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Vacation Sex


We had planned this vacation months in advance. By the time it came near I was counting down the days. Each morning I would tell my wife how many days were left until we were lying in our bathing suits on the sand. Listening to the waves lapping against the shore. Sipping those fruity, tasty vacation drinks. Taking in the sights of those twenty and thirty something's in their skimpy swimsuits. Perhaps topless even. I did have a weakness for looking. Though I would never stray. My wife was all to me. She still looked quite good in her mid forties. All I ever needed or wanted.

But I did so enjoy the looking. Doing so only made me hotter for our time alone. Vacation sex was the best. Away from the daily pressures of every day life. Instead of once or twice a week, we would be enjoying each other's fancies that week until we were raw. Even then, that would only slow us down a little. By the time we flew home I knew sitting in that airplane for five hours would be a tough ride.

We were down to three weeks away and I was busy making excursion plans. (After all I figured at our age we couldn't spend the entire week in bed, as we had on our honeymoon.) Each night I would tell her what new idea I had come up with. Then with just two weeks to go, she tweaked her shoulder while working out. The pain was slight but it wouldn't seem to go away. I told her to book herself a massage and see if a professional could rub the stiffness out for good.

She finally agreed and called to book one. I heard her stutter and hesitate on the phone some. She then asked if there were a woman that could give her the massage. Her face lightened and her smile returned as she confirmed the time for that afternoon. After she hung up I teased her a little about not wanting a man to rub it out for her.

She teased right back saying that if she had let that happen he might be rubbing more then just the knot out of her shoulder. Now it was my turn to feel uncomfortable with the situation. I quickly replied that the female was the best solution, and that thinking of another woman rubbing her naked torso left me feeling a little stiff myself.

So much so that while she was off having a professional rub the knot out of her shoulder, I found myself in the shower rubbing my own stiffness away quite vigorously.

That done, in record time I might add left me time to relax and pursue further activities for our vacation.

When I opened the page on our resorts health spa I found that one of the options was for a "Couples Massage on the Beach." My mind instantly went right back to her being naked and rubbed by a young cute native girl. All the while with me on the cot right next to her having the same done to me. There was a list of masseuse technicians, I requested Maria for my wife and Consuela for myself. How could I go wrong with those choices? As quick as it took for my cock to get back to full mast, we were signed up for a Tuesday evening couples massage at sunset on the sand. His and Her couple massages. I couldn't wait to tell her about it.

She returned home in a state of bliss. The knot was pretty much a thing of the past. She seemed much more relaxed and ready for all our vacation fun. I did tell her I booked her another massage, but I left out the couple part to surprise her on our second night there in paradise. I did tease her some about how it felt to have a lady rub her all over with warm oil. We ended up having a nice long fuck before calling it a night. This only enhanced my thoughts and plans for her Caribbean massage in the near future.

Well the date of departure finally arrived. As usual my week leading up to that date was extra hectic. Running my own business as I did made it hard to get away for a full week at a time. When I did manage there was much preparation that preceding week. Needless to say the extra long hours had left me tired. The result was getting home late all week and our time together was left to cuddling before bed. Friday afternoon I closed up shop and headed home to get ready to depart for the airport.

On the drive home my mind raced as my thoughts of that beloved vacation sex filled my thoughts and also my boxers. Although the drive home was a short one, I was hard and ready to get my time off started. Racing in hoping to find the wife and get things off to a good start. Alas her last couple days were hectic as well as she was left to do all the packing and all the last minute chores of getting the house ready for our departure. All I found were the packed suitcases and a note. "Forgot the sunscreen, had to rush to the store for that and some magazines. Be home soon. Love you. XXX"

I looked down at the tent in my pants. Should I hit the shower or just make the wait a bit longer. Deciding the latter would just make me want her more I took the suitcases out to the car. We didn't have to leave for another hour so I figured she would be home soon enough to get in a quickie. Ten minutes later she rushed in, asking if I was ready to go, as we needed to drop off the keys to the house sitter and grab some quick dinner. She explained she didn't want to settle for airport food and wanted a decent meal before our red eye flight.

So off we went. Her in her rush, me in my semi hard state thinking that shower would have been a good idea. But my time was close at hand. I laughed to myself. Not at "my hands" this week. Thoughts of joining the mile high club flittered though my brain as we did our chores, ate our dinner and headed to the airport. Just before our boarding began she ran off to the bathroom. I again began to devise ways to get our week (and myself) off to a good start.

She returned and handed me a bottle just as we were called to board the plane. "Put these back in my purse while I get my carryon please." Looking down I sighed as I read the sleeping pill label on the bottle.

"Sleeping pills?" I inquired.

"You know I hate red eye flights and can never get to sleep on my own. You want me relaxed and good to go tomorrow on the beach don't you?" And with that we boarded and were off. I had a couple beers to help me relax. Resigning myself to one more night without before the onslaught began.

From there things went smoothly. We landed. Shuttled to the hotel. Checked in, and up to our room. It was everything the brochure had stated and more. Huge Jacuzzi bath, two could fit with room to spare. Three even I smiled to myself. As if that would ever happen. Having taken the red eye we had arrived on the island at 9:00 AM. After checking in we were in the room at just past 10:30. Naked by 10:45 and in each others arms for a long slow session of sex. Having been backed up and deprived for the past week of any amorous activity that long slow session lasted about 10 minutes.

"Don't worry about it." She giggled. "We have all week long. But the next time you had better last longer or I may need to go find the cabana boy." She teased. Slipping on her bikini and a shear cover we headed off to explore the resort and check out the beach. After strolling the entire grounds and looking around a bit we decided to stop at one of the many bars and have a libation before heading over to the sand to sunbathe.

We asked the young handsome bartender to recommend a local drink for us to try. He returned with two Mojitos. A rum, lime and sugarcane mixture with a touch of mint. They were very refreshing and easy to drink. We took them down to the sand and sipped them as we lay in the sun the rest of the day. About 4:00 PM she got hungry and thought we should head up to change for dinner.

As two young, very scantily clad ladies in their early twenties strolled by rather closely I commented, "I am getting mighty hungry myself, and you have just the meal I crave." I smiled and helped her pack up the beach bag and headed upstairs. She jumped in the shower; I joined her in there and was soon enjoying that meal between her legs. I licked, nibbled and sucked her to two orgasms as the water cascaded down onto us.

"Lets get out and see if I can find myself a good meal." She said taking hold of my hardened cock and pulling me up into a passionate kiss as she turned the water off with her other hand. We got out dried off, and found our way to the bed. "OH SHIT!!" She exclaimed. "I stopped and phoned in dinner reservations for the steak house for 5:30." The clock next to the bed read 5:18. We quickly threw on our clothes, no easy task for me in my present condition. We were out the door and across the complex for a nice long meal.

Two bottles of wine latter and after a long stroll on the beach we were exhausted from traveling and the long day. Up in the room she kissed me softly and asked if she could make it up to me tomorrow as she was spent. Still half hard as I had been all evening I too was beyond tired and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

Now I am used to being up early. Even on vacation a good day of sleeping in is until 7:00 AM. I awoke with more morning wood then I knew what to do with. I crawled between her legs and again began to kiss and nibble my way up to paradise in paradise. She spread her legs and enjoyed every nibble and kiss as I licked and played there for a good 40 minutes.

Upon her second shuddering climax she whimpered, "I need you inside me. NOW!"

She didn't need to ask twice. I was inside and pumping away hard and fast. Too hard and too fast. Again I came like a schoolboy in less then 2 minutes. Having been satisfied by my tongue she wasn't too perturbed. Though she did tease me again about looking up that "cabana boy". I laughed and told her she might indeed have to if I kept performing as I had so far this week.

We dressed and headed off to our zip-lining adventure. The scenery was magnificent. The weather was beautiful. The excursion was all we had hoped for. They offered rum punch drinks that kept everyone in high spirits. The day went by fast. Scheduled to be back at the hotel by 2:30 we ran a little late. Our couple's massage was scheduled for 5:30 as the sun was due to descend at 7:00 that evening. We had a quick bite in the restaurant and headed back to our room. Some heavy petting left us naked once more and ready to go further. She kneeled and took my cock in her mouth. Her warm lips bringing me close to again shooting off like an adolescent. I quickly pulled her to her feet and bent her over the table.

She cooed as she looked back over her shoulder. "Going to give me the fucking I deserve this time big boy?" A mocking tone in her voice. Perhaps it was the one to many rum punches, or the two mojitas with our quick meal. She was right in her tone though Had I slid into her after her lips had brought me so close I would again be shooting off inside her like a pop gun.

Instead I gave her beautiful ass a sharp SLAP! And then slid three fingers into her sopping wetness. I hadn't realized she was as horny as she was as they easily went inside her deep and fast. She pressed her body back and into my hand. Humping my fingers like she was in heat. "I need your cock, I need your fat cock." She moaned as she fucked my digits. Before long she was crying out in orgasm as her pussy squeezed my hand inside her. "Fuck me now! Please just fuck me now!" She whimpered. My cock throbbed as I pulled my hand out and lined up behind her.

"RINGGGGGGGGG" The phone bellowed. I pushed in. "RINGGGGGGGGG" again it called as I pushed in to the max. She giggled and reached to the phone next to her. Her other hand reaching behind me, her fingernails digging into the flesh of my ass as she pulled me deeper inside of her. "Yessss" she stammered into the phone as I hammered into her. "We... we will be there shortly." " Ohhhhhh Honey please stop."

I continued my assault inside her. I was up and ready this time. No premature shots. I was going to fuck her like she needed to be fucked. "Really STOP!" She shouted. I looked to her. "We are late, the spa just called down. I can't show up there with your cum dripping from me." She blushed. I reluctantly pulled out of her.

My week of vacation sex was so far not living up to its expectations. Alas it was only Tuesday. We were off to our couples massage. Her still tipsy, once again sexually satisfied, and me barley able to fit in my shorts as I only had time to wipe myself clean before rushing down to the spa.

The thought of the two young ladies rubbing our naked bodies in the sun and sand just off the water did little to lessen the tightness in my pants as we walked in. We were greeted with another round of mojitas, and a set of bath robes and led off to separate dressing rooms. Just what we needed I thought to myself. It will loosen her up a bit more, for who knows what, my mind wandered.

I thought it best to leave my boxers on under the circumstances. I am not huge, average size would best describe my endowment. Still large enough to be seen under the robe so I kept my hands in the pocket and held it out a little so as my arousal would not be evident as I walked out to the private cabana. My wife was already there and waiting as the escort asked us to lay face down and the techs would be in shortly. To my utter surprise my wife removed her robe and had nothing on. They had told us to strip down to the level we were comfortable with. I truly thought she would leave on her panties, if not her bra as well.

Still in a somewhat state of shock a call came from outside. "Excuse me?" The attendant called out.

My wife was already on her cot face down with a sheet covering from her waist down. I still in my robe answered. "Yes?" She poked her head in and smiled as I held the robe again out from my now straining erection.

She opened the curtain sticking her head in. "I am afraid that Maria has become ill. She will not be able to attend to your wife this evening. If it is ok, with you Senior our newest and youngest massage therapist is available and ready to fill in. Very eager and trained in all the latest techniques. Just out of training school. Yes?"

Thoughts of an 18-year-old nubile princess rubbing warm lotion over my wife's body had my member throbbing and aching. "YES of course!!" I answered too fast and too sure. "Um. That would be fine by us." I responded in a more relaxed tone.

"Very good Senior" and she was off. Wifey looked back at me and giggled as she shook her head.

"Put your eyes, and your penis, back in their sockets and get yourself ready or you will be the one turning red." In her tipsy state she was much more relaxed and playful then normal. I discarded the robe, opting to leave the boxers on in my condition. Again she laughed.

"You know... just because she is young, doesn't mean she is gorgeous. We might just have two hags come in to do this job."

And just as here words met my ears the flap opened and in walked Consuela. Not what I had expected. Not ugly, mid thirties a little muscular for my taste. Not unpleasant. I had hoped for more but my true desire was to watch my wife get rubbed down.

Consuela began on my neck and shoulders as I strained to look towards the flap to see wifey's prize. A moment later in walked.........Estaban!!! Wait this wasn't the plan. He was young all right. 22 to be exact. With muscles upon muscles to boot. Her face lit up as her eyes looked up and down his fit frame. Just then Consuela turned my neck so I could not see their side of the tent.

"I am, my name Estaban" I heard him proclaim in broken English. "I will be rubbing on you tonight. Please you to tell me harder or more soft? And where to rub you best, yes?" I shuddered at his words.

"Yes" she replied happily. "I do need to be rubbed best tonight" she giggled.

Now I prefer deep tissue massages myself and Consuela was doing a fine job of grinding into my stiff muscles. Probing and kneading every little knot in my back and shoulders. Doing a good job on her own, but asking too often if she was to my liking. I just wanted her silent so I could hear and see what was going on just a couple feet to my left. I told her she was doing great and I just wanted to quietly relax and enjoy the moment.

"I am to start on your back and work my way around if it is good." Said Estaban as his muscular hands worked over her tender naked skin.

"OHH yes all around is very good Estaban." She cooed. "He is very good for a cabana boy." She whispered to me giggling and teasing me. This only made my subdued member again begin to stir. "And could you rub a little more here please?" She leaned up and pointed to the place her shoulder had stiffened just last week. In doing so she lifted herself up some and flashed both of us her right breast. I couldn't help notice her nipple was hard and I do believe that Estaben didn't fail to take notice of the same.

"Yes Miss, I think I can rub out all that hardness for you tonight. Estaban will make for you to be very relaxed and contented."

"Mmmmmm" she purred, I do like to be content. I have not as yet been well attended to this week at all." She giggled as she again poked fun at me.

"I am very sorry Miss, I will try and attend to every of your desires if I can be allowed."

This was almost too much. It was beginning to sound like the soundtrack from a cheap porno movie. It was having that very effect on me though as I was now fearful that Consuela might ask me to turn over my excitement to be discovered.

She did rotate my head back so I had a clear view of the next bed. Estaban was now rubbing from the tight spot at her shoulder blade out wards and down her sides. Too far down in my opinion. His hands would stop just short of sliding under her torso and cupping her breasts. As it was he was getting a pretty good feel of side boob with each pass. When she exclaimed, "Could you please go a little slower and a little deeper Estaban?" I almost soiled the sheets.

"Of course Miss I will go more around and more strongly for you." His reply was followed by his strong hands almost lifting her and sliding over her tits.

"OHHH!!!" she exclaimed as she wiggled under his touch. "Ummm Estaban sorry I only meant if you could rub deeper into the stiff area on my back." She was a bright shade of red.

"Please Miss I am very so sorry, my English is not its best. Please to pardon me?"

He apologized but his hands removed themselves from her breasts ever sooooo slowly as he did so.

Still blushing profusely and breathing a little heavy she tried to calm him. "Its OK, no harm done, it was an accident and well..... It wasn't a bad accident." She giggled again.

Consuela spoke to him rather firmly and loud in Spanish. I just tried to relax from my state of excitement. Seeing my wife get felt up right in front of me had made my dick even harder then it was before. I could feel it leaking onto the bed and now I was more embarrassed then mad. Estaban went back to working solely on her back and Consuela asked if I were ready to turn over?

I stammered something about the long plane ride wrecking havoc on my back and that if she could just stay in that area I would be more then happy. I got the feeling she knew my troubles but was being very professional in her manner and agreed to keep working with me face down. My back was starting to feel great but my cock was boring a hole through the cot and I could feel the definite wetness pooling from the tip of my dick.

I noticed that Estaban was going lower and lower towards the small of my wife's back. Pushing the towel down so a coin slot appeared at the top. "Is good this I rub Miss?" He asked.

"MMM yes" she purred, relaxing again. Then to my utter surprise "Please go further down, do my buttocks." I was in SHOCK! This was WAY not like her. Estaban did not hesitate as his hands slipped under the towel and I could see him massage the orbs of her bottom. As far as I could tell he was only rubbing her cheeks.

"This is good pressure or should I rub deeper Miss?" Estaban inquired.

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