tagIncest/TabooVacation For Mom

Vacation For Mom


Mom had finally arrived. Seeing her departing the plane in this desolate South American airport brought back a familiar stirring. When my work brought me here years ago, I began formulating plans to get my mother here on a vacation. Making our way through the crowds and arriving at my pickup truck, I realized how lucky I was that she decided to make the trip.

As we drove along the dust filled roads taking the long route heading toward my apartment, I glanced at my mother who was busy checking out the sights. As I hit each hole in the road, mom's skirt would climb up her legs just a little bit more. With the sun shining as bright as it was, her legs were gleaming as I could see up to her stocking tops. With her concentrating on the surroundings, I focused on mom's ample chest and could see she was still well developed. For a sixty year old woman, I was amazed how well preserved my mother kept herself. As with her legs parting each time we went over a bump in the road, I could see by the jiggle of her breasts that she was wearing a bra under her white blouse.

Arriving at my apartment, I walked to her side of the pickup holding the door open for her where I had the perfect view of watching her skirt slide up her thighs to just below her panties as she started to exit the truck. Momentarily, her skirt caught on the seat latch resulting in her skirt up around her hips offering me an unobstructed view of her legs, thighs, and panties. As she was hanging on the edge of the seat her feet not yet touching the pavement, I reached out to help loosen her skirt. As I was pulling her skirt hem from the handle, I could feel the back of my hand rubbing against mom's leg just below her stocking top.

As she struggled to keep from falling and ripping the skirt, she had to lift her legs forcing her thighs harder against my hand. In order to get a free feel, I took hold mom's upper thigh and pulled her leg toward me and up which not only loosened the skirt material, but also let me see the triangle of panties between her parted thighs. Now on the ground and somewhat embarrassed, my mom gathered her belongings and we went into my apartment not saying a word.

As I showed my mother around the apartment, I got to check her body out without her knowing. She was wearing light brown high heels, a tight tan skirt with the hem several inches above her knees as she stood, of course by looking at her legs you could tell she was wearing nylon colored stockings and a short sleeved button down white blouse that accentuated her breasts. Done with the tour of my modest apartment, she proceeded to sit on the couch. With those less than sturdy cushions, as mom sat down she fell backwards causing her legs to open giving me a brief peek under her skirt. Finally catching her weight and moving herself forward with her knees still apart, she caught me looking. Her response was – "Son"! I didn't know what to say.

I could feel my face turn red. As she pressed her legs together and angled her body away from me, she looked at me and said, "I'm your mother. You shouldn't be looking there." Not knowing why I did it, I stood up in front of her and asked her what she wanted to drink. As I was standing there, I could feel my cock hardening as I stood looking down at her nylon covered thighs. She said a coke would be fine. Thinking now is as good as time as any, I added the special stimulant powder to mom's drink just to see what would happen. When I bought the powder from the jungle tribesman, I was assured that the person taking it would be easily stimulated and unknowingly controlled through suggestions.

Going back into the living room, I saw my mother had her head laying on the back of the couch with her eyes closed. Without saying a word, I sat on the chair across from her. With her head laid back, it forced her breasts slightly forward. Letting my gaze move down mom's body, I noticed her legs had come apart slightly. I could see up under her skirt now stretched across her upper thighs. Looking up her skirt, I could see her thighs above the stocking tops and the triangle of white panties between her legs. Seconds later, mom stirred and woke up from her very short nap. Without even knowing it, she had closed her legs none the wiser.

We sat there talking for an hour. As we were talking and my mother becoming more relaxed, I let my eyes wander over her body. The longer we sat talking, the more her skirt crawled up her legs. Biding my time so the potion would take effect, I carried on the conversation as long as I could. I could see Mom was getting restless so I got up and told her I wanted to take some photos while she was visiting me. Mom being a little shy, she wasn't any wiser. Finishing her drink, I gave her another one. The first photo I took, she was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed forcing her skirt to mid thigh. The second shot was of her sitting on the couch, but I snapped the picture just as she had uncrossed her legs.

This photo caught her with legs apart and you could actually see white panties under her skirt between her spread legs. Seeing she was really feeling the effects of the potion, I decided to see how far I could go, "Mom, would you take off your blouse for one picture. You still have your bra on. It would be like wearing a swim top?" "Honey, don't be silly I'm your mother" she quickly answered. " I know. I think you look great. Just one picture," I said hoping the potion was doing its work. " I shouldn't, but I'll let you take one picture," she reluctantly responded.

As mom unbuttoned her blouse and took it off, I couldn't believe she was sitting in front of me in her bra. Her bra covered most of her breasts but still exposed an ample amount of cleavage. Even though the bra was not sheer, I could still make out her hardening nipples under the material. Taking the blouse from her, I walked across to the other side of the living room laying it on a chair hoping she wouldn't be in a hurry to get it.

*Mom, go ahead and sit back," speaking as I came back to her. As she sat back against the couch cushions, her breasts became more prominent. Her skirt also crept up her legs. Taking a picture from directly in front of her and her thinking I was done, she began to get up. "Wait a minute. Let me take one from here," talking to her as I move to her side. Having my mother sitting back and stretching her arms up resting on the back of the couch, her breasts pushed forward and upwards. I could feel my cock stirring at the thought of getting my mother to pose for me. Promising my mother I wouldn't bug her anymore during her visit with me, I talked her into a few more minutes of posing.

"Now a picture of you without your skirt on? I requested not knowing the response. Trying to talk her into posing without her skirt, I mentioned it would be no different than a Sears catalog or watching television. "But I'm still your mother and I am not on TV. You shouldn't want photos of me dressed like that," she said with a look of embarrassment.

With constant prompting and work of the potion, mom stood up and unzipped the back of her skirt. She reluctantly lowered the skirt off her hips, past her stocking tops, down her legs and finally over her high heels. Approaching mom and taking the skirt from her, I tossed it on the chair with her blouse. As I grabbed my camera, mom was about to sit down when I stopped her. As I watched my mom walk over to the spot I selected wearing only bra, panties, nylons, and high heels, I knew I would have to have a piece of that someday. As I was getting ready to snap some pictures, I came to the realization my mother was actually posing for me in her lingerie.

Taking several pictures of her turning, stretching, and hands on hips, I could feel my cock growing. My next thought was how I going to get mom out of her bra. "These are great pictures. I bet you could have been a model" hoping to peak her interest. Thinking it was time to find out if the potion works like I was told, I blurted out "Any chance of you posing in just your stockings and high heels for me?" At this point, mom just stared at me in bewilderment not believing what she heard. Wanting to know if I was serious, I again kept pleading with her until I could see she was reluctantly agreeing. Seeing a confusing look on her face, mom reached behind her unsnapping her bra and letting it fall to the floor.

I was looking at my mother's tits up close and in person for the first time I can remember. Now hooking her fingers in the waistband of her panties and bending over, she slid them down her hips and let them fall to the floor. Reaching down I gathered both her bra and panties tossing them across the room to join the rest of her clothes. Standing in only her beige nylon stockings and high heels, I was now looking at my mother in a whole new light. Pointing the camera, I had mom bend over for one of the photos and in that photo her breasts were hanging away from her body.

As she was still bent over, I went behind her and took photos of her ass sticking out with her legs spread. Moving back in front of her, she looked into my eyes. My mother was looking back with tears in her eyes. With a forceful voice "Mom, go ahead and get on your knees." With a slight hesitation, mom slowly got down on her knees. As she was kneeling in front of me, I moved closer to her until I was only a foot from her. From different angles, I took pictures of mom on her knees. Stepping back a few feet I also knelt so I could take more pictures.

I had mom lower herself so she was still kneeling but sitting on the backs of her legs. Sitting this way, her knees were forced to spread open. Getting ready to take more pictures, I could see the way mom was sitting on her heels forced her vagina to push forward and down thus revealing the protruding lips of her cunt. Mom was exposing herself to me without even knowing it. I quickly took pictures of her like that. As she attempted to get up she lost her balance and for a brief moment, mom was on her back with her legs spread wide open with me staring at her gaping pussy. Looking up at me, she got to her knees and was about to stand up until I put my hands on her shoulders and forced her to remain on her knees.

Reaching for my belt and undoing it, I next slid down the zipper on my jeans followed by pushing my jeans down my hips till they were bunched up at my feet. As I lifted my feet, Mom pulled them off and laid them to the side. Looking down at my mother staring up at me, she knew what I wanted. I could feel my mother's fingers touch my skin as she took hold of the waistband of my briefs slowly pulling them down freeing my lengthening tool. After tossing my briefs on the floor, mom turned and was now looking at my hardened cock and hanging testicles only inches from her face. As I looked down at my mom, I could see her breasts hanging there tipped with nipples hard as pencil erasers and her legs encased in stockings. Between her legs, I could see the light brown bush covering the pussy I was going to eat before the night was over.

Tilting her head back while staring into my eyes, mom slowly opened her mouth. Putting my hands on her shoulders, I moved my hips forward and very slowly touched the head of my cock to the opening of her lipstick covered mouth. Seeing her not move, I slowly eased my 10" cock into her warm mouth until my knob was past her lips. I just stood there like that for a few seconds. I couldn't believe my mother was about to give me a blowjob.

As my mom continued to look into my eyes, I slowly eased the shaft of my cock further into her mouth. I now had 10" of thick hard cock in my mom's mouth. As I started to actually fuck my mom's mouth, I could feel the head of my cock going into the opening of her throat. Because my mom wasn't used to giving blowjobs, she was still a little tense and I could feel her teeth scrap my shaft every so often. As I fucked her mouth a little faster, she reached up and held onto my naked hips. I could feel my cock starting to swell and knew it wouldn't be long before I would be shooting my load in mom's mouth. As she wasn't aware of what was going to happen, I didn't let on.

Gently placing my hands on the top of mom's head, I shot my first load of cum into mom's mouth. Unaware I had just cum, I shot another load into her mouth when she opened her eyes wide and now realized what I was doing. Tightening my hold on her head, I eased deeper into her mouth so the head of my cock was in her throat where I continued to deposit creamy cum. Gasping for breath, mom swallowed out of necessity than realized she had swallowed the warm semen I was emptying into her mouth. Another load followed, and another.

My mom was now to busy swallowing cum to do anything else. As my cock softened and slipped out of her mouth, I could see deposits of thick cum on her tits and her nylon covered legs that reminded me I still had some good eating to do between my mom's thighs. Picking my mother up and carrying her into the bedroom, I could see she was exhausted from the trip and photo shoot so I tucked her into bed for a good night sleep.

To be continued?

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