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Valentines Day Virus


Dwayne gave a strangled moan of pain as he burst through the front door of his house, one hand clutched to his crotch and an expression of absolute agony painted over his face. With shaky steps he hurried up the single flight of stairs and rushed into his bedroom. He almost fell onto his bed and hurriedly unbuttoned his jeans, tugging them down to his knees. His boxers soon followed and he looked desperately at his genitals, the source of his pain.

His cock was fully erect and an angry red color. But what was most alarming was his testicles. Dwayne's balls looked huge and swollen, approximately four times their normal size. They had a dangerous red-purple color and he could see the inflamed veins pulsing.

"Ahh shit that hurts!" groaned, lying back on the bed, his eyes watering in anguish.

He gave another pitiful moan of pain, then his balls burst...


Trish Stratus aka Agent Slut, newly trained secret agent, distractedly looked up from the huge nine inch that filled both her hands. She was kneeling before a well-built young man with spiked blonde hair, and was busy stroking his hard cock. But the man's attention was fixed on the couch behind them where a muscular black man was pounding away at a big titted, dark haired bimbo doggy style as a camera crew recorded the action.

Trish had been sent in undercover onto the set of the porno movie "Cocksucking Holly And The Motel-Room Of Doom" to see if The Chief's suspicions of weapons smuggling on set were correct. According to the research done by Agent Bond, the film's director was peddling ground to air missiles to terrorists right off the film's set. Trish had managed to get a job as a fluff girl who prepped the male actors for their scenes with the busty Holly. It was the perfect disguise to keep an eye on the director, and hopefully catch him in the act of making a sale.

Dirk, the blond porn star that Trish was working on, impatiently grabbed the top of Trish's head and pulled her face down into his lap, his impressively sized cock, spearing between her lips and driving right into the back of her mouth. Trish had spent the last couple of hours on her knee's servicing a number of men, she was very glad for the kneepads the film company's health and safety people had insisted she wear.

"Mphff!" murmured Trish as her mouth was sudden stuffed full. Not wanted to blow her cover, Trish immediately started to suck on the huge penis, her tongue swirling around the head as Dirk pushed her up and down on his manhood, using the tight noose of her lips to fuck his cock.

"That's it honey, get me hard," he breathed, reaching down past her bobbing head to grope at one of her huge round tits through the plain white t-shirt she wore.

Dirk worked her mouth for about ten minutes, Trish doing her best to twist her head to keep an eye on the movie director as the big blonde porn star jammed his cock repeatedly between her lips.

Suddenly Dirk pulled out and shoved Trish aside, his cock impressively hard as he rushed onto the set. Dirk and the black man immediately lifted Holly into an uncomfortable looking double penetration position as the cameraman zoomed in for close ups.

"Hey babe, come over here a moment," the director called over to Trish, he then shouted out a rather half hearted direction at his fucking actors as Trish hurried over to his side. "What's your name babe?" he asked the busty blonde when she reached him.

"Trish," she replied with her most winning smile.

"I'm feeling a little tense Trish," the director told her. "Would you mind terribly?" he asked her, gesturing vaguely down towards his lap.

Trish frowned a moment, not catching his meaning immediately. Then it clicked. "Oh right!" she exclaimed in realization. "Of course sir," Trish dropped to her knees and unzipped the director, pulling his cock out from inside his slacks. He was already hard and Trish gave his cock, which was considerably smaller and uglier than Dirk's, a few strokes with her soft hand before bending her head down into his lap and sucking the erect penis into her warm mouth.

"Ahh, that's great babe," moaned the director in appreciation, running his fingers through her hair as she began to bob her head and slurp away at his stiff member. "I've just got a little business to take care of babe," he explained to her. "Just be a good girl and keep sucking okay?"

"Mmokaf," mumbled Trish as the director's cock grew to full erection between her talented lips.

"Glad you could make it Mr Dobson," said the director to his newly arrived business associate. The director's hand was on top of Trish's head, pushing her face down onto his cock and stopping the busty secret agent from being able to get a look at the new man.

"Quite an operation you have here," Mr Dobson noted. Between the directors legs Trish listened carefully, at the same time sucking harder and faster, knowing that if she could get the director off she might be able to actually see what was going on. "So where are the missiles?" Dobson asked. If Trish's mouth hadn't been very full she would have whooped for joy.

"Where's the cash?" the director replied, he pushed Trish right down on his cock and she almost gagged as her nose was suddenly tickled by his pubic hair, his cock lodged right into her throat. "That's good babe," the director murmured quietly at her in appreciation.

"Two million," Dobson replied. Between slurps Trish could hear the sound of a briefcase being opened.

"Perfect," the director replied, patting the top of Trish's head. She wasn't sure if he was referring to the two million dollars or her blowjob. "The missiles are in the van parked outside," the director told Dobson, handing him the keys.

"Pleasure doing business with you," Dobson replied.

"The pleasure's all mine," the director replied, stroking Trish's cheek.

Trish suddenly jerked her head out of the director's lap, his cock popping from her mouth as she jumped to her feet. She pulled a tiny gun from it's concealed hiding place on the side of one of her kneepads and pointed it at the two men.

"You're both busted!" she told them as they looked at her in absolute astonishment.


"This is a very grave situation and time is of the essence," The Chief explained to Trish Stratus, who was seated in his office getting the briefing for her next mission. She was still wearing the tight white t-shirt, skimpy shorts and kneepads she had worn as a fluff girl, having got called back to the Agency for an urgent top secret mission. It was about 4am in the morning and Trish would have much rather have been asleep in bed.

"I'm ready to do whatever I can," Trish assured the Chief.

"Dwayne Scanlon, aged eighteen, son of Senator John Scanlon died approximately two hours ago through burst testicles," The Chief explained, he tried to get the mental image of Trish on her knee's sucking his cock out of his mind, but those kneepads just stirred his imagination.

"Burst testicles?" Trish repeated in surprise. "I've never heard of that happening."

"Neither have we," agreed the Chief. "Gadget has done an autopsy on the Senator's son and it appears the cause of the rupture was an inorganic virus."

"Inorganic virus?" Trish asked with a frown.

"A man made killer bug."

"Oh right," she replied, smiling sweetly. Trish always hated the briefings where the Chief used lots of big words.

"Some sicko has created a particularly nasty virus and we have reason to suspect it's not an isolated case of infection," the Chief told her.

"Where's the virus originating from?" Trish asked.

"We're not entirely positive, but we have Agents infiltrating various places that Dwayne frequented before his death. We want you to go undercover into his school, Riverside Highschool," The Chief told her.

"Today?" Trish said, looking disappointed.

"Yes that's right," he confirmed. "Why, you have somewhere better to be?"

"But it's Valentine's Day," the busty blonde complained. "I was supposed to have a date with Jimbo."

The Chief sighed. "Sorry Agent Slut but there's more important things to worry about. Whatever happens, we don't want this virus spreading," he said. "Do whatever you have to do to stop this madman as quickly as possible. This is a shoot first, ask questions later operation."

Trish nodded, "understood."

"Now head down to see Gadget, he'll give you your cover and tell you what little we know about this virus."

"Okay sir, on my way," Trish stood up and headed down to the lab. She'd been looking forward to her romantic date with Jimbo for the last two weeks. Oh well, she sighed to herself, duty calls.

"Hi Gadget," Trish greeted the scientist as she entered his lab.

"Hello Patricia," Gadget greeted her, licking his lips as he eyed her expansive chest in the tight fitting white t-shirt she was wearing. Gadget handed her a small pile of clothes, "Try this on, it's your disguise."

Trish took the costume from Gadget and headed behind the screen at the back of his lab, quickly stripping off and getting dressed into the outfit he had supplied. She was mildly surprised to see that it was a nurse uniform. It consisted of a very short white dress that was shorter than any mini-skirt Trish owned and sported a plunging neckline, white stiletto heels that surely a real nurse wouldn't be able to walk in and white mid thigh stockings with a full garter belt and suspenders, the top of which was visible beneath the short hemline of the dress. A small white hat completed the outfit. Once she was dressed Trish wasn't quite sure if she was going undercover in a school or if she was going back onto the porno movie set.

"Perfect Patricia!" Gadget said enthusiastically as she stepped out from behind the screen. He obviously approved of her outfit anyway.

"So what exactly am I supposed to be?" Trish asked doubtfully.

"You're the school nurse for Riverside Highschool," Gadget told her. "An exclusive, all boys school on the wealthy side of the city. We've arranged for the usual nurse, a Mrs Martha Donoghue to call in sick for tomorrow, you're her replacement."

"Oh, okay," said Trish. She had to admit that a school nurse was the perfect cover for investigating a virus, anyone who was sick would come to her first of all. "So what are the symptoms of this virus?"

"Well in the extreme case ruptured testicles and death," Gadget replied gravely. "Before that the victim will enter a state of extreme arousal, penile erection. His testicles will swell considerably. We believe that young Mr Scanlon's testicles were approximately three to four times their usual size."


"Indeed," agreed Gadget.

"Is it contagious?" Trish asked.

Gadget shook his head, "No, I believe not. We suspect the virus is spread through either ingestion or injection."

"Ingestion?" Damn, thought Trish, another big word.

"Orally," Gadget tried to explain.


"No," Gadget almost choked. "Eating or drinking something containing the actual virus, it can't be spread via fluid contact or the like, so whoever started this virus is administering it directly to the victims."

"Oh right," Trish couldn't help but blush. "And is there any cure?"

"We're not sure," Gadget admitted. "The lifecycle of the virus is definitely short so if the body can endure for more than several hours we believe the virus will die off. But the testicles don't seem to be able to endure that amount of swelling."

"Is there anyway to slow down the effects?" Trish asked.

Gadget cleared his throat. "Well we ah..that is, we think that ejaculation will reduce the swelling and give the sufferer enough time to outlast the virus."

"Ejaculation?" Trish really had to get herself a dictionary.

"You know, cumming, shooting a wad, blowing their load, orgasming?" Gadget helpfully suggested. "I can show you if you want?" he added hopefully.

"Oh. No that's okay I know what you mean," replied Trish to Gadget's disappointment.

"Well you'd better get on your way to Riverland Highschool," said Gadget. "The principal, Mr Patel is expecting you."


"Thank you very much for coming on such short notice Miss.." Mr Patel, principal of Riverland Highschool greeted his new school nurse.

"Stratus, Trish Stratus," Agent Slut replied. Mr Patel was a short Indian man with a bushy black moustache and the creepy way he was eyeing her up in her sexy uniform made her a little uncomfortable. Not that she could really blame him though, the outfit that Gadget had selected was rather revealing.

"I don't think you should have too much trouble today Miss Stratus," Mr Patel told. "I'm sure the boys will be too busy writing notes to their Valentines to have the time to pretend to be sick to get out of exams."

Trish smiled, "I'm sure I'll be fine."

The principal led her through the hallways to the nurse's office, fortunately it was still pretty early so there were only a handful of students in the hallways. Those that were there eyed the slutty nurse in amazement as she walked along, high heels clicking on the wooden floorboards.

Mr Patel unlocked the nurse's office door and guided Trish inside with a gentle hand on the small of her back. "I'm sure everything you need is in order. If you need me I'll be in my office," the principal lingered a moment to once again take in the sight of Trish's expansive cleavage in her low cut dress, he then sighed softly to himself and hurried back to his office.

Trish looked around her new office for a moment and then took a seat at her desk. She crossed her long legs, the hem of her dress riding up above her stocking tops showing her suspender straps. Trish tapped her manicures nails on the desk and sighed. Oh well, she thought to herself, I guess now all I can do is sit and wait for the sick boys to arrive.

As it turned out, she didn't have long to wait. At about 9:30am there was a rather timid knock on her office door.

"Come in!" Trish called out, rather nervous herself as well.

The door opened and a young man walked through the door. He looked like he was one of the seniors, around eighteen with sandy blonde hair and a freckled face that was filled with a pained expression. The boy halted as he took in the sight of Trish in her sexy nurses uniform. He'd been expecting Mrs Donoghue's matronly figure not the curvy goddess that was before him.

"Nurse?" he asked, his knee's sagging slightly.

"Yes, yes, come in," said Trish, gesturing for the boy to sit up on the bed. "Mrs Donoghue is sick today so I'm here to look after you."

"O..okay," the boy said as he climbed onto the bed with a grimace. The sight of this blonde bombshell in place of the usual school nurse did little to soften his raging, virus-induced erection.

"What's your name honey?" Trish asked as she put a palm against his forehead. He was burning up.

"Skip," the teen replied, his voice shaking slightly as Trish stepped close to him, her ample bosom less than a foot from him. He couldn't help but look down at the gaping front of Trish's sexy uniform, her deep cleavage left bare by the low cut neckline of the dress.

"How old are you Skip?" Trish asked putting a couple of fingers against the side of his neck, checking his pulse. His heart was racing.

"Eighteen," he replied, directing his question into Agent Slut's cleavage which he was unable to tear his gaze from.

"What seems to be the problem Skip?" Trish asked him.

"Ummm..." he stammered nervously now. How could he tell such a beautiful woman his balls were killing him? "It..ahh.."

"You hurt?" Trish asked, sensing his reluctance.

Skip nodded, his eyes glued to the way her considerable chest rose and fell with each breath she took.

"Your groin?" Trish asked hopefully.

Skip's face blushed a deep red, causing his freckles to almost glow. "Ahh.." he stammered for a moment.

"It's okay," Trish assured the nervous teenager. "You can tell me, I'm a trained nurse."

Skip continued to blush and then silently nodded.

"I need to take a look Skip," Trish said, trying to sound as comforting and unthreatening as possible. "Is that okay with you."

The blush spread to the tip of Skip's ears. "Okay," he replied softly, shuffling nervously on the edge of the bed.

Trish slowly reached out for the front of Skip's shorts, unbuckling his belt and then started to unzip his fly. She could see Skip visually shaking as she opened his pants, revealing a bulging pair of white y-front underwear.

"Oh God!" moaned Skip, Trish wasn't sure if it was from embarrassment or from relief at his tight shorts being released.

Trish bit her lip and pulled down the waistband of Skip's underwear, his rock hard penis sprang out, bobbing wildly a mere foot from Trish's face. As she peeled his underwear down beneath his testicles she couldn't help but gasp at their size. His balls were huge, about the size of tennis balls and looked a very painful bright red color.

"Oh my!" Trish said, quite startled by the sight. "Are they always this big?" she asked as she reached out and gently cupped his huge testicles in her soft palm.

Skip whimpered at her touch. "Ummm.. not like this. Can you help me nurse?" his tone was almost begging as Agent Slut tenderly toyed with his heavy balls.

Trish swallowed, remembering what Gadget had told her about the virus. The only way to help young Skip and relieve his swelling was for him to cum. "Yes I can," Trish said, rather nervous herself now as well. "But you'll have to trust me, and not tell anyone."

Skip nodded. "Okay, anything, just make them stop hurting."

Trish continued to carefully play with Skip's testicles, her other hand reaching out and touching the hard erection above them. Skip gasped loudly as Trish's fingertips stroked up the hard length of his cock, she gently stroked the head and then moved back down, gripping her delicate hand around the rigid shaft of his cock and giving it a firm squeeze.

"Oh God!" groaned Skip as he released what the voluptuous nurse was about to do. Her cool hand felt incredible as she slowly started to rub her palm up and down on his hard cock.

"That's it honey," Trish said encouragingly. "I'm gonna make all the pain go away. Just lie back and relax and enjoy," she soothingly told him, starting her handjob in earnest.

Skip looked on in amazement, the pain in his groin completely forgotten as he watched the drop dead gorgeous school nurse jerking him off. Her soft hand was a blur over his cock, sending pleasurable sensations rocketing up and down his spine. He watched the way her substantial bosom jiggled and shook with the effort of jerking his cock, her ample tits looking as though they were going to burst from the low cut top of her dress.

"Oh wow!" the boy moaned, this was incredible.

"You haven't had any injections in the last day or two have you?" Trish asked, slightly out of breath from the effort. The young teen's cock felt hard as steel in her hand.

"No, oh God, don't stop!" he moaned. "That's it!"

"Have you eaten at any restaurants or takeaways?" Trish asked, trying to get a clue as to the cause of the virus.

"No, oh..oh..oh God!" Skip suddenly thrashed backwards on the bed, his hips jerking up off the table and his back arching as he exploded. The boy shouted out with relief as Trish continued to stroke his jerking cock. "Oh God!" he groaned.

Trish's eyes went wide as she felt the boys cock pulse in her hand, she could feel the cum shooting up the length of his penis and then it burst from the tip. The first thick rope splattered onto Trish's forehead as she leant over him, stroking his shaft. Trish kept stroking but leant back to dodge the next burst, which flew several feet high into the air. The blonde secret agent couldn't believe how hard he was cumming.

"Oh..oh..oh!" panted Skip as incredible quantities of cum burst from his twitching cock.

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