tagGay MaleUniversity Discoveries Ch. 02

University Discoveries Ch. 02


It seems I have more time than I thought. Greg just called. He is running late and won't be in for several more hours. At least I got a clear indication that he is having the same thoughts I am about what we will be doing this weekend. But now the anticipating is killing me. It is also bringing back more old memories. As long as I have to wait, I figure sharing some more of my university discoveries will be a good way to pass the time.

The morning after that first great night with Greg was a bit strange. When I woke I found myself in bed with my roommate. Having fallen asleep after our escapades we were still both naked. His head was on my chest and his leg was draped over mine. I could feel his morning semi-erection pressed against my hip. The feeling was weird for more than the obvious reason that I had just had sex with another man for the first time. It was only the third time I had ever spent the entire night with a sex partner. I was glad that he hadn't left my bed in the night. Had I awoken alone in bed I might well have wondered if I had dreamed the whole thing. Even with the evidence of my bedmate it was still mostly a surreal idea that I had actually sucked Greg's cock.

I didn't want to disturb him and end the moment, especially considering I wasn't at all sure what would come next. I had no idea if we had shared a one-time thing or he would think we had started a relationship. Truth was I didn't know which I wanted it to be. But that wasn't the immediate problem. My own cock was hard as a rock and I had to piss so bad it hurt. When I glanced over at my clock I saw there was yet another problem. I had missed my first class and had only twenty minutes to get to my next one where we were having a test. I badly needed a shower since I all I could smell was our combined maleness and the musky essence of the previous night's sex.

I nudged him and told him that I needed to get to the shower. He grunted his acknowledgement and moved off of me. As I was on the wall side of the small bed I had to climb over him to get out. I felt a little funny and impulsively tried to give him a good morning, 'I enjoyed the fuck' kind of kiss as I did so. He turned his head and all I managed was the brush my lips over his stubbly face. I hoped it was just a bad morning breath issue, but had no idea what it really meant. I quickly slipped on a pair of gym shorts and made my way to the communal bathroom. Fortunately his rejection of my kiss and my heavy flow of piss eliminated my hard-on. I was able to shower unembarrassed with two of our neighbors.

Greg was snoring when I returned to the room. I dressed as quietly as possible so as not to wake him. I did not want to face any issues. I made it to the test, but I might as well have skipped the whole thing. I got my one and only D of my college career that day. I simply could not manage to think of the answers. There were too many questions in my mind about what had happened and the way Greg had acted. When I returned to our room, he was gone. I knew he had classes all afternoon and I decided to use the time to get some more sleep. Sleep came hard and was fitful. I dreamed of sucking lots of cocks and of being rejected by the one man I had made love to.

Greg had not returned to the room by dinner time so I went to the dinning hall alone. After dinner I had study group so I didn't get back to the room until around ten. Greg came in an hour later.

"Hey man what's up?" He said in his usual cheery tone.

We proceeded to have some inane conversation about classes and what not. I had no idea if he was ignoring the elephant in the room or the previous evening had simply been just a thing and no big deal to him. I became increasingly uncomfortable and wondered if in the end what we did might ruin our budding friendship. When he started to undress to get ready for bed and I knew I would soon be seeing his naked body and wanting his cock, I couldn't take it anymore.

"Greg, I need to talk about last night," I blurted out.

"Sure thing, I am ready to talk about anything with you," He said and came over to sit next to me on my bed.

He was already stripped down to nothing but his boxers. His near nakedness and closeness to me only added to my discomfort with the whole situation.

"You have issues about what we did, buddy? Seemed like you were enjoying yourself," He said as he put his arm around my shoulder.

"Um, fuck yes I enjoyed myself, but um well everything seems weird now. I don't know how to act."

"How do you want to act? What do you want?"

"I want us to be friends still and I am afraid if everything is weird we will lose that."

"Nothing weird for me and I hope we stay friends too, for a long time."

"What about the sex stuff?"

"What about it?"

"Um was that the only time or are we going to do it again?"

"I figured we would do it again, maybe a lot. I had a great time. What did you have in mind?" He asked with a clearly confused look as he rubbed my shoulder.

"Fuck man, I don't know! Things just feel weird today. I couldn't even do my test I was thinking so much about your cock and how good it felt in my mouth. This morning, I tried to kiss you and you seemed to reject me. Then you were away all day and night. Where the fuck were you anyway?" I rambled in response.

"Whoa slow down, buddy. If you must know where I was I ran into a chick from my history class and we talked a while and ended up making out in her dorm. We didn't fuck because just as we were getting real heavy her bitch of a roommate came in. I didn't know I was supposed to keep you apprised of my whereabouts. As for this morning, I didn't know you were seeking a big sloppy good morning kiss. I thought the little nuzzle was nice as was the feel of your fucking rock hard dick on my belly. I hope you didn't think we were going to be boy friends now. I am not gay and I don't think you are either. We can have a lot of fun together as long as we stay cool. I am not giving up pussy and I don't expect to have to report to you on my activities," He said in a single breath.

Then he kissed me. Our tongues met in the middle and we didn't come up for air for over a minute.

"Shit, sorry man. I didn't mean to give you the impression that expected anything and I don't think I want to be your boyfriend or anything like that," I stuttered after our lips parted.

"Cool, so you want to get naked and practice your cock sucking then? I am horny as shit after being denied pussy by that bitch of a roommate," He asked with a laugh.

Strangely that conversation and the hour of sex that followed it solved the issue completely. Though we didn't sleep in the same bed that night, we did share a kiss in the morning after we had both visited the bathroom. In the weeks that followed Greg did hook up with the girl from his history class. They became sort of a couple. They dated a little, fucked a lot. More often than not they fucked in our room since her roommate really was a total bitch. If she walked in on them even kissing she flew off the handle. The one time she caught them fucking she went ballistic. I on the other hand managed to be pretty causal when accidentally walking in on the two of them naked. Seeing her naked became routine. I did get jealous when I walked in and she was on her knees with his cock halfway in her mouth.

He smiled and winked at me as I turned and walked back out of the room. That night he gave me an amazing blow job. Even though he was having regular sex with his girl, we still managed at least once a week to have a hot session; some weeks a lot more than once. The semester flew by and soon it was winter break. I hated the idea of five weeks without any sex. The night before I left campus, Greg and I stayed up all night sucking each others cocks. I was lucky him and his girlfriend had planned a weekend at a local motel before leaving for home. Otherwise he would have been with her and I would have had to face the break without that great night we shared.

When I returned home I had a rather pleasant surprise waiting for me. My old fuck-buddy, Gwen was once again free and she was horny as shit. Seems her boss/boyfriend had been fired about a month after I left for college. Though it was not official, he had been let go for sexual harassment. Gwen wasn't the only female worker he was tapping. He split town without as much as saying goodbye to her. Fortunately for me her hurt had lessened and her horniness had grown in the time since he split. She practically ripped my clothes off on the street when I ran into her. We had always been pretty upfront with each other when we wanted to fuck, but she all but begged me to come over and pound her pussy.

Not that she needed to beg. Despite having a sexual outlet with Greg I did miss pussy. That first day was a wild ride. Apparently her cheating boss/boyfriend had brought out some hidden kinky desires. She wanted it rough. Once I caught on I tried my best to give her a good hard fucking. That first day all my efforts never seemed to be enough. She just kept screaming for me to fuck her harder. After a few days I got the whole story from her. Her ex was a real Dominating tough guy in bed. She was well on her way to fully embracing the role of submissive. She told me about bondage sessions, spankings and verbal abuse. I found out that winter that there were things to be discovered beyond the university. I tried to give her what she said she wanted. Our relationship had always been about giving each other pleasure we couldn't seem to get elsewhere. However, being a masochist just wasn't in me.

We fucked through the whole break, but I had the sense she was only going through the motions after it became clear I wasn't going to tie her up and take a belt to her. I would be lying if I said that I did not enjoy those four weeks. I managed to give Gwen commands and even smacked her ass with my hand. There was some enjoyment in it, but mostly the pleasure I got confused me. I don't know how much of it came from doing the things she had me do to her and how much came from seeing the pleasure it gave her. She was a very different person from the young woman I had spent two years having almost purely vanilla sex with. I often wonder what her sex life is like now. I know she is married. At a high school reunion some years ago she confided in me that her husband was her master. I didn't really understand all she was trying to say and I guess maybe I really didn't want to understand. We made love at the reunion for old time's sake. It was gentle and she cried in my arms after. It led me to believe she had chosen a life style because she needed the thrills of that type of activity. But clearly she missed the tender moments.

The break passed quickly and with all the sex I was getting from Gwen, I didn't miss Greg or more accurately his cock as much as I though I might. However, as the beginning of the spring semester got close I became increasingly anxious. The last week of break it was harder for me to concentrate on Gwen and her kinky needs. When she sucked me I would close my eyes and imagine Greg was on his knees. Once I laughed because I had an absurd thought while thinking of Greg when I was with her. My laughter came from the absurd thoughts I was having about Greg taking her place. The very idea of giving him orders and then heaping abuse upon him was almost hysterical to me. I also couldn't wait to tell my best friend all about my adventures while on break. It seemed only fair since I not only heard all about him and his chick but witnessed it on occasion too.

Fortunately for me, Greg's break had not been as filled with sex as mine. It was also fortunate that his girlfriend would not be back on campus for two more days after we returned. Five minutes after he came in our room, I had his clothes ripped off and I was on my knees. It was like I was starved for cock. I hadn't even taken any of my clothes off. At that moment it was all about my need to suck cock. I slurped and sucked and licked him from the tip of his hard throbbing cock to the edge of his very sensitive asshole. Though I would have liked to go on exploring his sex with my tongue for a long time he begged me to take him deep after only a couple of minutes. I could not refuse his request.

I slipped my lips up and down his rigid pole pressing my tongue hard to the underside of his warm cock. Each pass I took him into my throat as he had taught me months earlier. His pubic hair tickled my nose and his balls dangled against my chin as I fought off my natural gag reflex. It was not long before I heard the familiar moans that told me he was loosing control. I increased the intensity of my sucking. My efforts were rewarded with the biggest load of cum Greg had ever shot in my mouth. I savored his musky ambrosia for a minute before swallowing all he gave me. When he pulled away I looked up and smiled as he held onto my shoulders to steady himself.

"Damn, been saving that up for me?" I asked with a wink as I licked my lips.

He pulled me to my feet and kissed me deeply instead of answering my question. His hand went to my crotch and began to fondle my hard cock through my jeans. We continued to share the passion filled kiss for several minutes as he fondled me through my pants and I caressed his bare ass. When the kiss broke he stared into my eyes and smiled.

"There is something else I have been saving for you too, lover," He moaned as he moved to unbutton my jeans.

I just smiled back having no idea what he could mean. Hearing him call me lover for the first time had sent me into a dream-like state. He had always called me buddy before that. I had at times wanted to use sexier terms with him, but always stopped myself. I was afraid it would put him off. But now he had broken that barrier and I was elated with the idea that our relationship was moving in a new direction.

As my jeans fell to the floor and I struggled to step from of them I asked, "So what else have you been saving for me, babe?"

He got a wicked look in his eyes and wide grin on his face as he answered, "My ass, Jerry."

The breath caught in my throat and I gasped. Anal sex with Greg had occurred to me a couple of times. I never pursued it and I wasn't sure in my mind if it happened which of us would be giving and which of us receiving. During the break Gwen had wanted anal, but I only did it to her with a dildo. I didn't have a reason to give her why I wouldn't pound her ass as I did her cunt with my cock. I just said something like her ass only deserved dildos not my cock. She liked the abuse and let it go. At that moment I knew I had been saving that experience for Greg. I wanted my first anal of any kind to be with him.

"So do you want to fuck me, lover?" He asked as he slipped his hand into my under wear and caressed my rock solid cock.

I could manage little more than a mumbled yes. It was enough for him. He moved away and opened one of his bags. As he did so I quickly stripped off my shirt and boxers. He returned with a small tube in his hands.

"You really planned this?" I asked surprised.

"Yes, baby, I really wanted to make our first day back together special. More I really want to feel your cock deep inside me. I want to be totally connected to you," He said as he started stroking my cock.

"Wow, I thought about it but I didn't know how you would feel. Have you ever done it before?"

"I let some guy fuck me a few years ago to see what it was like. It was ok, but I decided it would be better if I saved that for someone special. With you it will be different. That guy was rough and just wanted a fuck. We will be making love," He answered softly.

I was speechless. We kissed for several more minutes before he took my hand and led me over to the bed. He squeezed some of the cool oily liquid from the tube onto my twitching cock. Once he had me coated up he handed me the tube and bent over the bed.

"I think for the first time it will work better in this position. If you like it we can try other positions in the future."

He instructed me to lube him up and then use my fingers to open him up before I tried to get my cock inside him. I pressed the tip of the tube into his tight little anus while he held his ass cheeks open. The lube made him so slick that my finger slipped easily into him. I was up to the second knuckle before I realized what I was doing and worried I might be hurting him. He assured me it felt good and wanted me to keep going. I fingered him for a bit and then he urged me to add another finger. It was harder getting the second finger inside him and I knew from the sound he made that it hurt some that time. However, he insisted he was alright and I should keep working his hole. As I fucked his tight anal canal with two fingers he started telling me how much he wanted me. I added more lube after a few minutes and pressed a third finger tip next to the two fingers that were buried inside my best friend's butt.

"Oh god, baby!" He moaned as I watched his once small anus open to accommodate another finger.

Soon he moaned that he was ready for me. These days I would have been fumbling to put on a condom in that situation. Back then it wasn't something that we would have thought to do. Even when we fucked girls we seldom gave a thought to condoms. It seemed pretty much all the girls were on the pill and STD's were hardly thought about. I pulled my fingers from his ass and squeezed some more lube on my cock. I guided my throbbing shaft to his no longer tightly closed hole. I was a bit amazed that an asshole could open up like that. I pressed my cock head against him and it popped right in. Somehow I managed to stop myself from going all the way to the hilt. Greg just moaned, letting me know it felt good. When he pushed his ass back at me I knew he wanted more. I slowly pushed forward until nearly my entire cock was inside of his ass. I stopped and asked him if he was alright.

"I..I..I am ffffucking ggrreat baby!" He moaned. "Fuck me!"

I grabbed his hips and slowly pulled back until just the head of my cock was inside him and then I slowly pushed my entire cock back inside him. We quickly developed a rhythm. As I became more excited I had to concentrate to keep using gently slow thrusts. Even though he assured me that he felt great and wanted me to keep going, I did not want to hurt my lover. I had read enough to know that even though there was pleasure there was also some pain. Greg never mentioned the pain while we were making love. He later admitted that there had been some pain. He also said the pleasure was far greater. Each time I slid into him, he would push his ass back as if trying to get me deeper. His little moans and whimpers told me when I hit his special spot. After a bit his sphincter and rectal muscles seemed to have loosened up and I was sliding easily in and out of him. That is when he began to use a trick I still have no idea how he learned. He started squeezing my cock. It took very little of him making his sexy ass suck my dick to send me over the edge. The first shot of cum splashed into his ass. My orgasm caused me to jerk and my cock popped out of him. I held tight and watched the rest of my cum spurt onto his ass.

He let my orgasm finish before he stood and turned around. As we kissed I could feel his hardness poking into me. I reached out and stroked him as I moved my lips to his pecs and sucked and licked his deliciously hard nipples. I wondered if he wanted my ass, but decided that that should wait for another day. Somehow it felt like it would diminish his gift for me to simply bend over and offer up my virgin hole. I dropped to my knees as I pushed him gently causing him to fall back on the bed. I spread his legs and began to lavish his balls with wild licks. I could taste a hint of my cum that had leaked out and over his sack. I sucked each of his freshly shaved smooth balls. His moaning spurred me on as I feasted on his testicles. I moved licking my way up his quivering shaft. I traced his large pulsating vein with the tip of my tongue. I swirled my tongue around his thick mushroom head. I bathed his spongy glans and teased the little opening in his dick. I knew from experience that his dick hole was very sensitive. I loved making him jerk on the bed as my tongue tickled the tiny hole. To my surprise after another minute of teasing he grabbed my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. He sat up and began to fuck my face. I eagerly accepted his thrusts as he pushed my head down forcing me to take his cock fully in my mouth. I gave over control to him. He bobbed my head up and down as I used my lips and tongue to caress his shaft. His second load was not as large as the first but his orgasm seemed to be more powerful.

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