimed ownership of her half sandwich, but she reached thirstily for the capped bottle of water next to it. Groggily she made her way towards the front door of the house, walking past a small group playing with a Frisby. She walked down the deserted front hallway, pausing briefly at a doorway to watch Amber and several of the others playing cards around a table. Joining them would take too much mental energy for the moment she thought, so she continued down the hallway and up the stairs to the back deck. As she neared the top of the stairs, she froze when she saw Jason laying on his back tanning himself on a large beach towel. Butterflies raced through her stomach, and she considered turning around and quietly descending the stairs, but then she steeled her nerves and walked softly out onto the sunny deck.

Jason made no movement until Zoe's shadow fell across his face. She received a quizzical look as she lay down on the deck next to him, but he remained flat on his back. She propped herself up on her elbow and lay with her legs crossed in a pose she hoped was appropriately seductive.

"Hi..." she started, willing him to take the conversation forward from there.

Jason cleared his throat and replied with an awkward "Hi" of his own.

For several eternally-long seconds Zoe lay just looking over at him, but then to her relief he continued, "So, what are your plans for the summer?"

A generic question to be sure, but Zoe welcomed the interest its asking implied. At first they stumbled through awkward and floundering conversation, but with the sun as their only witness it gradually improved through the late afternoon.

After well over an hour, conversation finally died out, but a true feeling of connection arose within Zoe's chest for the first time as she met Jason's eyes in the silence. Her eyelids drooped, and she leaned in close. Fire flowed under her skin as she pressed her lips to his. Initially he gave no response to her touch, and Zoe again contemplated retreat; but she felt too committed at this point. Still feeling no response, she opened her eyes and stared straight into his. Finally, she felt him respond; a tongue pressed against her lips, which she parted hungrily to accept.

Zoe shifted herself and straddled Jason's waist, momentarily breaking their tantalizing kiss. As she lowered her bottom against his crotch she felt his hardness poorly concealed beneath his shorts. The absence of her panties sent a naughty thrill through her. One of Jason's hands pressed against her back and bent her forward until she was resting against his muscular chest. She felt Jason gasp as the movement caused friction against his flesh. Inspired, she started grinding against him intentionally; physically it did little for her, but Jason's hands tightened on her back and he lay with his eyes closed and his mouth slightly parted as she slid herself back and forth.

Zoe began to gyrate her hips faster and tried to dig in even deeper. Not quite sure what to do with her hands, she started rubbing his chest; he responded in kind and the feeling of his large hands tugging against her body made her shiver. She sat upright, giving him better access. The new position allowed her to rub against him even harder as his fingers gently skimmed over the top of her breasts and rubbed her hard nipples through the fabric. She gripped his wrists and held his hands against her as she continued to ride.

Jason moaned and bucked his hips. Feeling herself losing balance, she let go of his wrists and threw out her hands to the deck to catch herself. She laughed as he flattened back to the ground and brought his knees up against her back; giving her a wide grin in response. Zoe started to slide her hips back against him again, but went still when Jason gave her a firm pat on the behind. She lay still, resting her head on his chest, and impulsively tickled him with her tongue. The gentle rolling motion as he breathed heavily made her feel as if she were floating with the clouds.

Several minutes later, a shaking motion of the deck beneath them startled her back to reality as footsteps sounded on the wooden stairs. She whipped her head around and stared with wide eyes at the top of the stairway. The intruder hadn't emerged yet, but was quickly approaching.

Rolling off Jason as fast as she could, she pretended to lay innocently next to him on the deck. She felt exposed laying on the rough planking, without so much as a sunning towel beneath her. Her eyes snapped shut; pretending to be asleep would give her an excuse to make no acknowledgment of the new arrival.

The footsteps thumped past her on the deck. When they stopped, she squinted through one eye and observed Amber standing against the railing looking out at the sinking sun. Relief flooded through Zoe. Amber glanced back, giving a smile and a wink as she saw Zoe peeking.

Waiting for Amber to speak, Zoe suddenly felt an unusual coolness between her legs as a chill breeze rolled in off the ocean. Startled, she reached down and rested a hand as inconspicuously as she could between her legs. The crotch of her capris was undoubtedly quite damp to the touch. With great curiosity and more than a little bewilderment, she raised her fingers to her nose and smelled them. The liquid didn't smell like urine. Baffled, she turned her head to look at Jason. Then she noticed the dark patch on top of his shorts.

Immediately she understood what had happened. She knew she had made him cum - even naïve, inexperienced Zoe had recognized that – but then they had rested together for at least ten or so minutes, allowing it to soak through his clothing and into hers.

Could she get pregnant from this? She didn't really know, but the possibility made her nervous. Her thoughts were interrupted by Amber's voice.

"Hey guys, Dave sent me to tell you that it's time to head out."

Chapter 12


The sky was black and the hour late when Zoe and Amber finally made it back to their cabin. To Zoe's concealed amazement and horror, housekeeping had changed the linens on her bed and carefully repositioned the clothing she had strategically placed that morning to hide the wet spots.

The two girls wasted no time in preparing for bed. Shortly after extinguishing the lights, Zoe cleared her throat, but Amber interrupted before she could speak.

"Just go do it."

"Do what?" Zoe responded innocently.

"I saw you two on the deck today, you can't tell me you're too scared now."

Zoe let out a nervous chuckle, "I guess that means you would... if you were in my position, I mean."

"Hah, of course. In fact, if you really want, I'd be more than happy to go and pretend to be you."

A silence descended on the room as Zoe thought to herself, trying to resolve a deep internal conflict. Amber interrupted her thoughts,

"So, are you going or what? Because if not..."

"Yeah yeah, I guess so," Zoe answered meekly.

Silence again filled the room. Zoe lay still in her bed, still contemplating.

"Trying to teleport yourself?" Amber asked after a minute.

Zoe sighed and got out of bed, "I swear Amber, if I ever regret doing this I'm going to blame you for it."

She walked quickly to the door as Amber laughed. Once outside, the chill night air enveloped her. The short hairs on her bare arms stood on end, and her nipples stiffened against the fabric of her nightshirt. After pausing briefly to collect herself, she started out along the dark path.

Zoe left the path when it began opening out to form the clearing containing Jason's cabin. She skirted the edge of the open space, stumbling through the sparse undergrowth in the dark. She held no expectation that the door would be unlocked, but gave it a try anyway. Unsurprisingly, the door knob resisted her attempt to open it, but she was undeterred.

Slipping around the side of the cabin, Zoe inspected the open window. No light radiated from within. Taking a deep breath, she lifted the screen and hoisted herself precariously onto the window ledge. By the time she dropped to the floor on the other side she was breathing heavily; from exertion, from fear, and, in no small part, from anticipation.

She sat against the wall under the window and breathed deeply and slowly; trying to regain her breath without making too much noise as her eyes adjusted to the cabin's dark interior. Eventually, the shape of two beds took form; but which to approach? She had foolishly forgotten that Jason must have a cabinmate, and for a few moments she seriously entertained the notion of calling off the whole thing. Minutes slipped away as she sat. Finally her own indecisiveness started to anger her. Why had she come this far if she wasn't going to continue? And if she was going to continue, why wait any longer? With that thought, she arose and padded softly towards one of the beds.

Zoe peered intently at the sleeping figure, leaning in as close as she dared to get a better look. She couldn't be certain, but she didn't think the sleeping form quite resembled Jason. Turning around, she looked into the other bed. The sleeping form in this bed lay facing her, and it was most definitely Jason. After tiptoeing to the other side of the bed, Zoe lifted the covers and slipped in behind Jason's unconscious body.

Having no idea what to do next, she lay hoping Jason would take the initiative as he had earlier. But he didn't; he just lay there, obviously still asleep. She scooted closer and briefly touched her hand to his warm skin. When that move elicited no response, she proceeded to place her hand more firmly upon his hip.

Starting to get desperate, Zoe snuggled even closer and began kissing the back of his neck. Jason finally stirred; unfortunately, she didn't quite receive the romantic welcome she had envisioned.

"Ouch!" she hissed, when Jason, attempting to swat whatever was crawling on his neck, smacked her across the face.

"What the hell?!" he exclaimed as he twisted around in response to the unexpected presence in his bed.

"Jesus, Zoe? Is that you?" he whispered.

At that moment Zoe began to break down; she was stunned, her face stung and she felt as if her world was quickly falling apart. Jason wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in close.

"Zoe, shh, it's OK, I'm so sorry, I didn't realize you were there, I didn't mean to..." he comforted as he hugged her close.

His arms covered her and pulled her against his body. Her heaving chest pressed against his, and she curled her head under his chin, resting it on him. She laying shivering for several more seconds before finally calming down.

"What's wrong Zoe, why are you here?" Jason asked, his responsibility as mentor and chaperon kicking in first and foremost.

"I...," The question astounded Zoe; if that wasn't obvious to him, perhaps he regretted what they had done earlier on the deck? No suitable response came to mind.

"Well... I guess I screwed this up," she said flatly.

But then, thinking back to earlier, she leaned in and kissed him without another word. To her relief, he returned the kiss wholeheartedly. Zoe could feel his erection through their clothes, pressed tightly against her thigh. As their kiss continued, Jason began to grind against her with small, barely perceptible movements, but, when Zoe began to rub back in response, Jason broke off the kiss.

"Zoe, we can't do this here, my roommate..., it's too just too risky," he tried to explain, "you should go back now, I can't get caught with you."

"Come back with me?" she implored.

"You have a roommate too," he reminded her, "I'd be just as screwed if she caught us."

"She won't care, she already knows anyway, it'll be fine, I promise"

When Jason didn't respond, Zoe reached down and caressed him.

"Come on Jason..." Zoe murmured, tugging at him as if to pull him towards the door.

"Well... OK, let's go," Jason relented.

"Let me go first," he instructed, "if I don't come back inside in 15 seconds then it's clear and you can come out. I'll meet you at your cabin."

Jason shifted silently out of the bed, glanced over at his roommate, then left through the front door. With a sense of growing excitement, Zoe counted to 15 in her head, then counted off five more seconds just for good measure, then slipped out the door.

She didn't see Jason anywhere, but after quickly rounding the corner of the building, she ran carefully back to the main path. Jason materialized from a dark patch of brush alongside the path as she approached her own cabin.

"You first," he said, wrapping his arms loosely around her.

"You're my first," she said giddily, high with excitement, as she playfully slipped through his arms and opened the door.

Peaking inside, Zoe noticed that Amber appeared to be sleeping peacefully. She bounded blissfully over to her bed and hopped under the covers. Jason, after shutting the door as quietly as he could, joined her moments later.

Zoe immediately attacked Jason with the pent up passion and stress of the past several days. He settled down on top as they began a long kiss. She squirmed under him; he was heavy, but at that moment his crushing weight reassured her more than anything she had ever felt.

Jason pushed himself up and straddled her, one knee on each side of her slim form. His hands reached down and began groping her through the thin nightshirt. The shirt rode up on her chest as she arched her back and pressed her navel up against his crotch.

Zoe's hands wandered over the front of his boxers, and she gripped him through the damp fabric. She hadn't gone through all this effort just to handle him through his clothes, but his position made it impossible to remove them. So she did the next best thing; she slid her hand into the front slit in his boxers and wrapped her dainty fingers around his thick form. Although already slick and slippery, she managed to pull it out through the opening.

Jason moaned when she began a slow steady stroke with one hand; the other hand soon found itself inside her pajama bottoms. One of Jason's hands left her chest and slowly caressed the length of her body. It cupped the hand between her legs from outside her clothing, and he began manipulating her movements, forcing her finger in and out in time to the strokes he felt on his shaft.

This had continued for several minutes when Jason suddenly pulled back, slipping his member from her grasp. He reached under her arms and pulled her up into a sitting position.

"Time for a change of attire," he whispered softly in her ear before grabbing the bottom of her night shirt and pulling up on it.

Taking the hint, Zoe lifted her arms and allowed him to pull it off. Jason leaned in and began to flick his hot tongue across her skin. Not to be left behind, Zoe tugged down on his boxers.

"All right," he grinned, "let me get these off."

While Jason jumped out of the bed to remove his boxers, Zoe finished undressing and eagerly resumed rubbing herself.

Jason rejoined her in the bed and displaced her hand with his own, "let me take care of that," he said as he proceeded to plant kisses all over her body.

Zoe was quickly nearing climax, but she wanted more.

"Can you put it in?" she asked quietly.

"I didn't bring any condoms," he whispered regretfully, "are you on the pill?"

"what pill? Oh, um, no... sorry I forgot..."

"Shh, it's all right," Jason silenced her with a kiss, "how about I just pull out?"

"Um, I guess so," she agreed uncertainly.

She lay tensely, waiting.

"It's all right, just relax," he whispered as he repositioned himself.

Zoe felt her outer lips forced apart as the head entered, then felt her body contour itself to the shaft as it slid in deeper. He slipped all the way in when he leaned forward to kiss her, and a silent gasp from deep within her met the kiss. His lips brushed loosely against hers as he began a rhythmic thrusting; heavy breath flooding over her mouth with each stroke.

The steady thrust of Jason's hips against her, the warmth of his breath, and the closeness of his embrace made her feel completely safe; she could have frozen herself in this moment forever and been eternally happy.

Soon though, heat rose within her core and she felt her face flush. Wrapping her legs and arms around Jason, she pulled him even tighter against her body. She began actively pushing back to meet his thrusts. As she came, she clung to him with all her might. She could see nothing, hear nothing, and smell nothing; all she could do was feel, and she held tight as if nothing else mattered as her body shook.

Chapter 13


Zoe awoke the following morning to an empty bed. Initially she wondered if the previous night had all been a dream, but she was naked, the bed was damp, and the room still smelled faintly of sex - a smell she had never known before but instinctively recognized beyond a doubt.

Thankfully, Amber had left the cabin already, so Zoe had a few minutes to herself to gather her thoughts. The events of the previous night still seemed like a wondrous dream, but for some reason a cloud of doubt lingered over her mind. As her head cleared, she remembered...


When Zoe regained her senses she felt Jason laying motionless on the bed behind her. She rolled over, wrapping her arms around him and hugged tightly. She saw Jason leaning in towards her, and closed her eyes in preparation for a passionate kiss, but his face slipped past, their cheeks rubbing together as his mouth moved to her ear.

"Zoe, I'm sorry... I came," he whispered into her ear.

Zoe snuggled in closer, "me too," she giggled.

"I mean, I didn't, couldn't, pull out," he clarified, "you were wrapped around me too tightly..."

Zoe stopped wriggling against him. Hesitantly she reached down and briefly slipped a finger inside herself. The fluid there felt far more vicious than normal. Her heart sank as the physical evidence confirmed what she hadn't wanted to believe. She pulled back her hand, wiping it against the bed sheet.

"Oh," was all she had the emotional strength to muster.

She scooted back on the bed, separating herself from Jason. Seconds earlier she had wanted Jason at her side forever, but suddenly he represented one of her greatest fears. Now she wanted, no, needed, nothing more than to be alone for a few minutes to collect herself.

Jason reached his arms around and touched her, "Look, it'll be alright, tomorrow I'll..."

Zoe interrupted, moving back further so his arms fell from her shoulder, "I think you should head back, your roommate might see that you're gone."

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