tagErotic CouplingsValentines Day Shag Fest

Valentines Day Shag Fest


He ran the sweet scented rose across my breast. The nipple still tingled with the heat of the chocolate he had earlier brushed against my overly sensitive breasts. The pliable nylon bristles, only heightening the pleasure.

He was being exceptionally cruel, after all it was Valentine's Day, and a little difference was in order. No need for repetition on what is the most romantic date on the calender, barring your wedding day, of course, if your married that is.

He ate the petal that had the most of the chocolate. Belgian I think it was. At least that's what I thought. I didn't have a chance to see the wrapper completely. The chair he had hired was ready to deliver me into the sweet ecstasy of climax world and leave me on the runway to sexual express.

It was vibrating, pulsating, whatever he had in mind for it to do. See it was remote control and he had the remote. Sometimes he made it pulse and vibrate, sometimes just vibrate.

He was the Cupid of the Vibrating Chair. Sending little vibrtions of pleasure surging into my body via my vagina. Making me so wet and horny, even if Cupid had set his arrow alight, with flames drawn from Hell, he could not have made me that hot. I was glad I drew the long straw to have this unofficial holiday as a day off. Valentines Day 2003 was a set to be remembered.

The sensation that took me to seventh heaven was a massage action. Thankfully I had removed my panties earlier. So much for sexy. He never had a chance to see them. But I'm not complaining.

It was like two hands on my sensitive pussy. Needing and prodding. Rubbing me into a tremendous climax. Squeezing the whole vagina together. Squelching out the lubricating juice that had gathered in the deep chamber of my slit. Oozing out like hot lava from an erupting volcano.

I squeezed on my nipples as the orgasm ripped through me. Letting out a moan and an ooh. Spreading my legs in appreciation of the cum that he had given me and partly, because my pussy was so hot, it need to cool down.

I gyrated on the chair, looking at him, looking at me,whilst he practised self control. His cock had created a very large mound in the front of his trousers and he was simulating a sex motion whilst his hand rubbed against the mound that was his erect penis. He did this action twice.

"You turn me on so much, when you come. You know that?", he said.

I never spoke I couldn't, I had to have Him there and then, I was on my knees unfurling his hard erection in my face. Opening my mouth. Eager for a taste of his manhood. I had gotten the head into my mouth and twirled my tongue around his smooth knob tasting his jism on my tongue. Sucking gently at the eyelet of moisture, when he pulled away.

"Today's your day,"

He lead me to the bedroom. His erection a glorious sight in the moonlit corridor. Gleaming from my spittle. I stopped him and kissed him mindful of all the hours of pleasure his manhood had brought me in the past. Rubbing my exposed pussy against his penis. Pushing the sensitive clitoris against the head of his cock. Rubbing, pushing conveying my need, almost climaxing.

My tricked worked, he backed me up against the wall, hoisted my up into the air and impaled my waiting pussy on his stiffened penis. Not waiting for me to settle, he thrust his lust laden cock deep into my damp vagina and thrust again and again. His desire for me evident in the power of his fuck.

He gyrated his hip. Sending his cock into a circular direction. 360º degrees around the cavity of my cunt. Touching all the erogenous zones that lay within. Sending me into a realm of pleasure that was sure to bring me to the realm of climaxadom.

He withdrew just as quickly as he entered, placing me on my feet again. Dragging me into the bedroom, chocolate in hand.

The bed was dressed in white. Rose petals lay on the floor and on the bed. The candles illuminated his face. He was looking at me. He undid my blouse, unhooking the bra with ease. Brushing against my nipples with his roughened hands, causing little sounds of pleasure to escape from deep within my throat.

I shuddered at the sensation as I felt the wetness of his tongue, searching and prodding against my nipple. Sucking in the hardness, gently gripping it with his teeth as he sucked and explored the area with his tongue.

My nipple exploded in celebration of his expertise whilst his palm groped my left breast, sending what was a flat nipple into an erogenous mound of pleasurable hardness.

Peaking into a hard surface of multiple pleasure zones, sensitive to each searching touch. Every brush of his fingers and palm. Each roughened surface making contact with his deft hand.

He had long discarded the confines of his slacks and briefs. His erect penis rubbing up against my wet vaginal lips. Touching my throbbing clitoris.

His final expression of desire was eminent. I could tell from the power of his fuck to the increased pressure of his suck, he was ready and I was overdue.

He laid me down on the bed. His penis now glistened with my pussy juice. His six pack tightened with his impending orgasm. A orgasm he knew he would reach once he entered my wet haven.

The paint brush was in his hand already laden with the cooling liquid chocolate. He groaned. He wanted me. That I knew. I wondered if we were going to finish. He laid one brush stroke against my nipple. Tightening the flesh even more, increasing the flat plain of sensitivity that was now exposed to his licking tongue. A tongue that was busy in all directions. Hungry for my rough sensitised flesh. Eager for the projection of my breast.

His hip moved back and forth fucking into nothing. Seeking relief from the desire that was welling up in his cock.

His mouth hungry for the chocolate and sounds of approval from me. He mounted me not wanting to wait. My breast now free from his mouth and receiving the rose treatment.

I was temporarily distracted with the difference in sensation on the breast. The softness of the rose was quite different to the hardness of his suck, and the roughness of his hand.

The softness gave my nipple a tingling sensation that I don't think I had ever had before. Arousing my erogenous zones into submission for the soon to come contact of flesh on flesh.

He penetrated me roughly. His stiff cock parting my vaginal lips Penetrating the wetness within. He thrust and thrust into me again and again, gyrating his hip. Hungry for release from his own desires.

Hungry for the want of my orgasm. The personal gratification that could be had in knowing that he had made me, his woman, come. The self serving high of power he could get from my pussy. Knowing that he and only he could make it come like that. Knowing that it would give me pleasure untold.

Fucking me hard and deep, soft and sweet. Sometimes shallow and sometimes just letting the knob of his cock enter and exit the opening of my cunt.

His hardened man nipples brushing against my erect ones. The feel of skin rubbing skin every ridge and difference in texture making contact with each other. Heightening pleasure and making for one hell of a explosion.

He grunted and groaned like a cave man, it was as if he knew no words, desire robbing him of speech.

His fuck stroke had lengthened, increased in speed and power, he was close I could tell.

The impending orgasm for him was untold. Only the experienced could tell. He arched his back. The strokes closer together than ever.

No space in-between, only a shallow deep fuck signalling his come, he groaned,

"Why?" he said, "do you have to be such a great fuck". He said, as he came without regret.

He pulled out, the orgasm still ejecting out of his body, or his penis. The sensations still very evident in him.

He roughly massaged my body with his hands. The power of the orgasm he was having stripping him of his ability to control the strength of his touch.

He marvelled at the amount of jism his penis was spewing out. Kissing me roughly as he finally started to regain some control of his sexual emotions.

He kissed my nipple. Sucking in the stiffened flesh. Taking me to another climax. And not to soon. He apologised for coming to soon.

"Everything was supposed to be perfect", he said,

"But, I got carried away. Your panties blew my mind from the start."

"I thought you hadn't noticed", I said.

"Course I noticed. I was ready to give up on the seduction and just take you anyway"

"You did". I said,

"I stopped. Remember?"

"No, I thought you were going with the flow of your, ahh, um, desires,"

"You're such a tease,"

"Only cause you know how to pull it out of me."

"Really? Reckon I could pull another oragsm out of you"

"So soon?"

"Yeah. So soon".

"Well I beieve you could. You always knew how to make me come. I swear you read my book."

He kissed me, and we did the whole sex act again. This time, without the urgency or the independancy that we had both shared before. It was magnigicent. This time we came together. A real feast of sexual gratification.

I was wetter than I had been in ages. And a whole lot sorer. I mentioned this in passing as he strode towards the door. On a mission to where, only he knows. He returned bearing a red wrapped parcel.

"You already gave me my Christmas present." I said, not really putting two and two together.

"Happy Valentines my sweet." was the reply.

I opened the gift. It was a chain with a rather large heart made up of the words "Forever Together" in a rather elaborate script, which formed this rather large and elaborate heart, with a ruby to form the point.

It was beautiful. I kissed him my gratitude and said thank you at the same time. He helped me put it on and kissed my neck.

"Spread your legs, and let me kiss it better." he said.

"Mmmm" I said, not really getting what he was on about. Men can be so confusing sometimes. I now understand why they blame us for that particular personality trait.

Finally understanding and getting him. I obediently spread my legs, waiting in anticipation for him to honour his inadvertent promise.

What a Valentine's Day this has been. One for the books and one for the Secret Dairy.

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