tagExhibitionist & VoyeurUniversity Life Ch. 11

University Life Ch. 11


Chapter 11 Peeping Tom

It was just after supper; as I headed to an evening class with Professor Sandra Minx. While I wheeled along the path; I could feel my manhood growing; as I thought about my meeting with Cynthia and her mother the previous weekend. The two insatiable women had worn me out. By the time I reached the building where the class was being held my musings had given me a raging hard on. I wanted to go to the bathroom to jerk off, but I did not have the time. I would just have to hide my erection; hoping it would diminish during the class.

Wheeling down the deserted hall; I could hear unusual noises coming from the classroom. As I got closer, I could see the door was slightly ajar. Instead of pushing open the door to enter, I stopped, listening for Professor Minx's voice. Unable to make out any voices, I moved closer, trying to catch a familiar voice or a glimpse of what was going on inside.

I could hear whispering voices, giggles and stifled gasps. It sounded like two women having a difficult time containing themselves; as they exchanged naughty secrets. Nudging the door open a fraction more; I could not believe the incredible sight taking place before my astonished eyes.

Professor Sandra Minx's head was lowered, bringing her lips to those of a shorter, very lovely oriental woman. As the women exchanged a very long, passionate kiss, Sandra stroked the other woman's long, straight black hair. With the fingers of her other hand, Sandra explored beneath the oriental woman's blouse.

The oriental woman's hands were also busy. As they cupped and squeezed Sandra's firm ass cheeks, the fingers dug into the valley separating the luscious globes of flesh. The women were oblivious to their surroundings. They were completely lost in passionate kiss they shared.

Watching the two lovely women embrace was causing my wilting manhood to return to a raging erection. I was going to have to do something to relieve the pressure in my pants. Listening and looking along the hall; I could not hear nor see anyone. It was seven in the evening and there would probably be no one along; so I could unzip my pants; allowing my penis some breathing room.

Quickly I unzipped my pants; withdrawing my throbbing erection. The swollen head of my cock was shiny with the pre ejaculate juices oozing from the head of my blood engorged penis. Wrapping my hand around my hard shaft; I began to pump along my pole; making the entire length slick with my drooling cock cream. Squeezing my rod hard; I could feel the shaft throb, as a few more drops of clear lubricating fluid were forced from the tip. Wanting the pleasure to last, I slowed my masturbating hand, while focusing my attention on the two lovely women.

By now the two women's blouses were unbuttoned; revealing their bra covered breasts. Sandra wore a black satin, demi bra, which held up the slight sag of her breasts. The sexy bra also allowed me a perfect view of her large protruding nipples. Looking at her pink, eraser size nipples; I was reminded of the hot time we had shared in her office. I could not forget how much I had enjoyed chewing on those swollen nipples, while she sat astride my hips, riding my rigid cock.

Shifting my attention to the oriental woman, I could see she was about 6 inches shorter than Sandra's 5 feet 6 inches. Moving my gaze down her body my eyes came to rest on her breasts. The lacey, red and gold bra she wore; allowed glimpses of her firm, round breasts through the loose weave of the lace. I could see the hard, dark nipples atop her 35 B cup peaches; protruding through the red lace of the bra cups.

The oriental woman's diminutive stature placed her mouth close to Sandra's black satin covered C cup tits. I watched spell bound; as the oriental woman teased Sandra's erect nipple with her tongue; just before she sucked it into her mouth; suckling like a hungry baby. The dark eyed child- woman did not neglect Sandra's other breast. With her diminutive hand; the oriental woman stroked the exposed upper part of Sandra's tit; like a child petting a kitten

Sandra did not leave the oriental woman's breasts unattended. With one hand Sandra squeezed and kneaded a juicy peach through the lacey material of the bra. The thumb and fore finger of her other hand were busy tweaking the hard, dark nipple through the loose weave of the lacy bra. I could tell the oriental woman was enjoying Sandra's ministrations; by the way she pushed her tits into Sandra's busy hands.

With her long vermillion nails; the oriental woman lightly scratched Sandra's exposed tit flesh. The unexpected action made Sandra jump in surprise; causing her to pull her hands from the oriental woman's breasts. Again the oriental woman ran her long nails along Sandra's vulnerable flesh causing goose bumps to appear. As she scratched the vulnerable tit flesh, the oriental woman continued to feast on the nipple of the other breast. Letting out a soft moan of pleasure; Sandra placed her hand on the oriental woman's head; pulling her face against the breast.

"O baby. The way you play with my tits has gotten me really hot. I can feel my cunt getting wet." Sandra purred into the oriental woman's long, silky, black hair. "I'm going to eat you until your cunt flows like a river. When I'm done licking you; you're going to beg me to let you climax. If you are obedient; I might let you orgasm." Sandra cooed; giving the other woman's tit a playful squeeze. "Sit on the edge of the table! Lay back; so I can pull off your sexy little thong and lick your delicious cunt." Sandra ordered, as she lifted the flowered skirt of the standing woman.

As the skirt was lifted the red and gold lace thong covering her crotch was revealed to my hungry eyes. While the oriental woman held her skirt bunched around her waist, Sandra pulled the lace thong over the shapely ass, down the legs, allowing it to drop on the floor.

Gracefully the oriental woman moved backwards, lifting her ass onto the edge of the desk. Reclining onto her elbows, she raised her feet until they rested on the edge of the table. This caused my attention to be drawn to the sexy, red high heeled platform shoes she wore on her delicate feet. I have always enjoyed seeing a woman's feet encased in hot, high heeled shoes.

With her feet on the edge of the table and her legs spread, I could clearly see the black strip of manicured hair outlining her cleft. It was obvious she was sexually aroused because her exposed, blood engorged labia lips were wide open and dripping honey. I had never seen an Oriental pussy before, so I took the opportunity to drink in every detail of the heavenly sight before me.

Even from this distance; I could see drops of love nectar collecting on her engorged love lips. The glossy redness of her labia lips made me think she had applied lipstick to them. The strip of black hair accented the swell of her love mound; without obscuring the valley of delights. This mouth watering sight had my mouth and penis drooling with desire.

Licking my parched lips; I watched Sandra lower her face to the gorgeous oriental woman's delicious pussy. When Sandra's tongue flicked out; beginning to lick the excited slit before her; I felt my cock jump; as my heart started pounding. The oriental woman was also becoming extremely turned on by Sandra's ministrations.

Now completely prone on the desk, the woman's slender fingers were entwined in Sandra's short red hair. Pressing Sandra's face into her pussy; the oriental woman thrust her vulva upward; trying to force the questing tongue deeper into her hungry slit. The thrusting and bucking of her hips caused the diminutive woman's ass to slide around on the now slippery desk. Gasping and panting with excitement, breasts heaving on her chest, the excited woman rolled her head from side to side, tossing her long, glossy black hair around her face. I could see sweat glistening on her face, as she bit her lower lip, trying to stifle a cry of pleasure. This woman was about to climax; so was I.

Squeezing my throbbing shaft; I began to pump it like a piston. My pre ejaculate made my pole slick; enabling my fist to slide easily up and down my engorged rod. I was holding my orgasm back. I wanted to see the oriental beauty climax before I let myself go. When I saw her body stiffen and heard her let out a stifled squeal, I knew she was experiencing her orgasm. I could now let my pent up lust free.

I could not tear my eyes from the writhing oriental goddess before me, as I thrust my hips forward, spewing a huge wad of thick white spunk from my cock head. Again and again I felt my cock jerking in my fist; as load after load of hot sticky cream jetted from my penis. All I could think about was having my hard cock buried in that girl-woman's tight hole. What a hot sight.

Slowly the oriental wanton began to calm down. Her breasts still heaved with the excitement, but she no longer moved her hips nor clutched Sandra's hair. Like her; I was relaxing in the after glow of my orgasm. My breathing was slowly returning to normal; while I ceased squirting my cream. A little sperm still dribbled from the tip. Looking down I could see globs of sticky, white sperm clinging to the door and laying in small puddles on the floor. The janitor was going to wonder what had happened here.

With the rush of orgasmic adrenaline wearing off, I realized where I was. I had to get to the bathroom, so I could get cleaned up and compose myself. I did not want anyone to catch me with my cock hanging out and globs of sperm sticking to the door. As I prepared to leave, I accidentally hit my elbow against the door. As the door opened, I let out a soft curse because I had hit my funny bone. I knew I was caught.

Quickly Sandra's head moved from between the oriental beauties thighs. In three rapid strides; Sandra was pulling the door wide open; exposing me to her hard gaze. There I sat; limp, sperm coated penis dangling between my legs.

"Did you enjoy the show?" Sandra inquired; contempt in her voice. Looking down at my limp dick and the floor; Sandra gave a little laugh, saying, "You made quite a mess. You must have really enjoyed the show to deliver a load like that. Maybe you should come in out of the hall. You never know who is going to come along. You do not want to get caught with your penis hanging out and sperm dripping from the door. Don't be shy." Turning to the oriental woman, Sandra made introductions saying, "This is John. He is supposed to be joining us for my seminar on ancient civilizations. He is a little late." Turning to me, Sandra finished the introductions saying, "This is Sue Ling. Like you she is also a graduate student. She will be joining our class."

I felt like a fool; as I sat in the wheelchair with my dick hanging out, while the women stared at me. What should I do first; tuck in my tool or shake hands? The tension I felt was broken when both women began to laugh at my confused predicament.

"Do not look so embarrassed." Sandra reassured. "SueLing and I knew you would be coming to join our class; so we arranged a little surprise for you. I can see you enjoyed watching the show; as much as Sue Ling and I enjoyed putting it on. There is something we enjoy more than putting on a show for an unseen audience. We really like to see the man as he watches us put on a show. Knowing that our sexy bodies are the reason he is hard gives us a feeling of power. The ultimate rush occurs when he shoots his thick white cream all over. So, enjoy yourself; while we enjoy each other."

While Sandra was talking to me; her hands were busy unfastening and removing her skintight pink pants. She now stood naked before me; except for her open pink satin blouse, black satin demi bra and black satin thong. As I watched, Sandra's fingers went to the front of her damp, black satin thong. Deftly she unbuttoned the front from the waist band. As the black material fell between her legs, Sandra's aroused pussy was clearly revealed.

From where I sat; I could see drops of moisture running along the wide open, puffy lips of her labia. Knowing she had my complete attention; Sandra pulled her love lips open even further; burying three fingers into her weeping gash. With her fingers massaging the inside of her vagina; Sandra allowed her thumbs to caress her clitoris. Rotating her hips and thrusting her vulva, Sandra reminded me of a belly dancer. It was obvious that the pleasurable sensations sweeping over Sandra were being enhanced by having an appreciative audience. She was being overwhelmed by the eroticism of the moment.

Spreading her legs; Sandra arched her back to give me a better view of what her fingers were doing to her womanhood. Breasts out thrust; head thrown back; she began to moan and shake. Juice ran from her pussy. Sandra had brought herself off right in front of me.

I sat there spellbound by the hot show taking place only a couple of feet from my face. As Sandra flaunted her sexuality before me, I slowly masturbated. I could feel every vein in my rock hard shaft, as I slid my fist up and down the length. The abundant pre ejaculate juice oozing from the tip of my cock made it easy for my hand to slip along my erection. I was not going to orgasm quickly like Sandra; as I had climaxed only a few minutes earlier. I was going to enjoy the show as long as possible, drawing out the pleasure.

Hearing a soft mewling coming from the direction of Sue Ling, I dragged my eyes from the lewd sight presented by Sandra's climaxing body. What a hot sight! Like Sandra, Sue Ling was also pleasuring herself. Her fingers were busy rubbing the shiny, wet cleft outlined by the line of manicured black hair. Sue Ling had removed her skirt, pulled her knees up to her chest; giving me an unobstructed erotic view of her crotch and firm round ass cheeks. Staring at the lusty sight before me, I watched as two fingers disappeared into her wet, wide open slit. Slowly the fingers stirred the inside of her pink gash. When the fingers were well lubricated, Sue Ling withdrew them. Moving them to her ass, Sue Ling pressed them against her puckered rose bud, pushing until they disappeared inside her ass hole. With two fingers firmly ensconced in her tight anal chute, Sue ling inserted three fingers of the other hand into her drooling pussy. She was fingering both holes at the same time. This hot woman was making my blood boil with lust. These two women were incredible.

Within a short time Sue ling began to whimper and buck her hips. With her knees at her head and her hips in the air, Sue Ling rolled from side to side on the table. She was being consumed by a powerful orgasm, as waves of pleasure swept over her. Pumping my meat, I watched Sue Ling bury her tiny fist up to the wrist in her pussy. I could not believe it when I saw her twisting her entire hand inside her love tunnel. With her hand up her cunt; she also had three fingers buried in her ass hole. I could not believe what this tiny woman-girl could do. It was incredible. She had completely lost control.

"By the way you are rubbing your big cock; I can tell you are enjoying watching us. Well, I enjoy watching you too. It makes me really hot seeing the way you fist that huge shaft of yours. Knowing we are the inspiration makes me tingle all over. I want to make you shoot a huge load of cream from your cock; while I watch." Sandra laughed, as she toyed with her clit, while sitting on the edge of the table.

Twisting around, Sandra placed a leg either side of Sue Ling's head, bringing herself to a kneeling position. Facing Sue Ling's feet; Sandra slowly lowered her drooling pussy onto the waiting, hungry mouth. When the wet slit was within range; Sue Ling stuck out her tongue; while her hands gripped Sandra's firm buns. Drawing the wet cleft onto her face, Sue Lings tongue immediately went to work on Sandra's hot gash.

"Move closer! I want you to watch while Sue Ling eats me!" Sandra ordered; grinding her slick pussy against Sue Ling's face. "I do not want you to miss anything. I want you close enough to smell the fragrance of our lust, and hear the slurping sounds of Sue Ling eating me. With you this close; I can watch you shoot your load of cream." Sandra gasped, as she hunched against Sue Ling's face and kneaded her breasts. "Pump your cock! You may not discharge until I climax!" Sandra commanded; sliding her hands down Sue Ling's belly toward the inviting strip of black hair between her legs.

Sandra had me in her power. I could not stop staring at the erotic sight taking place on the desk directly in front of me. The tableau of lust had me on the edge of orgasm. Each time my cock twitched in anticipation, some clear pre ejaculate juice drooled from the slit in the head of my penis. As I slid my fist up and down my juice slick tool; I had to be gentle; so I would not blow my load. I must hold out until Sandra climaxed.

The two women on the table were a very hot sight to behold. I could clearly see Su Ling's tongue delving the depths of Sandra's swampy cleft. She licked and sucked at Sandra's slit like a starving woman. With her mouth full of pussy, Sue Ling also had a couple of fingers buried in Sandra's ass hole. Two of the fingers had disappeared up to the hand into Sandra's anal chute. From the way her frame quivered, I knew Sue Ling's talented ministrations were causing bolts of pleasure to shoot through Sandra's body.

Leaning over Sue Ling's belly; Sandra began to rub her demi bra covered tits against the warm honey coloured skin. Placing her hands on the inside of Sue Ling's thighs, Sandra gently began to spread the bent legs, giving me an incredible view of Sue Ling's pussy. As the legs parted, Sue Ling's cleft was forced to stretch wider, until it was completely open. Looking through the vee formed by her bent, spread legs, I could clearly see every detail of her deliciously, inflamed, wide open gash. Sue Ling's sex was only a foot from my face. It was so close I could smell the scent of her arousal. Staring transfixed at the mouth watering sight before me, I could clearly see Sue Ling's love lips palpating to the beat of her heart. When Sandra's fingers stroked the inner lips of Sue Ling's lips; I could see love juice flowing from her depths.

The whole scenario taking place before me was incredibly hot. It had me so close to climaxing that I could barely touch my throbbing cock. All I could think of was spewing my hot seed all over the women. I hoped Sandra would soon climax; so I could let myself go.

Holding the love lips wide open, Sandra bent forward, placing her mouth over Sue Ling's clit. Making a slurping sound, Sandra sucked the erect love bud into her mouth. At that moment Sue Ling exploded like a stick of dynamite. Immediately she thrust her hips up to meet Sandra's questing tongue. At the same time; Sue Ling must have done something special to Sandra's pussy; as Sandra's body began to shake. With her body quivering, Sandra let out a muffled cry of pleasure. With her mouth covering Sue Ling's love mound, it looked as if Sandra was trying to suck all the love juice from Sue Ling's honey pot. The women were oblivious to me. They were lost in their powerful, personal orgasms. It was now my turn! "O fuck; I'm coming." I cried; squeezing my shaft. "Sandra, look at my cock!" I demanded, drawing a huge load of jism from deep in my aching balls. "Here comes a fucking big wad of spunk for you, Sandra! O shit; here comes another load." I grunted; aiming my shaft at the crotch and face before me. "Bitch, look what you made me do. Watching your hot show made me so fucking horny. Here comes some more!" I growled, as Sandra's eyes moved from Sue Ling's juicy pussy to my jerking cock.

With my fist pumping my shaft like an oil derrick, my eyes locked onto Sandra's deep blue eyes. She stared back, giving me a big smile and licked her lips; as rope after rope of white, sticky goo squirted from my swollen, cock head. Sandra was enjoying my show as much as I was enjoying her show. We were exhibitionists and voyeurs at the same time.

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