tagLoving WivesUnwanted Guest Ch. 01

Unwanted Guest Ch. 01


Betty was anxious. Her heartbeat was rapid. She was walking back and forth across her bedroom. Her father-in-law, Tom Kolvig, was coming to stay in the house for few months and she was not sure how things in her life would go when he would be around. Matter of concern was that tonight Jack, her husband, was leaving for California for two weeks and in his absence she would have to bear with this unwanted guest. Jack had told her once that his father was a tough man, who likes to dominate people around him. If that was the case then surely there would be trouble for she wasn't the type who would tolerate any dominance from anyone.

Betty and jack married in September 2011 when Jack got good job in New York. Tom Kolvig was not in favor of this marriage. He wanted Jack to marry girl of his choice. But Jack loved Betty. And Betty loved Jack. This arrangement of love was all required for marriage as per their opinion. So when Jack got the job in Brooklyn they decided to move ahead with their life and got married ignoring the dominant, Tom Kolvig. They bought a house, raising debt from the bank, and started their married life with great enthusiasm.

Horn sounded outside. A Car had entered in the driveway.

Betty rushed to the bedroom window and pulling the curtain slightly peeped out. Mustang stopped near the porch. Passenger side gate opened and a man stepped out. As Betty had guessed her father-in-law was in countryside appearance. Anybody could say that he was a farmer. He looked taller than Jack and was also strongly built. Contrary to Betty's imagination the man had black beard and mustaches. As he removed his het she noticed thick black hair on his head.

This man should go to zoo, what's he doing here?, Betty mused.

"Come on you lazybones, pick up my stuff. You don't expect me to pick it after long journey, do you?" he barked at the Jack.

Betty was observing everything from window.

"And where's your lazy wife, call her for help if you need any."

Holy crap! Why's he calling me lazy?

"You get inside papa, I'll manage," Jack said politely.

This was strange; Betty didn't know that Jack could be that much polite.

Just then Betty noticed that her father-in-law was roaming his eyes on the house. Before his eyes reached toward window she pulled herself away and with a long sigh sat down on the edge of the bed.

After half an hour Jack called from downstairs. "Betty! Papa is home, come and meet."

"You have married a wrong girl son, I'm telling you. This isn't the way to treat me. I'm her father-in-law god damn it. She should've been on the door to welcome me."

"She's not feeling well papa, I've told you. Otherwise she would've come to receive you at station."

"Well she can't be that much unwell for not to meet me even here."

Betty heard everything. She didn't want to go downstairs at all but for the sake of Jack she decided otherwise.

With shaking legs she climbed down the stairs slowly. When she was at middle of the stairs she saw that her father-in-law was seating on the sofa in the living room.

"Welcome Betty. Instead of you welcoming me, I'm forced to welcome you," Father-in-law taunted.

"I'm sorry dad, I wasn't feeling well."

"First of all call me Tom; I'm not your dad."

"I ... I just meant to be respectful."

"Tom is also respectful," he grinned. "Now go get one cup coffee for me, I'm feeling little tired."

This was strange. Straight away he was trying to dominate her.

"Coffee?" Betty looked toward Jack, who pleaded with his eyes to comply.

I would rather throw hot coffee on your face, to burn your attitude, Betty thought as she moved toward kitchen.

Jack followed her.

"Jack, I'm sorry to say but I can't stay here with him in your absence. Either you cancel your tour or he would have to stay somewhere else."

"Oh honey, please don't say that. He's my father."

"So what, that doesn't mean he would say whatever he liked."

"Please honey; this is the chance before us to patch up our relationship with him. You know I can't cancel my tour," Jack said kissing her forehead. "And I know pretty well that you can handle everything."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes about my Betty I can never be unsure about anything."

"Liar!" Betty said and kissed him.


Knock. Knock.

Betty slowly opened her eyes and fumbled for her bedside lamp. She looked at the wall clock. It said 6 A.M.

Holly crap, who's knocking on my door, she mused.

She had almost forgotten that an unwanted guest was staying with her in the house.

Door knocked again. "Betty!" her father-in-law shouted.

Shit! What's he doing on my door at this time? Quickly she jumped down from the bed. She was in panties only. She threw her eyes in every direction to trace her bra but couldn't find it. "Betty!"


In haste Betty wrapped herself in bathrobe and opened the door and found Tom Kolvig just inches away from the doorway. He was in tracksuit as if he was going to take part in any sport event. He examined her from head to toe and said, "What's the matter with you lazybones? Sun is about to rise and you are still sleeping."

Betty couldn't muster any response and stared at him in great disbelief.

"I forgot to tell you, I go for morning walk daily," he said.

Then go what you doing outside my bedroom, she thought. "Morning walk?"

"Yes morning walk," he said. "I've heard that there is Prospect Park around here. Would you mind telling me where it is?"

It was very strange that for his morning walk her sleep was disturbed. Nonetheless keeping herself calm and cool Betty told him the direction. When he was gone she slammed the door shut and went back to sleep.


Betty was in the kitchen, making breakfast, when Tom Kolvig returned from the morning walk. He straight away came to kitchen and stood in the doorway, staring at her.

First she ignored his presence and kept doing her work. But when even after a minute she still found him standing on the entrance she became conscious. His presence felt weird. Don't know why but it seemed to her that he was ogling her. This shook her to the core. She was his daughter in law and it wasn't supposed to happen but still it seemed that it was happening. To confirm her suspicion she turned quickly to catch him off his guard. What she observed took her breath away. The way he shifted his gaze hastily as she turned made it sure that he indeed was ogling her. It didn't take long for her to realize where his eyes might have been. This shook her even more. Her broad and solid buttocks, victim of his ogling, also felt the wave of this shivering. Just then her eyes drifted, without intention, downward to his groin area. Seeing big obvious bulge there she turned back quickly. She was literally shaking. Pretending that nothing had happened she went back to work with trembling hand.

"Hey lazybones, what's in the breakfast?"

"Please stop calling me lazybones," she said without turning back.

"Okay lazybones point noted," he said. "Now give me breakfast quickly, I'm dying here with hunger."

She turned back in rage to shout at him that she was not his servant. But he was gone.

After five minutes Betty placed the ham sandwich on dining table. "Breakfast is ready!"

The bedroom in which Tom Kolvig was staying was just opposite of dining room.

Tom Kolvig came immediately. Now he was in T-shirt and Bermudas.

Taking a bite from ham sandwich he said, "I don't give complements Betty but ..."

Betty looked at him with questioning eyes. She was expecting some praise about her cooking.

"Okay ... but what." She demanded.

"This is hard thing to say Betty but I want to say it."

Wait a minute, where it's all heading? Betty mused. She suspected something weird was coming and decided to get the hell out from there.

"Enjoy your breakfast, I got some work to do," Betty said and turned to leave.

"Betty!" he shouted.

She froze and slowly turned toward him.

"I want to tell you something. Stay here." It was clear-cut command.

Now there was no option. She stayed there and waited for him to speak.

Taking another bite from sandwich he began. "You are beautiful Betty."

Betty swallowed. Uncertain about how to react at such a statement from her dominant father-in-law, she stood there blank-faced.

"Thank you Tom," she managed somehow.

"Today I lost control on myself. You've got seductive buttocks and luscious tits damn it."

Oh God ... Oh God ... Oh God. Betty was aghast.

"I ... I beg your pardon," she said then repented. Surely she didn't want him to repeat such a statement. It would be hard to hear it again.

"I think I said it loud and clear," he said.

She kept mum.

Then suddenly he rose from his chair, pushed his Bermudas down and pulled his organ out. It happened so quickly that Betty didn't have time to react. Though she closed her eyes immediately after momentary shock, but still, she couldn't avoid the sight of his dick.

Even from a floating glance she could figure that what she had just saw was huge in every dimension. Jack's organ was nothing compared to massive thing possessed by his father.

"Look I'm still not able to keep it under control. You made my dick mad," he said.

Panicked and shocked, she turned, lunged to the stairs and climbing two steps at a time got to her bedroom and closing the door stood leaning against it. Her heartbeat was jumping, breathing scattered.

To be continued ...

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