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Uninvited Dick


"No, Tom. Please stop it!! I don't want to have sex with you tonight."

It didn't matter, however. Tom had come home drunk like every other night and was pressing me against the wall of our bedroom, forcing his rough dry fingers inside me. I had just started to get ready for bed and had my black silk robe open to the warm night air. My matching panties and bra were a delicate selection from Victoria's secret and they were doing a poor job at keeping the secrets hidden.

I had started to light the candles in the room minutes before, just having turned off the light when my drunken husband burst in. He was a mess as usual and I had fallen out of love with him several months before because of his nasty drinking habit. Upon stumbling in, he had caught me from behind by my wrists.

"You fuckin' whore. Let me see what's under that robe." Tom had pressed his full body weight against me and had me smothered against the wall. His rancid breath wisping down my neck caused an illusory vile taste to come into my mouth.

Unfortunately, despite my laments I knew the procedure well: Tom would disregard me and proceed to force himself onto me as he did every night. He grabbed my lock of brunette hair and used his rough right hand to trace down my tummy and into my lace guard. Slipping his fingers past the waistband, he found my bald entrance. Without prelude or finesse, he began plunging his middle finger inside me. All the while, he continued controlling me through the lock of hair: he would pull me back off of the wall and slam me back against it causing his finger to maliciously pound inside of my pussy. With every violent thrust of his, I would grimace waiting on the finger to invade me further.

I held my head back with silent tears streaming down my face as I waited for the fingers to force my weak-spirited pussy to lube itself as he prepared to enter me. Getting his rotation down with his finger (the very rhythm he used on me when we were in college), my rebellious vagina started watering its mouth. I screamed out in frustration.

Tom took my hair and yanked my head back and slammed my head hard into the wall...As I felt blood coming down from my head, I started to feel his slithering penis enter me from behind. As I was invaded, my hips started to join in the mutiny that my pussy had signed onto and began pushing back against my husband; my ENFORCER. I started to audibly cry further as I lost the battle, yet again, against my asshole husband as he forced himself onto me and my body devoured every feeling of his penis that it could...I lost consciousness...


I woke up, my chest heaving wildly in the summer night. My 36 C's were glistening with moisture from the recent nightmare and redevelopment of one of my many assaults by my ex-husband. My hands were shaking incessantly and my knuckles were white with the grip I held over the satin sheets. I looked to the side to see my husband, Michael, sleeping as peacefully as ever.

He was such a sweetheart to me. In the past, during times that I couldn't deal with my forceful dominating husband, Tom, Michael would always cheer me up the next day at work. He was never forceful and would always take me out to watch the inner city's fountain pools over lunch. Although he was never my type, being a bit passive-aggressive and timid sometimes, his cordial and nice manner had been a safe haven to that of my abusive relationship with Tom.

This nightmare hadn't been the first, or probably the last, of my onslaught of night terrors replaying the incidents where Tom had come home drunk and forced me to endure his penis. I hated myself for always falling victim to the way he had man-handled me. I never once called the cops on him and it was all because of the same reason: I didn't feel an assault case would go well when I had cum on myself repeatedly from the violent behavior.

Tears began to come out of my eyes as I looked at Michael. How could a person so nice and genuine end up with a nut case such as myself? I eyed Michael pensively: he had a buff toned body, long fluid hair, and gentleness about his face. He was the perfect juxtaposition to my ex. Tom was slim and in shape, with a cropped cut and an inherit angriness/grimace about his mouth.

Finally releasing the covers within my hand, I began the all-too-familiar search for the recesses below my waist. As I traced my nimble and lithe fingers down my body I already knew what to expect: My fingers came upon a trail that disgusted me to the very core. My pussy lips were inflamed and there was residue of a creamy texture that made me want to vomit. Tom had won again. Even though I was divorced from him and away from his misogynistic brutal behavior, he was still fucking me mentally and forcing my pussy to do his bidding. I took my hand and grabbed at the wetness, determined to wipe it all off and rub it on the sheets. I had a disobedient sadistic pussy who, even with being betrayed and invaded, decided to moisten itself just to get another dose of thick maniacal dick...


I couldn't be the victim anymore. It was time for a change. I had stealthily gotten out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean myself up. I wiped my tears, determined to never cry again from what Tom had done. I abandoned my "motherly" blandness of no make-up and got to fumbling with darkness. I began to don myself in dark accentuates: eyeliner and lipstick. I stared into the mirror, decidedly choosing to erase the old me. My right hand shook as I finished lining my full lips with the M.A.C lipstick. For this occasion, I needed the make-up to be as thick as my resolve...

With my sexy black robe still gracing my shoulders (the same one that Tom enjoying ripping off of me to get to my tight little pussy) and my dark look upon my face, I ripped off my bra and panties. I had to strip off the old me as much as possible; but the robe had to stay...I needed memory of my attacker, my fucker, my assaulter, my/his pulsating dick....my husband (of the past).

I traced a finger up to my lips and bathed it in my warm spittle, constantly massaging it with my tongue. My finger completely subdued by my saliva, I brought it to my left breast and circled the areola with an ever-evolving trance...I had begun to tame an inner me as I learned to control my bodily responses.

I was now ready...


As I walked down the dark hallways of the household I felt myself feeling as another person. How could I hold back excitement? I was going to get to do what most female victims could not: Make my aggressor suffer by my own hands...

I opened the bedroom door, making sure to be smooth as to not awake the squeaky hinges. Receiving just enough moonlight from the window, I laid my eyes upon my target restfully asleep in the double-sized bed. It was what I expected...

A very thin chest, unpopulated by any hair was rising up and down. The unmistakable snarl on the face almost made me want to curse out loud. I inspected the male specimen closely as I became jealous at the peaceful sleep he was achieving while I had lain many nights awake and tortured by Tom's fucked up behavior.

I strode over to the bed, taking my gentle hands and running them through the short-cropped hair of this low-life. The name attributed to this bulk of male: Jake. I shook my head, almost apologetically. It was unfortunate that Jake had resembled Tom in so many ways. From the slim build to the short hair, all the way to the naturally inset frown upon the face; Jake, Michael's son from his first marriage, had an eerily close resemblance to Tom. Jake/Tom had to pay the price for repeatedly fucking me again and again throughout all the torturous nights. It was not okay to forcefully take my pussy and make it cum over an uninvited dick.

As I stared down at Jake, my body started to respond with demonic fervor. Excitement had finally reached me knowing that I held power, finally. I reached my right hand down to my stepson's left cheek, stroking it lovingly. After all, this was my stepson whom I loved. I traced my thumb over the lips to outline the snarl as best as I could. The shape of the natural frown pattern was exactly like Tom's. I reached into my robe finding my bald lips and tracing them. This fucker was going to pay, indeed.

I threw my head back, continuing to stroke my stepson's cheek and mouth and preparing my kitty for vengeance. I could've laughed out loud, I was so happy. I broke contact with my vaginal lips, dissolving the wetness on my fingers by rubbing them together.

I'm not very tall at all (only 5'6") so I begin to reach my leg over the bed and subsequently over the young man's frame with ease. My sheer robe flowers around Jake's knees and calves as I complete my dismount. I take a deeper look into the youth's face. A smile creeps upon my lips as I realize: I'm in control this time. No man will steal my virtue, womanhood, or pussy from me ever again. I will never be made to cum without my own consent. My pussy belongs to me and now I will use it to steal back my soul from Tom...Jake.

I begin to mentally play a song in my head...Sade -- "No Ordinary Love". That song has always held the most perfect timings for rhythm. My hips catch the beat and tempo fairly easy as I start to rotate my naked kitten on Jake's cotton boxers. I start to close my eyes; I'm so happy at being able to take control. As I suspected, the dormant cotton boxers start to grow a phallus in its midst. I keep my eyes closed...I'm waiting on the newly seeded and growing phallus to reach contact with my lathered hot box. Meanwhile, I've removed my right hand from caressing Jake's mouth to holding onto the back of his neck for support. Jake, I meant Tom, was going to pay.

As I continue my slow grinding onto the cotton-protected penis, it finally grows up into a young man and timidly knocks, begging for entrance, to my hot pussy. I finally open my eyes, wanting to see if I've awakened Jake. He's still sleep, though. Running track every evening kept him pretty tired. With my free left hand, I bring it to my mouth and spittle a nice little pool inside of my palm. All the while, I continue my rocking feeling the young penis begging for entrance to tonight's most exclusive club. My palm cradling my spit, I reach around while rising up slightly so that I can get to the open slit on the boxers.

Fumbling around for a bit, I get my hand inside of the little cave and come into contact with a smooth and very hard penis. I gasp just a bit as I rub my lubricated hand up and down the shaft. The penis is easily three or four more inches longer than Tom's. I bite into my lower lip wondering what hell demon has blessed this young man with such an appropriate-sized dick. It's not long before my long lazy strokes become possessive and manipulative. I'm soon circling the head with my thumb and still balancing my body weight by holding onto Jake's neck. The only indication from him that he's alive is his pulsating cock in my hands and his steady breathing.

As I have now remoistened my hand several times in order to slather up my young stepson's dick, I'm now satisfied that his penis can get no wetter. I gradually pull the penis out of its hidden slot and bring it out into the night air. I lick my lips as I realize what I'm about to do: Steal from Jake what my ex-husband stole from me...innocence, purity, and wild sexual abandon. I rise up more slightly than before...I'm peering back down at Jake to make sure there's no eye fluttering or signs of awakening. I'm now holding his fat dick in my hands by the base doing one last inspection of my prey. Jake's eyes are still closed, his breathing steady, and his dick is hard, wet, and waiting. I begin to lower myself. Slowly, oh just so slowly. The first contact of the juicy penis making its way into my lips causes me to stare down at Jake in a fashion related closely to retardation. Not only is this dick longer than Tom's, but quite thicker as well.

I'm sliding onto this massive missile not realizing the fact that I'm squeezing my poor stepson's neck harder than usual. Then I make the mistake. I whimper all too loudly while particularly digging my nails into the flesh of the neck. Jake opens his eyes...

"Wh- what's going on Sam?" There's nothing but pure fright on the boy's face. Unfortunately, it's too late.


Sam has long since adjusted her eyes to the darkness and is staring Jake down right through his pupils. Her grip hasn't released itself from his neck and she is more than halfway down the shaft of the penis. A crazy look has befriended her features and she's moved her left hand back to matters such as groping her own right breast.

"What are you doing?!?" Jake's voice is a hushed whisper as the intensity of the situation comes running to his attention: his father's wife on top of him riding his dick.

"Shut up, Tom! Don't you like it???" Sam having reached the fullness of the penis inside of her starts moving her body side to side to feel the head knock against her walls.

"What are you talking about? Why are you calling me Tom?" Jake has a bewildered look on his face and starts to struggle a bit under Sam's body weight.

"What's the matter, Tom? You've fucked and controlled me for years making my pussy cum involuntarily!!! It's my turn now!!!" Sam takes her right hand that previously cradled Jake's neck and starts to slightly choke him with it. Her side to side rhythm becomes a full rotation as her eyes seem to lose their sanity.

"Take it damn it. Just take it god damn it." Sam is holding Jake's neck and riding him in a clock-wise motion, starting to break down crying as she's doing so. Her head droops as she continues fucking the dumb-founded boy. The sobs coming from her frighten and scare him at the same time.

"Sam, I think you're confused. I'm not your ex-husband. Let me help you." Jake begins to reach for Sam's wrists to gain control of her.

Sam releases her grip from Jake's neck and pulls back before slapping him as hard as she can in his face.

"Don't fucking touch me, you fucking bastard!!!" Sam places her hand back around Jake's throat and starts to ride him harder. Her movements are so fast that the cum has started to foam around her lips. Jake's face is completely turned to the right from the impact and he's remaining silent.

Sam starts rising up almost completely off of his dick and thrashing her body back down in order to feel the full impact of his penis inside her walls. She starts mumbling nonsense.

"You fucking bastard...you fucking shit...you took my pussy from me...why did you force me to love it???!!" Sam started crying even more. The more she cried, the harder she rode Jake.

Jake didn't know what to do. His stepmom was fucking him in his dad's house without a condom and she was refusing to stop. He tried to calm himself but completely lost focus when he was slapped by her. Her riding movements had taken control of his penis and he found himself thrusting up to meet her moist vaginal walls every other moment. He couldn't betray his father like this.

Sam put her head next to Jake's and eyed him while asking him a question.

"Why did you fuck me all those nights?" Sam sobbed uncontrollably while resting her forehead on Jake's.

"Sam you have to believe me. I'm Jake, Michael's son, not Tom."

"YOU'RE A FUCKING LIAR!!!" Sam pulled her head back from Jake's and stared into his eyes as she begin to roughly grind her pussy back and forth over Jake's dick and into his pubic area. The friction killed them both but her pussy was being touched so much by his dick that Sam didn't care.

"You're fucking crazy!!!" Jake stared at Sam with a bewildered look. His dick was feeling all types of sensations and all of them lead to him wanting to cum.

Sam started laughing in between sobs and only grinding harder until she took one particular moment to tease Jake/Tom.

"You're not a fucking real man. You have to forcefully take your pussy you fucking weakling." She laughed out loud and kept slamming her overly-sensitive pussy over this massive dick.

Jake had enough. He grabbed both of her wrists; the one on his neck and the one that was still fondling her breast. He paused for a moment as her riding movements almost made him cum.

"Get off of me motherfucker!!!" Sam tried to pull her hands away but his grip was too strong. She resorted to riding faster and trying different rhythms.

In one swift movement, Jake had maneuvered Sam to the side still being inside of her and then yanked her up again to finally end with her on her back and him towering above her.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, you stupid bitch?!!??" Jake glowered down at her almost ready to smack her.

Sam had stopped her crying/laughing and was staring up at Jake.

"So what are you going to do now, Tom? Fuck my pussy even more..." Sam had her bottom lip stuck out as a little kid begging for candy.

"Sam, pay a fucking attention. I'm your stepson not your ex. I think you need therapy. I didn't fuck you nor am I Tom." Jake was breathing hard, having used up a lot of energy in flipping his stepmother over.

"You're a pussy." Sam smiled and spit up at Jake's face.

Jake lost it. He released her left wrist and smacked the front of Sam's face down on her nose. Sam kept smiling at him, still. Jake reached down to grab at her left knee and pull it to the side. He closed his eyes and asked forgiveness of the universe. With that being done, Jake opened his eyes again before plunged down towards Sam's body, piercing her vagina, yet again, and relishing how soon his dick banged against her walls.

The look on Sam's face was unrecognizable. She looked into Jake's eyes with a look of neither pleasure nor hatred. Her mouth just gaped open. Jake looked into her face.

"You bitch. You wanna do shit to keep getting fucked. Then fucking open your pussy." Jake pulled back and slammed into his stepmom again. Then again and again. Sam had started biting her lower lip again and bracing for the impact of her stepson's dick.

Jake wouldn't stop. He kept beating his stepmom with his dick and not giving her a chance to recover. She soon began sobbing.

"I'm so sorry Tom, why did I think I could take control of your dick? Why do you hold me prisoner with your dick?" Her face shook with vibration as her invasions became more violent and frequent. Her pussy started drooling all over the place like a fucking baby child.

"Shut the fuck up. You're going to get this dick now. You understand, bitch?" Jake placed a finger into her mouth forcing her to hold her gaze upon his now fiery eyes.

"Yes, I understand." Sam mumbled over his finger as she wrapped her legs around the back of Jake waiting/hoping to receive as much of his manhood as much as possible.

Her legs wrapped around him, Jake plunged in deeper and placed his lips upon his stepmom's and breathing heavily into her mouth. The feeling was starting to overwhelm him. His untrained penis wasn't able to take the contractions her vagina was milking his dick for and he felt it coming...

Jake pumped away faster and faster at his stepmother's vagina feeling the rise of cum deep within himself.

"Listen, bitch. Make sure you come here every night from now on. You're mine." Jake had placed his hand back on Sam's throat to ensure compliance.

"Yes, Tom. I'm yours forever. I'll be your pussy-slut forever. I'll never leave you again."

"You better not." Jake pumped for one last time before cumming deep inside his victim's pussy.

Sam was finally happy again. Tom had returned to fuck her unapologetically and give her the dick she wanted/needed without consent. Tom, well Jake now, was to be her new enforcer and she was ready for whatever ways he might force her to give up her womanhood. She had realized she was a slut from the beginning and needed forceful dick however she could get it.

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