tagExhibitionist & VoyeurUntaming the Heart – Hunger

Untaming the Heart – Hunger


Part I – Untaming the Heart – Strip
Part II – Untaming the Heart - Daring Games

As Taylor walked across the room she gazed at the two men. She peered over her shoulder as she seductively made her way to the king-sized bed that overwhelmed the upscale hotel suite. Her sleek nude form shimmered in the warm glow that emanated from a lamp sitting on the nearby nightstand. Slowly she sat on the side of the mattress and leaned back, scooting her body to the center. Leaning on her elbows she raised up and blew a kiss at her onlookers. Tossing her hair back she giggled and ran her tongue across her lips.

Michael and Kevin stood mesmerized. Slowly they moved closer, Michael walking to the left side of the bed while Kevin made his way to the right. Taylor again laid back, resting her head on one of the large pillows that were piled against the headboard. She pulled up one knee as she slid her hands down the side of her body. Gently she slipped her fingers along her inner thighs to her increasingly moistening mound. She let out a slight moan as she began rubbing herself, glancing at each man, and giving each a wink.

"I think I need a drink," Taylor said as she continued to play with herself. "I want a Martini."

"Uhm ... I can order room service," Kevin replied. "But if I do, you have to do something."

"What," Taylor asked.

Kevin smiled, "You have to answer the door to get the drinks."

Taylor grinned and gave a slight giggle. "Make mine straight up then," she laughingly said, never stopping her finger's movement. She blew Kevin a kiss as he sat on the edge of the bed and reached for the phone.

It took only a few minutes for the hotel staff to reply with the order. Michael and Kevin had sat quietly, watching the sexy blonde play with herself and tease them mercilessly. Soon there was a knock on the door and both men sported a wide smile on their faces. They couldn't wait to see Taylor's reaction.

Taylor quickly climbed out of the bed and made her way towards the door. Pausing for a second she turned, facing the two men who still sat on each side of the bed. Slowly she raised her hand to her pouty lips and ran her tongue along the tips of her fingers. She gave a wink and turned back to the doorway. Opening the door only partially, she peeked her head through the opening. She could see a Middle Eastern man standing in the hallway, carrying a tray holding three drinks.

"I have an order for 2316," the man said as he peered at the woman behind the door.

"Yes," Taylor replied. "Would you bring them in and set them on the table." The man nodded as Taylor slowly opened the door, keeping her body strategically placed behind the doorway. The man paid little attention to her as walked into the room. She slowly closed the door and followed behind him as he walked to the table.

The man looked at Kevin and Michael sitting on the bed. "Good evening gentlemen. How are you tonight?"

"Oh we're fine," Michael answered. "We're really good."

Kevin only smiled as he watched Taylor, standing fully nude behind the man. He couldn't wait to see his reaction when the man realized what was going on.

"Thank you," Taylor told the man. "This is for you." She reached to the table and grabbed a five-dollar bill and handed it towards the man.

Turning the man smiled and began to say "Thank you," but stopped in mid-sentence. It was then that he noticed Taylor's firm nude form standing in front of him. He looked at her then tried to avert his eyes. "Th ... th ... thank you," he stuttered as he took the bill from her hand. He too began to uncontrollably smile as he turned and fidgeted with the trey. "Will there be anything else?" he asked.

"No," Taylor answered with a faint smile. "I can't think of anything else, sweetie."

The man smiled and attempted to head towards the door, but suddenly bumped into the table and had to quickly grab the glasses to keep them from falling over. "Excuse me," he laughingly said as he wiped his forehead. He tried not to glance at Taylor, but couldn't help himself. Keeping his head down he moved his eyes upward, taking in her sexy shape. He then awkwardly made his way towards the door and fumbled with the doorknob few seconds before being able to open the door. "Thank you," he again said as he pulled the door behind him.

As soon as the door closed Michael and Kevin burst out in laughter. Taylor only grinned as she grabbed a glass and made her way back to the bed. Climbing back to the center of the mattress she sat back against the pillows and began sipping on the drink.

"You are a wild woman," Kevin blurted out. "You are absolutely unbelievable." Kevin quickly began peeling out of his clothes, first pulling off his shoes and socks, then unbuttoning his shirt and pulling out of the garment. He then loosened his belt and trouser buttons, letting the items drop to his ankles. Soon he found himself standing naked beside the bed as he gazed at the luscious woman. She took a few more sips from the drink and then reached over, setting the glass on the nightstand. Again she smiled as she slid her hands downward, finding their way to her moistened mound. Her tanned body twitched and squirmed as she rubbed tiny circles around her clitoris. He could see her close her eyes and push her head back into the pillow, as she continued her movement in an ever-increasing motion.

Michael pulled back, receding away from the bed. He enjoyed watching his beautiful wife and decided to sit in the cushioned chair, next to the bed, to survey the erotic scene. He too began to strip out of his clothing, first working on his shirt, then stepping out of his shoes and removing his pants. As he sat in the chair he watched as Taylor pulled up her other knee and slowly began grinding her hips in a seductive rhythm. He slid his hands downward and pushed his briefs down to his ankles. With a slight kick he tossed the item into the pile of clothes that had formed in the floor.

Michael thought back on the night's events. First he had watched his somewhat timid wife strip for a total stranger. Then the woman, who had been shy about public exposure, had rode in a cab wearing only an overcoat, and then walked through part of the hotel wearing only a pair of high heels. Now she had answered room service totally nude. His excitement was apparent, as his member stood hard and erect. His desire for her had not waned throughout the evening, with his member aching and throbbing in anticipation. He wanted her badly, but restrained himself to savor every aspect of her daringness.

Not able to contain himself any longer, Kevin slowly crawled onto the bed, positioning himself at Taylor's feet. Gently he reached down, taking her by the ankle and raising her left foot to his chest. Taylor scooted a little closer to him as he pulled her foot up to his mouth and tenderly began sucking her toes.

"Aaaahhhhh," Taylor groaned as Kevin took each small digit between his lips. She loved the feel of his tongue as gently licked and probed. She felt her heart begin to pound in her chest, her body becoming flushed, her breathing increasingly more rapid. "Oh God," she blurted as she felt his lips kiss their way up to her ankle, then to her lower calf. Her body tingled in anticipation. She arched her back, pushing her perk breast upwards, her nipples fully erect and hard.

Michael looked on as Kevin inched his way closer to Taylor's dripping pussy. He watched as he slowly kissed his way to her inner thigh, stopping every so often to playfully nibble and her sweet flesh. He could tell Taylor was aroused, her body tensing and contorting as Kevin moved closer to his eventual goal. As Taylor casually glanced over to Michael, he gave her a wink and slowly began to stroke himself.

The sight of Michael pleasuring himself only intensified her yearning. She loved watching him masturbate and that, coupled with Kevin's gentle assault, was driving her crazy. Suddenly she let out a loud "Uuuummmmff ... Aaaaahhhhh," as she felt Kevin's tongue probe around her clit. She raised her hands over her head and clutched at the headboard and pillows as he gently lapped her sweet dripping mound. Reaching down with both hands she grabbed Kevin's hair, pulling him closer. She could feel his hot breath upon her skin. Pulling her legs up, she draped them around his back and arched her pelvis upwards.

Kevin's assault began with a gentle kiss and a soft lick. She tasted sweet, her juices dripping from inside her. He leaned in, burying his face in her mound as he slipped his hands across her belly to her firm breasts. Slowly he took each nipple between his finger and thumb and teasingly twisted them. His nose pressed against her clitoris as his tongue delved deep within her. He slowly moved his head up and down, letting his nose rub back and forth against her clit as he ran his tongue deep inside her vagina. He could feel her temperature rise and her vulva swell as he began to move faster and faster. He raised his head slightly, letting his tongue probe upwards. He could feel the soft skin of her labia as it rubbed across his lips.

Taylor could feel butterflies building in her stomach. She was tingling from within. Her heartbeat raced, and her breathing was intense and labored. She could feel the juices building from inside her. She pulled hard on Kevin's hair, wanting him deeper inside her. She could feel him move his head up and begin to work along her clit. Faster and faster he licked, moving his head from side to side as he worked. Suddenly she grabbed at the sheets on either side of her and let out a scream of delight. "Aaaahhh ... MMmmmmm!" she yelled as her muscles locked and her body pulsed. She was in the throws of an unbelievable orgasm.

Michael could tell by his wife's scream that she was in ecstasy. He knew her body language, her tells, and knew she was having the time of her life. He continued to rub himself, but only slowly. He knew he could explode just watching her.

Raising up to his knees Kevin sported a sly grin. He watched as Taylor twisted and writhed in the bed in delight. Wasting no time he slid on top of her, eventually staring eye to eye with the beautiful blonde. He was hard and needed no guide to find his way to her wanting pussy. She was warm and wet and it took only a slight effort as he slid inside her.

He was thick and stiff and Taylor could feel him plunge inside her. She thrust her hips up into him, taking him as deep as possible. She could smell his cologne as she ran her hands along his chest. Wrapping her legs around his back she interlocked her ankles and rhythmically began grinding against him. "Oh God," she said in a soft tone, her body moving in conjunction with his. "Oh God," she again whispered, "You feel so good."

"Mmmmmm ... Tracey," Kevin said as he gazed into her eyes.

Taylor giggled as she looked at Kevin. She smiled and said, "Tracey is only a stage name sweetie. You can call me Taylor."

Kevin smiled as he looked at her. "O.K. ... Taylor." Never stopping his motion, he leaned down and whispered her name over and over, "Taylor .... Oh Taylor." He thrust his hips in and out, taking long strokes, and pushing deep. He could feel her moistened pussy growing more and more wet. Reaching down, he pulled her legs up, resting her feet on his shoulders. The new angle gave him more access, allowing him to penetrate even deeper into her dripping mound.

Reaching up Taylor began tugging at her own nipples. Kevin's pace had quickened and she found herself gasping and moaning as he plunged deeper and deeper. She could feel his balls as they slapped against her ass. She looked over at Michael, still sitting in his chair and stroking himself. "Oh God," she thought to herself. "This feels so fucking good." She tried to grind her hips with Kevin's motion, but found she was unable to move as he pushed her legs up. She could hear Kevin's breathing as he took long breaths in time with his strokes.

Again Taylor felt a tingling sensation building from within her. "Mmmff ... Mmmff," she grunted as Kevin thrust faster and faster. She felt herself begin to swell, a rush fill her body. Reaching around Kevin she grabbed at his back. Suddenly she squinted her eyes and took a deep breath. Again she screamed, "Aaaaahhhhh!" as she tensed her body.

Kevin let out a, "Oh my God," as he felt the hot gush of liquid flow past his pounding cock. "She's squirting," he thought to himself. "This is so damn hot." He could feel the stream running down his leg and puddle on the sheets below. He could feel Taylor's body tremble and shake, her heartbeat pounding. This only caused him to resume his assault with even more vigor.

Michael couldn't take it any longer. Seeing Taylor wriggle in delight had about pushed him to the brink. He wanted her and he wanted her now. As he walked to the edge of the bed Taylor looked at him and gave a sultry smile. Kevin grinned and rolled over to her side. Taylor then sat up in the bed and positioned herself on her hands and knees, her head hanging just over the edge of the mattress. Michael knew what she wanted as he stepped up to her and caressed her long flowing hair.

As Kevin sat up on his knees and positioned himself behind Taylor, she reached up taking Michael's hard cock to her mouth. Slowly she ran her tongue around his head. "You're so hard," she whispered as she licked around the stiff member. She could feel Kevin behind her, first rubbing her throbbing pussy with his fingers, then guiding his thick cock deep inside her. She looked up at Michael as she took his prick into her mouth, sucking and running her tongue around its end.

Michael reached down, grabbing a handful of Taylor's hair in each hand. He leaned his head back, staring up at the ceiling, as he took in the sweet sensations produced by her tongue. She had only taken him in part way, his long cock reaching the back of her throat. She paused for a few seconds, his penis still in her mouth, as she took a few deep breaths. He could tell she was preparing herself, fighting the involuntary gag reflex. Then, in a sudden fury, she pushed her head into his body, sliding his dick deep into her throat.

Michael took a deep breath and held it. He stood still as Taylor slid back and forth, letting his member delve deep inside her. Her rhythm was aided by Kevin's increasing motion. With his hands firmly grasping Taylor's hips, Kevin was pounding harder and harder from behind.

With only muffled whimpers emanating from within her, Taylor rocked back and forth. Her large breasts swayed with the motion as she was pushed and pulled from behind. She leaned hard against Michael, only pushing away every few seconds to take a long deep breath. She could feel him swell in her mouth as she continued swirling her tongue around him. Keeping one hand on the bed she reached down and again began to rub around her clit.

Continuing his penetrating thrusts, Kevin leaned forward, reaching his hand underneath Taylor and lightly caressing her breasts. Her skin was smooth and soft, though her workout was now producing small beads of perspiration all over her body. He pumped her for several minutes, slapping her firm ass from time and listening to her muffled moans.

Suddenly Taylor pulled away from Michael and leaned up halfway. "I want it baby," she whispered to him. "I want to do it."

"You want to do ... it?" Michael asked with a sheepish grin.

Taylor only nodded and smiled. She looked back at Kevin and grinned. "Lay down sweetie," she told him. "I want to do something I haven't done before."

Kevin looked back with a bewildered smile. "O.K. sugar," he answered as he pulled back, and laid down across the center of the bed.

Taylor reached up and gently stroked Kevin's throbbing cock as she crawled over him, straddling his chest. She leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips. Her hair gently trailed across his chest as she slowly slid back, her wet pussy slipping across his stomach. She reached down and guided his cock into her soaking pussy. She pressed down and slowly began to grind.

Michael had reached into Taylor's purse and retrieved a small bottle of lubricate. After rubbing a generous portion along his penis he climbed onto the bed and positioned himself behind her, between Kevin's legs. He reached around her with one hand and tenderly cupped one breast, while his other hand lightly trailed along her back. He then reached down and guided his throbbing member to her ass. Taylor stopped her motion as he penetrated her, slowly pushing his way in, only an inch or so at a time.

Taylor winced and grimaced as Michael's cock slowly entered her. She took long deep breaths as she tried to push against him. "This is so hot," she thought to herself. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

Kevin laid on the bed perfectly still. He watched Taylor's face scowl with the pain as Michael slowly entered her. He reached up and rubbed her breasts as they gently brushed across his chest.

Michael gently pushed his way into her, soon reaching his limits. He leaned forward and whispered, "I'm all the way in baby. It's all up to you now."

Slowly Taylor began to rock back and forth, taking tiny movements at first, then moving to longer and longer strokes. The two men locked their position, letting Taylor move at her discretion. She could feel both men swell as her action increased. She felt unbelievable, the feeling of the two large cocks inside her at the same time was driving her insane with delight. What pain she had been feeling was now drowned by the pure ecstasy she was experiencing.

"Oh God. Oh God," she screamed between muffled grunts. She pulled up, letting each cock slide to just the edge pulling out of her, then she pushed back hard, letting each member travel as deep as possible. Her moans were soon joined as Michael and Kevin began to join in the strange chorus. For several minutes she slowly increased her motion, becoming more and more rapid.

Kevin was trying not to erupt as he felt Taylor grind against him. He could feel the pressure from Michael's cock as she slid back and forth. He bit down on his tongue in an effort to curb his excitement.

Michael too attempted to contain the intense pleasure he was feeling. All night he had been teased and taunted by Taylor's daring actions, now he didn't know how long he could last. She felt so good. He felt as though his fuse had been lit and he would explode at any moment.

Taylor could tell both men were at the brink, but she too was on the verge of pure bliss. She had never felt so good. Her body was on fire. She closed her eyes and in an almost frenzy like state pushed her body forward and backward in a violent motion.

Suddenly she felt her body tense, her muscles lock. She pushed her hips down hard against the men and held it. "Ooooohhhh God! ... Aaaaaahhhh!" she screamed as her body jerked and squirmed. She shook and trembled as she as she took a long, deep breath. "MMMMmmmmmmaaaaahhh!" she screamed.

Kevin and Michael couldn't resist any longer and both nearly simultaneously erupted inside her. Taylor could feel both cocks pulse and squirt inside her. Michael had tensed his body and was grasping hard at Taylor's hips. Kevin had also locked his body, pushing his hips upwards and driving his prick as deep as it would go. She could feel the hot cum squirt out from her ravaged holes, the pearl liquid oozing and dripping down her legs.

Taylor soon collapsed onto Kevin's chest as Michael pulled out of her and plopped down on the bed beside them. Taylor soon rolled over and positioned herself between the two men, spreading her legs and laying them over each of the men's legs. As the threesome lay on the bed, panting and gasping for air, Taylor felt her heart beat pounding in her chest.

"Well, that was awesome," Taylor said between breaths. She rolled over to Kevin and, with a pouty smile, whispered in his ear. "So sweetie, same time next week?"

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