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Chris leaned over the sink and pulled open the light blue curtains. The cold sink sent a jolt through the young woman's body when it contacted the unprotected area between her t-shirt and panties. She braved the cold for a few seconds to look out onto the freshly fallen snow in the early morning light.

Then she backed away and scanned the windows of the neighboring house. She had followed this routine for nearly a year and only once had she seen him, if only for an instant. He was walking across his bedroom, fully dressed. Her heart had fluttered even at the brief glimpse before he turned out the light and exited the room.

She hadn't caught him since...until today. There he was. A towel wrapped around his waist. He dried his hair with a smaller towel, then threw it out of her sight. She strained to see his muscular arms and shoulders. Now his back was to her.

"Take it off," she spoke softly in the privacy of her kitchen.

He reached into a closet and pulled out a shirt.

"Come on," Chris said with more desperation, dragging out the words as if begging him.

The man stood in the middle of the room, his back still facing the female onlooker. He seemed to stand frozen for no apparent reason. Then he slowly unwrapped his towel and let it leisurely fall to the floor.

Chris didn't realize she was holding her breath until she heard herself inhaling deeply. She stared at his beautiful ass. It was perfect. His legs looked powerful, even from a distance and through two windows. And his hands were moving around, taunting her by pulling up on both cheeks, then moving in front of his body again.

What is he doing? Is he holding his cock? Why is he just standing there?

Chris couldn't answer her own questions, so her imagination took over. She envisioned his fingers gripping a rock hard cock, gently stroking it in front of the mirror. She could see the tip getting bigger and pinker as blood rushed into the penis making it grow even longer and thicker.

Then Chris' hand was inside her panties. She felt the moisture around her pussy. She pulled some of it up to her clit and rubbed it with a single finger.

The man was moving again.

"Turn around," she ordered him. "Let me see that gorgeous cock."

He disappeared for a second and Chris panicked. Her hand stopped. Then the man appeared again, holding something white. And he turned. He turned so he was facing Chris. His cock was faintly visible in the room's light. It wasn't erect like she imagined, but was large enough. He stood for a second, then leaned over and pulled on the white garment. A moment later the boxers covered the view Chris had so longed for and finally obtained.

Chris was frantically rubbing her clit again. The sight of his cock drove her crazy and she was taking it out on her own tiny erection. He was dressing in the middle of the room, but her mind had captured the scene she wanted and she used it to bring herself closer to an orgasm. Chris reached inside her shirt and massaged one of her breasts, pulling and squeezing the nipple to send even more waves of excitement through her pussy.

The man was nearly done, his back to her once more. Chris stared at him until about to cum. Then she removed her hands from inside her clothes and leaned on the sink, her heart pounding and her breathing quick and heavy. Fifteen more seconds and she would have cum. But she was saving it for him. Saving it for her fantasy lover.

The man turned off the light as he left the room.


Chris Connor was a thirty year old divorced woman who attracted men with her looks and bashful nature. She was the stereotypical princess in distress waiting for her prince. The only thing she lacked was the flowing blonde hair. But her flowing brunette hair didn't stop too many men from lusting after the innocent looking female.

She dated occasionally, but not very successfully. Mainly because her heart wasn't into it. Chris had a crush on the guy next door even before her husband left her one year ago. Now she longed for him in a different, more physical, way.

His name was Jeff. The only fault Chris could ever find with him was the fact he was married. Worse yet, he was married to a gorgeous blonde with long, flowing hair. But that didn't stop Chris from going out of her way to talk to him whenever she had the chance. Actually, it was more flirting than talking.

To date, Jeff had never taken the bait.

Chris was in her front yard the Saturday morning following her 'observation' of Jeff in his bedroom, nearly finished with putting up the last of the Christmas decorations, when Jeff approached her.

"Hi, Chris," he said cheerfully.

"Oh. Hi, Jeff," she replied, looking over her shoulder. She turned to face him.

"Pretty good day for putting up lights," he said with a smile.

"Yeah. Perfect." Chris played with the front of her unzippered coat, eventually sliding her hands nervously into the pockets.

"I haven't seen you for a while. Been keeping busy?" he asked.

She thought to herself: 'Well, I've seen you recently. And I loved it.' Instead, she said, "Yeah, kind of. How about you?"

Jeff smiled inside at her apparent uneasiness around him and her obvious bashfulness. "Usual stuff."

He waited for a second, then added. "I wanted to mention that you might want to consider keeping the curtains pulled in your kitchen."

Chris froze at his statement, totally caught off guard. She looked at the handsome man with his steely eyes staring right back at her. A mischievous smile crossed his lips.

"Excuse me?" she said.

"The curtains. In your kitchen. The day you were watching me."

Chris' heart felt like it was going to explode. Her stomach turned inside out. "Watching you?"

"Yeah. I saw you in the mirror," he said nonchalantly. "So I decided you wanted a show. It ended up I was the one who got the show. What were you doing with your hands, anyway?"

Chris wanted to jump into a hole in the ground and hide. She pulled her coat closed by bringing her hands together while still inside her coat pockets. "I didn't know...I mean, I wasn't doing anything...I wanted a show?"

Jeff laughed at the incredulous tone in Chris' voice. "Why else would you watch a man getting dressed in his bedroom? Did it turn you on? Or did I disappoint you?"

Chris considered turning her back and running into her house. But his calm tone made her consider staying. "I hope you don't think I spend all my time doing that. It just happened...I mean you were there...and..."

"And you decided to watch and get off at the same time," Jeff finished for her.

"I did not!"

"Oh. So you WERE disappointed."

"No. I mean...damn you." Chris was almost in tears.

Jeff sensed he better back off for a while. Perhaps his teasing wasn't being taken the right way by the younger woman. So he immediately jumped into why he really came to talk to Chris.

"I'm just giving you a hard time. But I do want to talk to you about something. Can we go inside?"

Chris was elated at the opportunity to end the current discussion and intrigued by his offer. They moved inside her house through the front door. Both of them took off their coats and threw them on a nearby couch.

Chris wore a t-shirt and sweatpants. She wasn't sure whether she was happy she didn't wear a bra or not. Between the cold outside air and the subject of their quick discussion, there was no doubt she was bra-less. Jeff, for one, was happy.

"Can I get you some coffee?" Chris asked.

"Sure. That sounds good."

Jeff followed Chris into the kitchen, enjoying the view of her attractive ass in the process. She offered him a seat while she opened a cabinet to get cups. But he followed her, instead, and stood at the sink. She saw him staring out towards his own house.

"Nice view," he said.

"Oh shut up."

Jeff pulled the curtains closed. "See. That's all you have to do."

Chris shot him a contemptuous glare while pouring the coffee. When she was done they moved to a small table in the eating area of the kitchen. They put their cups down and Chris pulled out a chair to sit down. But before she could sit, an arm embraced her around the waist from behind.

She was startled and Jeff felt her entire body flinch. He held her as gently as possible and still maintain control of her. His hand slid up the outside of her shirt until resting at the base of her breasts.

"Tell me what you were doing while watching me?" he almost whispered to her.

Chris wasn't sure she could talk. "Who was watching who?"

Jeff appreciated the woman's quick, intelligent reply under the circumstances. He pressed his body against her a little harder. "You were the one getting aroused. I'm pretty sure I saw you touch your breast."

Jeff's hand slowly rose up until it covered her right breast entirely. He didn't squeeze or massage it. The hand was just there.

Chris felt her nipple tingle from his touch. A shudder flowed through her pussy. "I might have. I don't remember."

"Liar. You remember everything. You remember my cock when I turned to face you. You remember how you touched your breast and put your hand inside your panties."

"How do you know I had panties on?" Chris asked calmly.

"Maybe you didn't. Maybe you were nude from the waist down." Jeff's other hand found the waistband of her sweatpants and his fingers traced it across her bare stomach. Then half of his hand was underneath the material. He felt Chris' stomach pull in.

"I was not!"

"It's your house. You can walk around naked all you want, spying on the neighbors." Jeff's hand sank a little lower, until his fingers finally made contact with the top of her panties. He rubbed her erect nipple a little harder.

Chris was too aroused to argue any more. She was scared. She was horny. She had no clue what to do.

"So tell me what you were doing with your hands," he said.

Chris took a deep breath. "When I finally saw your cock, I rubbed my clit. Then I put a hand on my breast."

She couldn't believe the words had come out of her mouth. What was happening to her?

"And...?" Jeff asked, his hand deep inside her pants.

"I kept rubbing until I almost came."

Jeff's hand touched her. He touched her clit from on top of her panties. He pressed against it. He heard her gasp. "You ALMOST came?"

Chris could only nod. His entire palm was covering her clit. His other hand rolled her nipple between his fingers. 'God, make him stop before I...'

Jeff's fingers were down to her pussy now. He could feel her wetness. He smiled behind her head, his face pressed against her beautiful, long hair. In return, she could feel his cock hardening inside his pants. It pressed against her ass.

"I bet you could cum now," Jeff teased her. His hands caressed her most sensitive parts. "Couldn't you?"

"Maybe." Chris could barely whisper the words.

Jeff was hard. He knew she could feel it. "When you were looking at my cock, did you want to touch it?"

Chris nodded while Jeff's hand worked over her clit and nipple.

"Did you want to suck it or have it deep inside your wet pussy?"

The words alone drove Chris closer to a climax she didn't want to have. Not now. Not here.


Jeff tried not to laugh out loud, but a muffled chuckle still eked out. "Do you want to touch it now."

"Yes." Not only did Chris want her neighbor's cock, but she quickly figured out saying yes might prevent him from making her cum in the next thirty seconds. She heard the sound of his zipper opening. After a couple seconds of rustling behind her, she felt him grab her hand. It was directed to his exposed cock.

Chris eagerly gripped the thick shaft while Jeff's hands returned to her clit and breast. This time he was inside her shirt and Chris' body shivered from his touch.

"I have an offer for you," Jeff said coolly.

"What's that?" Chris asked, stroking him faster.

"We'd like to have sex with you."

Chris didn't stop fondling Jeff's cock, but her mind was no longer concentrating on it. "Who's we?"

"My wife and I." Jeff let the words sink in for a moment. "She thinks you're gorgeous, but would never consider asking you for sex. We've talked about it a lot. She cums every time we discuss it in bed. When I asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she immediately said you. I'd like to make her happy. Of course, I'd be there to watch...and join in."

Chris was stunned, as well as about to explode if this man kept rubbing her clit and sticking his finger deep inside her. His cock was huge and she had to fight off the urge to turn around and devour it.

When Jeff thought she had enough time to mull over what he said, he asked, "Would you consider it?"

Chris would consider anything right now if it meant fucking Jeff, and Jeff knew that. Or at least he hoped he knew that was the case.

"I would, as long as you were there."

The quick response was more than Jeff had dreamed of. It was time to reward her.

"Can I make you cum now?" he asked softly into her ear.

"Please," she responded.

Jeff pulled down Chris' sweatpants and panties to expose her luscious ass. The cheeks were full and round. The skin was perfect and melted in his hands as he touched her. Then he returned to her clit, his cock, now free of Chris' hand, pressed firmly against her bare skin.

"I want you to imagine my wife's face buried between your legs, licking your clit. Her lips wrapped around it, sucking you until you want to cum. I'm massaging your breasts and sucking on your nipples. I'm waiting for her to finish so I can put my hard cock inside that tight cunt of yours."

That did it. Chris leaned on the table. "Oh my God. Rub me harder. Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Jeff rubbed Chris' erect clit with two fingers, feeling the young woman's body shudder from head to toe. "That's it, Chris. Cum for me. Cum hard."

She didn't need to be told. She lost total control of her actions, both physical and vocal. Her cries filled the house as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her. She wanted to tell him what to do, but she couldn't form actual, real words. Just moans and groans and sighs.

She felt his cock sliding up and down the top of her ass. She wanted him inside her. But his finger alone made her cum longer and better than she ever had.

When she was done, Chris could only lean on the table, her legs ready to give out beneath her. Jeff just let her relax, gently rubbing his cock against her skin.

Then she turned around, finally facing him and able to see his cock up close. No longer distorted by two windows and the distance between the houses, Chris could see every beautiful inch of his shaft. The head was large and pink. His balls hung gloriously between his legs. And in between was the longest, thickest cock she'd ever seen.

Chris touched it. She cradled it in her palm. Then she kneeled down and kissed the tip. She felt it twitch. Just a drop of moisture escaped and hung on her lips. Jeff watched her lick it off seductively. Slowly.

She opened her mouth and put her lips around the end of Jeff's cock, then slid her head forward and didn't stop until the cock hit the back of her throat. She still didn't have the whole thing in her mouth.

But she began to slide up and down on the shaft, using her hand to stroke the part she couldn't get in her mouth. The cock was warm and hard and wonderful. Chris knew she was going to quickly have to deal with Jeff's cum and the prospect excited her.

Jeff watched Chris bob her head on his penis. Her thick, brown hair rocked back and forth across her face and onto his bare skin. She swiped it aside every few strokes, trying to catch it behind her ear. But her energetic actions never allowed it to stay in place.

It only took a minute for Jeff to be ready to cum.

"Yes, Chris. Almost. Oh, God!"

Chris sucked harder and faster.

"Ahhh, fuck! Yes! Suck me, Chris."

Even she was moaning now in anticipation of his orgasm.

"Now! I'm gonna cum!"

Chris pulled her head away from the cock and moved her hand up the shaft so that she was stroking the entire length of it. She placed the tip of Jeff's cock on one of her nipples, then the other.

Jeff moaned loudly as the first shot of cum burst out of his cock and splattered against Chris' chest. That was followed by another and another. Chris guided the cock across her breasts so that they were equally flooded with his warm fluid. The sensation of it dripping down her breasts caused Chris to say, "Come on, Jeff. Keep cumming. Keep cumming!"

She pumped him harder, cum acting as a lubricant between her palm and his cock. Several more shots landed on her body before Jeff was finally done.

"Oh my God, Chris. That was incredible," Jeff panted.

They both looked at the rivers of white liquid slowly flowing over Chris' breasts.

"I better get you a towel," Jeff said.

"Yes, please."

After Chris eagerly allowed her neighbor to clean her up, she leaned into him and they kissed passionately.

"So you'll do it?" Jeff asked when they finished.

"With that one condition—you have to be there."

"Oh, I wouldn't miss this for anything. I'll be there," he assured her. "Here's my plan."

They spent several minutes finalizing and perfecting the plan.


Stephanie ran a brush through her lush hair while waving a blow dryer with the other hand. The towel wrapped around her body rippled from the blasts of warm air. Jeff watched while leaning against the bathroom door frame.

Once the blow dryer was turned off and she could hear again, Stephanie asked her husband, "So, what do you think I should wear?"

"Nothing fancy. It's just Chris. You're not trying to impress her or anything. Just be comfortable," Jeff replied.

Stephanie gave him a disgusted look while finishing her hair. "You have no clue, do you? Of course I'm trying to impress her. All women are trying to impress other women."

She began to walk past him. As she exited the bathroom, Jeff grabbed an edge of the towel and held tight. Two steps later his wife was naked, but she kept walking.

"That would impress her. Just go naked." Jeff followed her into the bedroom.

"I wish."

"You really want her, don't you?" Jeff asked while Stephanie stared into her closet.

"Like I want a Lamborghini. But I'm not holding my breath for either one." She pulled out a low cut sweater that Jeff knew showed considerable cleavage.

"Oh, good choice. Don't wear a bra. And wear those hip hugger jeans you have."

"All of a sudden you're a fashion guru," Stephanie said, turning to face her husband. She let her breasts brush against him as she walked past. She stood in front of the mirror and pulled on the sweater. She adjusted the shoulders to let the front show even more of her ample breasts.

"Perfect," Jeff said honestly. "Now add the tiny panties you have that tie on the sides and the jeans."

"The things I do for you!" Stephanie huffed.


Chris never got invited to a lot of parties. Certainly none like this one, and she had viewed it as a party from the first time she and Jeff discussed it. So she was a bit nervous the entire day leading up to the evening when she was scheduled to walk over to Jeff and Stephanie's place.

She waited until five past eight, put on her knee-length trench coat, and grabbed the gift she had neatly wrapped. Then Chris opened the door and stepped out into the cold winter air. Seconds later, she was ringing her neighbors' doorbell.

Jeff opened the door and invited Chris in. The living room was beautifully decorated with candles everywhere. Chris was very jealous of anyone who could decorate, particularly during the holidays.

"Come on in," Jeff said, turning to lead Chris into the family room. They had smiled at each other nervously, but said little else.

Stephanie was sitting on the couch when they entered, but quickly got up to walk over and greet Chris.

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