Using Jill


Jill slowly opened the door from the bathroom. Her neck was nearly crimson from shame and humiliation, but the man eagerly awaiting her return saw nothing but a blushing, young bride about to reveal her secrets to him. The innocent young wife had done as she was instructed. She wore the virgin white, silk baby doll that she had worn on her wedding night and the tiny, tight g-string panties that went with it. Just minutes before, she had watched in grief as the man had gone through her closet fingering dresses and tops trying to figure out what he wanted her to wear.

She shuddered when he paused at the dress bag storing her wedding dress and accessories. The man must have sensed her trepidation because a smirk crossed his face as he eyed the gorgeous young woman standing nervously before him. Jill had met him at her door wearing a pair of short, cut-off blue jeans and a t-shirt and sandals – fairly usual attire for the shapely blonde. With her t-shirt tucked into the shorts, she unwittingly emphasized the large, firm breasts that the thin shirt hid. Her long, tanned legs seemed to be slightly unsteady and if the truth was known, she had had a couple of drinks in preparation for the unthinkable act that she was going to commit with the man. The young bride had never felt so nervous in her life! Her heart pounded uncontrollably! And yet it was her husband, Tom, who she was saving from ruin!

The man knew that she was going to do whatever he wanted. His groin tightened with the thought of the gorgeous blonde kneeling before him sucking his cock with her soft lips or laying on her bed, legs spread wide, taking a good fuck from him. He could smell the alcohol on her breath and thought to himself that it might loosen the conservative young woman up.

Jill shuddered as he unzipped the bag and began to hold up the lingerie that she had worn for her darling husband on their wedding night.

"Please, not that," she said almost in a whisper.

The man looked at her without a shred of empathy. "Really?" the man replied. "Don't be so hesitant. Yeah," he said after a moment's reflection, "this is what you need to change into." He handed her the clothing. "Put on the baby doll. Looks like you've got some real nice, big titties. This should show'em off real nice."

He saw her face flush red with shame. He recognized her hesitancy. "I don't think you want to quibble over something as important as the future of your husband's employment," he reminded her. "Go get this on."

Her big blue eyes stared at him uncomprehendingly. Her gorgeous face revealed the shock that she felt in being treated like a sex object. Her full, red lips were slightly parted and her soft tongue wet her lips nervously as if she was going to protest. But considering what her real options were she hesitated. After just a moment, the young beauty realized that she had no choice. She told herself to be strong. She reached for the items that he held and turned to walk away. The man stared at her shapely ass and legs. His cock throbbed in his pants. He couldn't wait to have it buried deep in her little pussy.

"Don't make me wait long, baby," he said as he moved into the bedroom and sat on the bed. "I want to know how anxious you are to help your husband out of his mess."


Jill's husband, Tom, shuffled nervously at his desk. Jill was his third wife even though he was only in his early 40s. He had met her about three years prior and she was nearly two decades younger than he. Despite this being his third marriage, he had told her that he had only been married once before. He had laughed about the lie with several men who knew the truth. Actually, he joked, "this was only his first marriage – his two previous wives had been married to him but he wasn't married to them." That always seemed to draw laughs from the men at the bar.

He had entered into the marriage with Jill knowing that he would never find a better piece of ass but he wasn't really in love with her. He did lust after her regularly and his libido was as high as that of a teenage boy. Consequently, Jill spent countless hours with her long legs spread for Tom to pump his big, hot cock in and out of her tight pussy. The naïve young bride thought that it was her wifely duty to service her husband whenever he wished. And, Jill found that his demands could be quite high. Still, what he had done to her today was low even by his standards. He felt his scrotum tighten as he thought of her in her predicament with his boss, "Bo."

Jill was helping Tom out of a dilemma but was simply unaware of what the true situation was. Tom needed money for "play time" for himself. He was tired of simply covering the bills at home, so had bargained his boss sleeping with Jill in return for him getting some very plum sales credits at his job. He and "Bo" went way back and he knew what a letch his boss was. Tom had seen Bo leering at Jill at company functions and had encouraged Jill to be friendly to the man, but the beautiful blonde had found him repulsive. Despite this, Tom had encouraged Bo to be more forward with Jill making the young woman very uncomfortable.

But Tom knew that Bo was married to a shrew and was relegated to listening to Tom talk of his conquests. Recently, Tom had regaled Bo with stories of Jill's lush body and innocence.

Tom knew that his wife was his biggest asset but even he was getting tired of fucking the same piece of ass all the time. The hardest sell was with Jill. He had to convince her that his job and livelihood were at stake rather than just getting the ability to make more money. She would have never gone for that and, even as faithful as she was, probably would have walked out on him! But when he convinced her that he was on the verge of losing his job and being blackballed forever, she lovingly asked him if there was anything that she could do to help. Tom played it perfectly, only reluctantly admitting, after much prodding over several days and nights, that he thought there was something she could do.

Now, as he sat at his desk, his lovely bride was doing what she thought was her part to help her husband and her marriage. Tom mulled over his deal with his boss. He hoped that Borovsky would give him the leads that he had always withheld. "He damned well better!" Tom thought. "After what he was doing for Bo, he damned well better," Tom thought, momentarily mindless of the fact that it was actually Jill who was "doing" for Borovsky.

Then Tom, as self-centered as he was, smiled at his self-centered thought. "After what I'm doing for him? Hell, Jill's the one doing the work! Having to fuck that fat bastard? That's something I wouldn't wish on anyone," he thought. "But hell, it might do her some good to find out what other women have to put up with! She doesn't realize how good she has it with me. At least I keep in shape."

Tom got up from his desk, told his secretary to hold his calls and closed and locked his office door. He flipped on his computer monitor and typed in a password. Within seconds, his screen activated and he was able to pull up a live view of his bedroom. "Jill would kill me if she knew our computer camera at home allowed me to access our home." Tom hit the record button. The room was empty but within a few seconds he heard Jill's girlish voice talking to Borovsky. Both of them were out of camera range and Tom couldn't make out what they were saying but he could tell that they were approaching the range of the camera.

Then Jill came into view holding some lingerie. Tom didn't recognize it as that from their wedding night, but his cock stiffened as he saw his young bride in her cut-off jean shorts and t-shirt. She paused in the bedroom with her back to the camera. Her tight jean shorts barely covered her shapely ass cheeks and her tanned legs looked gorgeous. "Damn, that little bitch looks ready to fuck," Tom thought. "I may have misjudged her ability to do this," he thought. Jill turned, still clutching the lingerie, and walked towards their bathroom. Tom thought she had a look of shock on her face. "Fuck! She's going to do it!" he realized.

He watched in fascination as Borovsky began to undress and climbed on the bed. Then he heard his boss yell to his wife, "Don't make me wait long, baby, I want to know how anxious you are to help your husband out of his mess."

Tom unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out of his boxers. It was rock hard and nearly throbbing with lust as he watched the screen intently.


Jill couldn't believe how horrible and unethical the man was. How could this man have leveraged her Tom so completely, she wondered? What could Tom have done that was so bad that she needed to give herself to this brute? But as she closed the bathroom door to change, she knew that she'd do anything for her husband. Her hands shook nervously as she pulled the t-shirt over her head and began changing into the teddy.

After what seemed like an intolerable wait, the man saw the knob on the bathroom door slowly turn and the door open. What he saw was remarkable! The twenty-five year old beauty stood at the threshold of the bathroom door eyes downcast in shame and almost frozen with trepidation. But there she was! His eyes drank her beauty in. Her long legs, now completely bare up to her panties, made her look even taller than before. The soft, smooth flesh of her tanned legs was breathtaking and her flat tummy beneath the baby doll was very sexy! What's more, the young woman's large breasts were firm and high on her chest, the nipples pushing proudly through the thin, silky material.

She heard the man whistle low. "Damn!" he said. "How did a slender gal like you get such big titties? They real?" he questioned.

Jill didn't even hear the question her

mind was in such a whirl.

With downcast eyes and legs shaking slightly, the beautiful blonde woman slowly moved into her bedroom. The room seemed extremely cold to her and her nipples stiffened while her youthful body was suddenly covered in goose bumps. She glanced at her husband's boss. The man lay on his back completely nude on the beautifully appointed queen size bed. His legs were splayed in a crude way and his large manhood was semi-erect. His big balls hung obscenely in his fleshy sac between his hairy legs. Did he really expect her to give herself up on her marital bed, she wondered? Could he possibly be that crude? Her mind spun.

"Mr. Borovsky, can we go into the guest bedroom?" she asked before she even thought about it. She immediately regretted speaking.

The overweight man chortled. He watched the innocent woman use one hand to brush her long, blonde hair behind her ear. "Jill, we are about to become very good friends. Call me 'Bo.' And no, I want to have you right here," he replied. "I'll bet you and Tom have banged a hundred times on this mattress. I'm sure it's nice and broken in for fucking." The man laughed at his own joke. Then his words turned serious and sent a chill through Jill's scantily clad body. "Come on over, sweetheart. I need to fuck you."


Tom smiled knowingly at his boss's comment. Jill's husband was surprised at how turned on he was in watching what was about to happen to his inexperienced wife! His hand went to his stiff penis and began to stroke it gently. He watched in fascination as Jill moved slowly over to Borovsky.


Borovsky sat on the large bed with his back to the headboard and large gut exposed from the waist up. His chest, shoulders and legs were covered with thick, black hair that grew denser as it approached his pubic area. He had a pudgy body. Jill was ashamed when her eyes glanced at the man's huge penis. It was fleshy, long and uncircumcised and lay against his thigh like a thick, brownish-red hose. She had never seen an uncut cock before and it added to her discomfort, but she didn't know what to do so she moved towards him. One thing was certain, though, she needed to help her husband no matter the price.

Bo extended his large hand to the gorgeous blonde. Jill was mortified at the sight of the man but moved slowly towards him barely comprehending what was about to occur.

Jill eyed her husband's boss nervously as she got to the edge of the bed. She had agreed to do something that she couldn't do. Every fiber in her being rebelled against giving in sexually to a man she was not married to. As she considered how to tell him she couldn't do what he wanted, the man took her hand and gently brought her towards him. He knew he was dealing with a very inexperienced woman and one who was quite innocent. He didn't want to spook her.

Borovsky's large hands gripped her tightly and she had no choice but to crawl up the bed as he pulled her. Her mind raced as she tried to think of what to do. Jill curled her long legs beneath her ass and sat facing the man near his waist. She felt completely helpless. One of his hands lightly stroked her arm and ran his fingers through her thick hair. Jill shivered in apprehension. She felt both his hands begin to wander on her body. Jill knew it was now or never. The beautiful young bride did not stop the man.

She forced herself to speak. "Will ... will you tell Tom we didn't do it?"

Bo smiled and looked into her clear blue eyes. "Didn't do what, baby?" he said feigning ignorance.

"You know," she replied.

"Tell him I didn't fuck you?" he said.

"Please," was all she replied.

In one slow movement, he pushed the shoulder straps down her arms and her firm D cup titties spilled out of the lingerie. Jill looked down at her womanly flesh in humiliation. Her rack swayed gently. Borovsky smiled knowingly.

"There ain't nothin' fake about'em," he said.

She shifted ever so slightly on the bed and came into contact with his naked hip. His flesh seemed to be on fire it was so hot!

"Oh, god," she said in surprise and watched in shame as Borovsky took her firm breasts in his hands. He began to roll Jill's rubbery nipples between his fingers. Jill's eyes closed and her mouth opened as her breathing became heavier. Her very sensitive nipples began to send electric jolts through her young body. Her hands went to cover his defensively but did not try to pull his away. She felt her pussy begin to moisten. Her nipples were so sensitive that they hardened into eraser-like stiffness immediately.

Borovsky leaned forward and took one of her large breasts into his mouth and began to suck on it. He took her hand and placed it on his cock and then began to tug on her rubbery nipple with his hand.

He swirled Jill's nipple in his wet mouth and began to suck on it hard. Feeling her responsive nipple grow in his mouth, he looked at the woman and said, "oh, you like that, don't you?"

Jill's head fell back in shame. "Uhhhhh!" she moaned involuntarily. She wrapped her delicate hand around his thick, hard tool and felt the heat and stiffness of his penis as Borovsky continued to fondle her ripe breasts. Why was she acting this way? She could not believe the feelings of betrayal that coursed through her mind and body – the betrayal that she felt because Tom had put her in this position and the betrayal that she felt her body beginning to exhibit. Bo's sucking and pulling on her nipples brought her body helpless waves of pleasure that she didn't want but didn't know how to resist. She felt her vagina moisten.

Borovsky decided not to wait any longer. Licking her breast voraciously, his hands went to her silky undergarment and tugged on the young bride's panties. He felt them inch down her rounded buttocks and smooth thighs. An electric shock jolted through Jill's spine as she felt the flimsy garment get worked down her ass and legs.

She felt his hand reach between her thighs and probe for her vaginal opening. A thick finger pushed into her pussy and was immediately drenched with her juices. Jill couldn't believe how her body was betraying her! She tried to keep control of her body but her racing mind knew that it was a losing battle.

The innocent bride squeezed her thighs together to try to limit Borovsky's finger fucking but that seemed to only intensify the heat that was rising between her legs! Jill closed her eyes and felt her pussy begin to pulsate as the man fingered her smooth cunt deeply and thoroughly. She was dripping wet, it seemed! Jill had never imagined that she could be so shamefully aroused by another man.

Borovsky spoke: "Get on your back."

Jill's mind swirled! "He's going to fuck me," she realized!

He then scooted over on the bed and turned Jill on her back. Getting up to his knees he pulled Jill's panties off her tanned legs and stared at the beautiful, nude woman laying on the bed. Her gorgeous face was framed angelically by her long, blonde hair. As he knelt over her, his massive cock stuck straight out from his body. His hands lay on her inner thighs near her knees, holding her legs opened wide. He glanced at her face again. Her eyes had a fearful look and searched his in vain for any sign of mercy from him.

He saw her look fearfully down to his massive penis which pointed menacingly at the narrow pink slit of her pussy. She felt ashamed that Borovsky now saw that she kept her pussy clean shaven for Tom's pleasure. Jill now had a look of defeat in her eyes.

Holding her thighs apart, Borovsky climbed atop the young, innocent bride and began to push the knob of his thick, red penis into her little vagina. Jill moaned in shame.


Tom watched, utterly transfixed, as his young blonde wife was violated by his boss. Bo grabbed her legs harshly and spread them wide nearly doubling Jill in two. He saw the man grip her trembling buttocks in his hands to hold her still. He heard her moan and then squeal a bit as the man began to push his rock-hard tool into her pussy.

"Please" she groaned pitifully. Tom felt his cock jerk in his hand. His young wife was begging as the man pushed her legs up against her body. She struggled to rise but to no avail. She fell to her back, her breasts jiggling sensuously. Tom was transfixed by the sight of her ankles up against his boss's shoulders. His boss appeared to be completely losing control of himself as he began to bang the innocent wife!

"You're too big!" she moaned.

"You'll loosen up," Bo replied, his face reddening as he pushed his large cock into her quaking pussy with almost a wild animals lust. "Fuck you're tight!" he said through clenched teeth.

Then, "please, use a condom!" Jill said whimpered in humiliation.

As Tom gazed at the screen, his boss's thick cock sank deeply into Jill's pussy. When he pulled the stiff manhood out of her vagina, it was shiny and covered in her juices. He heard Bo grunt as his heavy hips thrust his cock into Jill, "Hell no, I ain't using a condom. I wanna feel your wet cunt around my cock!"

Tom watched Jill struggle in discomfort beneath the man. Her face winced with discomfort and her torso was pinned to the bed but her tanned legs flailed a bit as she tried, in vain, to escape the man's stiff manhood.


Bo ground his pelvis harshly and Jill felt his cock push into her to the hilt. Utterly defenseless, the young wife spread her legs in a wide V to remove them from his shoulders. The long smooth columns shook with each deep thrust of his cock but she managed to get her calves down around his hips and into a more comfortable position even though her thighs were splayed obscenely.

Bo hovered over her, his thick cock connecting the man to the gorgeous blonde's soaked love hole.

The fucking now began to gather a rhythm that was intense and audible. With each cock stroke, Bo's fat body slapped against Jill's pussy and flat belly with a loud smack! And with each cock thrust, Jill emitted a girlish sound.

"Oh!" she cried when Bo pounded the young blonde.




Jill forced her young body to be still, knowing that she had to accept the fucking. If she wanted to get it over as soon as possible, she needed to let him have his way with her. Doing otherwise would just prolong the painful process, something he seemed to enjoy.

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