tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnplugged Tahitian Bank

Unplugged Tahitian Bank


The sun was raining a fury of flames, cooking all herbs and grass of the ground. Mother Nature cooking that part of the planet and the Tahitians to celebrate Mother Nature's graceful warmth stroll down the streets dress almost naked with their asses hanging in fillets of clothes which leave almost nothing to the imagination.

Nelle, 26 year -old vacationer from New York, was stranded under the scorching heat as she waiting at the local bank. Blessed by the gods, her breasts round and ripe for a good squeeze were mounting by her nipples, sticking like the barrels of the guns under her white see-thru blouse. She was wearing a short black which barely covered her ass. Toes painted, nails done, she was standing on a pair of high heels which accentuated her exquisite sexiness. Her long blond hair was a little moist and in the canal leading to the sanctuary of the boobs, there was a glistening look of sweat.

She was modeling a bitchy look which turned all eyes toward her.

"Why the fuck is this line so slow?" She thought. She looked around as though she had just gotten into the bank. The three fans of the bank did not seem to provide any comfort at all.

"Damn!" She looked down. The laces of her heels had come undone.

Behind her was a young man, around her age. He stood 5'11, built. It seemed like he had not shaved for awhile. He had been biting his lips and chewing on the envy to talk to her. The lusciousness of her ample ass, rounding itself on her short skirt had given him an unbearable fucking hard-on. He was no more than 13 inches away from her. Just two inches more than the length of his raging dick...sneaking along his leg.

The floor seemed far too dirty to put her hand band.

"Could you do me a favor and hold this bag for me, please!" She smiled at the customer behind him.

He barely smiled back and gladly took the bag off her hand. All of a sudden, the world seemed to resume a slower motion as he watched his new found goddess bending over. His heart started racing a mile a minute and the heat seemingly had raised by a factor of a hundred. His throat was dry and the snake in his pants had sniffed the sweet scent of the luscious ass perching inches away.

"Do you need some help there?" He found his voice back.

"No I got it. Thank you!" She replies without taking the time to even look back.

He felt like his hands was sweating and his cock seemed relentless in his pants. This is the type of girls he usually sees in magazine. Slowly again she was standing up. He caught a glimpse at her thong lounging in the crevice of her ass crack. Not a sight of hair!

"She must have shaved recently." He thought.

"Thank you!" She took the bag back from his hand.

"You're welcome" But she had already given his her back, facing the opposite direction. "Fuck!" He said to himself. He felt something coming over him as though the movement of his dick in his pants was about to send him over the edge.

Perhaps it was her sweating hands, or else the bag slipped from her hand and landed on the floor.

"Shit...!" She exclaimed loudly.

Within the moment that it takes for her to reach the bag on the floor, the stranger forcefully grabbed her behind...keeping her in a bent position. With his cock already, he forced his cock in between her legs.

"What the fuck...?" She said out loud. "Get the fuck off me." She cried, catching everyone's attention.

He quickly brought her straight by grabbing her hair and sniffed it.

"Ouch!" She yelled. But he was deaf to her cries. The security guards ran toward him to try to subdue him, but before they could get within two feet close, he pulled out a machete, threatening to kill her. Tears of desperation flooded her blue eyes.

"Take the money...Take it...TAKE IT!" she yelled in fear.

Holding her hair, he was cornered against the wall by the guards surrounding him. While waving the machete, he quickly tore off her panty.

"O O O O O!" The whole bank said in unison under astonishment.

"Please don't. Please!" She begged him. Still he was deaf to her pleas. "Sir...please! Let her go" Begged the bank manager.

"Let her go" Other people were yelling. All the yelling drew a mean smirk in his face. He pulled her closer to lick the side of her cheek, tasting her salty sweat. He then spitted in his hand and greased his monstrous dick.

"Oh god...No...No...No"

The guard tried to steal the moment to draw closer to him. He waved the machete and motioned them to step back. He pulled her even closer now and without warning shoved his dick along the canal of her pussy. She suddenly felt invaded as her eyes almost popped out.

"AWWWWWWW!" She cried.

Tears flooded her again. The stranger forced her to bend over by pushing her down and then proceeded to pound the living shit out of her.

"PLEASE HELP ME!!!" She cried under the intent feeling of the invader in her pussy. "HELP ME!!!" She was trying to reach the disgusted "watchers" who were standing within yards of distance.

"GRRRRRRR" He kept on pounding her with long and forceful strokes. All eleven inches would appear and then disappear in her stretch out pussy. The forceful strokes were sending her forward to fall her face, but his strong hold on her hair always bring her back in place. It seems like he was about to rip her hair out...to appease the pain, she reached back with both hands and held to the hand grabbing her hair. Her back became arch like that of Noah and sent him over the edge.

"UUHMMMM...GRRRRR" He was like a monster ravaging her inside. He was slamming his pelvis bone hard on to her exposed pussy.

"UH-UHMMMM" He yelled...


He then roared like a beast as he exploded into her swollen pussy. "GRRRRRRRRR!" He filled her insides and quickly let go of her hair. She fell on her stomach, exhausted.

Waving his machete, he cleared a path through the guards and disappeared in the crowded streets.

The stranger found sanctuary in his hotel room, without raising the suspicion of the other vacationers. Hours later, he heard a knock on the door. Sighing deeply, she slowly opened the door only to see girl from the bank.

He opened the door; she strolled in without losing eye contact with him and slammed the door shut behind her. Obviously furious, she stepped within reach and smacked the living daylight out of him.

"You stupid fuck...You almost broke my nose when you let go." She kicked him.

"I am sorry, honey! I was in the heat of the moment."

"When is our flight?" She inquired as she removed the band-aid on her nose.

"In two hours..." He replied. "You know..." he continued "when con never come here anymore. If you continue with your freaky shit very soon we will run out of places or I will get arrested for rape.

"You worry too much...how about next time...we act out one of your fantasies."

"Uhmmm...very intriguing."

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