tagLesbian SexUniversity Life Ch. 05

University Life Ch. 05


Chapter 5 Girls will be Girls

With a mischievous glint in her eye, Cynthia giggled, "Now it's your turn. I want to taste some of your chocolate cream pie. I only got a taste when I cleaned up John. I want more. You have a feast in that hole of yours." Moving toward the desk where Joy was sprawled, Cynthia commanded, "Lean back and enjoy."

Kneeling before the desk; Cynthia grabbed one of Joy's buns in each hand; placing her mouth at the entrance to Joy's pussy. Forming a scoop with her tongue; Cynthia delved into Joy's sopping slit; licking up the remains of our sperm and pussy juice.

After swallowing the delicious treat; Cynthia lifted her head, cooing, "I love the taste of your box lunch. It's so yummy. I'm going to feast on you until I've cleaned up all this delicious mixture. By the time I'm done you'll be ready to come again. Then I'll get another load of your delectable nectar. Relax and enjoy."

"O fuck! Your mouth feels fantastic eating my cunt. Don't stop! Eat me until I come again! I want to squirt my juice all over your face." Joy growled; pushing her crotch into Cynthia's face.

With these encouraging words, Cynthia returned her attention to Joy's pussy. Her tongue attacked the banquet before her with a renewed fervor. I could see Cynthia's throat swallow the accumulated juices every time her tongue lapped along the exposed gash. Worming her tongue into Joy's open tunnel, she sucked all the remnants of my sperm into her hungry mouth. When she had thoroughly cleaned my spunk from Joy's hole, Cynthia turned her attention to the bud at the apex of Joy's cleft.

I could clearly see Cynthia's pink tongue lashing Joy's erect clitoris. Cynthia's assault on Joy's go button was causing her to moan in pleasure. Rotating her hips in ecstasy, Joy tangled her fingers in Cynthia's hair. With her hands entwined in Cynthia's hair, Joy forced the head hard against her crotch. With Cynthia's mouth mashed against Joy's drooling slit, I could not see what was going on. Suddenly Joy let out a squeal; lifting her ass off the pillow. Cynthia must have done something really hot to Joy's clit.

"Fuck yes! That's the way!" Joy exclaimed; gripping Cynthia's head with her thighs, twisting her hair. "Keep sucking my clit. Bite it! Don't stop!" Joy ordered; pressing down on Cynthia's head; as she arched her back. "I'm almost there. Just a little bit longer and I'll squirt all over your face. Fuck baby you know how to tease a girl's clit. O fuck! I'm there!" Joy cried; body quivering with release; as a powerful orgasm swept over her.

As I watched, I could see Joy's juice squirt out, hitting Cynthia on the face. She could not move her head, as it was trapped by Joy's thighs and hands. All Cynthia could do was try to drink up Joy's juices as they squirted from her pulsating pussy. Cynthia could not swallow fast enough to keep from being covered with Joy's love juice. Bringing her hands to Joy's thighs; Cynthia had to force the legs apart to keep them from suffocating her. As she spread the firm brown thighs, Cynthia never stopped lapping the honey from Joy's cleft.

When the last tremors had stopped; allowing Joy to regain her breath; she whispered, "That was great. I love it when a woman eats my cunt. It takes a woman to know how to pleasure another woman. Now it's your turn. Stretch out on the bed!" Joy instructed, as Cynthia stretched out on the bed. "I want to look at your body before I start to devour you." That's the way. I want to be able to get to every curve and crevice of your body. I can hardly wait to suck those big tits of yours."

Hopping off the desk, Joy sat down beside the prone Cynthia. Bending forward, she brought her lips to Cynthia's mouth. Immediately Cynthia's lips parted; allowing Joy's searching tongue entrance. Sliding her tongue between Cynthia's teeth; Joy began to dual with Cynthia's tongue.

What an erotic sight their bodies made, as the two women embraced. Joy's brown body made a sexy contrast against Cynthia's lightly tanned frame. What a glorious sight Joy's chocolate C cup breasts made, as they were mashed against Cynthia's vanilla pear shaped double D melons. The sensuous way Cynthia's tanned hands roamed over Joy's moka back and butt, as they continued to kiss, was an incredibly provocative sight. The two women were a lusty study in contrasts.

Breaking the kiss; Joy inquired, "Is that big black dildo you have still under your pillow for quick access?" Receiving a nod from Cynthia; Joy slid her hand under the pillow; bringing the huge twelve inch black dildo into view; exclaiming, "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you with this huge cock! While I fuck you with this; I'm going to play with your big tits. When I'm through with you you're going to be a gibbering, limp mass of orgasming female flesh! Get ready for the time of your life!" Turning to me; Joy chortled, "I hope you enjoy the show. You won't be any good for a while; so this will be a girl only party. You can watch, but don't touch. Maybe we can put some life back into that limp piece of meat between your legs."

Placing the black dildo between Cynthia's legs; Joy rubbed the bulbous head along the dew dampened slit. When the mushroom shaped head was slick with Cynthia's love juices; Joy pushed the dildo into the wide open gash. Joy did not stop until the entire length of the long black shaft had disappeared inside Cynthia's tunnel.

"How do you like that?" Joy asked; as she stirred the hard rubber dildo inside Cynthia's love canal. "Does your cunt feel filled? Do you want me to fuck you hard and fast with this fake cock?"

"O fuck! That feels fucking great! I can feel it all the way to my belly button. Give it to me hot and hard! Get me off!" Cynthia exclaimed; thrusting her hips off the bed to meet the intruder.

Immediately Joy began to slide the black tool in and out of Cynthia's gash. Joy pulled the dildo out until only the head remained inside Cynthia's pussy. Giving the shaft a little twist; Joy would then slam the entire length back into Cynthia's drooling hole. Cynthia's pussy was so wet it made a squishy sound every time the big black dildo was slammed into her.

With this rhythm established; joy bent over Cynthia; sucking on one of her nipples. As she teased the nipple with her tongue; Joy sucked more of the tit flesh into her mouth; while caressing the other breast with her free hand. Sliding the hand along the curve of the breast; Joy's fingers came to rest on the erect nipple crowning the globe. Simultaneously Joy pinched the hard nipple with her fingers; bit the other nipple; while slamming the dildo all the way up Cynthia's hole. Cynthia reacted as if she had been hit with a bolt of electricity.

"Wow! Holy fuck! What's happening?" Cynthia cried; Bucking her hips; twisting her torso; as she clutched at the back of Joys head. "What the fuck are you doing? My cunt and tits are on fire! My brain doesn't know if I'm experiencing pain or feeling incredible pleasure. What ever it is don't stop! I'm so fucking hot I could explode! I'm going to come soon. Strum my clit! Make me climax!" Cynthia ordered; crushing Joy's face against her chest.

Grinding the base of the dildo against Cynthia's crotch; Joy rotated her thumb over the exposed, quivering love bud. This brought another shudder of ecstasy to Cynthia's sweating body; as she continued to babble incoherently. Seeing Cynthia's helplessness did not cause Joy to abandon her assault. Joy was enjoying her power to make this beautiful blonde squirm and twist in uncontrollable ecstasy. Joy was ruthlessly bringing this hot vixen to a mind blowing orgasm.

Arching her back; Cynthia squealed, "I'm fucking coming! Thrashing her head from side to side; bucking her hips; Cynthia cried, "Fuck me with that big black cock! Fuck me! Fuck me! Slam it in! Don't stop! I want it to last forever! My cunt is on fire! Pinch my clit! Bite my tits! More!"

With a gleam in her eyes and a smile on her lips, Joy complied with Cynthia's demands. She continued to ram the dildo in and out of Cynthia, while playing with her clit and nipples. Joy had achieved her goal. She had turned Cynthia into a sweating, mindless mass of quivering female flesh.

Cynthia's eyes had rolled back in her head. She no longer saw her surroundings. All that existed for Cynthia was the pleasure coursing from her cunt, belly, and tits to her sexually over loaded brain. Again and again orgasms ripped through Cynthia; causing her to moan and shudder. Still Joy continued to ravage Cynthia's quaking body. It was obvious that Joy was not going to stop her assault until Cynthia became too exhausted to move or begged for relief from the merciless stimulation.

After a few more minutes the spasms began to subside. Cynthia lay on the bed; breathing raggedly; as her body gave an occasional twitch. Having achieved her goal, Joy ceased her lewd assault on Cynthia.

Raising her head from Cynthia's breast, Joy pulled the shiny black dildo from Cynthia's juice soaked pussy. Bringing the monster phallus to her mouth; Joy began to lick Cynthia's love juice from the glistening knob. Slowly she began to insert the knob into her mouth; making soft sucking sounds as she cleaned the love nectar from the dildo. Gradually the black shaft began to disappear down Joy's throat. I could not believe what I was witnessing. Joy had made the entire monster disappear down her throat; like a sword swallower. I could see Joy's throat work up and down; as she caressed the shaft with her throat muscles. When it came to deep throating a cock this woman was every bit as talented as Cynthia.

Pulling the long, black phallus from her mouth; Joy turned to me, a glint in her eye; saying, "I can see you like the show. You enjoyed it so much the limp piece of white meat hanging between your legs has turned into a big hard cock. You're going to have to handle that problem your self because this is now a girl's only party."

"I sure did like the show! I have never seen a woman come as hard and for as long as Cynthia did." I replied; as I slowly slid my fist up and down my rigid shaft. "What about Cyn? Is she still alive? Is she all right? It looks as if she is dead."

"Would you like that? Would you like to fuck a corpse?" Joy laughed; as she softly stroked Cynthia's cheek. "Don't worry. Cyn just fainted. It has happened before. She will soon be as good as new. She just needs a little rest. Sometimes when Cyn comes she has such a powerful orgasm that it knocks her out. This has happened before; when we played together. See; she's coming to life." Joy reassured me; as Cynthia's eyes began to flutter open. Leaning forward; Joy planted a gentle kiss on Cynthia's lips; as she asked, "How do you feel? You had one hell of an orgasm. You worried John. He thought you were dead and he was getting ready to fuck you. I think he is kinky." Joy laughed.

"I just need a couple of minutes to get my strength back. That was the wildest fuck we have ever had. I wanted it to last for ever, but I passed out. It was so good. When I get my strength back it's your turn. I'm going to fuck the shit out of you." Cynthia softly giggled; raising herself higher on the pillow.

"By the way John is fisting his cock; he is really enjoying the all girl show we are putting on. You better have a hot sequel for him." Joy laughed; as she lovingly stroked Cynthia's breasts. "Do you want the hot show to continue? Have you ever seen an all girl show up close and hot; like this?" Joy asked; turning toward me.

"O shit I love the show! I've never seen two women having sex before; especially two women as hot as the two of you. I'm so fucking hot I don't know if I can last until your finished." I groaned, as I continued to slowly slide my fist up and down my shaft.

Having regained her strength; Cynthia got from the bed; rummaging around in the closet for something. With a look of satisfaction; she turned toward us; holding a black harness and bright red dildo out for our inspection.

"Get over here, bitch! Kneel down in front of me!" Cynthia ordered; as she pulled the harness up her legs; fastening the belt around her waist. When Cynthia had attached the large, bright red dildo to the harness; adjusting it so the base rested against her clit; she commanded, "Lick my knob, bitch! Make it wet and slippery with your spit! That's the way. I'm going to fuck the shit out of you; just like you did to me. I'm not going to stop until you beg me to! I hope your cunt is hot and wet for me."

Pulling the spit glistening, red knob from Joy's mouth; Cynthia commanded, "Get on the bed! Assume the doggy position!" Walking between Joy's legs; Cynthia brought the glistening, red dildo head to Joy's aroused cunt; commenting, "I can see you're ready for me. Your cunt looks hot and wet." Staring me in the eye; Cynthia asked, "John, can you see Joy's drooling cunt? See how wide open it is. I want you to have a good view; as I ram my cock up her cunt." Rubbing the knob against Joy's quivering love lips; Cynthia stated, "I hope you're ready. Here it comes."

Slapping her firm brown ass, Cynthia slammed the red dildo into Joy's gaping gash. With one fluid motion the entire length was buried in Joy's hole. Grabbing an ass cheek in each hand; Cynthia set to work pounding the big, red dildo in and out of Joy's quivering quim. Each time Cynthia's crotch slapped against Joy's ass; it sent a shock through Cynthia's body; causing her big tits to shake. The impact also caused the base of the dildo to rub against Cynthia's clit; sending little shocks of pleasure through her body. By now both women were really getting into the hot action.

What a hot sight. Seeing that big red dildo disappear and reappear in Joy's brown body was incredible. By now the red dildo glistened with Joy's love juice. My rigid cock was leaking pre come all over my shaft; making it easier to slide my fist up and down the length. I was glad I had come a few times already or I would have shot my wad a long time ago. This show was going to be every bit as hot as the last show. I could not believe two women could get so hot and have so much energy.

To increase Joy's pleasure; Cynthia moved one hand from Joy's taut, chocolate colored butt cheek to her swampy slit; sliding the fingers along her engorged love lips. Finding Joy's erect, pink clit; Cynthia began to tweak it. This caused Joy to buck her hips against Cynthia's crotch with increased abandon. Joy's frantic gyrations were causing her 36 C tits to wobble back and forth; rubbing the sensitive nipples against the bed.

"You fucking bitch! You're really making me hot! My cunt feels stuffed full of that huge dildo! You're going to make me lose control! Don't stop! Pinch my clit! Ram that cock in me!" Joy cried; thrusting her hips back to meet the wildly plunging dildo.

"It's pay back time!" Cynthia growled from deep in her throat. "I'm going to fuck you until you beg me to stop; then I'm going to fuck you some more." Cynthia laughed; increasing the speed of her thrusting pelvis. "I have a little surprise in store for you. When I'm done with you; you're only going to be able to moan and quiver." Cynthia smirked; giving Joy's beautiful brown butt another slap.

Ceasing the slapping she was giving Joy's quivering buttocks; Cynthia brought the hand to Joy's gaping gash. Sliding the fingers around Joy's slippery slit; Cynthia scooped cunt cream onto her fingers. When her fingers were thoroughly lubricated; Cynthia brought the hand to Joy's ass crease. Prying the cheeks apart; Cynthia began to tickle Joy's rose bud with the fingers.

"O baby! You know my weak spot! Play with my chocolate dirt chute! Ram your fingers in there!" Joy demanded.

Cynthia did not have to be told a second time. Ruthlessly she rammed a finger up Joy's back door; until it was lost to view. This brought a squeal of delight from Joy. Working the finger inside Joy's anal passage; Cynthia stretched the opening until she could get a second; then a third finger inside.

This was all joy needed to send her over the edge. She immediately began to wail in pleasure; wildly gyrating her hips. As joy experienced her powerful orgasm; Cynthia continued pounding the dildo in and out of Joy's flooding pussy; while reaming her anal passage and strumming her clit. Like Joy had done before; Cynthia was not going to stop pleasuring Joy's body; even as she climaxed. As a matter of fact; Cynthia was going to increase the level of stimulation.

"John; get the pink vibrator out of the top desk drawer." Cynthia ordered. "I'm going to give this little bitch the fucking of her life. Turn about is fair play. When I'm done with her; she's not even going to be able to beg me to stop. She will be too exhausted." Cynthia laughed; pulling her fingers from Joy's ass hole and taking the 2 inch by 4 inch, pink vibrator from me. "John baby; get ready for the hottest part of the show. I'm going to really crank up the heat. Get ready Joy, for the butt blaster. Here it comes!" Cynthia exclaimed; as she switched on the vibrator; inserting it in Joy's ass hole.

Cynthia had really cranked up the heat for all of us. When the buzzing, shocking pink vibrator slid into Joy's anal passage; she let out a squeal; jumping like she had just received an electric shock. Cynthia made sure that the bright pink vibrator was firmly inserted in Joy's anal passage; so it would not be dislodged; as she bucked and thrashed her hips. Joy was now impaled with two brightly colored phalluses. With the vibrator solidly embedded in Joy's ass hole; Cynthia took a firm hold of Joy's waist. Cynthia then renewed the merciless pounding of Joy's vulnerable pussy.

I was entranced by the sight of the flexing muscles of the tall, athletic, blonde white woman; as she slammed her crotch into the ass of the lithe brown woman kneeling before her. The brown and white bodies shimmered with a fine sheen of sweat; as their breast jiggled from their labored breathing. The sexy scene was enhanced by the sight of the florescent pink vibrator bobbing from Joy's brown ass; as the glistening, big, red dildo sawed in and out of her wet, pink cleft. The tableau before me was incredibly erotic. I was not going to be able to keep from busting a nut for much longer.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Joy screamed incoherently. "I've never had both my holes stuffed like this before. I can't take it any longer! I'm going to collapse."

"You're not getting off that easy, bitch! I'm going to keep fucking you until you collapse and can't think of anything except the hot lusty feeling in your cunt and ass!" Cynthia chortled; holding Joy by the waist; so she could not fall to the bed.

Supporting her sagging body; Cynthia continued to pump the dildo in and out of Joy's sucking slit; grunting with the exertion of each thrust. When she could no longer hold Joy in a kneeling position; Cynthia allowed Joy to fall to the bed; continuing to stimulate her pussy and ass. By now Joy could only mumble; as her body gave the occasional twitch. The strenuous exertions and her previous orgasmic release had sapped Cynthia's strength. Giving one last thrust with her hips; Cynthia buried the shiny red dildo in Joy's pussy; collapsing atop her inert body.

Seeing the heaving mass of sweating, brown and white female flesh before me was the final straw. I could no longer hold the dam of sperm back. With a grunt of pleasure; I arched my back; as I felt the torrent of hot sperm rush up my shaft; blasting from the tip. The thick wad of creamy jism landed on the side of Cynthia's breast, trickling down onto her belly. Continuing to pump my rock hard shaft; I shot two more quick wads of cock cream; watching as they landed on Joy's firm brown buttock. The erotic sight of my pearly white seed on Joy's quivering brown ass cheek increased the force of my next two ejaculations. My pent up lust was waning; as was the force of my ejaculations. The shaft in my fist continued to twitch, but the sperm only oozed from the tip; as my manhood began to wilt. I had never been so thoroughly drained; as I was by this evening's sexual activity; with these two beautiful, lusty women.

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