Up the Chimney


The sensation of the white hairs on her thighs, labia, and buttocks was unique, somewhere between an itch and a tickle. Brian's tongue flicked over her, darting to her clit to cause sharp spikes of pleasure. In less than a minute, she felt the hot swelling of an approaching climax building behind her mound.

With her last fully conscious thought, she pushed the slider to max at the same moment as Brian slipped two fingers into her canal and curled them into her G-spot.

Gina's back arched up off the bed and she yelped as her entire body came alive with sexual energy. Brian locked his lips over her clit, sucking and rolling the swollen bud with his tongue. His fingers teased her G-spot with practiced pressure. The vibrations from the toy were so powerful that they made her buttocks quiver. Inarticulate cries of ecstasy tumbled from her lips between gasps for breath.

Then, she came.

Later, he would tell her that her scream was so loud and high-pitched that he had half expected the windows to shatter — and that was despite her thighs clamping down around his ears with vise-like pressure. Her vision went dark at the edges, and otherwise danced with multi-colored spots. She thrashed on the bed, hair whipping to cover her face and sticking due to a sheen of sweat covering her entire body. Clawed fingers dug into the back of his head and the bedclothes. The orgasm went on and on and on, until what dim awareness she retained made her wonder if she was going to fly apart.

At some point, either she or Brian turned off the toy, which finally let her catch her breath. She slowly settled down from the heights of beautiful agony, gripped by violent aftershocks that contorted her muscles and made her cry out despite the dry, hoarse feeling in her throat.

"Damn, baby," Brian said as the last few flutters of lingering climax made her twitch and whimper.

She forced her eyes open to see him sitting on the edge of the bed with a glass of water. His fake beard was hanging at an awkward angle and soaked in her juices. The hat was missing from his head, having somehow ended up under her back. He was stroking his cock through the pants, his expression a mixture of amusement and arousal.

Still unable to muster up the breath or brain power for words, she lifted a trembling hand for the glass.

He sat the glass down on the nightstand, scooting in next to her and sliding an arm beneath her back. Enough of her senses had returned for her to realize that the plug was still buried in her ass.

"H-hang on," she whimpered, and reached for the handle. Pulling it out set off a shockwave that caused her to lurch and cry out again.

Eventually, he was able to help her sit up. After a few false starts and a lot of coughing, she managed to drink, soothing her sore throat. He sat next to her, one arm behind her back and the other slowly stroking his cock.

"My god, Brian. That was..." She couldn't find the words, and instead let out a long, satisfied moan.

"You really came unglued."

"Thank you." She closed her eyes and moaned again. "Best. Christmas. Ever."

He chuckled, the fingers of the hand behind her back creeping around to caress the side of her breast. "Not even Christmas yet," he hinted.

Gina shivered as her body reacted to his words and his touch. She glanced down to where his hardness tented the red velvet pants, and her hand replaced his.

He was as hard as she'd ever felt him — like a throbbing steel bar begging to be buried deep inside her. Her sweat dampened skin broke out in goose bumps, and she tugged at the elastic waistband.

His arm moved out from behind her, and he braced it beneath him to lift his hips. Between the two of them, they pulled down the pants, revealing an even more pronounced tent in the boxers beneath.

While he wriggled and kicked at the pants entangling his legs, Gina jerked down the boxers and hooked the elastic beneath his balls. He looked just as hard as he felt, the head swollen and purple, bouncing as the organ throbbed. A quick twist and a scoot of her bottom let her lean down to bathe it with a broad stroke of her tongue from root to tip.

He grunted, squeezing her breast as she swirled her tongue around the head, looking up into his eyes. A glistening drop welled up from the tip, and she engulfed his cockhead between her lips, moaning as the burst of flavor excited her taste buds.

Eyes locked with his, she suckled and teased the swollen helmet. He pinched her nipple, his legs still kicking at the pants until he was free. She let the head slip from her lips with a wet pop, and then turned her head, dipping it down to his balls.

"Ah, fuck," he growled as she lapped the orbs, supported by the elastic of his boxers. He kept them as smoothly shaven as her sex, and she loved to trace every wrinkle, crevice, and contour, knowing how it drove him crazy.

He grasped her arm, pulling upward, and she smiled as she gave the ropy cord between his balls a final swipe before letting him pull her up. Unexpectedly, he didn't draw her mouth toward his cock, but instead pushed. As she turned to lie down on the bed, he wormed out of his boxers, rising up onto his knees.

She parted her legs wide, happy to skip sucking him and have her aching pussy filled.

Santa on top and her gorgeous, rock-hard husband below, he moved between her legs. She stroked her fingers along her nether lips — an open invitation — but he leaned to the side instead, grabbing the bottle of lube from her nightstand.

She was soaking wet, and knew he could see that. As he squeezed lube into his palm, she begged, "I need it. Give it to me," and parted her nether lips wide.

He tossed the bottle down and wrapped his hand around his cock, smearing it with lube. Then, a mischievous grin spread across his face.

"Since when does Santa come in the front door?"

She gasped in stunned, excited disbelief as he wiped the remaining lube off on his Santa coat. He then scooted closer, and pushed her knees up and out. Her heart raced as she felt the slippery tip press against her ass.

He gripped his cock, and she curled her toes. Then with a push, up the chimney he rose.

Gina growled as his big, hard cock violated her ass. Already stretched and well-lubed by the toy, he sank to fully half his length inside her before an involuntary clench of her muscles trapped him in place and she let out a sharp, "Oh!"

"Fuck!" He exclaimed as he swatted a white curl out of his eyes. "So fucking tight."

"S-so big. So good. Easy," she pleaded as she tried to relax.

The pressure and fullness made her head spin. It had been a long time since she'd had a real, throbbing cock in her ass. She flicked her clit, panting for breath, and focused her will on relaxing the tight muscles holding him back. She looked up to see his gaze locked on her fingers teasing her pussy.

"You like watching?" she asked between rapid breaths.

He nodded, white curls bouncing.

She rubbed faster — wet, squishy sounds reaching her ears as her labia slipped over each other, well lubricated with her juices. He smiled, and she could feel him throbbing even harder in her ass. Her willpower finally won out as he watched her masturbate.

"More," she said in an explosion of breath, and then thrust two fingers deep into her needy canal.

He let out a growling grunt as he pushed again, his mustache fluttering in the puff of air. Inch after inch, his cock sank deeper, until finally, his balls settled against her.

"Fuck yeah," Gina cried out. "Yes, baby. Fuck my ass."

He grunted again as he pulled back, and then rocked his hips forward. He fit her pussy like a matching puzzle piece, but his cock was even more wonderful in her ass. Heat joined the pressure and urge to push as his hips worked in slow motion, stretching her, and pushing balls deep with every thrust.

Animal sounds that she could barely believe were passing her lips emerged with every pump. His groans and the sound of her fingers flashing over her pussy added to the symphony. She was tumbling fast and headlong toward an explosion, blissfully full for the first time in so long. The wicked itch in her clit and behind her mound spiked with every deep penetration until she teetered on the brink.

Her fingers a blur, Gina's pants suddenly transformed into a broken gasp. The moment her lungs were full, shockwaves of released energy shot through her and she screamed in release. The orgasm rippled through her body, to the top of her head and down to her tightly curled toes. It crashed back into her quivering pussy and her cock-filled ass, only to shoot back to her extremities once more.

Her climax claimed her without mercy, refusing to let her go. She could feel her juices dripping down her pussy lips, and every contour of his cock, trapped tight in her ass. When one electric pulse caused her muscles to relax for a moment, he pulled free. The shock of the head popping free and the rush of cool air caused her to scream again, her back arching high off the bed.

As her breath ran out and the scream trailed off into a squeak, she went limp, collapsing to the bed with a thump. Gasping for breath, she quivered and twitched through the aftershocks, dimly hearing him ask if she was okay over the sound of her heartbeat pounding in her ears.

"Oh... B-baby," she whispered in a moment when she could fill her lungs with enough air to speak.

"You okay?" he asked again.

She gave a slow, uncoordinated nod. "Came so hard."

"Felt like you were about to pinch it off," he said, and then chuckled.

She opened her eyes, and saw that he was still hard. "You... You didn't?"

"Close," he answered, wiping at his brow, which was beaded with sweat.

She swallowed hard, and then rolled over. Though she puckered at the thought and a whimper escaped her, she pulled her knees under her, lifting her butt high into the air.

"I want you to. More lube, though."

The eagerness with which he snatched up the lube made her eyes go wide. I think I created a monster.

She yelped as the cool liquid drizzled into the hot flesh of her gaped ass. After the initial shock, it was soothing, and she let out a moan. The bottle thumped back to the covers, and his fingers dug into her hips. Within the space of a breath, the hard invader was inside her once more.

"Do it. Fuck me. Come in my ass."

He took her words to heart. His cock pushed hard and fast into her ass, balls slapping against her when it reached bottom. The next thrust was even faster. Her breasts began to swing and she dropped down onto one elbow so she could reach her clit with the other hand.

Slap, slap, slap. Their bodies collided, his cock sinking balls deep with every thrust, then pulling back almost to the tip before plunging in again. Despite the increasing burn of her abused ass, she felt her clit tingling beneath her fingers.

"Fuck yeah. Close," he growled as he slammed his cock into her.

"Come in my ass baby!" Gina squealed, orgasm swelling within her.

He roared as his cock jammed into her ass one final time, the power of the thrust knocking her arm out from under her and landing her face down in the covers. She felt the hard spurt of his cock erupting, spraying into her depths. Having far more nerve endings than her pussy, she could actually feel the hot cream filling her ass, and it set her off.

Gina screamed into the mattress as she came, ass clenching around his throbbing, spurting manhood. He leaned over her, breathing hard, his furry velvet coat hot against her back.

"I f-feel it baby. So hot. So hot in my ass."

Her words elicited a groan, and he twitched, causing her to cry out from the sudden stimulation. She knew she was going to regret it later, but for now, she reveled in the afterglow of two wonderful orgasms and the hot pool of cum surrounding his softening organ.

"I'm... I'm burning up in this. And gotta move."

Torn between never wanting him to leave and needing relief, she muttered, "It's okay."

She yelped as he pulled free, followed immediately by a river of cum running down to drip from her pussy lips. Her knees slipped from under her, and she sank to the bed, butt burning, but her pussy still tingling and her heart soaring.


Quite some time later, Gina sat on the couch, still naked, next to her equally nude husband, munching on warm cheese topping a cracker.

She finally asked the question that had been nagging her since she'd regained enough of her wits to think of it. "So, where did that come from? You never seemed interested before."

He shrugged. "I don't know. I was thinking about getting you the toy, and the more I looked at them, trying to figure out what you would like, the more I thought about it. Next thing I know, I'm getting hard every time I think about your butt."

"Mmm," she moaned as she snuggled up next to him. "Well, I'm glad." A sharp sting caused her to wince. "My poor butt hurts."


"Don't be. It was worth it. I just haven't had it for a while. Once I'm used to it again... Mmm!"

"How long do you think?"

Mouth dropping open in surprise, she gave him a playful swat. "Perve."

"Can't help it."

Even though her butt was burning, thinking about it was still making her pussy tingle. In her peripheral vision, she saw his manhood twitch. She wasn't the only one.

Leaning in close, she whispered into his ear, "They say Santa only comes once a year. Want to prove them wrong?"

"Ho. Ho. Ho," he answered, dragging out each word, and then leaned in for a hungry kiss.

A touch of her breast, on that night of soft snow, gave rise to wetness, and hardness below. The neighbors heard them exclaim, deep into the night. 'Twas a merry Christmas for all, and an incredible night.


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