tagGroup SexUsed & Abused: The Katie Chronicles

Used & Abused: The Katie Chronicles


Used & Abused: The Katie Chronicles, Part I

I don't really know where to start. It feels strange going back to the beginning after everything that's happened since. I'm such a different person now than I was back then. I mean gawd I was such a goody-goody! I remember really thinking that Steven loved me. I mean he told me so! He was my first real boyfriend; I was 18 years old, a senior in high school, but I was ready to believe anything. He looked deep into my eyes and told me that he would never leave me. I sighed wistfully and thought I was in Heaven. Little did I know that he just wanted to cop a feel; not that it bugged me or anything, but when things looked like they were going to get purely physical, I wanted to see how far he would go for me first. And lo and behold, the spineless prick didn't even try to fuck me once I put on the slightest hard-to-get act. To be honest, I'm not sure if I would have let him or not. He wouldn't have been my first. I'd let one of the neighboring boys up at the cottage the previous summer use and abuse me for a few weeks. But I was still a real prick-tease when I was with Steven. Now that I think of it, though, I probably would have at least given him a hand-job if he had only asked for it.

My name is Katie Moore. I'm 5'8", 120 lbs., and although I'm already 18 years old I know for a fact that I look quite young for my age. I also know that I've certainly turned some heads in my time. I'm a petite little hottie, I've been told. I'm really not trying to be immodest here, but the story just wouldn't work if you didn't know certain things about me, and the first of them is that most men would do me without a second thought. I guess they like my face; high cheekbones, blue eyes, and blonde hair tied back in a bouncy ponytail. And my friend Sarah says that I have what she calls "blowjob lips"—nice full ones, made extra sensuous by the glistening cherry-red lipstick I often wore. In high school you would have thought of me as the "all-American girl". No one—and I mean no one—would have thought that I would become the school slut by grade twelve. I used to wear long—and I mean long—skirts. Big, baggy blouses and sometimes—when I was feeling particularly studious—thick horned-rimmed glasses. I was pretty back then, don't get me wrong. This isn't some "She's So Fine" ugly-duckling-becomes-a-swan story. No, I was hot even with all that extra clothing on. But things certainly got a bit more interesting when I decided to show myself off a bit.

The week after Steve broke up with me I was miserable. I had never been dumped before. It happened on a Monday morning and all through the week I just felt depressed. By Friday the depression had begun to fade and I was just feeling angry. Who the hell did he think he was? I could have given the snotty little bastard so much, but because I wouldn't shove his dick in my mouth the moment he asked for it, he decided I was no good? Fuck him! I decided that I would make a real effort to show him exactly what he had given up.

The Friday after he had broken up with me I stayed late at school, working in the library on a paper. Outside I could hear the football team doing squats, but inside the school was almost completely deserted. By 5:00, when the library finally kicked me out, the halls were dark and the field outside was quiet.

I went to my locker, on the second floor, across from the boys' locker room. I could still hear the shower running and one or two voices coming from within, so I knew that I was not the last one in the school. I opened my locker and slowly began putting my books away. My mind was still racing and I was still fuming at the way I had been treated earlier in the week. I was thinking about the way in which I would really show Stephen how big a mistake he had made, when fate provided me with a perfect chance.

All of the sudden I heard a high-pitched laugh from within the locker room. The door slammed open and I heard a loud "thwack!" split the air. Clutching a loose towel up against his groin area, Ben Farber crashed into the hallway, the tip of another wet, rolled-up towel cracking like a whip behind him.

Ben was a nice guy. He had been my lab partner in Chemistry class the previous semester. He was on the football team, but was not a mindless athlete—he was pretty smart, actually, and although he was somewhat popular he didn't let it get to his head. He saw me the moment he fumbled into the hallway, gave a cute little shriek, and promptly dropped his towel.

Well! I was startled about the incredible situation I had just been placed in. Here I was, newly single, and one of the hottest guys in the school stood before me, naked as the day he was born. I gulped softly before my eyes travelled from his, down the length of his torso before they came to rest on the long, thick mass that dangled between his legs. In one moment I recovered.

"Jesus, Ben," I whispered softly. "You're hung like a rhinoceros." I had meant it to sound like a joke, but it only sounded how I really felt—in total awe.

Ben stared back in shock for a few seconds before his face erupted into an enormous grin.

"Yo, Todd!" he called over his shoulder. "Come out here and lookie what I got us!" His words sent a shiver through my spine; there was something proprietary, something dangerous about them. I didn't know Todd, the taller, leaner boy who appeared behind Ben with the twisted-up towel swung over his shoulder and not a stitch anywhere else on his body. But he looked familiar; I was sure I had seen him around somewhere; his short buzz cut was unmistakable and was a sharp contrast to Ben's blonde, wavy locks. But his cock! Oh my God his cock! I couldn't stop staring, and Ben caught on pretty fast.

"Whatcha doing here so late, Katie?" he asked, establishing eye contact with me. He started to walk forward. "A girl could get into a lot of trouble alone here."

I decided to play along. "Oh I know," I said, feigning innocence. "I haven't been the smartest tonight. Why, do you think there might be some sort of trouble?"

Ben shrugged, and walked around behind me. "I don't know," he said, leaning close in. I could smell his sweaty musk—he had probably not had a chance to get in the shower yet. As his breath landed softly on my neck I continue to stare ahead at Todd. His soft, thick prick twitched a bit as he realized I was not going to switch my gaze. A few seconds passed, and I realized that Ben was waiting for permission—that as hot as I obviously was, he was not going to lay a hand on me without me telling him to.

It was weird, but for some reason that turned me off. I didn't want to give permission. I wanted him—them, I mean—to do whatever they wanted with me. And I didn't want to have to give permission.

Todd got the idea, thank God. "For fuck's sake, Farber, let's ream the little slut. Get her on her knees."

And that's what did it. From then on I was a changed woman.

I'd never been privy to such filthy language before. I don't know what it was. But as soon as l heard the word "slut" I went weak in the knees. And it wasn't just the word itself. It was the way he spat it out. The way he talked to Ben as if I wasn't even there. As if I were just a common piece of street trash, a piece of meat who didn't deserve his full attention. I fucking loved it.

I think Ben saw me stiffen as a dozen different juices flowed into my pussy, because his entire attitude changed. Good. This was the permission he had been seeking.

"I suppose we could use the little whore for a while," he said roughly. He grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back, leaning in so he could whisper right into my ear. "You gonna be our little cumguzzler for a while, bitch?"

This time I moaned as my knees buckled again—heavily this time. "Uh huh," I just barely managed.

"Good," said Todd, walking forward. His prick vas slowly beginning to rise—the vile treatment of me was getting to him too. "Let's get her into a classroom."

The nearest classroom was the Double English room, but it was locked. Before I knew it, though, Ben reached around my waist and picked me up. I screeched—more of a high- pitched giggle actually—and I could see that Todd had an almost sick grin on his face. The door to Mr. Taylor's Biology room was luckily ajar, so Ben kicked it open, threw me over his shoulder, and marched in with a real feeling of purpose. He walked to the front of the classroom and dumped me on the ground. He reached down, grabbed me by my ponytail, and roughly yanked me up so that my face was level with his stiffening cock. "Suck," he ordered gruffly.

I couldn't believe how horny I was getting. I looked up and established eye contact with my tormenter, batting my big blue eyes. I wanted him to see my expression once he began to violate my mouth with his prick. l reached up and delicately wrapped my fingers around it. Then, ignoring one more shiver, I spat a gob of saliva onto the now-purple head and began stroking softly, rhythmatically.

"Uh-uh," came Todd's voice from me. He yanked my hair back again and forced my mouth open with his fingers. "No. None of that." I could feel his fingers around the back of my blouse. "You're gonna tell us what you want us to do with you. I want to fucking hear it."

I knew what he was asking me to do, and I couldn't believe what I was about to say. I gulped three or four times before leaning back so that I could look at both of them.

"I want you to rape me like a cheap filthy street whore," I moaned softy. "Just use me as your little fuckslut."

"Yeah, that's it!" Bill leered nastily, giving Todd a high-five. He grabbed me roughly by my hair and shoved his rock-hard prick deep into my mouth, over the tongue, past the tonsils, straight down into my throat. I wanted to gag, but I held off like a good little slut. I looked into his eyes and slowly spoke, mouthing my words around his massive cock.

"Fuck my face."

That was all he needed. He reached out with both hands and grabbed my hair in his fists. A sharp, searing stab of pain shot across my head, and I cried out, sloppily dripping saliva over the base of his penis. "Shut the fuck up, bitch," he ordered before he began slamming his dick in and out of my mouth as if he were fucking a pussy hard—any other orifice other than my mouth. I felt so violated, so used. I had never been defiled like this in my life. But it was just the beginning.

Because it seems that behind me Todd was getting bored just stroking his cock and watching this ultra-hard core scene play out. Without letting me remove my lips from Ben's shaft, Todd picked me up by my torso, twisted me so that I was now facing the ceiling and, as Ben slowly stood up straighter, arching my head downwards, slammed me down on the lab table at the front of the room. He reached up to my waist and grabbed my conservative, ankle-length skirt and, without asking for any kind of permission, ripped the garment right up the seam and tore it in half. I opened my mouth to protest, but Ben just slapped me across the face—playfully, mind you; he wasn't beating me or anything—and shoved his dick in deeper. His balls bounced rapidly against my skin. "Don't talk you little skank," he said. "Suck."

I didn't know what it was. I had always been so prim and proper in the past. When Trevor, the boy-next-door up at the cottage had fucked me l had started by giving his modest-sized prick little kitty-licks to get him hard. He liked the sweet and innocent type, so I had worn my cream colored cashmere sweater and soft, powdery makeup. I had batted my eyelids at him and taken him out behind the woodshed where he could feel up my chest—soft, pert, no bra on—through that lovely, supple, velvety material. When he finally got up enough courage he took my virginity in his family's old Sea Ray underneath the stars. It had all been very poetic, but the only part that had done anything for me was when I made him cum in my mouth and he responded by calling me his "nasty little spermguzzler". I had been so turned on—I happily gargled with his semen in front of him before swallowing every last drop.

If only Trevor could see me now! Bound and gagging on an eight-inch cock, a pool of pre-cum already forming in my mouth and streaks of semen and saliva streaking through my hair. And Todd on the other end, slapping my fucking slit with his rock-hard cock. I decided it was time to give as good as I got. I spat Ben's prick out and it slapped lazily against my cheek. I looted at Todd directly in the eye and spoke.

"C'mon, baby," I moaned. "Do you want me to be your princess or your fuckslut? Are you trying to make love to me or fuck me?"

He grinned that evil grin again. "Don't ask for something you don't want, you little prick-tease. You may not like what you get."

I squirmed in my bindings a bit. "I'll fucking take anything you or anyone else can dish out," I moaned. "You're my pimp and I'm your whore. Drill me like the slut that I am."

He pushed his cock deep into me, but then stopped and looked up at Ben. "Did you hear that, man?" he asked quickly. "The slut wants us to pimp her out."

Right away I knew I had said the wrong thing, because Ben immediately slapped his cock across my face. "Let's call in the cavalry, then," he said. I had a sudden sinking feeling as Todd turned to face the door.

"Yo! Guys! Time to get in on the action!"

I tried to protest but Ben just popped his shaft back deep into my mouth and told me to shut up again. "You didn't really think we were the only ones here. Did you?"

Actually, I had. Boy, was I wrong. In marched what I could only gather was the entire Crawford Heights football team. Okay. Maybe if wasn't the entire team. But a good five more of them at least. By now Todd had come around and leaned down to whisper to me. I knew he was really checking to see if I was O.K. with all this. But he knew how not to break the mood that had sent a dozen different fluids flowing into the depths of my twat.

He grabbed me by my hair and pulled my mouth off Ben's prick. Slowly I turned to look at him.

"Tell me what you want, slut," he said. "I want to hear you say it." One of the boys who had just entered began stepping toward me, but Todd put up his hand to signal him to stop. The young man looked more than a little peeved, so I decided to make this quick.

I gulped softly, terrified by what I was about to say. Then I looked directly into Todd's eyes. "I want to get gang-raped," I whispered, my lips trembling. Still on my back, I did everything I could to strike the most alluring come-fuck-me pose I could. I batted my eyes, pushed my chest out and slowly, softly, stuck my tongue out and licked my full lips. My ''blowjob lips" as my friends call them. "I wanna be your filthy little gutterslut!" I cooed, and there was a loud cheer.

The guy who had been approaching me moved into position over my face. He took out his fuckstick and rammed it between my lips. "Swallow this, bitch," he sneered, grabbed my hair and began face-fucking me harder than Bill or Todd ever had.

I gagged. Hard. But I think that's exactly what the little sadist wanted. "Yeah!" he screamed, bucking against my face. "Let's ream the little whore!"

And with that, he popped his cock out of my mouth, gave it a few last strokes, and dumped a huge load of sperm all over my face.

I couldn't believe it. I was completely covered in his thick, sticky semen. I opened my mouth and a huge gob of cum slid down my tongue and into my throat. Suddenly I started bucking. This filthy little fuck had made me cum by blasting his seed in my face.

It was awesome. I finally felt like the little whore I had always wanted to be. As I continued to shake I started moaning—hard. I looked down, over my breasts and towards my legs. Some guy I had never seen before was fucking me. I had to say it to myself to believe it. Quietly.

Some guy I've never seen before is fucking me.

Somehow, with my mouth wrapped around the next cock in line, I managed to smile.

Fuck-ing awesome.

Two more guys moved up alongside me, on either side of my head. Stroking their dicks...oh gawd, their rock-hard MASSIVE pricks. I decided to help them out.

''Come on, guys," I coaxed. ''Mark me. Make me your property." I started moaning as I reached down and started frigging my clit as Mr. No-Name continued to fuck me like an animal. ''Spray me," I begged. My hand was moving faster now. ''Cum on my pouty, slutty little face."

I watched in absolute fascination as their hands flew rapidly up and down their long, thick, saliva-coated fucksticks. I was in heaven. ''Do you think we can do it together boys?" I asked, wanting nothing more than for them to paste my face at the same time. They both moaned their affirmation and began stroking harder. I decided to give them a countdown. ''Let's do it, men," I cooed, batting my long, sexy eyelashes. ''Three... two..."

They were going at lightspeed now, staring into my seductive eyes as they both dangled their pricks a mere two or three inches above my face.

''One," I gulped softly, looking back and forth directly into their eyes.


I couldn't believe what happened next. Each prick exploded above me, shooting a massive spurt of thick, white semen into the air above me. The spurts collided right over my line of vision, wrapped around each other, then...

SPLAT! The massive gob of sperm fell onto my face and splattered everywhere. From either side of me two long streams of semen continued pumping over my cheeks, my nose, my open lips and into my waiting mouth. I had never seen so much cum in my entire life. As my open mouth filled to capacity I began to gargle, turning the huge pool of sperm into a frothy white liquid.

''Don't you even fucking think about swallowing!" I heard a voice say, and suddenly a video camera was being shoved in my face. My heart sank; I was being recorded for posterity.

''Keep your mouth open, whore," the voice behind the camera said. I frowned, not understanding: it was a female voice. Being careful not to spill, I turned my head slightly. And there, decked out in the sluttiest cheerleader outfit I had ever seen was Denise Campbell, the captain of the cheerleader squad. She smiled.

''I gotta say, Katie," she said, grinning widely. "That was the fucking hottest thing I've ever seen. I didn't realize when I came here to fuck Justin tonight that I'd be a witness to a bona fide gangbang." Justin was her boyfriend, a big linebacker whom she'd been dating for several months. I fucking didn't care anymore, so l just performed for the camera. I smiled and gurgled, blowing bubbles in the sperm.

''Two more!" Denise announced, backing up. "Two more loads of sperm before our resident gutterslut swallows it all!" I could see her cunt-juices dripping down her leg. The little whore.

As she continued to film, two more team members stepped up to the plate. I was starting to gag a bit, so one of them slapped me across the face, hard. ''No you don't, bitch," he sneered. ''I've been holding this in for a long fucking time, and you're gonna fucking take it before you start drinking down this jizz."

To answer him, I reached up and started stroking him hard. The other guy put his cock right over my face and unleashed almost immediately. I don't know when the fuck these guys last had sex, because their cumshots were HUGE! Thick, long white shots sprayed all over my face, pooling in my eyes, coating my hair, dripping down my cheeks into my ears. And those were just the secondary shots. A huge arc of semen poured into my mouth, mixing with the massive pool of cum in the back of my throat. Immediately the other cock I was stroking—the guy who had slapped me—erupted like a fucking volcano. A fucking sperm volcano. The first shot missed me entirely. It flew through the air like a cruise missile, hitting Denise right between the eyes. She moaned deeply, losing her grip on the camera momentarily, then reaching down under her very short skirt. In one swift motion she shoved her middle finger deep into her shaved twat and began frigging herself desperately like a whore in heat.

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