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Valentines Day Gift


I am 39,and while I don’t exercise, I still am in good shape – I was having great sex with my wife until a few months ago, when, following a vaginal problem, her doctor said no more sex for at least 5 years. My daughter is 20 and terrific in figure. My wife told me, " If you ever want any woman other than me, tell me. I won’t mind, since I am ruled out for the next five years." But she never knew that I had the hots for my daughter ever since she turned sixteen and started wearing tight jens, tee-shirts and revealing home-clothes. I don’t think there ever was a week when she had not granted me a generous look at her cleavage. At times, I thought how sick I was to fantasise about my daughter – but at night, as I lay on the bed which had not tasted cum for the last two months, I start peeling her clothes off in dreams, and when I wake up, my underwear will be wet with cum.

On the Friday night my daughter turned 18, my wife had to go to her friend’s house about 6 hours journey away. She decided to stay there for the weekend as all the transport would be full. After the birthday party, my daughter and I were left alone in our apartment.

At about 10 pm, we had cleaned out the kitchen and the hall. I sat down on my sofa and started reading ‘Chastity’, which one of my daughter’s friends had given to her. I felt my cock rise rapidly. Just then my daughter entered the room wearing one of the shortest shorts and the tightest tops I have ever seen her in. "Dad," she said, in a sexy tone, "ab mein ladkon ko fuck kiya tho koi dikkat nahin hain, na?" I was a little shocked. I thought such questions were usually asked to mothers. After staring at her top for sometime, I recovered from my surprise enough to say, "Nahin" She said, " Then come, I want to show you my gifts." I wanted to see her natural ‘gifts’ and she wanted to show me what she got for her birthday. But instead of going to her room, she went into her parents’ bedroom. As soon as I entered it, she said, "I have a headache. Can I sleep here?" I said yes, and just as any father might do, I bent over her to massage her forehead. I was conscious that my cock was still awake, and I tried hard to make sure that she didn’t know I was aroused. Just as I bent over, she hugged my neck and pulled me close. My lip was scarcely far enough not to touch hers.

She said, "Please don’t stop." I couldn’t bear to disappoint my little princess on her birthday, and I kissed her on the mouth, full and hard. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and we rolled over until she was on top of me. We kissed for more than five minutes, and when we parted it was only for air. Our lips bled slightly, and we licked each other’s clean. Her shorts were only covering a quarter of her thigh, and every bit of her seemed as tasty as her mother – even tastier. After a series of kisses, I pulled out her top from under the hem of the shorts. Her sweating had been collected by her bra and transferred on to the top, so the wet patches of clothing covering her breasts hardly seemed like the thing to wear on such a happy occasion. I caught her top and pulled it off. Her bra seemed to be begging me to relieve them of their duty, - her breasts were so hard, and her nipples sharp - so I took them off. My daughter kept still until her bra was off, and then as I started teasing her nipples, she moaned. The more she moaned, the more cocky I became. Then I made her lie on the bed. I moved my lips down her body, not missing a single inch of hot steamy skin. Her sweat felt like a sweet liquid to me, and I left nibble-marks all over her face. I moved down, tasting and teasing with my mouth her whole breast, in turn, and reached her shorts.

It was so wet with her honey that it had already wet the bed. I bit the hem of the shorts, and pulled it down gently. My daughter writhed and moaned and thrust her hip upwards. I placed my hand under her butt, and kept them in the air. I pulled the panties down with my mouth, something my wife never permitted. I left it on her ankle, and slid my leg underneath it. My daughter is almost as tall as me, so she had no trouble removing my shirt. I drank her juices and teased her insides with my tongue.

Suddenly, my daughter asked me to stand up. I got up, and then she sat on the edge of the bed, and removed my pants. My cock was so erect that the underwear could not contain it, and consequently, my erection showed. My daughter sucked my cock while it was my turn to moan. Then, just like me, she pulled my underwear down with her teeth. My cum had arrived by now, and when she kept my cock in her mouth, I could contain it no longer. I shot my cum into her mouth. For a moment she was too stunned. I kissed her again, and we played with my cum, tossing it back and forth.

Finally, it was time. It was almost midnight, but our passion had not let up in the least way. Her breasts had a few cuts on them, none too big to spoil the beauty, or too small to make me kiss-and-heal them. My dick too had a few cuts, which my daughter endeavored to cure by kissing them. I entered her pussy – a tight one, at that – and realized she was still a virgin. I didn’t want to hurt her, but she herslf said, "Oooooh! Daaad! Puhleeeaaasse. I have been wanting this since I was fifteen."

I replied that it might pain a lot, but she replied, "We have to start somewhere." I entered her and man, sheer heaven greeted me. I don’t recall her mother ever having given me that much pleasure. She moaned a little, and dug her hands deeper into my butt. Her pussy was tight, but once I was in, my cock went so smoothly inside, that I’ve always felt that we are made for each other.

I just lay inside her for at least half an hour, during which I filled her at least one more time. Even as we fell asleep, we were still aroused.

The next day, I woke up to find that my daughter was not beside me. At that moment, she entered the room, carrying a glass of milk. Only a towel was wrapped around her waist, and I could see that her breasts hardened the moment she saw that I was awake. She kept the glass on a table beside the bed, and bent over me to ‘adjust’ her pillow. I kissed the pillows on her body and she fell on me. We made love all over again. Then I carried her into the bathroom. We had shower, and we explored places we never knew we had. There was not a single mole in her body that I hadn’t noticed. We then lay on the tub in her room. After some kissing and teasing, I told her, "Darling, I hope this is not the end."

She turned towards me, and kissed me as passionately as the first kiss had been. "I love you, not just as a daughter, but something more. I love you, and I only hope we can do this even after Mom comes back. Dad, as long as you want me, I am…" I never let her finish that sentence.

My wife returned that evening, surprising us in our love-making. We got dressed quickly enough, but, there was enough evidence of my affair. However, my wife pretended that she never noticed the dishelved states of her daughter and her husband. At night, she announced that she was taking some sleeping pills. She fell asleep, but every time I shut my eye, I remembered the night before, and grew horny. I could hold on no longer, and went to my daughter’s room. She was not yet asleep, suffering from the same problem that I was. As soon as she saw me, she rushed forward, and we started an encore. Halfway, just as I was about to push her clothing under the bed, my wife entered the room. Caught in the act with my pant and my daughter’s panties down, I was flabber-gasted. My wife just smiled and said, "Don’t you think the other bedroom is more spacious? I will sleep here. Now, out!"

That was two years ago. Right now, my elder queen has taken our little princess, who became my second queen, to the doctor for a checkup. I am going to be a father again, but for the last time.

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