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Valentine's with the Boss


[This is a submission for the 2013 Valentine's Contest. Please enjoy!]


She had always been known for easygoing demeanor. Her college friends had often made fun of her that she could stand to be friends with anyone, to make conversation with a doorknob if the situation called for it.

Which is why it was such a surprise that in her very first job after college, she completely loathed her boss.

In his mid-thirties, David Harding was every bit a man in his prime. A former college football quarterback, he had made the transition to business tycoon over the last few years and now owned the business. His tall and muscular frame could not be hidden under his thin shirts that often revealed the hard muscles beneath. With piercing blue eyes, tanned skin and a devilishly handsome face, he was every woman's fantasy.

Which added to the mystery of her animosity towards David Harding. Maybe it was unfair, that she'd heard his reputation as a womanizing sex god before she even met him, and she didn't like men who slept around enough to merit that title. Or maybe it was because every word of his dripped with arrogance.

It could also be because, since she didn't pucker her lips or prance around him like an animal in heat as other women did, he tended to be less kind to her than the others.

Like now, for instance, when she was given the worst task of the year. It was Valentine's Day, and when David Harding found out from her coworkers that she was free, he had assigned her to complete the Meiser reports to send overnight. Now it was 11:25pm, on February 14, and she was still at her cubicle.

She glanced at the corner office - David Harding's - and rolled her eyes. Unbelievable - he was still there working. She'd heard of his wild adventures bedding numerous women, but of course he wouldn't have a stable girlfriend to spend Valentine's Day with. And why go on a date on Valentine's when you have to buy a girl chocolates? He could probably screw her any other day of the year for free.

With a sigh, she started to clean up her desk and went to the bathroom to wash her hands, finally ready to leave. When she went into the woman's bathroom, she heard a noise coming from one of the stalls.

Her heart began to speed up.

But the noise was gone as quickly as it had come, and she realized she'd imagined it.

Then it returned, a giggle. She gasped. Who was there?

Slowly, with trembling fingers, she opened the stall.

Her mouth fell open. Inside was a blond chubby baby with huge eyes... floating and carrying a bow an arrow. She checked herself. It was a Cupid.

And now, she was officially dreaming. David Harding's slavedriving had finally drove her insane.

But more importantly, she noticed now the creature's shocked expression. When she surprised him by opening the stall door, apparently he'd let shot one of his arrows through her. Only not through her heart.

She looked down at her groin, where a tiny magical glowing arrow had embedded itself.

Then she fell unconscious.

- - -

Annie slowly came to. She tried to stand up and found herself in a swivel chair, her hands quickly grabbing the armrests for balance. Where was she?

Her eyes came to fixate on the handsome dark eyes of David Harding himself. She was in his office.

She groaned.

"Are you all right?" he asked. He was wearing his usual dark tie over dress shirt and dark trousers, but didn't have his suit jacket on, likely because it was so late in the day. She had to admit that he looked sexy as hell.

She moaned, "What happened?"

"I heard a thud in the woman's bathroom so I went to check on you. There you were, fainted on the floor."

Her memory came back to her in pieces.

He stood up from his desk, the large male body blocking out the city lights outside his office window. Her mouth went dry. Was he always so big?

Her hands were trembling. There was such a fire between her legs. What was going on?

Her eyes wandered to the dark pants of his suit. Curious to see him. Was he big there too?

She blushed. What was going on? She hated the guy. Why were her thoughts suddenly so uninhibited?

"Mr. Harding..." she breathed, standing up. On tiptoes now, all she could see was his charming eyes, his perfectly chiseled face, his whole masculine look emanating sex. Completely on impulse, she raised herself up and his cheek, brushing her teeth over the light stubble there he'd attained from a late night of work. He was so damn sexy.

Surprised, he took a step back before cupping her face with his hand.

"What are you doing?" he demanded softly.

"I... I want you..." she moaned. Of course, she didn't. He was disgusting. A womanizing pig. An arrogant piece of garbage. But at that moment she just needed someone to make her release all of this tingling energy within her young body.

His eyes turned dark, "I see."

- - -

"Oh..." she moaned, "Oh, oh, oh!"

He had her sprawled over his large office desk, his finger deep inside her skirt and into her underpants. He was rubbing and teasing all around, until he became ferocious and began to thrust roughly into her snatch with abandon.

She turned her head from side to side, unable to comprehend the situation. Her horrible boss, bane of her existence, was violating her with his dirty but expert fingers, and she loved it. She felt her insides clench over him, an orgasm shooting through her body. Trying to squeeze her legs shut to block out further stimuli, she felt his strong hand on her thigh to lift her away, firmly opening her up to tear at her defenses.

"Mr. Harding, I can't," she wailed.

"You asked me to," he chided, his face hovering dangerously over hers.

They were both still fully dressed, until he grabbed the front of her blouse and tore it roughly down the middle. Her heavy breasts fell out of their confines and he gave her a wicked grin.

"And all this time I thought you hated me," he said, panting in anticipation.

"I do," she whimpered, "Ugh, please... touch me."

He was glad to oblige. She nearly fell off the table when he first clamped his hot mouth over a nipple, suckling hungrily on it until it grew to a hard rosebud.

How many women had he slept with to become this good at foreplay? But her thoughts of judgment turned into a shrill cry of pleasure when he ground his hand even harder against her, now pumping three fingers into her quickening moistening sex.

When her breast exploded with pleasure from his suckling, she felt her vagina clamp down involuntarily on his fingers as well, milking him.

He smirked, finally withdrawing from her.

"Take off your shirt..." she moaned, "Please..."

What did that naked baby do to her? She was so on fire.

He tore off his tie and unbuttoned his white shirt, tossing it to the floor as he climbed over her. She gave a satisfied moan, seeing the smooth, hard muscular chest, the sinewy arms, the broad shoulders. His abs were a chiseled washboard. She sat up and kissed his chest languidly, tasting salt and sweat. But he clamped her arms down, wanting control. And she was willing to give it to him.

He let his hard chest crush her breasts from underneath him and attached his mouth over her quickening pulse, licking slowly along her neck and then making another visit to her breasts. She began to arch her back to feed him more of her nipple, needing him to devour her. He descended lower still, until his strong hands were on her thighs and he was yanking them apart by the ankles.

"Oh yes..." she moaned, "Yes, please... Mr. Harding... there..."

Did she really just ask David Harding to eat her out?

All thought was wiped clean as she screamed loudly, when his hot lips first made contact. Then he began a hungry, impatient feast. Her cries were bouncing through the office walls. Her toes were clenched, her eyes squeezed tight as she imagined his handsome face hungrily consuming her inexperienced body.

"It's so good," she whimpered, forgetting momentarily her disdain for him. Everything was a faint memory now that his hot wicked tongue was buried deep inside her, thrusting left and right, up and down, fast and furious. She began to tremble and shake, and felt her juices flow out and down his mouth. He growled in response, opening her up further until she was trying to edge away from the overstimulation. But his hands came to circle around her soft buttocks and crush her vagina deeply against his mouth. She came again with a whimper.

In a daze, she felt him withdraw and felt her lower body hit the desk again. She was panting, struggling to breathe. She turned slightly to her side to see him unbuckling his belt. She looked at him over a haze of lust, willing for him to drop his boxers faster. He did, and she gasped.

He was massive. Angry and throbbing. He smirked darkly.

Her mouth began to twitch. She wanted it. She wanted to taste it, the magnificent steel. She'd heard rumors of his size, and now that it was staring her in the face, she wanted a try.

Seeing it from her eyes, he came towards her, proudly erect, and looked at her face for permission.

She blushed, her mouth slowly opening to indicate her need for a taste of him.

Slowly, he came to hover over her face before inserting his massive cock through her lips with a long satisfied groan.

"Oh, you feel great," he groaned sexily, "Oh yes..."

She had never had oral sex before, and she imagined that if it weren't him, this deadly perfect body, she would have been repulsed. But he was delicious, tasting like salt and smoke. He was all masculinity.

He sawed slowly into her at first, then began to hold her head gently from the back and plunge faster and deeper. She began to purr for him, swirling her tongue teasingly around his girth to elicit every sexy growl she could from her hot boss. It was so dirty. It tasted so good. She felt his cock grow impossibly big in her mouth, and she was struggling to even wrap her mouth around its incredible thickness. Abruptly, he forced her head away from him.

He groaned, "Need to be inside you..."

She was confused at first, barely hearing him over the pounding in her ears. But then he had climbed on top of the desk, pulling her skirt and panties impatiently down her legs and throwing them to the side of the room. She tensed as he positioned his thick cock at her entrance. She swallowed in anticipation, her exposed vagina quivering in the cold temperature of the room.

"You want this?" he whispered.

She groaned. She hated the self-worshiping men who did this.

He wanted her to beg him - her arrogant jackass of a boss - to put his hard cock inside of her.

The thought was so repulsive she considered calling it quits here and now. But then her vagina quivered even more wildly in anticipation.

"Yes..." she moaned, wishing it were anyone else, "Please..."

His eyes darkened to a dark lusty black as he smiled darkly, "Happy Valentine's Day."

She cried out as he penetrated her deeply with one thrust, never having had something fill her so completely. She heaved, trying to regain her senses. He stopped for a moment, letting her get used to the uncomfortably massive rod inside of her. But he was too eager for more. Withdrawing, he plunged his huge cock back into her and she gasped in pleasure-pain. Then again, and again. She began to moan, trying to hang on for the ride.

"Yes," he growled, "Yes, you're so fucking tight."

Normally she didn't like cursing, but coming out in his low drawl dripping with vulgar lust it only turned her on more. She cried out with the next violent thrust, feeling his cock lodged so deep she could feel it in her stomach. He put his muscular arms on either side of her and thrust roughly inside her. Putting her small hands on his rippling biceps to keep herself sane, she tried to hang on for the wild ride. Her legs came to wrap around his ramming hips, feeling the sweat begin for form on his thick body. Then he was balancing himself on one arm as the other snaked behind her buttock to lift her up to meet his deep thrusts, making her scream at the even deeper penetration.

She tried to imagine it were someone else, an old boyfriend, but his sexy growls kept reminding her that she was being screwed by her domineering boss.

They kept like this for half an hour, him thrusting tirelessly into her. How long was he going to last? Could he really have that much stamina? She moaned, orgasming again over the hot tool hammering inside of her, so many times now she'd lost count. Mindless, she stared up at the office clock as she began to register that it had just reached midnight.

Valentine's Day was over.

She stared up at him.

At David Harding.

Her promiscuous pig of a boss, the arrogant dirty sex god that she felt nothing but disdain towards.

She screamed, trying to shove him away.

What the hell was she doing?

Then she realized that the effects of whatever the hell the Cupid had done to her had worn off.

Disgusted, she pushed at his broad sweaty chest, ignoring his insistent bouncing motion over her. He growled, not slowing down his wild thrusting. But then he noticed the angry tears in her eyes.

"You okay?" he panted, finally slowing. She wanted to scream at him to get off of her, but at that moment, when he had stopped, she began to tremble. Involuntarily, she inched her groin forwards to take in the tip of his hardness, letting the male organ stretch her.

"Y... yes..." she lied, "Please... continue."

Instinctively, she inched forward again to accept him and he grinned, thrusting deep into her with renewed vigor. She cried out in climax just as he dove his head down and captured a nipple in his mouth.

"Oh yes," she moaned, a mixture of pure delight and disgust as her hands came to encircle his sweaty thick hair, trying to push him away and crush his hot lips to her breast at the same time. He growled against her nipple and gave a few extra deep thrusts.

Her hands ran through his hard body, appreciating his tight hips, his muscular chest, his rock-hard shoulders. She had to admit it - David Harding was a pure sex machine. When she began to reach yet another orgasm, she felt him beginning to tense, his growls growing louder and louder. He was roaring now, saliva dripping down his chest and on to her breasts, his hands leaving bright red prints on her hips as he pulled them up to meet the ferocious thrusts of his steel cock. One more thrust, another, and another.

She screamed out in orgasm and heard him roar simultaneously. He exploded inside her, shooting copious streams of hot semen into her young body, pumping into her as he slowed. She had never felt someone come so hard in her life, his cum filling her insides until it dripped down on to the slippery wooden desk. She fell into a daze, losing consciousness completely. The last thing she saw was her panties dangling on the back of her boss' chair.

- - -

She awoke lying on top of a sweaty, hard male body. With a sigh, she looked at David Harding's handsome face, irked by how she had let him take her so roughly. The smell of sweat and their juices in the room reminded her of how dirty their night had been. She couldn't believe he'd make her suck him off on their first sexual encounter. But her trembling thighs reminded her of the undeniable pleasure he had given her in return.

She would be glad for this to be over, for this Valentine's nightmare to finally end. After all, whatever lust spell the Cupid had cast on her was now long gone from her system.

He stirred and she stiffened. Then he opened those piercing blue eyes and stared enticingly at her. A large hand found her naked breast already and began to mold it to fit into his palm. She moaned, noticing in the corner of her eye his long, thick cock already starting to harden in attention.

"Ready for round two, babe?" he whispered.

She rolled her eyes. Who did he think he was, to assume she'd want to sleep with him again?

But then she bit out a moan as he drove two thick fingers roughly into her depths.

"We have six hours before your secretary gets in," she panted, "Let's make them count."

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