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Unlawful Romance


First day of school was a drag. All my teachers were either assholes or old. Not one hot teacher. My last class however, would change all of that..

I walk into English class 2 minutes late. I just know my teacher is gonna bust my balls. I walk into class to come across a beautiful blonde with D cup breasts and a nice shape. I was taken by surprise because I don't usually like white women but this one was beautiful. However my trans was cut short by her voice. "Excuse me are you Mr. Williams?"

I respond almost too confidently, "Yes Jeremiah Williams."

Well you're late Mr. Williams please have a seat. Now I knew why she was so gorgeous. Because the most bitchiest women are the beautiful ones. Since I didn't like her attitude I just stared at her breasts the whole class period. By the time school was out, I was rock hard and my hormones were rushing. I had to get outta there. Little did I know I would be staying there for a while...


One thing about being a transfer student is everyone is so interested where you come from. Especially the girls. I am a 5'8 18 year old senior about 170 fairly muscle body. I have light brown eyes and long black hair. But I think the ladies favorite part of me is my 10 inch black cut cock. I've always been very sexually active, but could never find a woman to satisfy my needs. I always fantasized about being with an older woman but never given the opportunity. This year I was gonna make it my duty to find an older woman and my English teacher may be the one. The next day Mrs. Winters walk into the class with a short skirt and her hair hanging gracefully down her shoulders. Those beautiful green eyes always piercing through someone's soul.

She asks me to stay after class to serve detention for being late last class. I tried to act upset but it was pretty obvious I didn't give a fuck. Today I decided to sit in the front so I can get a better look at this goddess of a woman. When class was over I couldn't wait to stay after. She asked me to wash the boards and sweep. Usual detention shit. I saw her struggling getting something from the top shelf of the cabinet so I went to help her. I lifted her up and she squealed at first but later thanked me. When I put her back down, our eyes locked and for a moment my heart skipped a beat. She began to blush and at that very moment I wanted to kiss those soft lips. She thanked me for helping and hurried me out the room.


I knew what I was doing that night and it wasn't sleeping. I was gonna be thinking about Mrs. Winters all night.

A few weeks have gone by and its been quite the same. Mrs. Winters however kinda lightened up and we've actually become very close. I think she knows now that I'm not a delinquent so she doesn't mind me being around anymore. One day I was very angry and had to stay after for some extra tutoring. I had gotten a detention in Pre Calc for chewing gum. Ridiculous right? Anyway I decided to spend my detention with Winters since I had tutoring anyway. She noticed that I was a bit upset and she seemed really concerned. After a long awkward thirty minutes of silence, she did the unthinkable. As I was working she went and locked the doors and closed the blinds. She knelt down in front of me and started unzipping my pants!

At this point I am in fucking disbelief about what is going to take place. She begins pulling down my underwear and play with my balls. I've never felt such an amazing touch as her own. She then strokes my dick at a slow and steady pace until I am standing at full attention. Can you guess what happens next? I'll tell you! She starts lick the underside of my cock leaving a trace of saliva. Then in one quick motion puts her mouth around my cock head and it goes almost halfway down her throat. She gags the first time but quickly recovered taking about 7 inches of my cock down her throat.


As she's doing this I began to thrusts forward basically skull fucking my English teacher. She begins to moan and it turns me on so much I don't think I'm gonna last. She can tell that I'm close to blowing my load so she goes deeper and faster making suction noises as she sucks me off. I began spurting in her mouth endless loads of cum. I've never came so hard in my life. She swallows every last drop not letting any cream escape her mouth. When she's finished I'm still kind of in shock but very happy. She whispers to me in my ear, "Whenever you need some type of release you know where to find me." She hands me a paper with a number on it. Obviously its hers. I leave her class a new man. And this is the start of a new romance.


That night all I could think about was Winters and her lips wrapped around my cock. I couldn't control my raging hard-on so I had to release the tension. I stroked off to the image of her perfect soft lips and those D cups. Hopefully soon I'll be able to fuck those D cups.

The next day was a little awkward. We tried so hard to keep our eyes off each other and every time my hand went up for a question, her eyes would linger on me. I could hardly control the way she made me feel. And soon I began to wonder if I had more than just a sexual connection with Mrs. Winters. When the final bell rang she passed me a letter when I was heading out the classroom. It read "come back in 15 min." I knew there was gonna be another sexual meeting.

When I came back I noticed she had changed into a shorter skirt and you could tell she didn't have any panties on. She walks up to me seductively and pulls me towards her desk. I hoist her up on the desk and spread her legs. I began to finger her until I feel her gush in my hand. She squirts so much that half the desk becomes drenched. I lower my head and position myself between her legs. The aroma of her juices gets me so aroused.

I immediately began to lick her clit. Making sure that I didn't miss a spot. She climaxes into my mouth and I slurp up every bit of her pussy juices. We hear the janitor coming so we hurry and put her clothes back on. I guess we're just going to have to finish this another day...


The next school day was just a blur. I couldn't wait until it ended so I could spend another day with my beautiful goddess. When I arrived at her class, you could tell her demeanor had changed; she was much happier. She had a glow to her and I loved it. When class was over she made me stay after for another sexual adventure. Today however she had a different plan in mind. We waited until most of the teachers were gone and headed to her car. She didn't tell me where we were going but I knew it would be somewhere private...

About 45 min later we pulled up to this modern small town house. It looked like it belonged to a family. I kinda felt like I was intruding but it didn't stop my thoughts of bending her over and fucking her. We went inside and she closed the door making sure no one saw us. I looked around and saw some family photos. Turns out her husband is in the military. No wonder she's so sexually frustrated.

She leads me to her bedroom and undressed me quickly not wasting anytime. Now I was standing there naked with my hard-on and abs. It was a sight to behold. I removed her short skirt, then her lace panties, and her tight shirt holding her tits together. She didn't have on a bra, just the way I like it. I began to kiss her ear, down to her neck, then tracing my tongue around the form of her breasts. I slowly make my way past her navel to her sweet pussy. She shaved her pussy just how I like it. One little strip along the top part.


She opens up to me and lets me lick her clit until she's creaming all in my mouth. She pulls me up and shoves me on the bed. She jumps on top of me and starts kissing my neck. Then she's kissing my ear and she knows that's my spot. I can't take it anymore so I pick her up and throw her on the bed and spread her legs open for my entrance. I ease my 10 inch cock into her waiting pussy. Her pussy felt so tight, I thought I was going to cum right there. I continued to pound her pussy until I feel her tighten up and she begins to climax. The tightness pushes me over the edge and I release right into her. The feeling was so warm; I never came so hard in my life.

Me and Winters kept up our secret relationship until my graduation. I had received a full scholarship to NYU. Even though I was happy about that, I was upset that I was leaving her. I knew there will never be another like her. I didn't want this to end. Maybe it didn't have to...

-The End *for now*

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