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Valentine's Day


Lexxie ran his fingers back through his red hair, still slightly damp from the hot shower he just stepped out of. "Uhh, Jack, you're not going to tell me where we're going?" He begged as he stepped back into their room, scrounging around in his drawer for some nice going-out clothes.

Jack pointedly avoided staring at his boyfriend's nakedness and shook his head. "Not telling." A multitude of rustles told him Lexxie was dressed and that it was safe for him to look. Safe in the sense that... he wouldn't be tempted to jump him and therefore be late for the reservations.

"Of course," he mused, tugging Lexxie's collar straight, "I could be bringing you to a derelict building somewhere in the wilderness. Once we reach there, I could tie you up and have my wicked way with you."

The shorter boy tolerated Jack's straightening of his collar, mind wandering at the thought of Jack and him out in a cabin in the middle of no-where.

"That'd be perfect, Jack," he confided to his partner, although secretly he planned on groping his boyfriend, no matter where they were going. Whether they were in a queue or just waiting for some old man to sort their papers out, he was going to grope Jack ^_^.

"I'm ready, and you..." he placed his palm upon Jack's chest, leaning up close to breathe into his ear, "look positively lickable." Before he spun away, yanking open the door. "Let's go!"

Jack cleared his throat, stood up from the bed and followed Lexxie out. "You don't even know where we're going," he reminded.

Lexxie paused in mid-bounce. "I thought we were going to an old abandoned building to have sex."

"No, we're not." Jack sometimes wondered how Lexxie could be quite so... innocent. "We're going for dinner."

A crestfallen look fell over Lexxie's features as he heard this, followed by a quiet "Oh.." But then, dinner could lead to sex afterwards. Or maybe they were going to a restaurant with extra large toilet cubicles and Jack was going to pin him against a wall and strip him slowly in there.

"Dinner's fine then." He reached out for Jack's hand, fingers intertwining. "Lead the way."

Jack peered down at Lexxie, squeezing his hand gently. "Don't look so sad... I'm not going to allow anything sexual till after midnight. But you're not going to want any either."

"How's that possible?" griped Lexxie, who let go of Jack's hand to wrap that arm around the taller boy's waist. Jack smiled and slipped an arm round Lexxie's shoulders.

"You'll see."


They reached the restaurant within fifteen minutes, even though they had walked a good way there, wind biting at their noses and ears. Jack gave his name to the lady at the entrance, who smiled at Lexxie ["Isn't he cute?"] and led them to a nice small table at the far end of the restaurant. There was a single long-stemmed red rose on one plate, and a little blue candle in the middle of the table.

Lexxie was still perplexed about not wanting any sex from Jack before midnight. But all thoughts fled when he set eyes upon the rose.

"Ohh. Mine?" Lexxie lifted the rose to inhale its scent, a smile given to Jack. "Arigato.. It's beautiful." A look at the table, that candle spied, and Lexxie gave Jack a whimsical grin. "You're trying to romance me, Jack."

"Of course. It's the only way to keep your mind off sex." Jack held the chair away from the table. "Your seat, love."

Lexxie's smile widened absently and he looked around. "No menu?"

"Nope." Jack sat down opposite Lexxie and waved for the waitress. "Everything's been pre-ordered."

Lexxie settled into his seat, the rose idly twirled between his fingers, admired and adored. "Jack, I haven't told you enough how perfect you are to me, hai?"

"Sure you have." The candlelight reflected gently off round metal frames, giving Jack a warm glow. "Lots of times. But I like hearing it." He leaned across the table to give Lexxie a slow kiss. "And you're perfect to me, too."

Lexxie melted beneath the kiss, rational thought completely abandoning him. It was only when the waiter cleared his throat, wanting to slide their plates onto the table, that reality slowly dawned on Lexxie, and he reluctantly broke the kiss.

Jack calmly smiled at the waiter, who looked like he was quite used to such scenes. "Thank you," he said placidly, and turned to Lexxie. "Hope you liked what I took the liberties of ordering."

"You know, whatever happens, you'll always be my favorite person," he admitted to Jack, before he began eating his dinner, the fried chicken savoured and enjoyed. "You always know how to best please me."

Jack smiled slightly and began eating his own dinner. If Lexxie thought he was in heaven now...

Later, as they finished dessert, Jack murmured, "There's still a whole itinerary left to complete, you know..."

Lexxie blinked up from his pudding. "Really?"


Jack had paid for the meal beforehand, so they just left a tip for their waiter and walked out of the restaurant, the rose still dangling from Lexxie's free hand. The other one was tangled in Jack's.

"Your ride awaits," Jack said with a flourish, as he led Lexxie up to a sleek silver convertible and pulled something out of his pocket. He pressed a button on the keyring and the car beeped accordingly as the doors unlocked.

Jack opened the passenger door for Lexxie, the acrobatic man sliding into the smooth leather seat. Lexxie watched his boyfriend move with fluid grace around the front of the car, before he hopped in the drivers side. "Oh, Jack, you're spoiling me."

Jack gave Lexxie one of his rare grins, one that actually showed teeth, and started the engine. The purring was soon drowned out as Jack flicked on the radio and the intro of Lexxie's favourite song came floating out of the speakers.

"Who else if not me?" he asked rhetorically, and lowered the roof. Crisp night air streamed past them as they zipped through the streets and Jack glanced at Lexxie out of the corner of his eye. The smaller boy had his head leaned back and his eyes closed, hair being whipped all over by the wind.

Jack suddenly realised why Valentine's Day was such a crucial setting in those romantic films.

Surrounded by the smooth sounds of his all-time favourite song (a terribly sappy song only Jack knew he adored) and the fresh feeling of the wind running through his hair, with his lover beside him, he couldn't think of anywhere else he'd rather be. His hand mindlessly reached out for Jack, palm resting upon his partner's thigh, a gentle loving squeeze given.

Jack smiled, turned into a smaller avenue and paused to pay for something at a little booth. Parking in a designated spot, he turned off the engine, left the radio on and brought Lexxie's hand up to his lips.

"Five minutes till the next show," a chirpy voice in a speaker next to Jack's head informed. "Do you want any snacks?"

"Popcorn?" Jack asked. Lexxie nodded dreamily, still not really comprehending. Jack placed the orders, and turned off the speaker.

Absently Lexxie traced his index finger over Jack's lower lip, savouring the feel of the soft flesh. "What movie are we watching?" Although he wasn't really interested in the movie, not when his partner was tempting him without trying..

"I'm not sure what it's called. But it's really quite good. Eight love stories tied into one movie, I read." Jack licked at Lexxie's finger, ignoring his groan about 'yet another sappy show'. A girl with sparkly pink hair came by on roller skates to deliver their popcorn and soda, which Jack accepted with a tip and a smile that made the girl wobble off on legs that seemed suddenly unable to carry her.

"You're doing it again."

"What am I doing?" Jack pushed a piece of buttery popcorn past Lexxie's pout. "Pray tell."

"You're flirting. You just flirted with the girl."

Jack stuck popcorn into his own mouth, chuckling. "I only flirt with you. I was being friendly... I can't help it if I'm so dazzlingly gorgeous, now, can I?"

"I guess not," Lexxie grumbled out as he reached over to steal a couple more pieces of popcorn. "I can only hope our children are as good looking as you."

Lexxie purposefully waited for Jack to take a sip of his soda, before he pilfered said soda from Jack. "Thank you!"

A raised eyebrow and a slight tickle-fight later, the screen lit up and advertisements began playing. Jack got out of the car, opened Lexxie's door and waved towards the bonnet. "Best seats in the house, my dear," he said, and Lexxie giggled. They leaned back against the windshield, Lexxie half-leaning on Jack's side, and the movie began.

Not surprisingly, Jack was sniffling as the end credits rolled. Lexxie rolled his eyes and patted his boyfriend on the back. Jack's smile was watery and red-eyed, and they sat there in the glow of the moon and the camera crew members' names for quite a long while.

All of a sudden, Lexxie asked, "Jack, is it midnight yet?"

Aw yes, watching sappy movies with his partner was worth it. Just to see Jack like this, terribly mushy and cute. It was almost as good as watching him during sex. Speaking of... He half-crawled over Jack's sprawled body to try and reach his lover's watch. "Want.. midnight.."

Jack sniffed loudly, one last time, and blinked at his watch. "It's not even eleven yet."

Lexxie pouted.

"Oh, come on, the night's still young." They got back into the car. Halfway down the expressway, Lexxie asked where they were going. Jack simply smiled and remembered Lexxie's mother's expression when he had stopped by after school that day and asked her for permission to carry out tonight's plans.

That smile... Gaw how gorgeous. Lexxie nestled closer to Jack, head resting upon his partner's shoulder, a hand innocently wandering over Jack's thigh, slinking between his lover's legs. "Nn, Jack, please let me touch.."

"No." The reply... no, the order... was soft but firm, and Lexxie withdrew his hand. "Just sit back and relax... we'll be there in about twenty minutes or so. Traffic's not too bad at this kind of time."

When he finally pulled into the allocated parking lot, Lexxie was fast asleep. Jack poked at his shoulder.

"Hnnnh... five more minutes..."

"We're here, princess."

Lexxie opened one eye and blinked at Jack, resulting in a very strange spectacle of someone looking like they were trying to wink but had a bad twitch in the open eye.

"Here where?" Lexxie answered his own question by looking around and all but jumping right out of the car. "Hotel Onsen! But... rooms are impossible to book, especially on Valentine's Day..."

Jack grinned again. "I'm Jack Dawson," he reminded Lexxie slyly, and took him by the hand to lead him to their room. The honeymoon suite, as it happened. He was lucky nobody had booked it before he had.

"You're.." Yes, amazing, fantastic, the words couldn't come close to what Jack was to him. Lexxie squeezed Jack's clutched hand, practically skipping along behind him as he took him to their room. As they entered, Lexxie's breath was taken away. "Ohh..." The bed. The fridge. The ensuite. So many possibilities.

"The pool." Jack leaned against the doorframe, watching his boyfriend spin slowly in a circle, taking everything in. "First we go for a soak. Then a bath. By then... it should be midnight."

"Unn.." Lexxie could only gurgle out the small sound, rendered speechless. So instead, he nodded, entrusting Jack to lead the way.

The pool was warm but not too hot, just the way Jack liked it. Lexxie sank down into the water with a contented sigh, and Jack couldn't help but feel all mushy inside just looking at his boyfriend.

Lexxie slid entirely beneath the water, allowing it to wash away all his worries and stress. There was only one other thing that could make this perfect, and that was Jack's hands on him. "Ne, Jack, touch me, please," he begged as he moved closer to his lover.

Jack placed the cool towel on his forehead and leaned back. "Not yet, love." Lexxie pouted, but Jack was determined to keep his hands to himself till midnight.

But on second thoughts...

"Come here, Lexxie." As Lexxie squealed with pleasure and waded over, Jack blinked through the steam and placed his hands on Lexxie's shoulders. "Relax."

And relax Lexxie did. Jack's hands kneaded at the slightly tense muscles beneath the soft skin, and soon Lexxie was warm, redheaded, melted goo in his lap. Neither of them was aroused, but the feeling of closeness was almost as good as the kind of closeness they felt after sex. "Like it?"

"I do.. like it so much..." He sighed out his pleasure, eyelids fluttering closed as he simply melted beneath Jack's hands. "Nya Jack..." He inhaled deeply, steeling himself before continuing. "I... don't mind if we don't have sex tonight. It's been so perfect already." Lexxie blinked a little at his own confession, but it was the honest truth...

Jack smirked a little at that. "I told you so. But of course, I'm ready to go along if you change your mind about that. Now go sit somewhere else, my legs are getting numb." He poked at Lexxie's thigh to make his point, and closed his eyes and breathed in the steam. Onsen on a cold night with your lover splashing around beside you. Mmmmm...

Mmm? Jack sputtered and batted futilely at the water. Lexxie seemed to suddenly find it amusing to splash him. "You'll pay for that, princess." And he dunked Lexxie.

Lexxie gurgled under the water, struggling to fight against his partner. But Jack overpowered him easily, keeping him under. Lexxie decided this called for more underhanded methods. And so he reached out, palm slinking oh so innocently up Jack's thigh, trickling over his lover's smooth skin. Merph, if he didn't let him up soon he was going to drown..or do worse unto his lover.

Jack's hand jerked all on its own as Lexxie decided to play dirty and slide his hand up his leg. Lexxie took advantage of the slackening and shot up to the surface, panting. "Blah, Jack."

"You started it." Jack winced inwardly at the childish phrase - he WAS the dominant one, after all, and a genius; surely he could come up with something better than that? - but was trying too hard not to grab Lexxie and take him right there in the pool to think properly. "It's getting too hot in here," he managed. "I'm going back into the room."

True, he had started it, but it had been worth it. "Hm, Jack, I'm coming with you." Lexxie scrambled out of the pool, dripping water everywhere as he trotted along after Jack.

Jack cast a glance backward at Lexxie, who was padding after him like a trained puppy. A particularly sexy one.

"Oh, you." And he pounced.

Jack swept his arms around Lexxie's waist, lifting the smaller boy up over his shoulder easily. While up there, Lexxie reached his hands downward, smoothing his palms over the spanse of Jack's back, watching, enthralled as his lover's muscles bunched and relaxed with each motion.

"Hurry, I'm getting cold, Jack," Lexxie whined.

"I'm getting warm," Jack retorted. "And it's not midnight."

Jack opened the door to their room, quickly locking it behind him as they entered. A couple of swift steps across the room, and Lexxie was dropped down onto the soft mattress, sinking down into its soft embrace.

Jack stood there, watching as Lexxie floundered in the mattress. Lithe, hot and, most importantly, naked. Jack gave Lexxie a predatory smile, as Lexxie gazed at him heatedly, the expression both soft and wanting at the same time.

"So much for the night being perfect already, mm?" Jack teased, kneeling down and taking Lexxie's hand in his. "I guess some people just can't help it." His smile widened and he bent over to lick at Lexxie's nose. "You're beautiful."

Lexxie couldn't help his smile from broadening, nose wrinkling a little under Jack's playful lick. Lexxie's free hand rose to brush back through his lover's hair, the tresses adored and stroked.

"Only in your eyes.." was Lexxie's quiet retort, as he arched beneath Jack, lips seeking his for a kiss.

"Not really. I've seen the way that coworker of yours looks at you." Jack's lips brushed Lexxie's and the touch of Lexxie's fingers on his head sent sensation trembling right down his spine. "But he'd better keep his hands off you." A swing of a leg and a slight shift, and Jack was loosely draped over Lexxie. "And I hope that little fling of yours with that bendy redhead was a one off. I'd hate to have to dump you over something like that."

"Mm? Which coworker?" There were several, after all. Lexxie wriggled beneath Jack as he lowered himself, adjusting to his lover's weight. Idly his fingers trailed up and down the length of Jack's spine, as Lexxie gave Jack a little coy grin. "Of course it was a one-off. I was thinking of you the entire time."

"Were you?" Jack closed his eyes and let Lexxie do whatever he wanted with his back... no, wait. He opened his eyes again. "What do you mean, which coworker? There's more than one?"

"Well, yes," Lexxie admitted, his fingers now stroking Jack's behind. "Jealous?"

"No." Jack felt his ears turn pink. "Maybe. But you're mine."

Mm, this was new.. Having Jack entirely pliant beneath his touch, his to do whatever he wanted with. Lexxie flicked his tongue out to trace its tip over Jack's lower lip, "Just as you're mine." Lexxie squirmed a little under Jack, purposefully rubbing himself against his lover, a soft moan escaping him as delicious friction began to arouse him. "Jack..I want you."

"I want you too..." Jack thought about something, decided on something and flipped them both around such that Lexxie was lying on him instead. "As a Valentine's treat... how about you dominate me this time?"

Lexxie skimmed his fingertips over Jack's collarbone, peering at him with slight skepticism. "I..." Lexxie was at a loss for words. "You..want me inside you?" He melted at the thought. "Aww Jack!"

Jack leaned his head backwards into the mattress. "Just for once. Don't make it a habit - I'm still the ultimate one on top." He then arched his neck forward to kiss Lexxie. The kiss went on and on until they were both groping each other and fully aroused, and then Jack broke away. "Unless you're really really good. Then maybe I'll let you top me on your birthday as well," he offered breathlessly.

One of Lexxie's hands slithered downward, tracing lethargically over Jack's toned torso, coming to a halt just above his waist... With a lust-filled look given to Jack, Lexxie began to creep his way downward, tiny kisses rained down upon Jack's chest and stomach, tongue flicking out to adore every inch of his lover.

"Just this once?" Oh, then Lexxie would have to savour this experience.. Dipping his head, Lexxie let his tongue sneak out from between his lips, to stroke his tongue lazily along the underside of Jack's rigid manhood before taking him into his mouth briefly, greedily sampling his lover. Of course, he would never forget Jack would always top him.

"Yeah," Jack managed. "Once." But hell, Lexxie's blowjobs were getting better and better each time he was on the receiving end. Tongue and teeth and well-timed humming combined to make Jack horny as hell, and he let go of the sheets to grasp at Lexxie's head. "Damn it, do something already. I don't think I can take this any more."

Lexxie grinned wickedly, crawling up along his lover's body, a token little kiss graced upon Jack's lips before he climbed higher, hands gripping onto the headboard as he rose into a sitting position, knees resting on either side of Jack's head. "Mmm, dearest, need lubrication. Suck on me." Lexxie swept a hand through Jack's hair tenderly, offering his cock for Jack's lips to worship.

Damn it, didn't Lexxie know what saying things like that could bring upon him? Jack closed his eyes and thought of one of his coworkers in a tutu to stop himself from ruining the moment way too soon, before opening them and giving Lexxie a very steamy look. "As you wish, your highness." And he did just what was ordered.

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