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June 5th

I like my job. I wouldn't say I love it. But I was getting sick of it. My boss was always ordering me around and I just can't help but complain. He would always give the shit jobs to me. While Mary was just signing three papers, Matthew was fucking writing up 4 legal agreements, making coffee, and making advertisements.

Lets just sum it up with I was sick of my job. So... What do you do when you're sick of your job? VACATION. I am going to Amsterdam tomorrow and I'm so excited. I can't wait to get high and go to the Red light district.

June 6th

I am so bored on this plane. I have a little story to tell about today. I got to the airport in NYC at 8:00am after a two hour drive. Once I got there, I go to the counter and my baggage is overweight so I'm shelling out like 50 bucks an ounce. This got me aggravated and I didn't want to take it out on the cute Indian chick behind the counter. She said Gate B 42.

I take off my shoes and take my laptop out of my bag and every other fucking thing you have to do at security. Guess what? I have been chosen to be the victim of some random strip search.

So they a guy takes me into the strip search room (I didn't know they had one until today) and takes everything off of me. Naturally, because it was cold and I was naked I got a little bit of a boner. This guy must have been some kind of homophobe because he just flipped out. He was all crazy like. He looked as fast as he could. He got to the search of the final cavity, my asshole. He put on a rubber glove and a whole bunch of KY.

He slowly slipped his fingers in and this gave me a little pleasure, even though I'm not gay. My boner began to rise a little. He screeched, pulled his hand out quickly and told me to get dressed. He stamped me as okay and yelled at me, "Leave, Leave!" I put on my clothes and left as fast as I could.

I got through security and went to gate B 42. Turned out I should have killed that Indian chick. It was gate P 42.

I ran as fast as I could toward the gate. I had almost enough time to make it. The flight left at 11 and it was 10:30. I ran because the airport was like 50 miles long. Oh my God! As I was in my frantic run my pants all the sudden fell down and I tripped. Numerous people laughed at me as they went by.

I found out that my belt had never been buckled and I almost cried. Anyway I got back up and ran the rest of the way only to hear that annoying little desk ladies voice saying, "Kch.. The flight to Amsterdam will not be leaving for another two hours because of air traffic delays."

I yelled into the air, "Fuck you bitch." I'm sure that many people were staring and the lady could hear me but whatever.

I waited out the two hours in sheer torture because I found out that my laptop screen had broken when I fell. I was not having a good day.

We finally boarded the plane. I soon realized that I had ended up in a section with a large women's group. It was business class so I had plenty of room to catch some z's. But apparently these ladies wanted to start the party early and had hired several male strippers. They had music pumped and ladies screaming the whole way there. I didn't think I would be able to sleep.

I reverted to my secondary plan. I looked around for ladies without bras with hard titties. There were many. I got a hard-on. The male stripper came up to me at this point and assumed I had a boner because of his performance, so he shook his wang in my face. I expected this to cancel out my hard-on but it made it stronger.

I walked up the aisle of awkward stares to the bathroom. I found out that that particular bathroom was for first class only. I went back to the other bathroom and had to wait in line for like 10 minutes (it seems longer when you're waiting to jack off.

I finally made it and there was no one behind me. I got in and found out the lock didn't work. I thought eh whatever. I started stroking away when the male stripper walks in to do the same thing. He says don't worry I won't look but feel free to look at me. He took the sink while I was sitting on the toilet. I wasn't gay but he invited me to watch him besides it was only this once.

Watching the melodic strokes up and down his penis made me hornier. I liked to watch as his foreskin came up over his head and covered it and then retracted and let his juicy red head pop out. I knew he said he wouldn't watch me but I'm pretty sure he was out of the corner of his eye or in the mirror. I could see myself in the mirror. I synchronized my strokes with his. As he went up and down faster so did I. As he went slower so did I.

This bizarre act came to a conclusion when we both cummed almost simultaneously. I shot all over his leg and he kind of drizzled out. He seemed not to care he wiped my cum off his leg and said, "eh.. happens to me all the time. He pulled up his g string and left.

Had I had my first gay experience? Was I now a fag? I drowned my mind with pictures of breasts and naked women as to soothe myself but this did not work. The only image I could come up with was that man shaking his dick in my face. I flushed the toilet and listened to the gurgling before going back out to my seat.

I went back to my seat and went to sleep.

June 7th (I think)

I was awoken to the stewardess shaking me and saying, "Sir, please wake up."

I responded, "Are we there yet?"

She said, "Yes of course."

I grabbed my things. I went through the airport. They had random naked male and female statues and I found myself staring at the male ones. I didn't think about it.

I got to my hotel at 6pm their time. I ate some food. It was not particularly good. I went to bed at 9pm and woke up around 7.

June 8th

I hopped out of bed and was ready for a day of relaxation. I went to one of the local cafes and ate some food. I bought a few joints and smoked them. When I was high I really wanted a good woman with a tight ass. I asked for the best ass in town.

They said to go to Butterflies and Roses. It sounded like a good place to go. I went down to the red light district and went to the Butterflies and Roses. I saw a strip show in the window and watched for a minute. I went in.

I got inside the store. I was higher than I thought. I thought I was a Butterflies and Roses but I was at some other random place. I thought I asked for an ass job but apparently when I said ass I said hand. Lots of bad crap happens when you're high.

The Chinese woman said, "Did you say penile massage?"

I could only respond with a yes because I had forgotten what I had asked for. I paid my dues and went into a room. A hot girl came out who was dressed like a bunny. She began to undress and revealed her breasts.

She ripped off my pants and boxers and began to massage my private areas. Although this did feel good, I could not think about her. All I could think about was that man on the plane. The image of his stiff nipples as he jacked off made my mind go wild.

She did an amazing job on my dick though. When she started I was semi-hard and she brought me up to full hardness just by taking off my pants. She then grabbed my average length penis by the head and stretched it as far as she could and let it rebound against my body.

She spit on my dick. She then proceeded to massage the head of it rapidly. The glistening spit that dripped off my cock only reminded me of that man on the plane and his cum drizzling out into the airplane sink.

When she finally got me to finish the fluid just drizzled out. Usually, for me, it shoots at least to the top of my stomach but it just drizzled enough to cover my dick. She gave me some tissues to clean it up and I left.

I went to bed that night very confused. I still was asking myself the question, "Was I gay?" Then I started to ask, "Was being gay so bad?" I fell asleep and slept hard.

June 9th

Today was the day. Today I was going to Butterflies and Roses. I knew that some good ass from a hot girl would convince me that I was not gay.

I walked down there with an erection making my pants into a tent. I didn't care I was going to not be gay anymore. A few people gave me some weird looks. A few guys and girls gave me a little thumbs-up or call me. I knew that sporting an erection would make me not embarrassed but more confident.

I found the store. I went in. There were quite a few people in there for this early in the day. It was only 4:00pm. It took forever. In retrospect it was only about 5 or 6 minutes but this boner made me think it took forever. The décor of the place was quite nice. All the furnishings were off-white and the floor was black. The walls were decorated with large pornographic pictures of both men and women done it black and white. These pictures seemed to float off the wall and had a glowing light behind them.

These pictures, mostly the male ones, made me even harder. My throbber was ready to beat some ass hard. I walked up to the counter and said, "I heard you have the best ass in town."

The man responded, "Of course we do sir."

I said, "How much?"

He said, "50 dollars an hour."

I said, "1 and a half hours."

He collected my money. He had to give me change. I walked into the room where I was supposed to go, and there was a bed covered in rose petals and the room had rose-themed wallpaper. This seemed relaxing enough.

I laid myself down on the bed. A woman came in and took all my clothes off. She said that the person who was going to be doing me was getting warmed up and would be here in a second. She also handed me a small bottle of KY warming.

She said, "Have fun you two."

I didn't say anything in response. I closed my eyes for a minute and tried to imagine how hot this girl was going to be. All I could see were pictures of naked men. I said what the hell and just got myself harder.

When the giver came into the room, she poured KY onto my penis and rubbed it into my belly. She gave my penis a good licking down. As soon as I felt her tight ass squeeze onto my average sized penis, I looked up.

I saw that this was no woman at all. It was a man giving me ass. Before I could say anything to stop him, sheer ecstasy reached my sexual organ, as his tight ass squeezed around my thin erect penis.

I figured what the hell, might as well get my money's worth.

This felt like jamming my thin love stick into the tightest hole possible. What sheer joy! I watched as his body moved slowly and then more rapidly up and down mine. He was sitting on top of me going up and down. As I watched his thick shaft and balls were vibrating up and down. This made it even more enjoyable.

We turned around and did it doggy style. I cannot explain the ecstasy that I got from my loose ball sack jamming against his recently shaved area. I could feel the muscles in his love hole pulsating as I went in and out. I butt fucked him as hard as I could.

I began to tire of this position so I lay down again and had him ride me. I felt my head being rotated around in the deep crevice of his butt.

The keeper knocked on the door, "5 minutes left."

I said to myself, "Only 5 minutes."

I asked the man if I was allowed to cum in his ass. He said of course. I pulled out for a second to put a little more lube on.

I began to move my hips as rapidly as they could and with much force. My heart beat started to pick up. I started to breathe in deep shallow breaths and... A scream of pleasure was let out.

I could feel my fluids rushing up his ass and pouring back down onto my balls. He pulled his ass off of me and handed me a towel of the finest linen to clean up with.

I redressed myself from the pile of clothes on the floor and gave him a big tip. I knew now fully my true calling. I was gay. This was such a liberating feeling that I strolled through the streets with sheer bliss and failed to notice that my zipper was not zipped until some lady was bold enough to tell me.

I went to my hotel that night and knew what I wanted to do tomorrow. But tomorrow is another day.

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