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Valentines Day Troubles


This story is new territory for me sort of. I tell you now that there is no sex in it, so if you are looking for one of my usual explicit stories...sorry. This is one that has been in my mind for some time. It has a bit of true basis, garnered from a certain person from where I work. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. (And some details of the conversations are embellished for my story, since it was in his words his viewpoint as told to me.) It is a romantic love story that has much truth behind it. In some ways I hope that someone will get something from this that helps them in their lives.

* * * * *

It all started when I overheard my girlfriend talking to one of her close friends on the phone. I had been dating Kelly for about two years and we were getting to the point where I was beginning to want to ask her to marry me.

Kelly is the type of woman that many would overlook in a crowd. However, once you get to know her you realize that she is a very beautiful and loving person. She hides her body with over- sized clothes, not liking attention that her close to perfect shape brings.

We met at a party one New Years night at a mutual friends place. We found a lot in common and even though I wasn't really that interested in her at that time, I found myself asking her out a week later.

After few months of dating we got to the point where one night she ended up at my place. I made her a nice dinner and afterwards as we watched a movie on my couch we started to kiss. Before I knew what was happening, we were in my bed and I discovered that Kelly was a sexual dynamo.

Without going into details, she showed me a side of her I never even imagined existed. Her attitude in bed was all out and anything goes. I was overwhelmed and trying to catch up for the whole night.

After that night we became closer than ever. It wasn't an all's rosy relationship by any means. I, being a natural man, forgot or didn't do some things that would cause her to be hurt or mad. She, of course, being the woman's woman, would do things to drive me nuts.

We were not living together, her parents being a very strong influence on her life. She felt that even though we were having sex, for her to move in with me would cause trouble with her parents. Out of love for her, and respect for her parents, I never pressed harder for her to move in with me.

Anyway, this day she was talking to her girlfriend and I heard things that scared me and also made me feel bad. I guess that when it came to days like anniversary's or special days like Valentines Day I was a poor excuse of a person. I always forgot them and even sometimes didn't remember until days afterwards.

Kelly had spent the afternoon at my place where we had just finished up some out of this world sex. I had taken a shower after Kelly who evidently called Gina as I was in the bathroom. What I overheard shocked me to my core as I thought that our relationship was going great.

"Oh Gina, if Dave forgets Valentines Day this year I don't know what I'll do. Sometimes I think he just dates me and says the things he does so he can have a steady piece of ass. He never remembers the important things about me or dates."

I was a bit hurt. I actually loved Kelly with all my heart and here she was telling Gina that I was just keeping her around for a steady piece. I was crushed. I know that somehow this was my fault, that my poor memory was the cause of all her feelings like she was talking about.

Kelly went on;

"Yeah, I know Gina, but what's the point of having a hot guy for a boyfriend when he doesn't care enough to remember the small things too? I swear if Dave forgets this Valentines Day I'm leaving him."

There was a pause as Gina was evidently telling her something of vast importance. If I had known that Gina was rooting for me instead of running me down all that time I could have gone to her and found out what to do. I knew that was not likely what Gina was doing though.

Gina and I had never seen exactly eye to eye. She had felt that Kelly was far too good for the likes of me and I felt like she was always attacking me in front of Kelly. The whole two years I had known her she had never said more than two good things about me at all that I knew of.

I was sitting there thinking that Gina was trying to talk Kelly into leaving me. I was getting mad, and since I couldn't very well be mad at myself for being such an ass about dates and stuff, I decided to blame it all on Gina.

Kelly was going on;

"Oh Gina, you know it's not just this Valentines Day. Dave forgets everything. I'm constantly having to remind him of anniversaries and things. If only he would just remember one damn date and surprise me, I probably wouldn't feel so bad. I think he really doesn't care that much about me. I'm just a piece of meat for him to get off with, then he forgets all about me."

A long pause as Gina was surely telling her how right she was and how much of a dick I was. I knew that Gina couldn't possibly be telling Kelly anything good about me considering our past. I was beginning to try to think of how I was going to surprise Kelly and try to remember more things for her.

Kelly was talking again and from what I could overhear, Gina had been raking me over the coals.

"Oh Gina, I don 't think so. Even he wouldn't do that. I know that Dave is always telling me he loves me. I think that...Well, no...but I do love him you know...Gina, you're impossible. What makes you think that will prove anything? I don't know. Gina, that sounds so devious. Look, Dave's going to be getting out of the shower pretty quick, I'll talk to you later ok?"

I could see that Gina was trying to cook up something that involved me and Kelly. I was beginning to really not like her even more now. Who did she think she was trying to drive a wedge between Kelly and I anyway? I was getting mad, and that is probably what really got things rolling then and there.

Later that day, after I dropped Kelly off at her place, I drove over to a buddies house and talked with him about what I should do. Mike wasn't much help at all. I think he was waiting for a break up between Kelly and I so he could move in on her.

Then I remembered Sam. He had gotten married a few years ago. I hadn't talked to him too much, but I figured that he would have some answers for me and good advice on what I should do.

I realized that I was fighting to keep Kelly now that I was ready to ask her to marry me. So close in fact I had been going to bring it up after my shower that fateful day. After overhearing the conversation though, well, you know why I didn't.

Sam proved to be a true friend and gave me lots of advice. I wrote most of it down since I knew my memory wasn't the best and after leaving his place I started right away on trying my best to keep Kelly.

I made reservations at a pretty swank Restaurant. It was one I knew Kelly had mentioned several time. Come to think of it, Gina had talked about it a few times too. At the time I figured that Gina had been rubbing in the fact that her boyfriend had taken her there, like I couldn't afford to take Kelly there or something along those lines.

After making the reservations and paying the advance fee to guarantee them, I then went shopping for a special gift for Kelly. I found her a nice broach and then, since I was in a Jewelry store I began to look at wedding rings.

On impulse, I picked out a beautiful engagement ring with a nice diamond setting. It cost a bundle, and I had to go to the bank to move some money around from my savings to checking in order to get it right at that moment.

Then I went out and bought myself a new suit. I went to a store that had a guy that helped you to dress up. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to pick out the right stuff at all. This guy set me up pretty well, and at one point, as I stepped out of the dressing room I heard a couple of women making comments about me.

I was embarrassed and blushed, and they laughed a bit, teasing me just a little as they walked away. Their comments had been good and I should have been happy, but it also made me realize that it was very easy to treat anyone like a piece of meat.

After getting my new suit, I went to the hairdresser and got a new style. That was a hard thing for me to do since I had always liked my rough-n-easy low care self. What I was doing now was the 'metro sexual' thing and I wasn't sure if it was a good move or not. Sam had insisted that it was necessary though. That night Kelly made a comment about my hair. I could tell she liked it quite a bit.

"Oh wow Dave. Your hair looks great. What brought that change on anyway?'

"Oh, just thought that you would like it. I was tired of that old cut anyway."

"Tired of the old cut huh?"

"Yeah. Why? What's the big deal anyway?"

I was nervous and under a bit of pressure. Kelly usually didn't have all the questions for me like tonight and it had me off guard. I was sure that her and Gina had too much time together today and I could also feel something in the air.

"Um, I'd like to take you out Friday. Special dinner and all. For Valentines Day. You know."

Damn, why was I so nervous? I usually never stuttered or was shy around Kelly anymore. My tongue was all tied up and my heart beating like it was the first time I had ever asked anyone out on a date.

"Valentines Day? You're asking me out on Valentines Day? Do you feel alright Dave?"

"Yes. What's so unusual about my taking you out anyway?'

"Well, it's the first time you've ever asked me out on this particular day to begin with."

"Yeah? Well...Geez Kelly, you know I love you. I just wanted to show you that."

"Hmmm. I did have some plans...but I guess I can cancel them."

"Plans? What kind of plans did you have for Valentines Day anyway?"

"Oh, nothing much really. I was going out with Gina to a party. But, since you asked me out, I'll go with you of course."

"Gina? A party? Is there something you want to tell me Kelly? What's happening between us?"

"Dave, what's gotten into you? You know that Gina and I go way back. I just figured that you weren't going to ask me out on Friday so I made some plans with Gina. Lighten up."

I could see that Kelly was just a touch mad with me. I guess I did sound a bit jealous. I was. I was also scared that I was losing the one person I loved most in life. Kelly went home pretty early that night and for the first time in a long time we didn't have sex. Matter of fact, we didn't' have sex at all for the next three days.

I was sure that Kelly was getting ready to cut me loose. She had never gone without sex for more than a couple of days, and those being that time of the month. I knew it wasn't 'that' time and then, as I thought about it I realized that Kelly and I had only spent a few hours together this whole week.

Then, on Friday morning, disaster struck. First off, I got a call at work, it was the restaurant. They were canceling my reservations. It seemed that some ultra-rich bigwig had reserved the whole damn place and insisted that all other reservations be canceled.

I argued intensely, but to no avail. The maitre'd was quite insistent that my reservation was canceled and my money would be refunded. I frantically tried to find other reservations but everyone was booked up solid. In desperation, I decided a nice romantic dinner at home would be ok. Then came the second phone call with bad news. My apartment building had caught on fire. The place below mine had burned and to make a long story short, all my clothes and personal items had been soaked and ruined. I even had to find another place to live now.

I sat back in my chair at my desk and went blank. In the matter of a few minutes my whole life had been shot to hell. No possible way to save this day now. I had only a few hours until it was time to get ready to pick up Kelly. Then I remembered the ring. It had been in my apartment on my dresser.

I left work and went home, or rather, to what was left of it. My place was a large dark black hole. Not only were my clothes and stuff ruined...they had been burned to a crisp. Where my dresser had sat was a hole the went clear to the basement.

I sat on the curb head in my hands wondering what could possibly go wrong now. Never wonder...it can always get worse. I looked up to see Kelly in my supposed good friends jeep, riding by. She turned as if to hide from me when she saw me sitting on the curb.

I had lost her. My good 'buddy' had helped himself quite nicely it seemed. I was allowed to look through the rubble later that day and actually found the ring still in the box. What good it was going to do me now I didn't know.

I went to my parents house in the 'burbs and showered and cleaned up. I still had some clothes at home, a bit old but they still fit. I sat around the house for a bit until my dad and mom finally drove me nuts with all their talking so I went out and into the city.

I found myself at Sam's place. He took one look at me and let me in. Him and his wife were both all over me, making sure I was ok. I took Sam aside and told him of my whole day. He couldn't believe that my day had gone so wrong so fast.

We ate, and during dinner the phone rang. Sam turned to me and offered me the phone.

"It's Gina. She says it's important."

When I answered the phone it all came out. The anger, the frustration, the hurt. I really dumped on her without warning.

"Called to gloat bitch? Happy now? Kelly's with that wonderful asshole I thought was a friend, my place is gone...wouldn't surprise me to find out you set it on fire anyway. Well...go ahead...gloat. You're getting your way now."

"Dave...what in the hell is the matter with you? I am surely not gloating. Kelly still loves you. And no matter what you may think, I care for you too. We just heard your place burned and I've been trying to get a hold of you all afternoon."

"You just heard huh? I saw Kelly and that...ass drive by. I saw Kelly trying to hide when she saw me sitting on the curb. I saw them together. Running around cheating on me on probably the worst day of my life."

I slammed the phone down my anger taking away all reason. I thanked Sam and his wife for the dinner and left. They were trying to stop me from going. I think that Sam knew I was going to go get real drunk.

I went to a place that I used to go to before Kelly. B.K. I laughed to myself. I had initials now to set a date in time that I probably would never forget. I sat there drinking one after the other. ' The bartender was reluctant to serve me, but I managed to get him to give me a few more drinks way past what he should have. I was on my lips drunk when in walked Kelly and Gina.

Kelly had red-rimmed eyes from crying and Gina looked pissed. I didn't care anymore. I just sat there drinking my last drink, the bartender avoiding my end of the bar now. Kelly came up to me trying to hug me. I shoved her away, angry that she would try that.

"Dave...what's wrong with you? If it's about Mike and I in his jeep today...I'm sorry."

"What, sorry that I caught you running around with...with...that asshole?"

"Dave, you're drunk and not thinking straight. Come to my place and we'll talk."

"We will talk here or not at all...b...bi...*sigh* Kelly."

I still loved her so much I couldn't even call her a name like bitch. I was drunk and angry and still couldn't call her a bitch. I was sure she had cheated on me, leaving me for that asshole of a friend I had.

"Dave, there has been a huge misunderstanding. I still love you Dave. Please, come home with me?"

Gina stepped in close to me for the first time.

"If you weren't so drunk and pathetic right now, I'd kick your ass. Kelly loves you and here you sit trying to drive her away. Get over yourself Dave. You need to sleep it off and then talk in the morning."

"Oh, and you have been such an angel to me the past two years. Always something negative about me in some form or another. You have wanted me to break up with Kelly from day one."

I slammed down the last of my drink and grabbed my last glass still sitting on the bar. As I drank that one I began to feel dizzy and number. I had way to much to drink and my mind was getting foggy.

At some point I passed out. The bartender helped the girls to carry me to Kelly's car. I woke up in the morning, naked in Kelly's bed. Alone. My clothes were gone. I got up and found that I had one hell of a huge headache. I made it to the bathroom and spent too much time worshiping the porcelain god.

After a bit I was able to get up and walk about. I found my clothes washed and folded laying on a chair in the corner of the room. Evidently Kelly had put them there while I was in the bathroom paying tribute.

I got dressed and noticed that my pockets were empty. I went out into the kitchen to get a drink and found Gina and Kelly both sitting there waiting.


"Feel kinda poorly do we?"

Gina was being her usual smart assed self it seemed. I was surprised since I had figured she would have been dancing a victory dance over me, having got her way. Kelly just sat there staring at the table.

"Well, dumbass. I hope you're happy now. Kelly didn't sleep a wink last night."

"No. I'm not happy."

"Do you have any idea how much trouble you caused us last night? Man, your place burning down sucked, but when you took off and then got drunk in that bar, that was too much. Sam told me you were real upset. He couldn't get you to stay though. By the time Kelly and I got there you had fled the scene and gone to that dumpster site called a bar."

"What? What do you mean Sam told you? When did you talk to Sam? How do you even know Sam anyway?"

"Well, special Dave...Kelly called your parents place, then tracked you down to Sam's. He told us where you'd probably go. We went to the first three places and you weren't there. Then, at that last place...man, what a dump it was too...anyway, there you were. I have never seen you so drunk the whole time I've known you."

"Yeah? Well not to worry. You won't ever see me that way again. What, you want to get me here so you could rub it all in my face?"

I was mad. I didn't understand why they had drug me to Kelly's place in the first place. I figured that my parents had asked Kelly to keep an eye on me just in case. I looked for the first time at Kelly and saw her shoulders shaking. She was crying. Feeling real low I slumped into a chair and just sat there, looking at the one person I truly loved, and didn't know what to do.

Gina glared at me, then went to the desk in the corner. She brought out the stuff that had been in my pockets. The receipt for the dinner reservations, the receipt for my new clothes, and the smoked and slightly burned box that contained the ring.

"These were in your pockets. I cleaned them out before I washed your clothes. Why don't you explain those three things to Kelly. I know I'd like to hear your story."

Gina had pointed out the two receipts and the box. I looked at them and then felt the heat of a blush covering my head. Kelly had stopped crying and was just looking at me. I had to know something first, before I made a fool of myself.

"Why...Kelly, why were you riding around with...him? Why did you try to hide your face when I saw you?"

"You won't understand Dave."

"Try me. After my day yesterday I think the least you can do is let me know what's going on."

"Mike came and got me. He heard that your place had burned and he got me so I could go see if there was anything to save. When I saw you sitting there and that look in your eyes...I knew that you thought the worst. I didn't know what else to do but obviously what I did was the wrong thing."

"So you're telling me that Mike just came to bring you over to my place? That's all?"

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