tagErotic CouplingsUnwrapping a Present

Unwrapping a Present


The Christmas Party, Mike hated the company Christmas Party. It was always an exercise in boredom that he could happily do without. But it was also compulsory to turn up. So he stood by the wall as bored as ever holding a glass of cheep beer. As always the party needed something to liven it up. But as always nothing was going to happen. He sipped on his beer watching the others from his office giggling and making fools of them. Then he stopped his eyes wide as in walked Emma Darby.

She was the new girl at the office, just nineteen and as sexy as any girl Mike had ever seen. She was short and sweet. With long blonde hair so light it was almost white. Her piercing blue eyes looked out from a soft round face with a sweet button nose. Her breasts were small but not too small they seemed to fit her nicely and as for her legs. Sexily shaped with very firm thighs and pronounced calf muscles. And just to add to the picture of sexiness that she was she was wearing the skimpiest of Santa suits he had ever seen. It was bright cherry red, fastened in the middle by two buttons. Mike was sure that only the white fur trimmings covered Emma's breasts and saved her modesty. And as for how short it was it looked as if she had forgotten the skirt to go with it. In fact as she turned round to get a drink Mike could see the top of her thighs and almost see her buttocks.

He watched her pour a glass of vodka and topped it up with mixer. When she had joined the firm two months ago Mike and Patrick had made their usual bet. The first one to sleep with her got £20 from the other. But after a couple of weeks Mike had stopped been interested in the money. He wanted more than just sex from her; he found he wanted to see her properly. It came as a shock to him when he realised just how much he liked her. She was bubbly, fun and so considerate. As far as Mike could tell there was not a bad bone in her body. Patrick of course was oblivious to this, even when Mike tried to cancel the bet he had laughed.

"You just know you're gonna loose." Patrick had laughed and said no. But in the two months since Patrick had got nowhere. In spite of all his tricks and seduction attempts Emma had ignored him. Now again Mike saw Patrick circling her like a shark after it's prey. He watched as Patrick moved in once Emma had finished her second drink and tried his infamous party moves. The moves that had got him a fuck every other time he had used them. But not this time, Mike smiled as Emma shot him down and he crashed and burned. Finally after five minutes of Patrick harassing her Mike could stand it no longer. He moved in to break it up.

"Listen Pat, I think you should go and get another drink before you make a complete fool of yourself." He said tapping Patrick on the shoulder. The look he got was pure hatred and for a second Patrick looked as if he would ignore him. But he looked over at Emma and saw the look on her face then shrugged to Mike.

"Ah well can't blame a guy for trying. See you later Mike." He said then as he passed whispered. "If you're not too busy. I'll get the £20 ready." As always there was no bitterness between them. It was part of their friendship that they admitted when they had failed and the other had won the bet. Emma smiled at Mike in thanks then asked.

"What did he say about a £20?" Mike's smile faded a little as he considered lying to her. Then he realised he that he should not lie about it.

"Well me and Patrick have this bet about every new girl." He started Emma filled in the rest.

"Winner is the one who sleeps with her first?" Mike nodded slowly. "I see so I guess you're gonna try to seduce me now." Mike shook his head vigorously.

"No, I've tried to cancel the bet several times in the last month but Pat won't do it. Oh I don't expect you to believe that but it's true."

"Oh really, you mean you tried to cancel the bet because of me?" Her eyes glinted with a faint humour as Mike nodded.

"I know you won't believe me but yes." She looked just for a second as if she did not believe him then gave a soft laugh.

"I know you did, I've known about the bet since the second day I worked here." Mike did a double take.

"You did, how?"

"You don't think the girls here don't know about you and Pat's little bet do you. They warned me as soon as they could that you two would be after me. And I have seen you trying to get Pat to drop the bet. He's very sure of himself isn't he?" Mike nodded now very unsure of himself. "Oh don't worry I don't mind. In fact I flattered that you'd give up the money just because you like me."

"Well I erm." Mike was for the first time he could remember rendered speechless. Emma smiled at him and giggled at his obvious embarrassment.

"Oh dear I've embarrassed you. I'm sorry." She said Mike managed to mutter that it was ok. To save him from any more embarrassment she changed the subject and they started to cha, and to flirt. At first it was soft flirting but it quickly grew into something stronger and harder. Mike found that Emma could flirt just as well as he could. They each had a few more drinks and had moved to by the wall and were stood very close together. So close Mike could see down the top of her Santa suit, and he was certain that she was not wearing a bra. Emma kept flirting with him about the bet and the money, which was throwing Mike off his stride each time. It was why she was doing it he was sure but he could do nothing to stop her. Then after about half an hour she brought up the bet again. This time Mike had managed to think of a reply.

"So," she began, "what would you have done with the £20 if you won the bet?" Mike answered quickly almost without thinking.

"Spend it on taking you out for a nice romantic meal somewhere." She looked at him, this time it was she that was thrown for a second.

"Really where?" She finally asked after a few seconds.

"Erm, the new Italian restaurant in town is supposed to be good. I'd take you there."

"Umm I love Italian." She reached out and took his hand in hers. "Lets go and discuss it in private shall we." She moved out of the room Mike in tow wondering where she was taking him. As far as he knew all the offices were locked. Emma lead him towards her own office and from somewhere produced a key. She unlocked the door and led him inside.

It was a small office with room for only three people who worked there. Mike knew it was the credit office for the company, where they chased up outstanding bills from clients. Emma led him over to her desk and lifted herself up to sit on it smiling at him.

"Now about that bet, and that meal. I'd expect a nice long night no skimping and you'd have to spend more that £20 on me." Mike took a second to click what she said and a few seconds more to click what she meant.

"Oh definitely," he finally said when he realised what she had meant. She smiled up at him and pulled him towards her. He lent down letting her pull him into a deep hard kiss. Feeling her lips part to his tongue and wrapping his tongue around hers. They kissed for what seemed hours but was only about a minute before she broke away.

"Well as its Christmas I suppose you'd better unwrap your present early hadn't you." She said with a soft smile. Mike nodded understanding what she meant and ran his hands down to the buttons on her Santa suit.

"Not that there's much to unwrap." He noted, "seems that there's very little wrapping on this present." He finished as he undid the first of the two buttons fastening the suit together.

"I had to wear something to get you to act. I've been waiting for you to make a go at me for nearly a month." Mike laughed as he undid the second button and pulled open her suit.

"That long I've been unusually slow lately sorry." He slid the suit off her and looked down at her body. He was surprised to find that not only was she not wearing a bra; she was also not wearing any knickers. She sat on the table now completely naked letting him look her body over. And what a body Mike thought. Small but very firm breasts with appealingly button nipples. A smooth flat stomach with gorgeous shapely hips and thighs. Her cunt was covered in a soft down of blonde hair that did not stop him seeing the soft outer lips. He gave a soft animal grunt at the sight of her then lent forwards to kiss her hard and deeply. She kissed him back clinging to him as his hands slid over her naked flesh.

He cupped her breasts feeling the nipples harden into his palms. He could enclose each breast in his hands and squeezed them softly probing the gentle flesh with his fingers. Then he moved his hands lower over her stomach and down to feel her firm ass and thighs. His one hand slid up the inside of her thigh to brush over the soft down covering her cunt. She jumped slightly and he rubbed his finger over the lips a bit firmer this time. Emma gave a soft moan as his fingers opened up her cunt and began to rub inside her. Mike was surprised at just how wet she was. She must have been really turned on for a bit he thought as her cunt opened up easily to his probing fingers. He pushed two into her sliding them as far as he could feel how her cunt gripped them and running them along the top wall. Emma gasped loudly and then gave a little giggle.

Mike moved down to kiss her breasts taking each of them in turn into his mouth. He sucked and licked them running his tongue over the nipples. Emma hissed softly and he felt her hand on his neck holding him to her breasts. He was not going to object and kept on sucking and licking at the delightful mounds of flesh. All the time he kept on rubbing his fingers in her cunt, now he had three fingers in her pushing deeply. He could feel her moving, lifting up each time his fingers pushed inside her. His thumb rubbed softly on the little bud of flesh that was her clitoris making her gasp. He looked up out of the corner of his eye and saw her biting her lip at the sensations he was causing her. He pushed deeper running his fingers in and out of her soft wet cunt rapidly. His thumb rubbing against her clit in a soft circle. His mouth drew each breast out, licking hard on the nipples.

"Oh god lick me please go down on me." Emma gasped and lent back over the table. Mike smiled and happily moved down to the offered cunt. Burying his face between her firm thighs and licking his tongue along her lips. He could smell her, a soft musky scent that was filled with want and passion. He pulled her lips apart with his fingers and gently dipped his tongue into the soft honey inside her. She tasted sweet and horny. With the softness that all young women have. Mike licked in deeply and was gifted with a gasp in response. He pushed his tongue in as far as he could licking in her tasting her fully. Looking up he could see her arched over the table rocking and writhing in pleasure. She was biting her lip to hold in the gasps of passion as he licked his tongue inside her.

Mike moved his hands up to her breasts rubbing and squeezing their firm flesh and massaging the hard nipples. Then he flicked his tongue over her clitoris and she could not hold in the gasp at the sudden feeling it caused in her. He began to run his tongue around the clitoris just touching it with the edge of his tongue. Emma hissed and groaned, sounds of passion that seemed to come from deep in her chest. He could feel her breath hard her breasts rising and falling under his hands. He focused on her clitoris running his tongue over and around it always in contact with it. She started to squeal softly and bit on her hand to hold in the cries of passion. He squeezed and rubbed her nipples and licked her clitoris unmercifully wanting to drive her into her orgasm. Her whole body seemed on fire and she jerked and rocked as if she was being electrocuted. The she suddenly jerked upright with a sharp hiss and wrapped her hands around his head forcing his face into her cunt. He knew she was cumming and plunged his tongue deep into her to taste her as she came. Emma gasped and squealed breathlessly as she orgasmed then collapsed back onto the desk with a soft groan of pleasure. It was about a minute before she moved then she pushed herself up and kissed him hard.

"God that was great." She whispered to him as they kissed.

"You seemed a little turned on there." Mike laughed in reply.

"Bet I'm not the only one?" She said and without waiting for a reply ran her hand down to where his cock was pushing at his trousers. "Thought not," she giggled and before he could react she'd undone his trousers and slid her hand around his cock. Wrapping her fingers around him and sliding them up and down. Mike hissed softly at the touch of her hand. He gasped as she ran the palm of her hand over the head. Then without a word she slid down off the desk to kneel between his legs. Mike looked down just as she ran her tongue over the glands making him hiss again. Then she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and slid her mouth down him sucking hard. Mike groaned softly in pleasure.

"God," he hissed as she took his cock as far into her mouth as she could then pulled her lips back up until only the head was in her mouth. She plunged back down sucking him into her throat and making Mike groan. He lent forwards clinging to the desk to keep his legs from buckling as she sucked and licked his cock. Her one hand rest at the base rubbing up and down softly while the other fondled his balls. She was sucking harder now moving up and down him with skill and passion. Mike gasped as she licked her tongue around his cock he felt it jump inside her mouth. He grabbed the top of her monitor on the desk with one hand and wrapped the other in her hair. Strands of pale blonde hair wrapped around his fingers as she slid up and down on him. Looking down he could see her looking up at him her blue eyes glinting with lust.

"Fuck you're gonna make me cum." He gasped as he felt his balls tightening before his orgasm. Emma sucked harder rubbing his balls between her fingers. Mike gripped her neck tighter as she sucked him to the edge of an orgasm. Groaning as he felt his sperm pushing into his cock. "God cumming," he gasped warning her. She pushed her mouth down taking his cock deep into her. Then his cum exploded out pumping into her mouth. He heard her give a little squeal a sound of satisfaction as he came. She swallowed all his cum and pushed herself back up to sit on the desk licking her lips clean. He looked at her surprised that not only had she let him cum in her mouth but also she had swallowed it.

"Umm tasty," she giggled at him. "I do love the taste of cum. But only swallow if I really like the guy." Emma looked away as she said it then looked back to see if he caught what she had meant. Mike had and was suitably impressed by her meaning. Emma smiled as she saw this and slid her hand down to run her fingers over his cock. "I take it you enjoyed that." She said a statement not a question. Mike nodded as her fingers ran over his cock. It jerked at her touch and quickly came to life again as she ran her hand up and down it. She laughed softly as she felt his cock harden. "So still turned on are we?"

"And you're not?" Mike said rubbing her hard nipples with one finger. She hissed and nodded in answer. "What can we do about that?" Mark asked, Emma giggled as she answered.

"You can fuck me that's what." Mike laughed back and kissed her hard lifting her up so her legs rested on the desk. He moved closer holding her in his arms as he guided his cock to her willing cunt. Emma wrapped her legs around him taking him into her with a gently gasp. He pushed in feeling her cunt open to him his cock sliding inside pushing deeply. He kissed her pushing his tongue into her mouth and she kissed him back with equal passion. Mike pulled out and thrust back in and Emma gasped hard.
He began to fuck her slowly pushing in and out of her feeling her tight wet cunt gripping his cock. Emma leant back onto her elbows letting her hair fall over the back of the desk. Mike gripped her waist and began to thrust in harder. She gasped loudly and pushed back at him. Her legs sliding up his waist as she gripped him tightly with her thighs. Mike lent down to her breast and sucked on it. Emma gave a little squeal at the sudden feeling and pushed her chest up to him.

Suddenly it was if a dam broke inside both of them. Mike gripped her by her thighs and began to ram in and out of her hard. Emma clung to him pulling him into her and thrust her hips up to meet his thrusts. They both gasped and groaned as the fucked. All the passion they had been holding in for each other was release sharply. Mike sucked, licked and bit her nipples making her squeal. She dug her nails into his back and bit into his shoulder to stifle her cries. This was no lovemaking it was beyond sex they were two animals rutting with each other. He rammed in and out his cock pushing in to its very base. His fingers dug into the flesh of her thighs holding her tightly as he fucked her. Emma shook, rocked and writhed fucking him back as hard. Opening herself to him totally wanting him as deep in her as she could have him.

He pulled out suddenly making her gasp then with unexpected speed and strength flipped her onto her front. Her one leg on the floor the other resting on the desk. Then he was in her again ramming in and out. His hand grabbed her hair and neck pulling her up and back to him. The other hand reach under and grabbed her breast squeezing so hard Emma gasped at the sensation. She dug her fingers into the desk pushing back as hard as she could. Mike could feel how deep his was getting, filling her totally with his cock. The two of them were caught up in their passion beyond caring now. Emma squealed and gasped and Mike groaned and snarled as he fucked her.

He was thrusting in and out so hard that his cock pulled out of her. As he rammed back in instead of her cunt he thrust into her ass. Emma gave a sharp squeal as his cock opened her ass thrusting into her. Mike froze realising what he had done. She looked back at him as he pulled open his mouth open for an apology.

"No don't stop fuck me hard. I don't care how just take me." Emma gasped before he could say anything. Mike's reply was to grab her waist and ram in not caring where his cock went. It went into her ass again and Emma hissed at the sharp sensation. He pulled on her hair pulling her back onto him as he rammed in and out of her ass. Emma reached down to her clitoris rubbing at it hard as he fucked her ass. His one hand gripping her breast pulling her up till she was almost resting against him. Her hair was matted with sweat and she was gasping and breathing hard. Mike moved his hand down to where she was rubbing herself and took over so she could hold herself up. He fingered her clit and fucked her ass as hard as he could. With a sudden sharp squeal that was almost a scream she came. Bucking on his cock as her body exploded.

Mike pulled out of her ass and twisted her back round. Pushing her back over the desk he rammed into her cunt again. Emma clung to him her teeth digging into his shoulder to stifle cries of animal passion. Her legs gripped him tightly as he rammed in and out harder and faster.

"Oh god cum in me cumm please." She begged but Mike wanted something else.

"I want to cum on your face." He gasped not even realising what he was saying till he heard the words.

"Yes god do it." Emma hissed and Mike pulled out. She dropped to her knees in front of him and started to wank him off hard. Licking and sucking on him as she did. Mike had both hands wrapped in her hair gasping as she got him off. He could not believe that he had asked and definitely could not believe she was doing it. Then he felt his balls tighten and a second later cum burst out onto Emma face. White droplets that splash over her skin and into her hair. She was smiling in pleasure as his hot cum pumped onto her. It seemed to pump out for ages more and more droplets splattering her. Then finally Mike sank down his orgasm spent. Emma smiled her eyes glistening with lust and passion her face, hair and chest covered in his cum. They kissed hard breathing deeply both gasping after their wild sex.

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