tagNon-EroticUnto the Gates of Poazach Ch. 03

Unto the Gates of Poazach Ch. 03



This is part 3 of the Unto the Gates of Poazach trilogy. I haven't yet received a lot of feedback on much of my work, so I once again make this plea. Everyone who can spare the time, vote and comment to reflect your like/dislike of my work, it will really help me out as a writer. Thanks, I really appreciate it.



Part III:

The Siege of Poazach

So did the Heiress continue at her former pace, burning and blasting with all of the powers at her disposal. As she traveled, demons innumerable poured through the woods, filtering down toward her like rain down a brook. Smash, and there was sent great balls of fire! Crash, and there went great waves of force! Shards of ice rained down upon approaching thrall, tearing to pieces those terrible forces of the enemy. Arcs of lightning ripped through the trees, causing chaos and destruction wherever Tivanosa would go.

Over and over she raised her hands towards the enemy, smiting them with the fury and vengeance of the heavens. Once, she let them surround her, but now she had toyed with them long enough. Now did she purpose solely upon the destruction of Poazach, and would stop for no force, cease for no enemy, and would not be dissuaded from the long-desired revenge which burned within her. Surrounded by the awesome powers of the nimbus, her body aflame with silver energies, her eyes erupting as an inferno of wrath, so was she become invincible! Nothing could stop her, nothing in the woods, nothing in Poazach, nothing within the entire range of her perceptions. Verily, this was the lesson of lessons, the knowledge of her power...

It was not long before the fortress came into view. Walking quickly, Tivanosa perceived a great clearing in the middle of the woods. There stood a citadel to evil, a monstrous palace of sin and wicked delight. Rising up twenty meters, its shape was that of an enormous cube, tipped at each corner with terrifying guard-towers. Demons continued to filter down through the forest, attempting to intercept the Heiress with bolts of fiery magic. Yet always did she cast them aside, for no weapon of the enemy could harm her. All perished before her onslaught, her hands waving this way and that, blasting here and casting there! In her wake was left masses of demonic corpses, the scorched ground covered with pools of thick, wretched blood.

Now had the entire forest been turned to chaos, the sound of furious magic discharging, the groans of demons dying and being torn apart, the wailing ferocity of the Heiress to the Light. Suddenly, however, it stopped, though Tivanosa had barely noticed, so caught up in the power she had summoned. The demons, instead of running toward her, now ran away, retreating unto Poazach, sprinting through the trees as fast as they could, a great horn blowing and ceasing all sound. Within minutes, Poazach had consolidated its power, and with good reason, for so had Tivanosa arrived upon its very base.

Looking upward, Tivanosa saw the last, straggling demons scramble up the sprial stairways, seeking to position themselves atop the watchtowers. So did she face the walls of Poazach, staring down its enormous doors of enchanted obsidian. A deadly silence permeated the desolate clearing, where only the hissing of the nimbus could be heard. Then, without warning, a great cry bellowed from some terrible, demonic commander, and it was thus that the great watchtowers were set in motion. Like rain from the heavens, so hailed an enormous torrent of magic, thousands upon thousands of bolts, some ice and some fire, some waves of force and some strands of thick, black magic, crashing down from high above.

Never had Tivanosa faced such overwhelming odds. Never had she stood against such tremendous levels of magic. Indeed, she had withstood multiple blows in the past, but in the face of such terrible power, even she was given pause. A creeping fear built within as she weathered the storm, projecting her power about as a force-shield, the magic crashing against it, causing ripples to form on its round surface. Perhaps this time it was too much. She had often pushed her luck in the war, performing heroic and suicidal deeds, leading armies to impossible victories, taking men into hell itself, and returning them unharmed. But this was something else altogether. Blast after blast after blast, thousands crashing into her defenses every second, Tivanosa beginning to feel battered under the sheer weight of it all.

There was no escape, however; she had vowed to destroy Poazach, alone, today. Death was better than beling that oath, especially when invoked by such respectable gods as the Seyillien. No, Tivanosa cast off the shackles of fear, seeing at once that the barrage was as much intended to confuse her as to destroy her, to slow her as to burn her. No, the enemy had delayed her vengeance long enough. Wrath had to come now and come in full force. Focusing on her faith in the Gods, praying silently to Luthien, embracing all of the goodness in her heart and channeling it into righteous rage, so did Tivanosa release an explosion of force.

Instantly, the barrage of magic was repulsed, flying upward unto the sky as it bounced off her shield. Then, striking her hands forward to each of the guard-towers, she shot blasts of invisible energy toward them. At first, it was unclear as to their purpose, but once the enemy had recovered from their wonderment, they sought to renew their barrage, and found that it was to no avail. The force-shield that had once protected the Heiress now wholly encased the watch-towers, absorbing all of the magic and preventing it from escaping.

So was Tivanosa given time to marshal her forces, having quickly decided upon the most appropriate course of action. Even her spells would not last forever, so she sought to destroy the watchtowers with all speed. Moving her hands around and around, as if orbiting a great, invisible sphere, so did she create a large ball of fire. Larger and larger it grew until it hovered above her, a seething mass of blinding red energies, held aloft by her power alone. Striking her arm upward, she split the orb in half, and then drew each into her hands. The demons above watched in horror as she cast her deadly spells, seeing as the orbs shot out from her palms and hurtled toward the base of the guard-towers. With greater speed than any projectile of the enemy, the fireballs hit their respective targets perfectly, but served only to destablise the obsidian, rather than destroying it outright. But right behind traveled great blasts of force, and it was that rippling energy which collapsed the towers, sheering them off and sending them tumbling toward the ground.

So were smote the defenses of Poazach, Tivanosa panting from exertion. She quickly recovered her strength, however, and strode forcefully toward the great doors, wasting no time in casting again her telekinetic powers. At first, she gripped the doors remotely, then moved her hands apart, causing the great obsidian slabs to rip from the walls, flying off into the forest as she projected her hands backward. A howling madness erupted from the bowels of the fortress, as the way had now been made clear. Where once had the doors stood, now stood a great dark opening, an inky void inviting her in, traveling deep into the darkness of a Vervatran Lightning-Fort.

Tivanosa entered with the powers of lightning wrapped tightly around her hands, bright arcs sizzling around in orbit, ready to incinerate any that came before her in the halls and corridors. Thus did she come to stand within the lobby, feeling at once thoroughly uneasy, the energy of the fortress so discordant with her own. Demons rushed through the dark, black hallways as piercing alarms sounded, every breed pouring into the lobby to make their final stand. Tivanosa would have no delay, and sought hastily their deaths, raising her hands towards them all and incinerating them in an arc of unstoppable power. Electric death flew about and rushed down the halls, washing over barracks and traveling into armouries, burning all who made their presence known. All the while, Tivanosa grew brighter, the nimbus becoming even greater in the midst of such darkness, that all who came against her found it difficult to see. Even the very walls of Poazach itself groaned, being in the presence of such divine righteousness. Thus was the slaughter high and terrible, and so confident now, nothing could prevent the Heiress from her goal of absolute annihilation.

Having considered how she might destroy Poazach, Tivanosa had decided upon an ultimate course of action. It was this that she now followed, meaning that her travels were not aimless, but rather directed, taking her toward a central point, where could be cast a spell which would be her masterpiece. Unto the second floor of the fortress, to a particular room where was found the exact center, Tivanosa made her way, casting her hands into the openings of barracks and dining halls, sending aimless streams of indiscriminate death. So were killed thousands and thousands of demons, incinerated in such a fashion as the Heiress reached closer the center of the fortress.

Soon, a stairway emerged through the efforts of her travels, and she ascended them quickly, releasing the lightning around her hands and exchanging it for fire. However, it was no ordinary fire, for it was not red and yellow and orange, as most would assume, but rather blue, with a particular intensity that captured the imagination. The resistance upon the second floor was thicker, for it was there that had awoken many of the greatest demons, but to Tivanosa they seemed as insignificant as all of the thrall she had thusfar obliterated. The blue flames swept aside any and all opposing power, turning to dust every living thing in sight. Weapons were melted in the armouries and warehouses, beds were set alight as demons slumbered, mess halls exploded around those in a drunken stupor, and all of the cruelty visited upon the forest was returned tenfold unto the perpetrators.

Panting from the rage that coursed through her veins, Tivanosa felt both wonderful and terrible, at once proud of her achievements and confident of her power, but also scared of the depths of magic which she drew from within her spirit. Still did it seem limitless, a void of impossibly infinite power, and the more she learned, the greater were cast her spells, the more she drew further from understanding of the self. It seemed that delving deeper answered nothing, and caused her only to fear the possibilities of controlling such great abilities, and conversely their responsibilities. However, the time for fear was later, and she had learned all that she could; in her mind, the battle for Poazach had already been won, and as she came unto the very center of the fortress, into a large hall where were found the leaders of the complex, so did she begin the final steps of her master plan.

Hundreds of traitorous Lorun, her own kindred, stood around a large, circular table, discussing plans of attack and using magical projections to direct forces throughout the fortress. When Tivanosa entered, they at once perceived her presence, and banded together to pool their magic, channeling all of their might into a single, leading wizard. That fallen man thrust his palms towards the Heiress, projecting a beam of yellow light which twisted and snaked towards her. Tivanosa glared and projected her own beam, hers a cascade of blue energy. For a moment the two streams contented with one another, motioning back and fourth, but then the beam of the Heiress thinned, shooting deeply into the opposing stream and hitting the man who had cast it.

"Wretched traitors, you pool your powers to GREAT disadvantage!" Tivanosa said, resonating powerfully. Thus did the lead wizard burst into flames, turning to ash whilst the blue stream traveled, surging through the Lorun like feedback, using their own connection against them. An enormous pile of dust fell to the ground where each of them had stood, the room suddenly quiet but for the hissing of the nimbus. Once more, wasting no time, Tivanosa sought to complete her plan, kneeling down in the exact center, on top of the table where had the Lorun projected their displays.

Knelt upon one knee, Tivanosa held her hands high above her, balls of blue flame still surrounding them. Now did they grow brighter and more furious, increasing in intensity without end. Engulfed completely in the power of that fire, so did she scream out, wailing from the control of such terrible magic. From her stationary position, the fire began to spread out, sticking to the floors and traveling up the walls and the ceilings, covering every surface in the room within seconds, then rushing outward into all of the halls and corridors of the entire fortress. The fire spread faster than could be outrun, growing hotter and hotter until everything had been incinerated within Poazach. From that moment forward, Tivanosa knew this spell as Quickfire, and would come to use it countless times in the future. Poazach had become an inferno of blue flame, a scourging force in which all evil died. Hours later, Tivanosa released her grip on that power, causing all of the flames to die. The smell of ash and charred flesh permeated every inch of Poazach, and it was thus that she collapsed, crying for the intensity of her experience. In time, she recovered, and could perceive no living thing having survived her wrath.

Though thorough was the destruction cast upon the fortress, one final blow remained. Tivanosa knew that to fulfill her oath, she would need to shatter Poazach. Usually, hundreds of wizards were required to cast such a spell, thereby banishing the presence of dark energy. However, today, after all that she had done, Tivanosa knew that she had it within herself to perform the incantation alone. Thus It was with no fanfare, no special pomp, ceremony or preparation, that she lifted up her hands and struck them fourth, releasing a shockwave of rippling energy, followed by the flash of an intense, white light. The walls of Poazach groaned in the throes of death, and at once the presence of evil began to fade; forever more, dark magic would never again be cast within its boundaries. Nodding solemnly now, comfortable and pleased with all that had come to pass, Tivanosa began her extrication from the fortress, and her long journey home...

"Tivanosa!" The king exclaimed. "You have returned!" Grief and concern was written deeply into his face.

"But of course," replied Tivanosa. "This is my home, where else would I return to?"

"...is it done? Have you destroyed Poazach," Othoyme asked tentatively.

"It is as I swore. Nothing more, nothing less."

Othoyme moved down from his throne and took hold of her hands, looking deeply into the silver eyes of the Heiress. "I have been a fool, underestimating you so greatly; not only your power, but your resolve. Even if you were lacking, you would have died trying."

"Fortunate that I was not lacking," Tivanosa replied flippantly, her tone regal and confident. "However, still am I ignorant as to the true extent of my power. It seems very great indeed. Grand things will happen now that Poazach has been destroyed, for I have set in motion another, more important oath. From this day forward, the Kastya Vervata shall never again have victory upon Astari."

"You defied me, Tivanosa," Othoyme said gravely.

"You defied righteousness. Your crime is greater, and if you continue thusly, the Gods can no longer sanction your sovereignty. The greater good is a slippery slope to evil. Luthien herself spoke those words, and was not subtle in her meaning. I apologies for this, Othoyme, but I can no longer be a subject of Astari. No longer am I a citizen of your kingdom, and today, when I smote Poazach, I did so for the Gods, and for the prevailing power of righteousness. My allegiances now lie with the Seyillien and the people of Astari, but not with you."

Othoyme nodded as if it were inevitable. "Indeed, Tivanosa, Indeed. These are grave declarations, but fair. If only you would consent to be my Queen; we could rule Astari together, as equals."

"We shall rule together, as equals, Othoyme, but while I shall be Queen, I shall not be your wife. I do not threaten you, or the kingdom, but it is clear to me now that my position should be cemented as equal and sovereign, for my singular power alone, but also for my spiritual and virtuous determination. You are an administrator, a man of numbers and facts and organisation. I am a warrior, a woman of action, defender of the people and the faith," Tivanosa spoke confidently.

"I shall not argue, and will put this fourth to the Gods themselves. Through their will, it shall be made so. My respect for you, Tivanosa, is absolute, for in you I see the hope for our people and all things. You, perhaps, may be the only force powerful enough to defy Antaos Gverniven."

Tivanosa nodded grimly. "I hope so, my friend. But the Dark Lord can wait for another day; let us celebrate our victory in the grandest fashion known."

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