tagGroup SexUniversity Life Ch. 08

University Life Ch. 08


Chapter 8 Slipping and Sliding

It was about a week since Professor Sandra Minx and I had played cowgirl, when Cynthia phoned. She was inviting me to a late night party at Joy's dorm room. After knocking on the door; Cynthia opened it just enough for the wheelchair to slip through. What a surprise.

"What is going on?" I asked in amazement, turning my head to stare around the room. "I see two beautiful naked women; one brown and the other white; surrounded by piled up furniture. Is this a moving party?" I asked, gazing from the stacked furniture to Cynthia and Joy.

"No! This is a baby oil party." Joy and Cynthia chorused, giving each other a knowing wink. Moving next to me the girls continued, "The party is in the other room. "We moved all the furniture from the other room to this one; so we will have lots of space to play. Before you can go into the other room you have to be naked and well oiled. We'll help you strip! Then we will oil you up! You're going to enjoy tonight!" Joy and Cynthia exclaimed in unison; moving beside the wheelchair; as their hands began unbuttoning my shirt and pants.

Quickly Joy's hands unbuttoned my shirt; helping me out of it; as Cynthia unzipped my pants; pulling them down my legs. In less than a minute the two women had stripped me naked. There oil slick fingers felt sensual on my skin; causing my manhood to twitch. The next thing I knew; the women's slippery hands began caressing my shaft and balls. It did not take long for my penis to grow to full erection.

"I think this part of him is well oiled." Joy laughed; pouring baby oil onto her hands. "You get the top half; I'll oil the bottom." Cynthia suggested; taking the baby oil from Joy; pouring some onto her hand.

While Joy and Cynthia massaged oil into my chest and legs; I let my fingers roam over their slippery, naked bodies. As if they had a mind of their own; my fingers immediately sought out the women's crotches. Sliding a finger to the apex of Joy's brown slit; I gently pulled the tuft of black hair; while tickling the erect pink bud. The fingers of my other hand delved into Cynthia's lightly tanned, hairless pussy; stirring three fingers around in her hot hole.

"I think he is ready to go into the next room. His cock is good and hard." Cynthia cooed; giving my erection one last squeeze.

"I think so too! He can't keep his fingers out of my cunt!" Joy gasped; as her hips began to rotate. "John, get ready for the surprise."

As Joy led us into the other room; I had a perfect view of her beautiful, brown, buns swaying back and forth. Cynthia pushed the wheelchair; allowing my head to rest between her large, oily breasts. The women had been right about the surprise waiting in the next room.

The room was completely empty. It was surrounded by mirrors; with a large plastic sheet covering the rug. On the built in dresser; there was a computer and monitor. On the computer screen, I could see a naked man and woman. Looking at the middle of the plastic covered floor, I could see the same naked couple.

The woman lay on her back; legs pulled up to her breasts; long, straight, black hair surrounding her face; partially covering her breasts. Her well oiled, copper coloured skin shone in the light. Her face was accented by high cheek bones and moist red lips. Her firm, copper coloured C cup breasts were topped by hard pink nipples; surrounded by dark areolas. From her appearance; this vision of loveliness was a member of the first nations of North America.

Between her thighs crouched a black man; skin glistening with oil. I could see his afro covered head bobbing around, but I could not see his face, as it was buried in the valley between the woman's splayed thighs. I was not certain what he was doing, but from the noisy slurping sounds coming from the area of his face, I could make a good guess as to what he was busily doing.

Walking over to the man; Joy grabbed his big balls, exclaiming, "Come up for air, baby! We have some company I want you to meet." As he raised his juice covered face; Joy introduced us, saying, "This is John. He is going to join our little baby oil party. John, this is my lover, Shaft."

Sticking out his hand; shaft exclaimed, "Hi man! Good to meet you!" As we shook hands; Shaft laughed, "I'm glad you're here! I hope you're up to some hard work. I didn't know how I was going to satisfy all this hot pussy alone; without killing myself!"

"Reaching down to pull her to her feet; Joy introduced me to the woman, saying, "This hot little slut is Mandy Foxx. She's my roommate. This is her room; when we are not using it for games."

"I am Pleased to meet you, John." Mandy bubbled; looking me up and down. "Joy has told me all about you and your big cock. I could hardly wait to meet you. I wanted to see if you would live up to her description. She didn't exaggerate! Your cock is as big as she said! I can hardly wait to get some of it!" Mandy blurted; taking hold of my stiff, bobbing flag pole. "Can you get out of the wheelchair? Let's slide our greasy bodies together! I want you to slam this big cock in me right now! Shaft has made me so hot; I could explode!" Mandy exclaimed; as she impatiently tugged on my rigid rod.

Quickly I slid from the wheelchair onto the floor; with Mandy still holding onto my shaft; clinging to it like a drowning woman. As Mandy rolled onto her back; she spread her legs wide; firmly planting her feet on the plastic. This caused her aroused cleft to spread wide open; giving me a perfect view of her swollen labia lips and erect pink clitoris. The puffy lips of her vagina were glistening with her copious love nectar.

Pulling my rigid, throbbing manhood toward the entrance to her love tunnel; Mandy squealed, "Stick that big, fat, fucking cock in me right now! I can't wait any longer! I need to get fucked hard, hot, and fast. Slam the whole thing in me!"

With the head of my shaft resting at the mouth to Mandy's pussy; I thrust my hips forward; burying my entire length in her in one stroke. Mandy's love canal was so hot and wet that I slid in with no problem. I held myself still; while I reveled in the feeling of a tight twat surrounding my manhood. Mandy's vaginal muscles were rippling along the length of my shaft; creating unbelievably pleasurable sensations in my groin.

"O shit baby; that feels fantastic! I can feel your big cock stretching my cunt! You're going to ruin me for other guys. Slam that big fucking pole in me and don't stop!" Mandy cried; tossing her head back and forth in a frenzy of excitement.

Mandy's slutty talk was getting me really hot. Pulling my shaft out of her pussy; until only the head remained inside her; I again plunged in. Mandy was so hot that she thrust her crotch up; trying to suck my pole inside her wet hole. Slowly I stroked in and out of Mandy's pulsating pussy; while I let my hands slide over her oil slick body. What a sensual sensation! There was no friction where ever our bodies touched. My fingers slid over her breasts; tweaking the nipples. Mandy's fingers caressed my shaft and her erect clit. I was completely engrossed in the slippery pleasures our bodies had to offer.

Looking up; I realized I was missing the visual part of the baby oil party. All around the room; the mirrors were reflecting our erotic images. I could see my long, erect shaft sliding in and out of Mandy's body; as she twisted and turned in her frenzied passion. Looking to the left, right and in front; I could see multiple images of our shiny, slippery bodies writhing in pleasure; as the mirrors reflected them to me from different angles. I did not know which was making me hotter; watching Mandy and I in the mirrors; or the sensations I was receiving as my manhood slid in and out of Mandy's tight, slippery hole. Our images were not the only ones being reflected back to me for my titillation.

I could see the reflections of Shaft, Cynthia and Joy; as they pleasured each other. Shaft was lying on his back; with Joy astride his groin and Cynthia sitting on his face. The two women were facing each other; enabling them to fondle one another's bodies. I could see Joy's reflection from behind; as she bounced up and down on Shaft's rigid erection. Seeing Shaft's cock sliding in and out of Joy's drooling pussy; was raising my excitement to another level. I never thought watching someone else fucking would be so stimulating.

"Fuck Cyn It feels great to have a cock filling my cunt again!" Joy exclaimed; increasing the tempo of her bouncing butt. "What about you Cyn? Is Shaft a good cunt lapper? Grind your cunt against his face real hard! Soak his face with cunt cream." Joy laughed; bending forward; taking one of Cynthia's nipples between her lips; giving it a gentle bite.

"Fuck Joy; that makes me feel really hot! I can feel little shocks running from my nipple to my cunt!" Cynthia squealed; grinding her aroused gash against Shaft's face. "I can feel one hell of a climax coming on. When I let loose; I'm going to flood his face with my girl gush."

"I'm almost there!" Joy mumbled; still chewing on Cynthia's nipple. Letting go of the nipple; Joy arched her back; threw back her head; howling in delight, "I'm fucking coming! O yes; come with me! Squirt your juice all over Shaft's face; while Shaft shoots his cock cream inside me! I can feel his cock juice hitting my womb! O shit I'm coming so hard!"

Grinding against Shaft's face; Cynthia gasped, "Shit Joy; I'm coming! We're coming together! I can feel my cunt cream squirting all over Shaft's face!"

I never looked directly at the three writhing bodies. The images in the mirrors held me spell bound. I watched; as the women bucked and twisted on top of Shaft's prone body. After what seemed like forever the two women collapsed sideways; rolling off Shaft's juice and sweat soaked body.

I had been momentarily enraptured by the sexy sights reflected in the mirrors, but my attention quickly returned to Mandy; when she let out a gasp. Thrusting her hips up; Mandy impatiently drew my shaft into her pussy.

"Are you falling asleep?" Mandy asked; impatience in her voice. "I'm doing all the work! If you're going to be on top; get to work! Fuck me faster! I want to feel that big cock ramming in and out of my cunt now!" Mandy ordered.

I had no excuse; I had been neglecting my job. Quickly I began pumping my hard on in and out of Mandy's succulent slit. I was now fucking Mandy with a passionate fervor I had not had before. The show I had watched had taken me to new heights of eroticism. Suddenly we had company.

"Mandy, how would you like some chocolate cream pie?" Joy asked; using her fingers to hold her slit open; giving Mandy a glimpse of her special desert. "It's yummy fresh." Joy giggled; straddling Mandy's face; lowering her chocolate pie to Mandy's hungry mouth.

This was too much for me. I could feel the sperm churning in my balls. Giving a mighty thrust; I let my first load of sperm blast into Mandy's clutching vagina; crying out in pleasure with the welcomed release.

"Pull out!" Cynthia ordered from between Shaft's legs. "Shoot all over her cunt and belly! The crowd loves to see sperm shooting all over a beautiful woman!"

Unthinkingly I obeyed; pulling my jerking shaft from Mandy's pussy; blasting load after load onto her crotch and belly. My first shot was so powerful that I hit Joy's bouncing ass; as she ground her crotch into Mandy's slippery face. When I could no longer squirt spunk from my knob; I rolled from between Mandy's legs; lying on my back on the floor.

Looking up; I saw Joy quickly spin around on Mandy's face. Leaning forward; Joy brought her mouth to Mandy's come smeared crotch and belly; lapping greedily at the pearly cream. Both women were feasting on each other's body; in the traditional 69 position. From my vantage point on the floor; I could also see what Cynthia was up to between Shaft's legs.

She was squeezing Shafts long, black rod between her big, slippery, white tits. As Cynthia slid her shiny tit flesh up and down Shaft's pole; she sucked on his throbbing knob; making it glisten with her saliva. Seeing Shaft's chocolate coloured pole sliding between Cynthia's large lightly tanned breasts was a very erotic sight. Shaft was groaning and thrusting his hips up; trying to force more of his cock into Cynthia's mouth. I knew the incredible pleasure Shaft must be experiencing; as Cynthia had done the very same thing to me a couple of weeks earlier.

Watching Cynthia work Shaft's penis; while hearing Joy and Mandy slurping each other's pussy; had me rock hard again. I had to get my throbbing cock into a hot, wet pussy as quickly as possible.

Rolling to my left; I could see Joy's brown body lying atop Mandy's copper form. Each woman was noisily lapping the other woman's pussy; tongues teasing clits; while hands caressed breasts. Rising to hands and knees; I prepared to get in on some of this hot action.

Lifting her cream coated face from Mandy's crotch; Joy smiled, saying, "You look ready for some fuck action. Mandy had that big, fat cock of yours already; so it's my turn." Giving her ass a wiggle; Joy commanded, "Get behind me! Stick that hard fucking cock in my cunt! Mandy can lick your cock while she eats my cunt."

Crawling on hands and knees; I positioned myself between Joy's legs; with my balls hanging down onto Mandy's face. Resting my hands on Joy's ass; Mandy grasped my shaft; bringing the knob to Joy's drooling, wide open, pink gash. Thrusting forward; I felt the incredible pleasure; as my rigid erection was engulfed by Joy's sucking slit. It felt great to have my cock buried in a tight, clutching cunt again.

With my rod buried in Joy's slippery, wet hole; I felt Mandy's fingers caressing my dangling balls. When I withdrew; getting ready for another stroke; Mandy's tongue lathed the entire length of my pole. This was a new sensation to me. I had never been licked; while I slid in and out of a pussy. It really heightened the pleasure I was receiving. Mandy's tongue was kept busy; as she licked my cock and Joy's love lips. Mandy sure knew what she was doing.

I was getting into a pleasurable rhythm; when I felt Mandy's hand move between my thighs; stopping when her finger rested against my anal rosebud. Without warning; she plunged her juice coated finger into my anus, burying it up to the knuckle.

"Holy shit!" I cried in surprise; giving a jump that slammed my crotch against Joy's ass; burying my cock up to the balls. "What are you doing?" I asked; feeling Mandy's finger twisting inside my ass tunnel. "That feels so good! You're going to make me shoot my load if you keep tickling my prostate; like you're doing."

"Stop teasing him, Mandy!" Joy ordered; lifting her pussy juice covered mouth from Mandy's quivering jelly roll. "If you don't stop; I'll stop eating your cunt and you can frig yourself. I want him to last a little longer! I'm getting close, but I'm not there yet. If you have to stick your fingers some place; stick them up my ass! It will make me come quicker and harder." Joy commanded; giving her firm brown butt a sexy wiggle.

"Please, don't stop eating me! My cunt is so fucking hot; I'm about to burst. I'll do what ever you want; just don't stop licking me." Mandy pleaded; thrusting her crotch at Joy's face.

Mandy immediately pulled her finger from my ass with a pop, putting the digit to work in Joy's puckered ass hole. As I watched; Mandy made another finger disappear in Joy's back door. With Mandy's finger no longer stimulating my ass; I could return my attention to fucking Joy's quivering quim; with out worrying that I would discharge my gun too quickly.

Taking a firm hold of Joy's ass cheeks; I began to pump in and out of her pussy with a renewed fervor. Watching Mandy's fingers twisting around inside Joy's ass; made me think about how good it would feel to replace those fingers with my throbbing penis. These thoughts made my cock throb even harder. Before I lost control; I was distracted by the sounds coming from Cynthia and Shaft.

Shaft's long rod had completely vanished down Cynthia's throat; while her mountainous tits held his balls in the valley between the peaks. Gurgling and slurping noises came from around Shaft's meat; as Cynthia's throat undulated in an attempt to swallow him whole. While Cynthia gobbled Shaft's sausage; he entwined his fingers in her blonde hair; groaning in pleasure. Suddenly Shaft cried out; arched his back; forcing Cynthia's head down.

I saw Cynthia's throat give a couple of gulps; then she pulled her mouth off shaft's erection; bringing his spurting cock into view. The first globs of thick white sperm landed on Cynthia's protruding tongue and lips. Taking the shaft in her hand; Cynthia pointed the knob at her face; allowing the next wads of pearly cream to land on her cheeks and chin. Pumping Shaft's root; Cynthia forced more spunk to shoot out; allowing it to land on her throat and the tops of her tits. When all the force was gone from Shafts penis; Cynthia held the pole between her tits; squeezing and milking the last few drops from deep in his balls. The sight of Cynthia's face, throat and breasts covered in globs and long sticky strands of luminescent white sperm was too much for me.

Immediately I began to blast my hot jism into Joy's hungry pussy. When the first load hit Joy's womb; she let herself go; shaking and bucking her hips. I could also hear muffled cries of passion coming from Mandy's pussy filled mouth. With my penis completely buried in Joy's vagina; I blasted another load inside her.

Suddenly Cynthia cried out, "John, pull out! I want to see you shoot your hot spunk all over Joy's brown ass and back! The crowd love messy sperm shots!" Cynthia exclaimed; standing to my left.

Again without thinking I responded to Cynthia's commands. Pulling back; my cock popped from Joy's squeezing love canal. As Mandy's hand grabbed my shaft; a wad of pearly cream blasted from the head landing in the crease between Joy's ass cheeks. Pumping my slippery shaft with her hand; Mandy brought three more loads of sperm jetting from my knob; landing on Joy's butt cheeks and back. Finally I could no longer shoot spunk from my jerking cock. Mandy quickly placed my penis in her mouth; sucking the last of my man juice from deep in my balls. When she had sucked the dregs from my aching balls; Mandy pulled Joy's ass to her mouth; licking the globs of jism from deep in her butt crack and cheeks. It was then that I noticed Cynthia standing over Mandy and Joy; a video camera in her hands.

"Cynthia, what are you doing with the video camera?" I asked in amazement.

"I'm videoing Mandy eating your sperm off Joy's ass. What does it look like I'm doing?" Cynthia laughed; as she moved around the two women; getting different angles. "We got the idea from you. When you told us how much fun Billy and you had making the adult movie, we decided to try something similar, but not quite the same. Instead of making a video tape of the action, we show it live over the internet. Joy, Mandy and I have a reality web site. We have built up a large following. Our fans go on line to see what the university girls are up to. Every day we try to put on something special. Tonight you and Shaft were the special of the day. The entire time we were slipping and sliding around; the video camera was transmitting the show over the internet. I let Shaft shoot all over my face and tits; telling you later to pull out of Joy's cunt because our fans enjoy messy come shots. I was directing the show. I thought you realized what was going on; when you saw the computer screen on the dresser and heard me giving directions. Watching ourselves on the monitor gives us a sexual rush, and we can also control what is going out."

Handing the camera to Mandy, Cynthia said, Mandy can handle the camera, while the rest of us put on the finale. Mandy and Joy have been fucked; so now it's my turn to get some hard cock!" Cynthia commanded, "Lay on your back, John! I'm going to straddle your thighs; so I can ride your throbbing cock with my fully aroused pussy. Joy, I want you to stand in front of me; so I can eat your juicy brown cunt. While I eat you; john will fuck my cunt and Shaft will fuck my ass. I love getting double fucked as much as our fans like to see it happening. We also have some blond on black action for the crowd. This finale should sizzle. Mandy, make sure you get lots of close ups. I don't want our fans to miss any of the wet, sticky details."

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