tagCelebrities & Fan FictionUniversity Life Ch. 06

University Life Ch. 06


Chapter 6: A Star is Born

Saturday morning found my friend Billy and I nervously sitting in the living room of a town house. We were responding to a notice I had seen on a bulletin board at the university. The notice stated, "Horny uninhibited college studs! Do you want to meet some hot adult movie stars? Are you ready to be captured live in front of the camera? Check out our web site." After checking the site, I was directed to the address we were now at.

I would never have had the confidence to turn up if the wild uninhibited time with Cynthia and Joy had not taken place the other weekend. Those two women really widened my horizons and built up my confidence.

Upon arrival we were met by a guy who said, "Hi. Come in. I'm Nic. I guess you are here because of the ad. Come in and make yourself comfortable." Leading us to the living room, our host looked a little surprised at seeing me in the wheelchair, but said nothing, only informed us saying, "Relax on the couch. The director will soon be with you."

As we waited, Nic was kept busy setting up cameras and giving directions to two assistants. I could see him give me a glance every now and then, wondering what I was doing there. He did not think I would be able to perform with the women because I was in a wheelchair. I hoped to prove him wrong.

After about a ten minute wait the door to another room opened. In walked a tall striking blonde woman. She was about 5 feet 10 inches tall, with what looked to be 34 B breasts, slim waist and nice butt. She wore a short wrap around, see-thru, black skirt, with a matching see-thru halter top. I could see from the look on her face that she was astonished by my presence.

"Hi guys. I'm Lauren Phoenix. How are you doing? I will be your director." Ms. Phoenix said in greeting, giving us a big smile. "I hope you're ready for some hot action."

"We sure are." Billy and I chorused.

"Well let's get introduced." Lauren phoenix stated.

"I'm Billy." Billy exclaimed, standing to greet Ms Phoenix.

"I'm John." I joined in, extending my hand in greeting.

"Do you think you will be up to the action?" Lauren asked with reluctance, as she shook my offered hand. "I have never done a movie with a guy in a wheelchair before, but if you can perform; no problem. We're an equal opportunity employer." she laughed.

"I sure hope I don't disappoint you." I replied with a little uncertainty.

"Well let's get to know you better. We can chat a little and find out why you think you will be good at making a movie. First, I'd like to check out your equipment. Would the two of you get undressed?"

With no hesitation, Billy and I began to strip. Quickly my shirt fell to the carpet, followed by my shoes and socks. Unfastening my pants, I pulled them off, revealing my long, thick manhood. Billy had also finished undressing, and was standing naked in front of the black leather couch.

"The two of you have the right equipment. If you can perform in front of a camera and take direction; you're just what we're looking for." Lauren commented, looking us over. "John or should I say Long John, you seam to be exceptionally well endowed. If it gets as big as I think it will, I know some women that will love working with you. Can you think of any other reasons that would make you a good actor?" Lauren asked, giving me a big smile.

"I love to look at pussy and feel it. I love the smell and taste of an aroused cunt! I enjoy the squishy sound a hot, wet hole makes when I'm fucking it! I'm addicted to a woman's cunt!" I exclaimed in reply.

"You're sure enthusiastic. I hope that enthusiasm will transmit to video tape." Lauren stated. "What about you Billy? Why do you want to be in an adult movie?"

"I like watching porno movies and Jerking off. SO I think it would be even better to be in one." Billy answered, giving Lauren a sheepish grin.

"As good a reason as any." Lauren said, as she scanned the three cameras placed around the couch. Everything looks ready to go. Long John, can you get on the couch? Billy, you can stay standing where you are. The cameras are set up to shoot the action taking place on the couch."

After I had moved to the large, black leather couch, the wheelchair was removed, so the camera's view would not be obstructed. When I was comfortably settled on the couch, I noticed queasiness in the pit of my stomach. Was I going to get sick? Would I be unable to perform in front of the camera? Was this stage fright? Was Billy experiencing the same uncertainty?

"You look a little nervous. Don't worry. Everyone feels that way the first time they are in front of a camera. Once you get into the action you will forget all about the camera." Lauren soothed glancing at Billy and me. "I have just the girl to help you get over your nervousness. Jade come on out and meet Billy and Long John. He's got something I think you'll like."

Out swayed a petite Indonesian woman. She was about 5 feet 3, with long black hair. Her 34B 24 34 body could not have weighed more than 90 pounds. The sexy sight before me was causing my manhood to twitch. Maybe I would not be inhibited by the camera.

"Jade Marcela, meet Billy and Long John. His name is John. I added the Long part. You can see why." Lauren said with a chuckle, as the introductions were made. "I know you will be able to make the guys feel comfortable. They are a little up tight. It's there first time in front of a camera." Lauren explained, giving jade a knowing wink. "I know how you like a big cock. With a little coaxing this one promises to get huge."

"You're right! I know exactly how to make him feel relaxed." Kneeling in front of me on the thick pile carpet, Jade mischievously whispered, "Would you like me to suck your cock for you? I can make you forget about everything except how good your cock feels. I love the feeling I get as my mouth turns a limp piece of meat into a long, hard cock. The feeling of power gives me a rush. It gets my cunt hot and wet." With a glint in her eye, Jade leaned forward, taking a firm grip on my twitching snake, saying, "You are going to enjoy receiving this blow job as much as I will love giving it."

Lifting my hardening shaft, Jade sucked the head into her moist mouth. Lathing the knob, she continued to slowly feed more and more of my length into her face. I could now feel the head sliding down Jade's throat. By now my manhood was fully erect. With a final gulp, Jade made the remaining length disappear into her mouth. As it disappeared down her throat, her nose came to rest against my crotch. My entire 12 inches were buried in this talented movie stars throat.

With my stiff manhood buried in her throat, Jade began to massage the length with her throat muscles. I could feel the muscles rippling along the length of my cock. The sensations created by Jade's throat were enhanced by her tongue, as it fluttered along the part of my shaft lodged in her mouth. If she kept up her assault on my manhood, I would soon be shooting my thick cream into her stomach. This woman was a star when it came to deep throating a cock.

Just as I was getting ready to shoot, Lauren ordered, "Jade, pull that cock out of your mouth! I don't want him to shoot off in your throat." I know how you love sucking a cock, but I want the audience to see how huge Long John's cock is. That way they can really appreciate just how talented a cock sucker you are." When Jade had dislodged my shaft from her throat, Lauren exclaimed, "Shit that thing is fucking huge! Hold it up so the camera can get a close up. That's the way. Nic, move in for a close up."

It was a good thing Lauren had told Jade to remove my manhood from her mouth, as I was just about to blast my cream down her throat. By the way my shaft was standing up it was obvious I was not suffering from stage fright any more. Even when Nic moved in with the camera I did not feel nervous. I just hoped I could last, as I felt horny as hell.

"Billy, you look like you are enjoying the show." Lauren chuckled, as she glanced at his stiff erection. "Would you like to get your pole wet? Kneel down behind Jade and give it to her, while she shows the audience how she handles twelve inches of hard cock."

Billy was good at taking directions. Immediately he knelt behind Jade. Grabbing his hard shaft, Billy placed the engorged knob at the entrance to Jade's pussy. Placing a hand on each of her hips, Billy thrust forward, burying his twitching rod in Jade's wet tunnel of love. With a sigh of pleasure he began to slowly pump in and out of her receptive pussy.

"Bob bring the camera over here!" Lauren ordered. "I want to get a close up of Billy fucking Jade. Get on the floor! That's the way. Jade, move your leg back a little so Bob can get in nice and close."

While Billy thrust in and out of her, Jade continued to stroke my quivering shaft. Sticking out her pink tongue, Jade licked up the pre ejaculate oozing from the tip. Having cleaned my knob, she slowly slid her tongue along the sensitive underside of my shaft. Holding the base, Jade commenced to lathe my entire length from root to crown.

When my shaft was glistening to her satisfaction with a coating of saliva, Jade looked me in the eyes cooing, "Would you like me to tit fuck you? Your cock is all wet and slippery. It will slide really nicely in my cleavage."

"O fuck, yes!" I gasped in excitement, burying my fingers in her long straight, black hair.

Still holding my shaft, Jade placed it in the valley between her firm melons. Cupping the sides of her C breasts, Jade squeezed the tit flesh around my slick pole. With my cock trapped in her cleavage, Jade crushed her breasts together, making my manhood feel like it was surrounded by a tight pussy. Slowly she began to slide the slippery tit flesh up and down my pillar of passion. Each time the head protruded from the top of her breasts, Jade would suck the head into her mouth. Giving the knob a couple of licks, she then let it pop from between her lips, allowing the length to again slide between her firm jugs. As I lay back enjoying the tit fucking Jade was giving me, Lauren asked, "Long John how would you like to eat some pussy? You said you couldn't get enough pussy, so here's your chance to get a face full."

Before I could answer, a naked, buxom black woman in her late twenties appeared at my side. She was about 5 feet 5 inches tall with a firm 36 D 24 35 body. The sexiness of her naked brown body was enhanced by the gold rings hanging from her naval and clit hood.

"Kitten I'd like you to meet Billy and Long John." Lauren said, as she introduced us to this vision of loveliness. Before Billy or I could reply, Lauren continued with her directions saying "Kitten, Kneel on the couch in front of Long John. That will give him easy access to your pussy. Mike get your camera in position behind the couch. You should be able to get a good shot of Long John eating Kitten's pussy."

With her knees straddling my hips and her pink pussy lips poised inches from my mouth, Kitten purred, "Lick Kitty's pussy. Use your teeth to tug on my clitty ring. It gets me really horny. Make me all hot and wet with your tongue. I'm going to have to be very slippery to get that big cock of yours into my cunt."

Turning sideways, so the camera could get a good view of the action, Kitten thrust her shaved brown crotch into my face. Sticking out my tongue, I licked along the aroused lips of her labia, making sure I did not obstruct the camera. With each stroke of my tongue, I could feel Kitten becoming wetter. As her juices gathered on her love lips, I made loud slurping sounds, as I tried to suck her delicious nectar into my mouth.

Just as I started lapping Kitten's cunt, Jade's tits began to bounce against my thighs. I could hear the loud slaps of flesh on flesh, as she was being pushed forward by Billy's frantic thrusts. Billy was puffing and grunting like a rutting bull. Peeking around Kitten's hip, I could see his jaw was clenched, while his fingers dug into Jade's waist. It was obvious Billy was about to climax.

"Billy, pull your cock out of Jade! Grab it and jerk yourself off! Shoot your cream all over her ass cheeks!" Lauren ordered. "Bob get a close up of this! Don't miss a single drop!"

Again Billy followed Lauren's instructions without hesitation. Pulling back, he freed his quivering cock from Jade's pussy. Grabbing the slick shaft he began to pump furiously. Within seconds sticky white cream squirted from the tip, landing on Jade's lower back. The next wad of spunk landed in the crack separating her buttocks. Again and again thick ropes of sperm jetted from Billy's twitching cock, splashing onto Jade's firm tanned ass cheeks. Finally the pearly cream could only trickle from the head of his deflating cock. Billy's noisy orgasm, the delicious taste and smell of Kitten's pussy, combined with Jade's continued ministrations were bringing me close to my own climax. I could feel the sperm building up in my sensitive balls. A couple of more licks from Jade's talented tongue were all I was going to need.

Grabbing Kitten's ass cheeks, I pulled her pussy hard against my face. Sucking her clit into my mouth, I let out a muffled cry of release, just as Kitten's cunt began to pulsate on my face.

Anticipating my orgasm, Lauren ordered, "Let the first couple of loads hit your face, Jade. Nic, get a good close up of all that cream." Licking her lips, Lauren moved closer to the action, exclaiming, "Shit he shoots buckets! Your Face is covered with cock cream! Jade, point his cock at your tits and let him squirt all over them! Your tits are covered and the spunk is still squirting out of him! Take his cock in your mouth and let some trickle out the corners of your mouth!"

As my cock ceased pumping out sperm, Jade removed it from her mouth saying, "Wow, I'm all covered with cock cream! We sure got the money shot from Long John! Shit! He's still hard!"

"Good!" Kitten exclaimed, as she recovered from her orgasm. "Long John has me all revved up and ready to go. I need a hard fast fucking with that huge cock of his!"

"Lets reposition everyone." Lauren said, as she prepared everyone for the next shot. "I think it's time to bring out our next girl. Long John, Billy I'd like you to meet Lanny Barbie."

With that the door to the other room opened and out walked a tall, green eyed, naked blonde. This vision of loveliness stood about 5 feet 6 inches tall, with a very shapely 36C 25 35 figure. As I stared at the firm curves of her body, I noticed she had a gold belly button ring. Continuing my survey of her sexy 120 pound frame, my eyes were drawn to her shaved pussy. Glinting at the apex of her slit was a gold ring. She not only had a pierced naval, but her clit hood was also pierced.

"Lanny, sit on the couch. Rest your feet on the edge of the couch, so the camera can get a good view, while Billy eats your delicious pussy. Maybe your delectable juices will put some led into his pencil. If that doesn't work, Jade can help him out. I know how much she enjoys sucking cock." Turning to Jade, Lauren said, "Jade, I know what a talented cock sucker you are, so I'll put you in charge of getting Billy hard again. Make the audience wish they were in Billy's place. Bob, I want you to capture all the lusty action, as Jade sucks off Billy. Mike, you stay with the cunt lapping Billy is going to give Lanny. Don't miss a single sexy slurp!"

Turning her attention to Kitten and I, Lauren gave a laugh as she said, ""Long John, I guess I don't have to tell you and Kitten what to do. It's obvious Kitten can hardly wait to get that big fat cock of yours into her hot hole. Kitten, lean against the back of the couch. Rest your feet on the edge of the couch like Lanny. Spread your legs as wide as possible, so Nic can get some hot shots of Long John's big cock stretching your cunt wide open. I want the audience to see every juicy detail."

Everyone had their assigned tasks, so we went to work. I have to admit, with Kitten's help, this was going to be the most enjoyable work I have ever done. Kitten was also looking forward to getting to some hard work. Leaning back, legs spread wide, Kitten was teasing her erect pink clit by pulling on the gold ring piercing her clit hood. The fingers of her other hand were gliding along the inner lips of her wide open pussy. Her high state of arousal was obvious by the way cunt cream leaked from her hole onto the lips of her labia and all over her fingers. The questing fingers were now spreading her lips, opening the pink tunnel for the camera's unblinking eye. The lusty, lewd sight before me held me spell bound. I could not move. I could only stare in fascination as the searching fingers manipulated the wet, soft pink folds of flesh.

"Don't kneel there like a statue staring at me! Stick that big fat white dick in my hot black hole!" Kitten ordered, thrusting her hips at my throbbing cock. "I need to get fucked right now! You're tongue fucking was only a warm up! I need you to fill up my hole! I want to feel you stretch my cunt! Give it to me hard and fast, right now!" Kitten again commanded, licking her lips, as her 36D tits shook with pent up excitement.

Kitten's insistent commanding voice broke the spell her show had put me in. Thrusting forward, the head of my cock found the wide open, slippery entrance to her tunnel. I did not stop moving forward until my crotch smacked against her pelvis. My shaft was now engulfed by Kitten's hot wet sucking flesh. The sensations created by her tight tunnel as it squeezed my pole were incredible. I was glad I had climaxed earlier. If I had not, I would have started blasting my cream into her immediately.

"That's it big boy." Kitten purred, as she bent her right leg back to her breast, giving Nic a great shot of her pink labia lips being pulled outward by my withdrawing shaft. "I like the way you fill me up. I want you to play with my big titties while you fuck me with your hard dick. Squeeze my melons. Pinch the nipples. Bite them."

Kitten really knew how to make a guy hot with her lewd display and hot talk. Now she was using her tight twat to increase my arousal. Each time I pulled out of her tunnel, she squeezed my shaft, increasing the friction on the length. When I slammed into her there was no resistance. I slid in like a hot knife going through butter until my pelvis slammed against her shaved groin. She would then rotate her hips, grinding hard against me. This stimulated her clit, driving her into frenzy. It was my turn to use my fingers and mouth to increase her level of pleasure.

Maintaining my rhythmic pumping of her hot hole, I cupped her heaving breasts with my hands. Slowly I began to squeeze the soft but firm brown flesh. Being careful not to obstruct the camera's view, I leaned over her, placing my mouth on one long hard nipple. Sucking the hard bud into my mouth, I teased it with my tongue. Wanting to increase Kitten's level of pleasure, I bit the one nipple, while pinching the other one with my fingers. Immediately Kitten yelped in surprise, pulling my face against her breasts. Her entire body seamed to quiver with renewed excitement. The tempo of her churning hips was redoubled. Her cunt gripped my cock like a vice, while her juices soaked our crotches.

"O fuck, baby! I'm coming! Kitten squealed, as her legs locked around my hips. "Grind your crotch into me! Squeeze my tits!"

Tossing her head back and forth, Kitten crushed me against her heaving body, using her arms and legs. I could feel her pussy contracting and relaxing around my aching shaft. If I had not just climaxed, I would be emptying my jism into her right now.

When Kitten regained her self control, she gasped, "That was fucking great! O Shit, you're still hard! All right!" Unlocking her arms and legs, Kitten freed me from her lusty embrace saying, "I've got another hot, black hole I want you to ream! Your cock should be slippery enough to slide in. I've even had an enema to clean out. I was hoping to get some ass fucking in."

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