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This fabulous website known as Literotica.com offers a plethora of reading material in many different categories. Therefore, despite attempts to make the site easy to use by putting the stories into specific categories, there always seem to be some readers who manage to get lost and find themselves reading a story that they REALLY don't like. Often they decide that because the subject matter of the story is something they oppose or don't like for themselves, they will then leave trashy comments and vote low on the story. Although this is a small percentage of the people using the site, I feel that they need to be acknowledged as well.

I want to help these poor lost souls, and so I'm going to describe most of the categories on the site and what you might expect to find in the stories there.

But first, one major point which many of said readers seem to miss, all stories on this site are fictional. They are designed to be fictional. Fictional means that authors are stretching reality, bending it as such, and often put characters into extreme circumstances. Although many of us attempt to create circumstances that COULD be real, of course they will not always correspond to everyone's life. It is the reader's job to make that stretch of imagination that these circumstances could happen. It's like a movie or a play or a book... you don't just have characters living every day life. SOMETHING HAPPENS to them, some kind of incident that thrusts them into a more exciting story than what happens to an everyday person. The same holds true for erotic stories... otherwise they wouldn't be interesting.

However, if that stretch of imagination is just too much for you, the more realistic categories should be to your liking - such as Erotic Couplings or Romance. Erotic Couplings means one on one, male and female sex. The characters are usually placed in realistic settings and circumstances, except that they really want to get it on. Stories in the romance section are often even more realistic, creating viable relationships between characters that sweetly swing towards consummation.

Also often realistic are Gay Male and the Lesbian Love stories. However, if you are not interested in homosexual stories, and they do not turn you on, I suggest you stay away from them. Reading them and then leaving comments such as "This is sick, you are immoral" does absolutely nothing to the author except make them wonder what idiot would read a story that they find so disgusting. And then they continue to write. Therefore, if you have no interest in homosexual sex or it does not turn you on, stay away from all stories that are labeled "Gay Male" or "Lesbian Love".

"Toys and Masturbation" has many different tangents... some cross over into fantasy or science fiction, others stay firmly grounded in reality. However, they all have to do with masturbation or playing with toys. The majority of the stories do not involve two people, unless the two people are involved in mutual masturbation or using toys on each other.

Transexuals/Cross-dressers, Interracial Love and Loving Wives categories are all categories that hold reality for some of the population, but not for everyone. A Transexual is a person who has surgically changed their gender, either partially or all the way. A Cross-dresser is someone who has not surgically changed their gender, but only dresses as the opposite gender. If that does not sound appealing to you, stay away from those stories. Interracial Love and Loving Wives sometimes mix, many Loving Wives stories involve men who want to watch other men fuck their wives - a good number of the stories involve white men wanting to watch black men fuck their white wives. Not all of them of course, some Loving Wives stories center around wives who are just plain cheating without their husbands consent. However, if you find wives sleeping with other men - with or without their husband's consent - wrong in some way, DON'T READ THESE STORIES. You will not find a single one that you like, I promise. And no one cares if you don't like them, they just wonder - again - what idiot read an entire story that they found objectionable. The same holds true for Interracial Love. ALL of the Interracial Loves stories are stories of people of different skin color/race/ethnicity involving themselves in sexual relations. If you find this objectionable, READ A DIFFERENT CATEGORY. There are NO stories in the "Interracial Love" category that involves two people of the same race. I would go read a story in Erotic Couplings or Romance instead, although not all of those are Non-Interracial, you will find a greater majority than you would in the Interracial Love Category.

Stories found in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Category or the Non-Human category are DEFINITELY not real. You will not find situations that any person living right now could realistically be in. Again, author's often try to make them possibly realistic, but only if the reader uses their imagination.

Erotic Horror and Non-Consent almost always involve violence and abuse. Erotic Horror often involves blood, pain, and occasionally death. Non-Consent means that one of the characters does not want what is happening to them, although often writers create a story-line where eventually the girl enjoys it. I will tell you something though, Literotica usually does not accept stories where the unwilling participant is completely abused and hates it. Those stories are considered too rough for the site, therefore if the writer is going to abuse its unwilling character, we pretty much HAVE to make them enjoy it. That is why most really rough Non-Consent stories mean that the abused character is going to love it. If you think that it is sick and wrong to rape women, or that stories portraying it are awful, stick to another category. Just about every other category is going to be consensual sex.

Anal stories are about anal sex. While some readers have noted that they think it is unrealistic to portray anal sex as enjoyable, please remember that is YOUR reality. Not everyone's. I have several essays in fact, about anal sex as well as "How-To" on enjoying anal sex. If you do not enjoy anal sex and you want to read a realistic story, read one in another category. Enjoying anal sex is real for some of us, but obviously not for all... but reading the story and commenting that women don't enjoy anal sex isn't true. YOU do not enjoy anal sex. And don't assume that all anal sex stories are written by men... I have to say, I'm rather tired of getting comments on my Gay Male and Anal Sex stories about how I'm another stupid man who thinks that anal sex is great and that women love it. Because actually, I'm a rather average woman who thinks that anal sex CAN be great. And I write Gay Male stories because they're a challenge for me, and so far a lot of people have enjoyed them.

Fetish and BDSM stories are often rough and rowdy. Fetish includes spanking, golden showers, enemas, fantasies, etc. It's a broad category that covers everything the rest of the categories don't. Please, read the story descriptions carefully so that you will know whether or not it's something you might be interested in. BDSM stories mean bondage, domination, submission, punishment... again, these stories are only realistic for a percentage of the population, but I assure you that for some people these stories are the total truth. They are not meant to uphold man's power over women or woman's power over men, they just describe the specific relationship between two characters.

Obviously, I haven't touched on all the categories. But I'm hoping that I've touched on most of the ones that get the worst comments by readers who are obviously in the wrong category from what they will enjoy.

Remember, we all have a right to write, just as you have a right to your opinion. But this is a website meant for pleasure and enjoyment, no one should try to shut down someone else's fantasy just because it isn't theirs. There are so many categories and stories, why should anyone need to insult someone's writing just because they're reading the wrong story? Find the ones that are to your liking and stick with them.

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by GoneGray04/17/19

Yes, BUT

I would agree with much of what you have stated, and thank you for this helpful article. However, I also would encourage writers (that want constructive feedback) to not look at negative ratings as solelymore...

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